Resonance Interview: Overweight making my Relationship Hell - Katie

Katie's Resonance Discussion


Resonance: Alright, this is Katie’s Resonances and the topic or point of discussion is in relation to weight. Okay, the weight that we’re talking about, or discussing is specifically in relation to physical body weight. What we’re gonna be starting with is having a look at the word itself, weight, in relation to the resonant manifestation within which the word exist as physical body weight.


Because, if you have a look, in terms of weight there can be various definitions of weight, wherein each definition of weight carry a specific resonance within the word itself.

At the moment we’re going to look at the definition of weight in relation to physical body weight wherein each individual letter of the word has a particular specific symbolic manifestation, numerical manifestation - wherein it is integrated and manifested into the Mind Consciousness System platform within the unconscious mind, and because you the being is integrated into the Mind Consciousness System, you personalize that word for yourself. Okay - what that means is you define yourself personally in relation to the word weight and then form yourself according to each individual letter of the word in relation to the symbolic Resonance it exist as, does that make sense so far?


K: Yeah.


R: I can, for example explain to you in a more visual perspective. So if we have a look at the word Weight, now the resonant expression the word Weight carry at the moment is: physical body weight.

Okay, so the whole word in it’s entirety resonate the definition or scope thereof that we’re currently investigating as physical body weight.

Okay. Now each individual letter of the word has a specific symbolism-expression. That symbolism-expression is specific in relation to the current definition as the resonant expression of the word which is in relation to physical body weight, okay.

So, now what happens is for example within and as you program yourself into this reality, this world through the Mind Consciousness System, what you do is you’d personalize this word, the symbolism and the resonance thereof - according to and as your self definition. So, what we will be doing is, we’re gonna be looking at each individual letter, what each individual letter represents symbolically in relation to its current resonant manifestation as a definition thereof, as physical body weight.


K: Okay.


R: Okay, then also we’re going to look at the polarity opposite of the word within which we’re going to literally, almost reflect the word in its opposite manifestation, because remember the mind exist in polarity.


K: Okay.


R: So, you have your obvious polarity which is the obvious word you see with the W-E-I-G-H-T. The hidden polarity is the opposite reflection of the word - wherein from the opposite reflection we’re looking at digitals - the programming of the word in the Mind Consciousness System. And now you’ve programmed yourself in relation to the programming of the digitals that exist in words.


K: Okay.


 R: That’s like the, that’s the Mind Consciousness System designed code that’s hidden within the word. The word itself is the Mind Consciousness System’s living aspect of the word itself, okay.


K: Okay.


R: So just some perspective on how we’re going to be approaching these discussions.


Alright so, if we have a look at the word Weight, individual letters W-E-I-G-H-T, okay. So if you have a look at the’ W', the W represent Female, feminine. Cause if you have a look the formation of the W is in the form of breasts, two breasts next to each other. The ‘e’ represents Energy.

The ‘i’ represent Personality, the “I” of Consciousness, when you refer to yourself : “I am this/that”, “I experience this/that”, that’s the “I” of Consciousness, the “who you are” in relation to how you’ve programmed yourself, in how you experience yourself currently.


The ‘g’ is Ego.


The ‘h’, if you have a look at the manifestation of H it’s, the point right there it’s like in a chair formation. But the point here at the bottom is where you’re literally pulling your ass to the ground and you’re just sitting, it’s literally Ass-sitting, okay.


 And the ‘t’ represents Choice.


Okay, so what we’re going to be doing is we’re gonna have a look at how you have individually programmed yourself symbolically into each individual letter, okay?


K: Okay.


R: That’s manifested your current experience in relation to weight in its entirety, meaning -why is it that you’re for example physically picking up weight, feeling uncomfortable in your physical body. What is in essence behind it all? The access to that, finding out the source, is within the word itself. Within how you have defined yourself in relation to symbolism within each individual letter, okay?


K: Okay.


R: That’s Part 1 that we’re gonna be doing. Part 2, that we’re gonna be looking at, is the opposite, the polarity point.


K: Yeah, it’s interesting, I didn’t understand that at first but now that you’ve got it written down there it makes sense.


R: Okay, so Part 1 will be the obvious polarity point we’ll be looking at, so we can call this Part 1.
Part 2 is the hidden polarity point, the opposite, the reflection of the word itself that contain the Mind Consciousness System’s encoding of the word itself. And then also how you’ve defined yourself symbolically in relation to each individual reflective opposite letter.


K: Okay.


Resonance (R): Part 2 is the Hidden Polarity-point, the opposite, the reflection of the word itself that contain the Mind Consciousness System’s Encoding of the word itself. And then also how you’ve defined yourself symbolically in relation to each individual reflective opposite letter, okay.


Katie (K): Okay.


R: So here we go.


Reflecting ‘w' you get an ‘m’, the letter ‘m’ which represent the Male, the whole chest area, protruding chest you know males in the olden days long time ago with their ‘pride’, the ‘male stance’, the very protruding chest. So, there you have the male manifestation within the letter ‘m’.


K: Okay.


R: The ‘e’ reflected over get the number 6, the number 6 is a System Code representing Future-Programming.


If you have a look, all Numericals - you’re working with Numericals here at the moment - Numericals is System Code Programming, specifically at the letter 6 you’re looking at Future Programming because, you have the whole form of, for example, a woman being pregnant. There is the stomach and the whole leaning toward the future, okay.


The ‘i’ reflective you get the, an exclamation mark (!), which in System Code/ System Programming represent ‘Intensity’ and or ‘Warning’. Okay?


The ‘g’ reflected over you get an opposite 6, this is System Code representing ‘Past’, also an ‘impregnating the past’, meaning holding-on to the past.


Now if you interestingly have a look here just on the 6’s that’s the normal six and the opposite 6, the normal 6 representing ‘Future Programming’, the opposite 6 representing ‘Past Programming’, both are holding onto, constantly. So also, in essence bring back to weight, carrying weight, Okay?


Then we have the ‘h’ reflected over, we get a vertical line with a cup formation at the top of the line, alright? This is the ‘I’ Mind Manifestation of Self in the Physical. In other words, this would be the… the ‘Programming Symbol’ for a human being in essence within this world, because you have the ‘Now’ which is here the vertical line, and they’re stuck in the now within the Mind that’s represented by the cup because you have your past, future, now, you, you’re here in the now. T


he ‘Now’ is when you’re existing within the past, present, and future within the Mind, wherein your past constantly create your future, so you’re always stuck within the present, the ‘Now’, so this is the ‘Now’ Symbol Code, basically.


Then we’ve got the ‘t’ reflected over, you’ve got the letter ‘f'. Here is your ‘crossroads’ ‘Crucifixion of Self’ in the Now in which you exist within the Mind Consciousness System - if you have a look, it’s like a cross and then the top line of the vertical line cusp over to form a ‘upside-down cup’, alright?

Now what this is representing is again, you have your past and your future, constantly existing within your past and your future, you’re existing here ‘crucifying’ yourself because: you’re always ‘stuck’ within the same point which is the cross - because your past is constantly creating your future, and once the future comes, your past that you experienced in that future creates your next future point over and over and over and you cycle in the same point, you’re literally ‘crucifying yourself’ because you’re cycling in the exact same experiences in lifetimes over and over and over and over again.

So it’s ‘crucifying yourself’ on the cross of the System so to speak. Alright?


K: Okay.


R: that’s Part 2.


And now all that I’ve explained is the Basic Symbolism of the words and then the Encodings or Numerical Programming of the word within the Mind Consciousness System.


I know it must sound a bit over-the-top at the moment in terms of it not being yet tangibly understanding, however as we go through each individual point: you’ll get it.


K: Okay.


R: So even in then bring it into a Practical Perspective, we’re bringing it into the Practical Perspective point because we’re now going to discuss How You Created and Programmed yourself into this word, alright? In relation to both the Symbolism and Numerical Encoding, okay? So, let’s begin, that was merely introduction.

We’re starting with Part 1, which is the Symbolic Resonance of each individual letter within the word ‘weight’, okay?


So we’ll start with ‘w', which represents the Female or Feminine aspect.


Okay - now we’re gonna have a look at How you have defined-you within being a Female. Alright -so what do you experience females to be?


K: I would say…


R: The first word that comes up.


K: I was gonna say ‘sexual object’ was the first word that came up and then the word ‘mothering’ like ‘mother’.


R: Sexual Object, there’s a bit of anger there… and mother. Alright, there’s also ‘submissive’.


K: Yeah, I was gonna say ‘weak’ but that’s like the same.


R: ‘Submissive’ or ‘Weak’… Yeah, but yours is more, the ‘weakness’ interestingly enough comes more in the ‘male’ point for you - ‘Submission’ is more here in your definition within the Female.


K: Okay.


R: Which is quite interesting, so we’ll have a look at that with the ‘male’ point. Ok, submissive, sexual object, mother… strenuous or hard work, meaning - meaning it’s strenuous and hard work for you to be a Female, in your experience.

K: Yeah.


R: ‘Pleasure Slave’ - wherein you experience yourself as a ‘slave’ to for example a ‘male’ when you feel you are the one that has to ‘pleasure’ to keep the male satisfied for example in your experience of being a Female in relation to a Male.


K: Another thing that comes up for me is like that, I don’t know a word for it, but that point of where as the woman gets older they kind of ‘fall apart’, like it’s like the whole body starts to just.. you know, when you see older women it’s like their whole, they’ve been so ‘run through the mill’ their whole life that it’s like their whole body starts to sag and just fall and gain weight.


R: So, ‘Ageing’. ‘Consequential Ageing’, we shall call it that. Ok, interesting – ‘Acceptance’, ‘Tolerance’, ‘Abuse-Tolerance’- meaning wherein you see Females as having-to or ‘must’ tolerate abuse, that’s their place and position.


K: Yeah.


R: Okay, so we’ve got ‘Sexual object’, ‘Mother’, ‘Submissive’, ‘Strenuous/Hard work’, ‘Pleasure slave’, ‘Consequential ageing’… there the ‘Consequential Ageing’ is more a Fear point in relation to Female. ‘Mother’… ‘Sexual Object’ is anger point in terms of your experience toward it a female being a ‘Sexual object’ but this is definition currently in your experience in relation to Female. ‘Mother’… Mother is more like a, ‘the job’ of a Female… Mother, being a mother, the definition that’s currently existing within-you in relation to female - are you with me so far?


K: yeah.


R: I’m not moving too fast.


K: No.


R: Okay, ‘Strenuous/Hard Work’: this is in relation to the ‘Consequential Ageing’ as well meaning wherein the ‘Strenuous hard working’ Female inevitably gets ‘run down’ throughout her life and ends up literally almost ‘melting to the ground’.


K: Another point that comes up is like that, well what I’ve experienced within being a Female is the point of like ‘needing to protect yourself’- I’m not… it just comes up when I…


R: Protect yourself from what starting point though? What point comes up wherein you experience that you require and need to ‘Protect yourself’?


K: Just like protect myself from the world, from other people, from all the things that could happen like needing to be reserved, like needing to...


R: ‘Reserved’… so reservation - you’re looking at Vulnerability.


K: Yeah.


R: Reservation or Vulnerability - meaning wherein you won’t allow yourself to be Vulnerable then you, from there you get to the point of ‘Protection’ which is more of a Consequence of the original point.


K: Yeah.


R: Now have a look at where and from where have you gotten that idea.


K: I mean the first thing that’s coming up is just being in school and being like when I was very young and being considered as like an outcast from the boys from playing.


R: Okay…


K: Like the girls have to separate themselves but, I don’t really see how that fits in that was just the first thing that came up.


R: It’s more ‘Parental Influence’ if you have a look at words your parents spoke.


K: About being a Female? Yeah, like Protecting myself from people coming to the door or “don’t answer the phone” or, yeah, yeah definitely.


R: Okay, but instead of it being a point of Common Sense in relation to considering the current state of the world, it’s now become a point of Fear wherein you hide.


See, that’s quite interesting in terms of the parents teaching through Fear not understanding the Consequences that has within their children’s life later on, instead of explaining to them in a Equal manner: ‘listen, this is what’s going on in the world, this is the state of the world, this is why you can’t do this, this is why you can’t do that’ - most parents don’t explain to their children in sitting down communicating, telling them ‘why’ they’re saying that or why they’re saying no and things like that, they just simply say ‘No - don’t do that’ and try and Control the children in that manner.


K: Or they promote fear like the point of: my parents would say to me ‘don’t open the door because someone could come in here and hurt you’ – you know, it wasn’t like a point of ‘explaining’ anything it’s just ‘this person out there is coming out to hurt you’, so whenever someone would come to the door, I would always hide, my sister and I would like hide in the house and then like look through windows to see, see if we knew that person, or…


R: Fascinating…


R: Okay, so we’ve got let’s say have a look here also interesting – ‘Male’s Slave’ – these are your Primary Definition points of Female within your experience that you’re currently living, that is Directly related-to your current experience within ‘weight’ but only at the moment looking at the letter ‘w' – okay?


So, let’s start with point number one that you mentioned: ‘Sexual Object’, and with ‘Anger’: Okay, so why… it’s interesting that ‘Sexual Object’ would come up as the first point - it means it’s your most prominent kind of vexing experience of you within being a female, why?


K: Well, because you’re on, it’s like you’re on a, you’re in a Competition…


R: Okay…


K: where you’re being ‘objectified’ and compared to others, so in order to ‘be the best’ or whatever - and this started very young for me I can see - it was to…


R: ‘Stand out’.


K: Yeah. And like also belittle the other women around you - in even minor ways like to make yourself seem ‘the best’.


R: Are you speaking this now from inside yourself or your experience of males towards you?


K: I don’t necessarily see, I mean perhaps the males had an influence in that but I experience it as this was just something that I started doing like within my Secret-Mind, thinking about other females and belittling them in my mind so that I would at least feel as though I ‘stand out’ or convince myself to that point because I was… I thought that, that was the only way for myself to be, to have ‘Power’ or to be ‘Acceptable’.


R: Okay, now let’s have a look-at, there must be a Picture in your mind of a female.
Okay, now this Picture of the Female in your mind is the ‘God’ in your head in relation to ‘How I must be as a Female’, ok? Now this ‘God’ is speaking to you as this Picture through and within your mind manifesting you as this Personality of Competitiveness and Comparison, wherein you’re trying to shape form and manifest you as this woman, as this Picture within your mind, okay? So, ‘in your head’ explain to me the ‘Perfect Female’.


K: Thin.


R: Okay…


K: Blonde.


R: Long or short hair?


K: Long.


R: Ok, tall, short?


K: Tall.


R: Okay.


K: White, Perfect skin.


R: Perfect skin, is that soft skin or like…


K: Like ‘Flawless’.


R: Flawless okay - flawless skin, flawless almost like ‘silky’. K: Yeah, and like not like no blemishes, like just perfect.


R: Okay.


K: Like a long face.


R: Eye color?


K: Blue.


R: Okay.


K: Like teeth that are not big but not small you know just like a…


R: ‘Perfect’.


K: Yeah, ‘perfect teeth’ and ‘big lips’.


R: ‘Succulent’ lips,


Okay. K: Like ‘Athletic’.


R: Athletic build.


K: Like ‘average’ Breasts.


R: Okay, Nails Fingernails, long/short?


K: That’s not really…


R: Relevant, but manicured nails?


K: Yeah.


R: And, bum?


K: Average. R: Average which means nicely formed?


K: Yeah, like ‘athletic’, ‘tight’.


R: formed – there we go, ‘tight’, tight bum, okay.


K: ‘Thin legs’, like kind of wide hips though.


R: ‘Wider hips’.


K: Like wider.


R: Okay, so not completely, not ‘stick’-like.


K: No, not stick... yeah. R: Okay. Wider hips...


K: And kind of small feet, not really small, but smaller than mine.


R: Okay, that about describes your ‘Perfect Female’- ‘Woman’. Okay, so, now to look-at in which magazine did you see this woman? When were you, how old, you were quite young when you’d seen this.


K: Yeah.


R: Did you used to dress up in like princess dresses and stuff like that?


K: Definitely, Yeah.

R: Okay, so - as a child you dress up in ‘princess’ dresses and be the ‘perfect little girl’ and now you see your idol. For example, did you see her physically? Did you see her…


K: I would say it’s one of the Disney characters, I can’t remember her name… ‘Sleeping Beauty’.

R: Ah! ok, that you’ve transformed now almost into a Actual ‘Holographic Projection’ of a ‘Real’ Human Being that does not in essence exist in this absolute ‘Perfect’ manifestation except through Photoshop and surgery. Fascinating how it works.


K: Yeah.


R: Now this Picture, ‘Holographic Picture’ has been your Female/Feminine ‘God’ inside your head, okay? That you have a Symbiotic Relationship with - In other words, you through her - this Holographic Picture in your mind - Define Yourself in Comparison and then within that point here you, here is this Picture and now within this relationship you’re ‘comparing’ and ‘judging’ and ‘competing’- so to speak. Now you see for example, other women within your reality. Now this experience that’s existent will manifest within you, you’ll project in your outside world towards other females. Now remember, it’s really fascinating: whatever you experience in your outside world towards other people= it’s happening in real-time inside yourself.


K: Yeah.


R: So for example, whatever you’re experiencing towards other women, there is a ‘point’, a ‘manifestation’, another ‘being’, a ‘picture’, a ‘memory’ within your mind that you’re playing-out this same role. Make sense?


K: Yeah.


R: How that Operates, how that Works?


K: Yeah.


R: So, first thing of course is ‘Removing the Picture’ - that’s not real, at all. K: Right. R: In any way whatsoever.


So we’ve now discussed only the ‘Picture Point’ of this whole experience in relation-to the ‘Sexual Object’. Okay, so you as a child in ‘Sleeping Beauty’ experienced ‘desire’ when you watched ‘Sleeping Beauty’.


K: Yeah.


R: So ‘desire’ was your first, that point was your first Real Experience in relation to ‘desire’, wherein you linked ‘desire’ to the ‘Sleeping Beauty’ cartoon/animation/movie, okay?


Now, there was the Picture, the ‘Sleeping Beauty’ with the knight on a white horse coming to rescue the beautiful lady, kissing and all those things happening that brought up ‘desire’. Now, there you linked that whole, that relationship to ‘desire’.


Now what comes out is, as you grow up the cartoon animation starts going away and your focus starts shifting to Actual Reality, wherein you now seek that ‘desired experience’ with an actual boy within your world or your reality, okay? But, you’re not, it’s not that you’re seeking a ‘Relationship’, you’re seeking to ‘fulfill that desire’ to have that experience you had while watching the animation/cartoon ‘Sleeping Beauty’.


Then as you grew even more older, you transformed now you live more into reality - meaning your Holographics in your mind started changing because, as a child your world is still more ‘fantasy’ than ‘reality’ because you’re in a safe-secluded environment wherein you’re not yet Exposed to the world.


As you grow older and you’re more exposed to the world, everything starts becoming more Reality-based - then your Holographics in your mind starts changing from ‘Fantasy’ to ‘Reality’.


When that ‘shift’ starts happening, you Change that ‘Picture’ to a Physical Holographic Picture of an actual beautiful female and how you defined her to-be in your mind as we described it earlier, and the perfect male.

So the male you’re looking-for is like within ‘Sleeping Beauty’- and fascinatingly enough it looks very similar to Cameron, hey? The short brown hair, tall, dark, lean.


K: Yeah.


R: Strong build, and you dyed your hair blonde as well.


K: Yeah.


R: So you now manifested your ‘desire’ in reality from your experience as a child is linking your desire to an animation/cartoon, see how it’s played out?


K: Yeah.


R: How you created it.


K: Yeah.


R: Ok - so let’s again get back to your Holographic Imagery of this woman. Now what’s interesting is in animation/ in cartoons that children see or watch, the cartoon animations are also ‘Perfect’, you’ve got the female all ‘perfectly drawn’ or animated as you had described the ‘Perfect Female’ within your mind.


And from there, you created or manifested the ‘belief’ that ‘that is what a woman should and must be’, because that’s what you were ‘introduced’- to both within your education as a child so to speak through the movies that you’re watching and also then you’ve got your magazines, you’ve got your media and all those ‘flashing images’ of the perfect woman or feminine, that only compounded your Holographic Picture of and as the ‘Perfect Woman’, but there is no way that you can Physically Practically ‘compete’ with an Animation.


K: Right.


R: It’s Not Real, the ‘Physical’ is Real.


K: Yeah.


R: Okay, now understand that doesn’t take-out or remove the experiences that one has, because I mean it’s… in terms of the whole Female Manifested Picture that’s been presented, have a look, it’s always only a Picture in Picture-form - both within cinema, television, magazines - but look it’s Only Pictures. If you see them in ‘Actual Reality’ it’s a complete different Picture that you see, the Real Actual Physical.


Now these are merely words I’m sharing with you but, in terms of for yourself you have to come to that Realization, that it is Physically Impossible for me to Compete with a Picture.


K: Yeah.


R: Simply from the fact that the picture isn’t real and I’m here with me in my physical body, this is what I am and how I am now this is real. And in terms of realizing that point and making peace with yourself in who and what you are right here at this moment you’ve got a platform in terms of starting to actually have access to yourself as who you really are.

Why do I say that, because if all this still exists within you, the point of competition, comparison with other females constantly comparing yourself judging yourself, bringing up jealousy and god knows what, it creates a whole system inside you.


Then you have to walk a process, I mean you’ve gotta get rid of that system first, then you only get to a point of yourself meaning the actual you behind it all wherein you start reaching a point of acceptance, self-acceptance, actual real self-acceptance.


From there you start living the process of self-transformation where you live that realization in this reality; where there’s no more, excuse me, competition or comparison within yourself, because you’ve accepted you actually, really.


So you’ve lived your life since that point in terms of trying to manifest you as this woman.


You see the impossibility of it? How you’ll cycle over and over and over again trying to become this perfect woman because in essence that’s what you’re trying or attempting to do. Like almost taking, seeing if you can take parts of other women for yourself to assist and support yourself in your redesigning yourself as this woman.

And I can guarantee there’s many women out there, not all, has this female picture god in their head that’s constantly causing or manifesting that point of comparison.


K: So what you were saying though, was like if you’ve already built up this system of jealousy and competition, that this point has to be stopped first before you can get to deleting this original picture.


R: Oh you can delete it, use your muscle communication.


K: Okay, cause I hadn’t even… this wasn’t even in awareness.


R: No of course not.


K: Until we’ve discussed it right now, it’s very interesting.


R: And then you start seeing the points for yourself.


K: Yeah.


R: And you take it back to the original source, remember you designed your life when you were a child. Most of the stuff that you’re experiencing now, trace it back to childhood where and how you programmed it. That’s why we’re here talking to you so we can show you the points you can’t see. Like for example that you would never have considered your experience towards Sleeping Beauty for example manifested this experience of females at the moment.


So this female picture is in the way of you being equal with other females for example.


K: Yeah, definitely.


R: And also an equal with you within where you are within your physical body and which caused an inner fighting.


K: I mean I see that because there’s always a point where I’ll get dissatisfied with myself and then immediately think that I can change something about me, one of these points to be more like this. So I’ll try to think of ways to do that or like “what can I do, what can I possibly do right now to just you know, make myself more thin or dye my hair blonde or you know, something”. Yeah that’s very interesting.


R: Or you do your nails, or clothes or things like that - that would take you a step closer to being a perfect female.


 K: Clothes is a big point, because its always like I go with the idea of buying particular clothes to make myself look a certain way that I have in my mind, and then it never plans out to be that.


R: Oh, you, you, you, you… you have an idea in your mind of how you would look like in those clothes, and then you go and buy it and try it on…


K: And then it’s like I convince myself that these clothes look good on me but they never satisfy this point.


R: Oh, okay.


K: But like you said, this points not real so how could it possibly satisfy that point. Very cool.


R: The point that you want to satisfy isn’t even real in the first place.