Questions and Perspectives: Words are all we Have

Transcribed and typed Veno through the interdimensio­nal portal

Date : 17/10/2007


Ok, words are all we have??? How is this so? For example I paint pictures, which I see as a form of language/commu­nication, are you talking about words as language? My guess is no, because we have many forms of language. Words are all we have…hummmm??? Can we express „words“ without speaking, what do you mean by words? The written word, the spoken word, the painted word?


Close your eyes (not now – in a moment) – in closing your eyes you see nothing (wait a moment – let me just check…) yes – you see nothing. Now – speak – what do you hear – you hear the words.

Who is this that is speaking? For as I close my eyes there is nothing – only vast darkness…

When you close your eyes and speak – only words exist – only your words exist in that very moment you open your mouth and voice yourself – therefore – who we are is the words we speak.

You exist as the words: In the beginning was the word and the word was God and the word was with God…

Be careful that this holographic pictured reality don't fool you – don't allow your eyes to deceive you Andrew.

You are the living word – the living word creates – so – which words will you live so all in existence may stand within and as oneness and equality as life?