Steve Irwin - Evolution of the animal kingdom

Steve Irwin chanelling through sunette, transcribed by Andrea.

Date : 08/02/2007

As you all know I have tragically died, death by beautiful, magnificent stingray. I am now still doing and in full application with my life long passion of working with animals. I would like to specifically say to my wife and kids, that I am fine, actually wonderful and my death is not as tragic as it may seem. I am with you every step and every moment and I am here now with the opportunity presenting itself sharing with you and the rest of the world my experience in heaven/dimensions.

The greatest gift of my passing is that I am now actually able to communicate directly with all animals, from the smallest insect to the biggest croc. Though nothing is what it seems here on earth. I have never believed that I would actually experience my existence being so equal to that of all animals. As the animals physical appearance just like the human physical appearance are but a vehicle for the essence of who we really are, the only difference of course is the method of communication. Since I have been in heaven I have been dedicating myself in assisting the animal kingdom, for the animal kingdom plays the greatest, most important and pivotal role in supporting all beings on earth with their processes. Firstly I would like to share with you the most extraordinary finding I experienced with the process called the circle life. I was one day or should I say one moment (there is no time in heaven/dimensions) communicating with some sharks, when all of a sudden I noticed that the smaller fish the sharks feed on were starting to light up all over me, like a Guy Folks festival. The sharks, all of a sudden went into killer mode and started eating only the fish that lit up. Now surely this was a rather fascinating discovery and was most definitely necessary to be investigated, to cure my curiosity. After thorough investigations and many moments of extensive research I found the following: sharks or most animals on the top of the food chain would only eat, and it would not even matter if they were hungry or not, once the smaller fish they feed upon, would light up. I furthered my investigation to surfers and body borders who have experienced shark attacks and what I found was that they too lit up in the exact same way as the smaller fish the sharks fed on. Sharks in the way they see is quite fascinating, as they see energetic signatures and frequencies and not form. So if body borders or surfers would light up, the shark would then immediately be taken over by the desire to eat.

Just a tinkle of what I have experienced so far. Today yet again, something else rather extraordinary popped up. Now getting to the subject of the evolution of the animal kingdom. As I have said before the animal kingdom have been standing as the support of beings processes on earth. Since heaven have become more directively involved in beings processes on earth, the support of the animal kingdom have also changed. The support from the animals have now changed from the perspective that they will be assisting each human being on earth on an individual level. Previously, the application of the animal kingdom in terms of assistance and support was more focused on keeping the balance of process in its entirety. But now, since Mother Nature has agreed to also become more directively involved, the animals are “more free” to assist beings on an individualistic support application. Thus the process for all beings on earth has started to change as focus will be diverted from the outside of self to the inversion (inner vision) of self.

Environmental scientists will in time to come be noticing some rather strange extraordinary, never before seen or discovered animals stepping forth. Animals are now starting to transform themselves to be able to assist with the inner transformation of each being on earth and existence as a whole.

Now, it's not only crocs that are the love of my life, but all existence as an equal, yet as I have said I have dedicated myself in heaven/dimensions focused on assisting the animal kingdom.

That's all for now. Thank you for sitting patiently in your chairs and enjoying my sharing of the after life. Just to make it clear to all; I am not dead, so don't think of anyone ever replacing me, I am just existing on a different vibrational dimension and still doing what I've always loved doing, only much better! If anyone would like to communicate to me regarding the animal kingdom, I'm only a channel away.

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