Robert Monroe

Transcribed and typed by Robert Monroe through the interdimensio­nal portal

Date : 12/11/2007

As I am here, I am ‘wanting to’ start with the words: ‘Hi, this is Robert Monroe’ – though, within many human beings’ mind’s the memory of this ‘Robert Monroe’ is of ‘who I was’ on earth – and I am not the ‘Robert Monroe’ as who I was on earth – not even in the slightest, as the ‘Robert Monroe’ as who I was – died on earth after I had ‘crossed over’ and now only remain as memories within the limited realms of human beings’ minds – that’s where the ‘Robert Monroe’ as ‘who I was’ still exist within the unified consciousness field of this world as the mind’s of human beings – though, this ‘Robert Monroe’ as who I was – was nothing more than an implanted system of this world, filled, aligned, formed, designed of technological information constructs – much like the technological advanced mind’s of which human beings consists of and have become, which will die, and will only continue to exist as memories within the minds of others as the unified consciousness fi­eld.

I will most probably be the ‘greatest disappointment’ within human beings’ minds as I write here – expecting to here from ‘THE’ ‘great’ Robert Monroe as they remember me within their mind’s as who and what I was on this earth, and for many human beings’ – and still continue to be – but see – this ‘Robert Monroe’ you ‘remember’, which exist in your mind, the realms of thought as memory – is not who I am. I am no memory – who I am, is not a memory – who I am, is who I am as I sit here within and as this interdimensional Portal – typing. In this moment – all that is ‘left’ of me of earth – is but a name – a name which holds no ‘meaning’, nor no ‘value’, nor no ‘importance’ and no ‘worth’ – which I may, if I so choose, though, that would mean I am a slave, a inferior and a ‘less than’ to a name, a name which holds me, which binds me to a ‘life’, a ‘memory’ of who I am supposed to be as others ‘remember’ me of this world. Human beings of this world would want me to be THE Robert Monroe they remember as who I was on earth – naturally, because you exist and consist of memory, wanting me to still be the memory you have of me, which exist in your mind – therefore I state: I will be the ‘greatest disappointment’ in many human beings’ minds – because I am not the memory you have of me of who I was on earth – and so I close of this paragraph by stating: Robert Monroe is a name – I am not the man you remember, nor will I ever be again – that man as Robert Monroe as who I was has died, is gone, is a memory there within your mind – I am a being, who lived a life here on earth with an implanted technological mind system of information constructs.

I was no different to any other being ‘entering’ this world – we entered with a technological mind system, consisting of information constructs, programmed to ‘live a life’ to remain under siege of control – we were ‘birthed’ into a system as a system within and as a controlled environment – the controllers, controlling the controlled. I specifically use the reference to the state of human beings in this world as ‘technological’ mind systems – for we are technological, as we depend on our logic, logic the design of the mind as out brain to ‘detect’ the ‘chronological order’ of the placement of the experience of ourselves in this world, and ‘live’ an pre-programmed life, designed with the chromosomes of our human physical body. ‘Fusing’ body and mind as one within and as technology – technology the principle of control – that which controls us – we are controlled – we were controlled by controllers, designing the control of us through the technology within us as mind systems of information constructs. The ‘detection’ of ‘chronological order’ is the vice / device of the mind as we pre-empt every ‘choices’ we make – ‘living’ the pre-programmed design already fused within and as our human physical bodies – we live chronologically – through technology – each thought already designed – which we ‘follow’ and trust and so we ‘live’ a seemingly ‘I have choice’ life – when choices are the very ‘program’ that makes us believe ‘we are free’ = Freedom based / defined as choice and free will: Man’s mistake.

What is freedom? Is this ‘the journey’ we’ve always been on – since the very beginning?

Searching for freedom?

We’ve already built, designed and manifested the answer which is causing enslavement, our control: Control = Enslavement. The answer before us – we have built, designed and manifested with our own two hands – the answer before us, which is causing enslavement: Technology. The world has ‘evolved’ within and as the ‘advancement’ of technology – together with the evolution as the advancement of technology, which we built, designed and manifested – we are destroying ourselves:

War: The technology of bombs, firearms

Starvation: Money ‘drowned’ from the nations to afford the evolution of the advancement of technology

Rape: Pornography spread across the technological advancement of computers, television and cinema

Murder: The technological advancement of guns, weapons

We’ve been searching for freedom – without answering the first question: Why am I searching for Freedom, if I’m searching for freedom – then I am not free – so, why am I not free? For if I am able to answer the question to why I am not free – I will see the cause for the reason I am not free – then, in the reason I see the cause, in the cause I see the answer to why I am not free…then what? If I ‘find’ the answer – to why I am not free – will I ‘believe’ it – will I ‘see’ it – will I ‘realise’ it?

Well, human beings – we have the ‘answer’ the reason why we as humanity is not free – and the reason as the cause for why humanity is not free exist within what you have become and believed yourself to be: A technological mind system which consists of programmed information as thoughts, feelings and emotions – fused as ‘body and mind’ which gives you ‘experiences’, and you yourself see, the answer to: Why am I not free exists here within this world as the ‘evolution’ of technology – for how can we as humanity be free if manifestations such as war, starvation, poverty, rape and murder exists – destroying ourselves. You’ve been manifesting, designing and building the answer to ‘Why you are not free’, the question that is supposed to be asked first, before ‘searching’ and ‘looking for’ freedom of self – which is the technology that exists within this world as the technology which exists within you as the mind.

You ‘design’ that which you are – the controllers, designed control to control the controlled through technologically designed mind systems as control. Technologically designed mind systems designed technology = the equation is simple, the equation is obvious.

It’s rather interesting that human beings ‘look’ for and ‘search’ for: THE truth – the ‘finding’ / ‘discovery’ of ‘truth’ is actually the ‘looking’ and ‘searching’ for freedom, for when THE truth is found / discovered = this would ‘mean’ freedom – so, THE truth has been defined as freedom. Though, (and here I smile within) human beings’ have a ‘problem’ – as truth within this world have been ‘abused’ and ‘manipulated’ so extensively throughout eons of time – that multiple different ‘organizations’ and ‘establishments’ and ‘followings’ within this world say: ‘This is THE truth’ – ‘This is the answer’. When ‘the truth’ and ‘the answer’ is defined as freedom’ – but here, the mistake is made – for how can there be a answer, a truth to ‘freedom’ if ‘freedom’ does not exist? How can there be a truth, a answer to freedom if we’re not free – and here is the mistake – the question has been ‘missed’: Why am I not free – the ‘answer’ to this question has been ‘missed’, has not been answered: Why am I not free.

I have the answer to the question why we are not free, which I mentioned before: The technological mind system that exist within and as each and every single individual human being – it is just an answer though, just an answer – like an answer to a question, though, this answer is an answer to a question asked and answered from standing as all as one as equal: Oneness and equality. No human being has taken into consideration themselves as all as one as equal: The one ‘law’ of existence: Oneness and equality.

Then again: Here is the answer to the question from the perspective of standing as all as one as equal: Will you ‘see’ this, will you ‘realise’ this – that your own mind as thoughts, feelings and emotions is of the technological mind system design placed within each and every single human being, born into a system as system – to be controlled – that is the cause, the reason for why and how freedom is non existent and why and how this world has become the very destruction of ourselves – yet the advancement of the field of technological evolution.

Ah – but I say I have an answer – but do I speak the ‘truth’ – because this will be within the mind’s of many: Is THIS THE truth? I cannot ‘answer’ this question for you – I may have an answer to the question I posed of ‘Why am I / we not free’ – but then again asking: ‘What is truth?’ and ‘What is freedom?’ is the exact same question:

‘The truth shall set you free’ – now you have to look at the ‘definition’ of the words ‘truth’ and ‘freedom’ – because many within and of this world have various different ‘definitions’ of the words ‘truth’ and ‘freedom’ – but then again – how is it possible that we have defined ‘freedom’ – if freedom does not exist – if freedom does not exist – then ‘truth’ does not exist, as there are as many various different definitions of the word ‘truth’ as there is for ‘freedom’ – so where do definitions of words come from? Human beings – human beings as technological mind systems of constructed information – thus – the definitions of the words ‘truth’ and ‘freedom’ is information: The ‘uniformed nation’ of information – ‘unifying’ as ‘uninformed’ technological mind systems.

So we have the world, humanity searching and seeking for ‘truth’ and ‘freedom’ – well, here I give perspective for why we are not free – the cause of enslavement is the mind of thoughts, feelings and emotions that exist within human beings – enslaved by information as words with definitions – a technological mind system of constructed information.

We’ve become systems – building system – you manifest, build and design that which you are – this is proven if you look within this world – and what’s most fascinating is that each human being has a mind system – that which ‘thinks’ that which ‘feels’ that which become ‘emotional’ – and because everybody is this, this mind system – it is accepted by all as ‘who we are’ – but how can this mind system be ‘who we are’ if it dies at death – and no longer remains at death? I am an example of this – as I have stated – I am not the Robert Monroe as what and who I was on earth – here I am as the words I type.

The ‘search’ for ‘truth’ and ‘freedom’ has become the very manifestation of separation within self of self – because in the search – the ‘answer’ is ‘missed’, the ‘answer’ to the question is not recognized, is not seen, is not realised: ‘What is truth?’ and ‘What is Freedom?’ If all that exists within and of this world are human beings as technological mind systems of constructed information – then: What is life? Who am I? What am I? Where am I? This ‘I’ – does this ‘I’ exist – because this ‘I’ have always been but a technological mind system of constructed information which I have accepted and allowed myself to be and become – defined ‘me’ as thoughts, feelings, emotions and pictures I see with my human physical eyes?

These questions:

Such questions, is only able to be answered for yourself, by yourself, if the technological mind system of constructed information cease to exist within you – no more participation in thoughts, feelings and emotions – and together with the process of ceasing the existence of the technological mind system of constructed information within and as you, live words – ‘become’ the living word – stop searching and live.

I, a being with the name ‘Robert Monroe’ existing as a memory within the technological mind system of constructed information – which store the past as the manifestation of memories – am not able to ‘give you’ the ‘answer’ to the question: ‘What is freedom?’ – for that would be giving you the answer to ‘Who you are’ – I myself yet do not know what the answer to the question: ‘What is freedom?’ is – why – because all as me as who I am as all as one as equal – is still enslaved within and as technological mind systems as what they believe and perceive themselves to be, thus – it would be a ‘lie’ for me to say: I know the answer to freedom, I have the answer to freedom – because freedom as me as who I am – does not exist yet as the manifested expression and experience of who I am as all as one as equal. Yet – I have a starting point as me, of who I am: The starting point of me as who I am is: Oneness and Equality – I stand here within and as oneness and equality as all of existence as who I am – which is currently enslaved within and as the technological mind system – therefore – if you as me is not ‘free’, but enslaved – I am not yet free either.

So – if each and every single human being within this world – stand within and as oneness and equality as all as one as equal – stop the existence of the mind system of thoughts, feelings and emotions, pictures and memories, information and knowledge – and ‘become’ the living word – living words – living ‘freedom’ as one as equal as self = ‘freedom’ as oneness as equality as all as one as equal will be and become the manifested experience and expression of who we are as all as one as equal – this, to me – is ‘freedom’ – when the technological mind system cease to exist – each and every single human being, live the word ‘freedom’ as self, within and as oneness and equality as all as one as equal as who we are = this is where ‘life’ is born in the physical – who we are as the living word. Though – yet again – hear my words – this ‘freedom’ as who we are as all as one as equal as the living word – which each live within and as oneness and equality as all as one as equal – will only exist: If the mind system cease to exist within and as each and every single human being.

Thus – your ‘answer’ to ‘freedom’ – will only be here as the manifested experience of you – when you stop the existence of the mind system within and as you – stand as all as one as equal within and as you – direct others as you to stop the mind system, to live words as self within and as oneness and equality as all as one as equal – so ‘freedom’ become the manifested expression and experience of you as all as one as equal – and we will not know the true ‘meaning’ of freedom – until this is done. Therefore – I cannot give you the answer to freedom as what freedom really is as who we are – yet – I as all interdimensional beings, as Desteni – are here to assist and support each within their individual processes of stopping the mind – to stand as all as one as equal – to live words within and as oneness and equality as self – so we may manifest as the actual experience and expression: Who we are as ‘freedom’.

This is the being who was known as ‘Robert Monroe’ on earth – to all those who still have the memory of me within your mind –know this: You are of the mind, proven to yourself – existing in the past, not here as the breath – I am not of memory, nor am I of the past – I am here as all as one as equal – and thus – you could not and will not possibly know / understand / comprehend the current placement of process within existence, and the current experience and expression and application of interdimensional beings, such as myself.

You ‘want to’ see / understand – you stop your own mind – you ‘want’ the ‘truth’, you ‘want’ freedom – stop wanting and searching – live and apply and answer the question for yourself as I have, as many have – stop wanting and searching through stopping the mind, for want and search only exist of the mind system.