Questions and Perspectives: Will a one-time Destruction of the World be the Solution?

Transcribed and typed by Veno through the interdimensio­nal portal

Date : 17/10/2007


This was a good interview, helped to clarify a bit. So I take it that seven earth days (the length of the processes) must be a long time in the dimensions? I suppose it must be as difficult for some dimensional beings to apply self forgiveness in every moment as it is for humans. But does it help without the mind consciousness system, even though some have integrated themselves into it so extensively? Would a big problem be solved if a disaster just wiped out humanity in one hit? There would still be the processes to go through and the past to let go of, but the system would be gone. Sorry if this sounds morbid, I'm not saying I'd personally go and destroy the systems, I'm just curious. Oh and I loved the joke you played on the poor atheist. I'm suprised he didn't die all over again, even in the dimensions. Must have been quite a shock!


Yes – the ‘atheist defined' is no more as who he was on earth – it was one of the best I've done so far – but there are some that also tend to ‘fool' me when they cross-over – so – I have had my fare share of being ‘fooled'. Though – now I know when they're fooling or being serious – found a way to see it immediately.

Yes – it's seven earth days at the most – which is very long – though understand the following: That when beings cross-over they instantaneously (depending on how much the mind consciousness system they had become on earth) – have all the knowledge and information of existence and the processes and process of all the dimensions that we experienced over the past two and a half years. Yet – they are still required to go through all the processes we have gone through within the dimensions over the past two years and a half – to place the knowledge and application into application as the experience of themselves to live the knowledge and application as themselves.

Because you cannot direct, assist and support human beings with knowledge and application from the dimensions – no – we have to be it as who we are – live as who we are here – as one and equal with you as you to have the ability to direct and assist and support you effectively.

If we haven't done it for ourselves – how the hell could we possibly be able to do it for you – see?

When beings cross-over – the nature of themselves of a mind consciousness system remain. Here on earth – you are of the mind consciousness system placement within you – in the dimensions, when you cross over – you are the nature of the mind consciousness system that was you on earth – therefore processes are required to become and live and express the nature that is you of life within and as oneness and equality.

It is much simpler here – than in the dimensions – really it is.

If earth is destroyed in one moment – so will the dimensions be – and nothing and no-one will exist. We're here in this world – within and as each and every single human being – if humanity doesn't make it – no-one will.