Questions and Perspectives: What is HERE?


Here is your current location actually. We think too much and therefore we place ourselves forward in the future, backwards in the past and wherever else our thoughts allow us to go. When you're here you have each part of your essence and presence here with you. When you're still attached to memories of the past, desires, hopes and dreams of the future as thought constructs which allow you to remain in the past or future then it's impossible for you be absolutely completely here.

It's like looking at something that has been splattered across the sky. Something like this: “I want a car”, so you place Self over there and you place yourself far in the future because you're holding that energetic space. What happens when you're allowing this to take place is not so much that it's able to interfere to have the plans for a new car it is how all these future projections interfere with your placement of full awareness of yourself in every given moment here opportunity that steps forth in the form of hereness!

Here steps forth for example another opportunity and you're so far into the future that self still attaches itself to that possibility. Therefore we're never experiencing what could step forth here in every moment, as we experience life in every moment. When you're still clinging to the past then you are not able to fully participate here because all decisions have to be taken into consideration (consciously) against all past connections as experiences and events.

Also when you're still attached to the past you'll always experience yourself as that, creating minimal movement in life. Where who you are and how you are experiencing yourself is based as foundation on the past only. Thus – you'll always be existing in the past – never here in every moment as who you really are in awareness.

Be free from all things to be absolutely and completely here. Therefore you have the freedom to cease everything life brings forth, instead of your projection being all you experience energetically. Your life experience through existing only in the past becomes mere projections of the past into the future where you continuously end up experiencing the exact same experience, traveling down the same road leading to the same destination.

There's nothing like rehashing old stuff to really prove that we have never actually evolved as a human race. We merely take what is already here from the past – maybe mould or shape it a bit differently to look and be experienced differently – but in essence remain the same past related manifestation. We still cling onto old thoughts, feelings, and desires, fears, laws and inhibitions. Look at this world what do you experience but old wars, religious restrictions, never anything new. That is an example of how we cling onto things never placing ourselves always experiencing the same thing just maybe more intensified every time, therefore not allowing this world the experience of here-ness where we experience true creation as an expression of who we are here in every moment.

Here is the moment experience of who we are in awareness – where nothing else exists but who I am as I remain. This ‘I' or Self – is not bound or tied to anything or anyone in existence – but free, here as who they really are in every moment. Here in every moment as who I am is the moment we have the ability to create our world as an experience of who we really are and experiences of ourselves instead of our experience being mere projections from the past based on memories only leading to the inevitable similar experiences.

Here in awareness is the experience where nothing else exists but who I really am in every moment – not the past, future, relationships, emotions, feelings, money or sex binds and ties you within and as a mind consciousness system.

Yet – an interesting fascinating experience when I remain exists here in every moment as who I am – everything in existence as who I am is here as I am here. Only in and as here in every moment are you able to experience yourself as here in awareness as all as one within equality as existence as who I am.