Questions and Perspectives: What is the Living Word?


We are in essence all the standing and becoming for all in equality and oneness, the Living Word. This basically means that who we really are in essence as the living word is equality and oneness within and as awareness.

We are one with all that exist, we carry no longer the divisions that we have allowed and we stand for all that exists and we no longer allow separation. That as our truth as who we really are, we return to our natural state of being the Living word, the I am, the living God. God has never been outside of you.

The equality and oneness of ourselves as who we really are comes from our understanding that we have all that exists within us as who we are therefore we stand alone in essence, responsible for ourselves and for all as one.

The Living word is the: “I am all and everything that exists as one and equal.” This one existence exists within and as each and each person is interconnected to all. I am the image (that which I am – God) and the likeness (that of my actions/deeds) of God.

The Living word is the spoken truth as who each being really is which each portrays every single day. The living word is in your deeds and is able to be heard in your words – the image and likeness of who you are as oneness and equality as the Living Word.

To live as God is to be aware that all is no longer able to stand separate and without being equal, for we are equality and oneness.

The Living Word is the truth about who we really are, in essence, not this that we have created, consciousness systems overrun by all that we know within this world. Ignorance, greed, lust, desire, lies, deceit, obsessions all examples of the Living Word not taken into full application as the I am, I am here, I remain in every moment as awareness.

The living word – living the words I am. In the beginning was the word and the word was God and the word was with God.

Are we all in existence not but mere words? The question would be human beings – what words are you living as a statement of who you are? Are you the image and likeness of who you really are as oneness and equality here in awareness or is your image that of consciousness systems enslavement and control and your likeness in your expression the example thereof in your day to day experiences of yourself. Are the words you speak in every moment an absolute statement and expression of who you really are or are you merely speaking random words during conversations feeding consciousness personalities as who you have become?

Human beings do not live words as who they are – but are trapped, lost and enslaved within knowledge and information and consciousness systems generated by emotions and feelings – systems within separation, fear of loss and judgement. This is able to be seen and experienced regularly within and through conversations with other human beings – when one thing is said, but another thought of the direct opposite which had been said exists.

The living word is the absolute standing and becoming of who we are as words as who we are – when we live the words absolute as who we really are within self expression here as awareness in every moment. A statement for instance: “I am equality” living and becoming the word equality within and as your entire being and presence as self expression within your world amongst others.