Questions and Perspectives: What is existence?


Existence is the earth, the dimensions, human beings, dimensional beings, nature, animal kingdom and the universe - in other words – creation in its entirety.

If you look at existence as everything that is, then you will understand that everything we have experienced and are currently experiencing fall under the topic of existence. Existence as that which exists – that which is here as who I am as each are within creation is existence.

Everything and anything within creation is able to be communicated with – from animals to nature to human beings and dimensional beings.

Now the interesting thing about existence is that when you start trying to prove that things exist it becomes difficult. What in this world is able to be proven to be real? Therefore if you are not able to show that love for example is real does it mean however that the idea of love does not exist? Existence is therefore anything that is given the assumption that it is able to be called upon in whatever form.

In this world we give existence to all sorts of things from our belief in God as religions to spaceships to emotions and feelings.Whether these things are real or not you would then have to determine according to it's actual parts and participation practically in this world, meaning when you're convinced something is real you must be able to prove that it has something tangible to measure it by for yourself as who you are.

For something to exist however, all we require is the thought or idea that something exists. Therefore, I could, if I desire to do so, create and bring into existence the next God, just by creating your belief which then brings into existence the ‘idea' of the God.

Therefore many would debate that in this universe no actual measurement is able to be given to existence as proving that anything is ‘real'. What is real? If existence has to be measured only according to what is able to be held and seen then you won't have much left in existence now would you? Even what we perceive we see has been the result of preprogrammed abilities such as holographic images reflecting light frequencies as sound waves – projecting an image of what we see with our human eyes on earth.

So what we see and experience is not necessarily real, yet we give existence to anything from actual structures to thoughts, concepts, ideas anything possible by our human mind. Existence is that which we give existence to and as - becoming that which we experience ourselves within and as.