Resonance Interview: Weight - Women's Resonant Nightmare - Anna


Anna's Resonance Discussion

17 February 2010



Resonances: Alright. This is Anna’s Resonances, sitting here with Anna and today’s topic of discussion, is in relation to and with regards to ‘Weight’.

Anna: Yeah.

Resonances: Okay, the weight we’re communicating about or discussing, is specifically ‘physical body-weight’ within the context of just ‘physical body-weight’ in itself, and also ‘picking up weight’ and the dynamics and points that’s involved within that whole experience within ‘physical body-weight’ and also ‘picking up weight’.

Anna: Okay.

Resonances: Okay, let’s start first with the word itself and having a look at
The Symbolism that is Existent within the word ‘Weight’ within the Resonance, in which the word ‘Weight’ Exist as ‘physical body-weight’, okay?

Anna: Okay.

Resonances: Okay? So the Resonance of the word ‘Weight’, that we’re looking at, at the moment contains that of ‘physical weight’, okay?

Now – if we have a look: ‘Weight’ which is spelled W, E, I, G, H, T – okay?

So let’s first look at the ‘straight forward’ Symbolism of each letter:

We have the W (w) – alright?
Now, the W represents the Female – in relation to Symbolism. If you have a look at the word or letter W itself, it is representing the female in relation to the breasts, okay?
Formation of two breasts next to each other, exactly as it exist in the female human physical body, alright?

Then we’ve got the letter E (e) – which represents Energy, so symbolism for and of Energy.

Then we’ve got the letter I (i) – which is, the Symbolism representation thereof is: Personality. The ‘I of Consciousness’. When you refer to yourself as ‘I’. That ‘I’, that ‘Self’ that is defined within and of and as the Mind-Consciousness-System.

Okay, we’ve got the G (g), which is the Symbolism for and of Ego.

Anna: Okay...

Resonances: Okay.
H (h) – which is the Symbolism of sitting, basically literally in terms of the Symbolism of the letter itself: ‘Ass-sitting’. Okay.

Then we’ve got T (t), in terms of the Symbolic representation thereof, within and as the word ‘Weight’ – represents Choice.

Now understand, in terms of the Symbolic representation of the letters within the word ‘Weight’ specifically in relation to the Resonance in which the word ‘Weight’ exist as ‘physical body-weight’, okay?

Now, this is the one polarity-aspect of the word ‘Weight’.

Alright. Now, in terms of the ‘existent polarity-aspect’ that is the reflection of the word ‘Weight’, which exist... within the Human Physical Body, within the Mind-Consciousness-System, because the Mind-Consciousness-System is Manifested within Polarity. You’ve got your‘basic principle’; within for example ‘Male’ and ‘Female’ - yes the Female might be existent within a Female Human Physical Body, but yet there are still aspects and attributes of the Female, that is of ‘Male-essence’ – the Male maybe in a ‘male’ Physical Body, which defines him as a ‘Male’, yet there exist ‘Female’ aspects and attributes within the ‘Male’ as well. It’s just that, because the ‘Male-point’ is more dominant or the ‘Female-point’ is more dominant, the ‘Female’ within the Male will be suppressed and the ‘Male’ within the Female will be suppressed. Okay, so now the Polarity-Aspect within the word ‘Weight’ – we Manifest basic reflection of the word ‘Weight’.

Now, we’ve got the other point, which is:

The W transforms into an M (m) – okay. Which is the representation of: ‘Male’. Why? It’s within the ‘protruding’ chest-area, the usual men in the olden days, use to walk ‘proudly’ with their chests, quite ‘protruding outwards’ - ‘stamina’, ‘male stamina’. Okay, there you have that point in the male body.

We, the word or letter E (e), reflecting forms a 6, which is a System-Code. Numericals are System-Codes, that you...

Anna: Miracles!?

Resonances: Numericals.

Anna: Numericals...

Resonances: Numbers.

Anna: Okay.

Resonances: ...are System-Codes within the Mind-Consciousness-System. Okay.

I (i) transforms into an exclamation mark (!), which within the Symbolism thereof, in relation to the word ‘Weight’, the Resonance we’re looking at, at the moment means ‘Intensity’ or ‘Warning’, okay?

Then we’ve got G (g), which transforms into a backwards 6, which is a System-Code, representing past. Okay? If you have a look at the ‘normal’ numerical 6, in terms of it’s Resonant Design, it manifests ‘future’ - Programming. 6 turned backwards represents ‘past Programming’. Okay.

Then we’ve got the H (h), which... almost transforms Directly into a.... backwards y. Here it forms a linear line, vertical line with a cup-formation right next to it, moving from left to right. You’ve got a vertical line with like a, cup right at the top. This is the ‘I’– Mind-Manifestation of Self in the Physical. Meaning the vertical line represents the ‘I’, ‘Self’ - how Self Stand. The cup represent the Mind, wherein ‘Self’ Exist. It’s the only ‘part’, ‘manifestation’ within which ‘Self’ Exist, as ‘Self’ always remain ‘Here’, but in the ‘Now’ of the Mind. Make sense?

Anna: Yeah.

Resonances: Okay, then we’ve got the T (t), which forms... the letter f. Now ‘f’ in terms of the Symbolic represented Manifestation of this, is the ‘Crucifixion of Self’, which is the linear vertical line and the horizontal line crossing each other, which is the Symbolism of Jesus Christ Crucifixion, and then with the vertical line, moving in an up-side-down cup, going up, down and then making a small turn, that is the... ‘Creation-Point’ from past to future, wherein your past create the future in… within that ‘creation of the past’, creating or manifesting the future, you’re stuck in the middle, within the ‘Crucifixion-Point’ of yourself, because you’re constantly existing within your own past and your own future, never Here, Equal and One – your past and your future determine ‘Who you are’ and, because of that, you’re in the ‘Crossroads’, between past and future. Does that make sense?

Anna: Yeah.

Resonances: Okay. Now –
Now, with that information, in relation to the Symbolism, numerical Programming Design of the word ‘Weight’ in relation to ‘physical body-weight’ – let’s have a look at your personal experience within how you ‘personified’ the word ‘Weight’ as and within ‘Who you are’ within the Mind-Consciousness-System.

Okay .

Now – what we have discussed, or what has been discussed quite often, in terms of giving perspective of how Beings are actually Living out their parents’ Mind-Consciousness-Systems, their parents’ lives in essence, wherein the parents’ Mind-Consciousness-Systems are transferred into the child.

Anna: Yeah.

Resonances: Okay.
Now, with children being born with the physical uncomfortability of ‘physical bodily weight’, with which you’re currently experiencing... if you experienced, you’ve been physically, in terms of your experience of ‘physical body-weight’ as you are – since you were a child.

Anna: You mean the ‘experience’ or actually been over-weight?

Resonances: Yeah, but I wouldn’t say – remember it’s not in terms of‘overweight’ or ‘underweight’, or…

Anna: Just ‘Weight’?

Resonances: Just ‘Weight’, yes.

Anna: Yeah, Well I... as a child when I see pictures of myself, I don’t see ‘Weight’, but I felt ‘Heavy’, like the feeling of being ‘Heavy’.

Resonances: ‘Heavy’ – there we go, okay that’s an important word.

Anna: Yeah, yeah.

Resonances: ‘Heavy’, alright – now with... and then from there on as you grew older and came of age, your physical form manifested as that ‘Heaviness’, basically. Is that so?

Anna: Yes.

Resonances: Okay - now in relation to that point – that ‘Heaviness’ that you experienced, that was the ‘excess’ ‘Manifested Emotional and Feeling ‘pockets’’ of your parents...

Anna: Okay...

Resonances... that downloaded into you through the Mind-Consciousness-System transfer into and as your Physical. Remember, in terms of the transfer from parents to children, the parents entire Mind-Consciousness-System-Design transfer into the children.

Anna: Okay.

Resonances: That means that whatever Excess Manifested Emotions and Feelings that had not been dealt with, but had been suppressed, transfer into the child.

Anna: Only the suppressed?

Resonances: Everything.

Anna: Okay.
The Conscious Emotions and Feelings, which is the whole ‘platform-System-Manifestation’ of the Conscious Mind, in which they participated actively, would transfer, so everything that they participated within actively would transfer. Everything that they participated with ‘in-actively’, meaning that had an effect on them, but which they suppressed, would also transfer. Now, understand these or such Excess Emotions and Feelings, would Manifest as literal ‘Pockets’ inside the Human Physical Body, and these ‘Pockets’ would form a total ‘Network-Platform’ in the Human Physical Body – Okay?

So all the un-dealt with Emotions and Feelings and situations and experiences that your parents had through-out their life, would also transfer to you - It’s kind of like the Mind-Consciousness-System not being able to deal with or fathom those experiences, so now it’s kind of like transferring it to another new Mind-Consciousness-System to say: “You sort it out, I cant!”.

Anna: Okay.

Resonances: Does that make sense?

Anna: Yes.

Resonances: So, all of that within your parents transferred into you and physically manifested into your Human Physical Body-Form liquidly, okay? So those excess suppressed emotions and feelings manifested a ‘pocket-network’ within their physical bodies, as a System transferred into your physical form within which your physical form manifested all those excess experiences/events/situations, which contain the Resonance of Energy.

Anna: Yeah...

Resonances: Okay?

So it transferred to you as Energy, wherein which you and thus why you experienced yourself as ‘Heavy’, I mean when you were a kid you, in essence were carrying your parents ‘burdens’, okay?

Anna: Okay.

Resonances: And then it is those ‘undealt-with’ events/experiences and situations that your parents had, that was in their physical, in their physical form as a System-network liquefied into your physical form, that shaped your physical form into the ‘Heaviness’ and as ‘Heaviness’ in physicality as what you experiences it right now.

Anna: Okay.

Resonances: And it is those excess suppressed, in essence ‘unwanted’ experiences, that has been unconsciously forming/shaping/creating/manifesting your life in events and things like that – your whole life-experience.

Does that make sense?

Anna: Yeah.

Resonances: about why your physical in essence from when you were a child, manifested the experience of ‘Heaviness’ and thus the form of ‘Heaviness’.

Anna: Yeah.

Resonances: Okay.

So that’s the platform, meaning the form that describes the form, the, the... in relation to the experience of the ‘Heaviness’, which is your parents burdens in manifested liquefied into your form, because it liquefied into your form, your form shaped according to the Heaviness and not according to you as a Being.

Does that make sense?

Anna: Yeah.

Resonances: That’s why, in terms of, in essence the physical forms that Beings have currently, within this World, is not the Real, true Physical Expression of the Beings Self. It is the form that were shaped according to ‘Who’ their parents were, and the amount of excess, suppressed emotions and feelings, the parents transferred as a System, inside the child and according to that amount of transfer, how the Physical would form, according to that ‘liquidfication’, wherein the form would merge with the ‘liquidfication’ of the emotions and feelings as the excessed suppressed events/situations/feelings/emotions and... you know, it’s a lot, okay?

So your form was in essence dependent on your parents and thus the form would shape according to the, the amount of ‘burdens’ of the parents, and therefore no Beings form in Reality is according to the Being, as ‘Who the Really Are’, or according to the Beings Resonance, it’s according to System transfer, the intensity of the Resonance of that System-transfer.

Anna: Yeah.

Resonances: Alright, so now we’ve explained the form and how the experience of ‘Heaviness’ manifest as an Actual Physical Heaviness.

So the ‘form-situation’ in terms of the Beings physical form, shapes at birth, within how we have explained it just now.

Anna: Yeah

Resonances: Clear sense?

Anna: Yeah.

Resonances: Alright, now let’s look at how you have ‘personified’ yourself, in relation to the word ‘Weight’. What does that mean? How you have defined yourself as ‘who you are’ in relation to the word ‘Weight’, within how we have, in the beginning explained each individual letter, within it’s obvious polarity-point and then the hidden Polarity-point?

Anna: (points to the drawing) is this the hidden one?

Resonances: Yeah, the hidden one

Anna: The second one

Resonances: yeah, which is the projection. The opposite. Cause remember: The Mind works in opposites.

Anna: Yeah.

Resonances: So, when working with a Point, you have to work with the obvious Point and the hidden Points – the two Polarity Points to be sure you are Actually Diffusing the Total System, okay?
So – let’s start with the obvious Polarity-Point, which is the straight-forward word ‘Weight’ at each individual letter, as you see it:

Okay, let’s start with W = Female and Being in a Female Human Body. Okay. So if you now have a look at your Life-Experience Anna, you... because of the experiences you’ve had within your Life and within your home-situation, during your growing-up years, where you’re still dependent on your parents, in terms of education and a roof over your head, wherein that self-Independency of going into the System, is not yet manifested: A idea was created within you, of the female being ‘Weak’.

Anna: Yeah.

Resonances: Okay... That you’re experience of femininity...

Anna: (Laughs)

Resonances: Why the laugh?

Anna: Cause it’s just, it’s so obvious, when you look at it... (laughs).

Resonances: Yeah, it’s not obvious though, when you’re living it.

Anna : No.

Resonances: But when you’re outside ‘the box’, as ‘the box’ so to speak, in terms of where we’re standing and we show it to you, you’ll be able to see it, cause then we’re showing you, as who you are outside ‘the box’, yet as ‘the box’, so you get a view of yourself that you hadn’t considered, yet is Here.

Okay. So ‘femininity’ : In terms of the world, femininity has been defined according to body shape, the clothes you wear, hair, accessories for hair, body accessories, what lotion, shampoo’s , mascaras, make-up. Hair dyes... but if you have a look at all those things: Put them together, plaster them on a Being, the Being kind of shapes themselves according to all those things, kind of fit themselves into a ‘profile’ they ‘paint’, okay?

Anna: Yeah.

Resonances: Then it becomes a System-Manifestation, when a Being manifest themselves as a System-Representation of the definition of ‘femininity’ according to what society has defined it as.
Alright. But in looking at femininity as an Expression, we’re looking at ‘Grace’, ‘Vulnerability’, ‘Intimacy’, ‘Gentleness’, alright?

But have a look: in terms of ... I’m speaking now, how you have put, in your Mind-Consciousness-System defined femininity, as that previous picture of society that I’ve painted for you, that’s existent. The Expression of Actual femininity , is Living these Words; at ‘Grace’, ‘Vulnerability’, ‘Intimacy’, ‘Gentleness’, however let’s look at ‘Grace’ for example. How have you defined ‘Grace’, in terms of the picture, the picturesque societal definition thereof? A long, tall, lean, well-build women that walks in high healed shoes, that are very thin, almost silky dress, with silk, with hair flowing down and that picture, you’ve defined as ‘Grace’, alright?

Anna: Hm.

Resonances: ‘Vulnerability’ –
‘Vulnerability’... this point is actually non-existent within you at the moment at all. You’ve completely locked Vulnerability away, because Vulnerability you’ve placed into Direct definition of ‘Weak’ – and manifested a Polarity for and of Vulnerability in relation to the, the definition you give Vulnerability is ‘Weak’ , you’ve locked yourself down – so now you’re on lock-down.

Anna: What I’ve experienced is that I... seeking, like in my lock-down or whatever, seeking my ‘Vulnerability’, through being weak and then it backfires or it... because that’s not what it is, or it...
Resonances: That’s how you’ve reasoned it within your Mind.

Anna: Okay.

Resonances: In essence Vulnerability doesn’t exist inside you at all – meaning you wont even go there, in any way whatsoever, because if you Allow yourself to be Vulnerable, you Allow yourself to be ‘Weak’ and you’ll Fight yourself, your world, to ensure that you’re not Weak. You don’t want to be defined as a ‘Female’, in the feminine definition in which a ‘female’ is contained, in relation to the definition thereof, in society.

Vulnerability – you at the moment, have it as Abuse within yourself, memories...

Anna: Okay.

Resonances: there is memories of yourself as a child, in which you were Abused in Physical, Emotional events and experiences, because if, if you look at a child: a child is Vulnerable. What does Vulnerable mean? It means an Expression of ‘Here-ness’ that’s Open...

Anna: Yeah.

Resonances: Now there’s no fear. It’s an Unconditional ‘Here’ and would experience the Moment in it’s Completeness, but then while you were in those Moments of experience, Abuse would come in the way, which created Fear. That Fear created you to Now, be Conscious of your environment within the Starting-Point of Fear, wherein you would always Expect Abuse to come your way. From that Moment, Vulnerability became un-existent, cause you went into complete Self-Lockdown in relation to Expression in Vulnerability, because of the Fear – and within That, you were always in constant look-out to ensure that you’re ready for when Abuse comes your way. Therefore you defined Vulnerability as being ‘Weak’ - and since then, because you’ve built so much layers around that point of ensuring that you don’t become, or are Vulnerable, it’s become non-existent within your total Physical Expression-Design within yourself.

So, it’s like you’re always expecting the worst... to happen, and I mean, it’s a huge thing, this point, because now you can take it further into, you’ll not Allow yourself to just Enjoy yourself, just Relax, just ‘Be’, Accept yourself, your environment and Trust yourself to know that if a situation come, I Trust me to Direct it Effectively, in the Moment – but instead, you’re on constant look-out for Abuse, to protect yourself against Abuse... be prepared. And in that whole manifestation, you’ve created a Resonance of Fear, in your whole Physical Body and that Resonance of Fear, is Resonating and compounding, every time you think, there could be a point of Abuse coming your way, that this Resonance build another layer, and another layer and another layer and another layer, okay?
When those building of layers happen in context to this point `= pick up Weight.
Because you’re building...

Anna: That makes sense.

Resonances: ...You’re building a protective wear inside yourself. Okay? So now you have to look at, in terms of when you pick up more Weight, when you become more uncomfortable within your Physical Body, meaning where the experience of ‘Heaviness’ becomes more, within and without, you have to look at your world, and see why are you within a constant Resonant fear of Abuse?
Okay, you have to look at what thoughts are coming up? Is this specifically related to people, meaning where you wanna protect yourself from people, make sure... now, what I mean by Abuse is for example not wanting people to think bad of you. Not wanting people to have ideas, perceptions or beliefs of you – so what you do within that Fear, you’ll change yourself and your Physical behaviour, the way you live, the way you act towards them. In that you’re living that Resonant Fear in you, compounding it even more and then... pick up more Weight. Make sense?

So if you look at for example your relationship with Matti, your experience with Matti...
It’s okay, you can cry...

Anna: (Laughs)

Resonances: Your experience with Matti – that’s where you started picking up Weight.

Anna: Yeah.

Resonances:... while you were in that relationship.

Anna: Yeah.

Resonances: Okay – now at what stage, now you clearly have to look at: At what stage did you start changing in Physical behaviour and actions towards him and in your voice tonality, where it became more high pitched, where in you started becoming fearful of him... leaving you? Or being interested in someone else, rather than you? Was it thoughts that went on from the beginning?

Anna: Yes.

Resonances: Ah, Okay.

Anna: Even be... yeah

Resonances: Even before? You played the Relationship out in your head, before it started?

Anna: Yes. No not played it... No. Well, it’s almost like it’s not even, I mean, cause it’s the pattern I followed, so I was already on that track, with another boyfriend and then he comes and I’m just still on the track, basically. I mean, then I would leave the track when I don’t have a boyfriend, or would experience this differently and then I would do the same, as soon as I go into a relationship again.
Resonances: Meaning the Fear of them leaving you or leaving you for another woman?
Anna: The fear of Abuse, this whole thing, pick up Weight and then lose Weight, when I left the man yeah...

Resonances: Oh, so this happened many times before, every time you go into an agreement/relationship, you pick up Weight...

Anna: Yeah

Resonances: Okay – So you understand how you’re picking up Weight within a relationship at the moment, because you’re Resonantly Living and Compounding the Fear of Abuse, which in your eyes would be Self... the experience of Abuse, in relation to the experience of Abusing you from the perspective of: You’re going to experience sadness, regret, shame, feeling left out, feeling less than... I mean, all of those experiences.

Anna: Which I’m already doing to myself.

Resonances: Yes, but in essence you’re doing it to yourself, but see you’ve defined it according to the male, within which you are in relationship, to you. That they’ll be the cause for your experiencing Self-Judgment, inferiority, being less than, you know going into that whole Self-Pity cycle in essence.

Anna: Yeah, yeah.

Resonances: Okay...

So now you’ve gotta look at, from that perspective – from that perspective, you’ve gotta source the point of why you immediately go into Fear, when you go into a relationship, meaning why that point of Fear of Abuse comes up, wherein you Live that Fear over and over and over again and with that Fear Resonantly Existing within you, you’re picking up Weight.

Anna: Well, I experience it with all people. More with males and even more in relationships. So it’s not only there (in relationships) and I see specifically the point of these words in terms of ‘Graceful’, ‘Vulnerability’, ‘Intimacy’ and ‘Gentleness’, I’ve placed them in the relationship, like that is where they should exist or...

Resonances: No, what about you being them in Self-Expression?

Anna: Yes, what about that?

Resonances: Be careful of that point, in terms of wanting to construct your relationship or Agreement, by constructing a relationship and Agreement as a ‘thing’ that you’re ‘entering into’, that you have to ‘create’ – that’s relationship-talk. Agreement is two Beings, walking in Self-Honesty, Assisting and Supporting themselves individually and within that, Assisting and Supporting each other.

Anna: Yeah.

Resonances: That’s it. In that, you Walk, as Grace, as Vulnerability, as Intimacy, as Gentleness where it because Self-Expression.

And not try and shape/create or manifest something, as a Separate part, or a Separate thing or a Separate entity, because that Separate part, thing and entity, will control and determine Who you are, which is a problem... then it must Fall.

Anna: Yeah.

Resonances: Because it wasn’t Real.

Anna: Yeah

Resonances: The Reality of an Agreement or experience, is dependent on the Participants, and ‘Who’ the Participants are, within ‘Who’ they are.

Does that make sense?

Anna: Yeah.

Resonances: Alright, so... let’s look at the dynamics of the point of Fear firstly: You experience Fear towards people in general

Anna: Yes.

Resonances: Okay.
You experience Fear towards males, more than the people in general, I mean woman, okay?

Anna: Yes, yeah.

Resonances: Then you experience even more fear, when in a relationship.

Anna : yeah.

Resonances: Okay – so you’ve got your face 1 Fear, your face 2 Fear and your face 3 fear.
Face 1 Fear is towards women, face 2 Fear is towards males, face 3 Fear is towards and within relationships, okay.

So – let’s have a look at the first two in your ordinary world, not being in a relationship within anyone:

The Fear in relation to woman, you’re looking at your mother-construct, okay?

Anna: Yeah.

Resonances: in relation to comparison and Self-Judgment.

Males: You’re looking at your father. But not in terms of prominently, it’s more unconsciously.

Anna: It must be, cause I’ve never known him.

Resonances: Yeah, no it’s unconsciously, yeah, it’s not... That’s why it’s not prominent, it’s more unconscious.

Anna: I also have an i..., I mean, I’ve been seeing this point, it’s very prominent in my experiences, but I have had difficulty seeing, where it comes from.

Resonances: Yeah – no it’s from your father, unconsciously.

Anna: Yeah.

Resonances: Now, to identify that point because you’ve never known your father, is to write out the Fears, individually

Anna: Fear of males.

Resonances: mmm, Yeah detailed. I mean, you’ve gotta look at their physical forms. You’ve gotta look at the way they talk to you. You’ve gotta look at, but not... from them, you’ve gotta look at your experience within that, within when, you’ve gotta look at the experience of you, when a male come and talks to you, the experience of you when a male stands in a certain way, the experience of you when a males voice is in a certain tonality. In that, you’ll start seeing your fathers unconscious Design, by getting out those attributes of all those individual males, you’ll be able to in essence see, the personality of and as your father, that you never knew – from a Mind-Consciousness-System perspective.

Does that make sense?

Anna: Okay, yeah.

Resonances: so that you can from there, stop all those points. Okay? Then you’ve got your Fear, your 3. Face Fear – that is now your face 1 Fear and your face 2 Fear that combined, in a relationship experience, because now your world is no more on the outside – your world is now more introverted, into the focus thereof only being on the relationships, therefore you channel all your Fears into the Relationships.

Anna: Yes.

Resonances: Therefore it becomes even more extensive.

Anna: Okay.

Resonances: Okay?

Anna: Yeah.

Resonances: and therefore you’ll pick up Weight very quickly, when you’re in a relationship or Agreement, because you’re compounding all of those Fears, channelling them into this One experience, It’s not dispersed, okay?

And in terms of you’re, your Physical-Form-Weight experience at the moment, you’re keeping it in that form, because of this Fear, that you’re existing in and you’re Living in, all the time, based on this event that took place as a child, now I’m talking from you only. This is the ‘You’ that is Participating, within the experience of the manifestation of your form at the moment, okay?

Anna: Yeah.

Resonances: Remember, we’ve discussed before how your form has become what and as it is, since you were a child, okay?

Anna: Yeah.

Resonances: that’s the ‘Physical-Form-Aspect’ – Now, we’re looking at how you’re participating in maintaining this the ‘Physical-Form-Aspect’, does that make sense?

Anna: Yeah.

Resonances: Alright, so this whole Fear-Point is consistent with, when you were a child, with the Vulnerability Point, when always existing in Fear, in relation to Abuse.

Anna: Yeah.

Resonances: Okay – now the Abuse, specifically is your definition, wherein you Fear someone ‘making you feel’ Judgment, Inferiority, less-than and all those type of things.

Anna: Okay, yeah...

Resonances: So you’re still thinking or believing that others are the Source or Cause for the way you’re experiencing Yourself, within how you’ve defined You throughout your life, which is inferior. Judgmental, less-than... you know, all those shitty experience and you don’t want to particularly have those experience, but they’re existent In you, and those experiences, you’re having over and over again to show you what you’re Accepting and Allowing of Yourself.
So in essence, beings showing you what you’re Creating, Manifesting, Participating in, within yourself.


Anna: Yes.

Resonances: So – let’s stop there for now. We’ll continue these interviews, which will probably be quite a few, but I’d say this would be quite a lot of information for now.
I suggest listening to all the points again.

Anna: Yeah

Resonances: Maybe go through it individually, as I suggested, point by point, so you kind of listen to the interview, see all the individual points that was mentioned. See if you can go deeper into them, okay?

Anna: Yeah, okay.

Resonances: Okay, so we’ve got those two points and we’ve only discussed the W female, feminine part of it all. We haven’t yet completely gotten into all the words in relation to feminitiy. We’ve discussed Grace and Vulnerability now. Then we’ve still gotta do Intimacy and Gentleness.

Anna: Okay.

Resonances: in how this personification of you as the word ‘Weight’, is manifesting your Physical experience as it is now, both in form-wise and Life-wise.

Anna: Yeah.

Resonances: Okay?

Anna: Yes.

Resonances: Cool.

Anna: Thanks.

Resonances: No problem.