Questions and Perspectives: What was enlightenment and why did it exist?


Enlightenment is a fancy word that the White Light placed for those who are on a path towards becoming some higher force or being as a God/Master to which they are entitled to achieve through attainment and the understanding of ones own destiny (supposedly as a spiritual being).

If you considered yourself enlightened you basically, like with any other self proclaimed religious or spiritual conviction, made the ultimate statement that the White Light has you under their spell.

To be enlightened in essence doesn't actually mean diddly squat. It means however to the White Light that you are its humble servant because no matter what, you will always be its slave. If it means jumping off a cliff to ensure you're closer to your spirit self (the pre-programmed White Light copy) then that is what enlightened people do.

If enlightenment is the self awareness through self understanding and the realization of who we are, then perhaps one is able to call your self enlightened from the White Light. Are you enlightened because you have accepted what the White Light tells you about God/Masters/Enlightened One's and Spirit and all things holy, or are you aware that you are God therefore you in essence are not able to become enlightened, therefore all you strive for is to understand.

To strive for something out there has White Light written all over it and to strive to better yourselves through worthiness or value give the White Light many chances for your enslavement.

You are all that is, therefore all that you actually require to understand is here already as who you really are. All the books exist within you; all the deeds are yours already. Awareness of everything as yourself is all that exists. Becoming aware is rather what I would call the experience of each person as who they really are, the understanding and internalization of self.

Enlightenment is to accept the information pre-described by others in the form of the White Light as who you are. “I have just understood what that person said I should be, I have just done exactly what that person told me to do, therefore I have enlightened myself”, is basically what people are saying, almost like a statement of: “Well done, you got what that person told you to do!”

Enlightenment goes hand in hand with the soul system and soul construct existence. Having human beings believe themselves to have go on some spiritual journey/ path of attainment – reaching the destination of enlightenment – where you apparently become something profound or great – something that you weren't before you started the journey or path of enlightenment.

You are as each are already the light – the light of yourself here in every moment as awareness. There is no fucking journey or path – you're it, here, all you require is to accept yourself, live and apply in every moment who you really are – simple!

Yet – enlightenment and many other attainment or ascension programs were designed within the model of the soul system to ensure the certainty of human being remaining busy with themselves within this world. In this way never in their life time – or any other life for that matter – find the truth as who they are – here in every moment.

It even stretched within the dimensions where dimensional planes were designed to support the system of enlightenment, ascension and attainment – where you'd apparently ascended to a higher plane in the dimensions when you specifically achieve what was necessary to be applied and followed and then as reward you move to a higher plane – that's it. The journey of enlightenment consisted of attainment as applications within dimensional planes and ascension as movement through different planes with destination and reward as enlightenment.

All in the dimensions have removed such and all dimensional planes – we are here on earth only with human beings supporting them in their process of becoming who they are here in every moment as awareness. We have removed all constructs of systems such as enlightenment through ascension and attainment within the dimensions. All that remain is who we are within and as equality and oneness – here in awareness.