Steve Irwin - Interview with a caged tiger

Transcribed by and through Andrea

Date : 11/04/2007

Today I am starting my interview with a greeting which comes from Mellisa. She’s a forty pound tiger living in a zoo in America. She’s fairly young and her mother lives with her in the same pen. She’s approximately four months old and she came to live here when she was about two days old, when they were brought from a tiger breeding facility. She’s fairly content with sharing her cage, but she is not able to express to you her disappointment. She will fairly soon be transported out of this particular zoo to go and live elsewhere. She would like you to become aware of the following; once she’s separated from her mother she’ll only live her days until she is killed. She would like you to know that where she’s going animals are killed for their skins so that humans are provided with handbags and shoes. You’re probably wondering why I would bring you such a torrent story, but I am asking you to open yourself to these creatures. Well I must be honest, all the sacrifices that we have come across concerning the animal kingdom has left us all a bit stunned and concerned. I have only been here for about six months now (in the dimensions) but I have already seen the effects our ignorance has had regarding these creatures. I mean, I ask this young tiger what she says about her existence and she answers me that she is not able to fathom why people are not able to see what’s happening and why they remain so oblivious to what is really happening within the animal kingdom? Do we really believe abuse is acceptable? So, I asked her what we are able to do to assist her. She makes me laugh as she growls with agitation. Remember now she is able to see me and we communicate in a universal language (English -telepathically). So I sit by her cage and I speak to her and her mother. I decided to speak to this creature due to how I use to appreciate caged animals myself (before I fully understood what it meant). Remember how I use to carry cubs around, when I gave presentations? I remember saying to the crowd once that these cubs are very ferocious in their attitude at this young age already, due to their inherited animalistic aggression. I now I sit by this lovely creature and laugh as she softly growls, showing her ‘attitude’. Younger tigers even scratch and fuss when moved from their mothers as they know that intruders are ‘bad’ and possibly harmful. It’s truly fascinating watching the inherited attitude that the young present. In the wild animals are very particular about personal space, therefore picking up a cub means more of an insult to them than you are able to imagine (the parents if ‘tamed’ don’t mind so much, but the cubs don’t enjoy this strange experience as much either). So here I sit beside Mellisa and she tells me (through bars) how she is able to understand her unfortunate fate in life. She says to me that her mother will stay here and become an old tiger, because she suits the zoo’s image of an ideal zoo tiger. What! I have not heard such nonsense. Blimey, what does an ideal zoo tiger look like? What, do they have pearly white teeth or do they sing? She tells me that a specific look is sought for as the public are not able to tolerate mangy or petite looking animals. The animals in the zoo must depict the animal kingdom in the wilderness, the wild untouched animal kingdom experience. Are you able to believe that? Now in all fairness I must admit I was once a man who enjoyed all forms of animal interaction. I would like to admit that even though I now speak to animals I was not always this clued up. I, even though pretty dam smart, was also unaware that these animals were this aware and exactly what they require for their own well-being.

So she tells me she’s mangy and too slender and will have to be sent away to be turned into a handbag. I might make it sound funny as we are aware (infinitely) that we are not able to be killed in essence, therefore she isn’t too traumatized by this. Besides this, this application and allowance is unacceptable as beings come and integrate into a physical form of any and all sorts to unconditionally express and participate in this world. Now imagine being here and for no apparent reason but for provision of some goddamn handbag and shoes – deliberately killed. Just integrating and coming here to be killed – where’s the common sense in that? I show her that I understand that I have insulted her by participating in the nature of man’s desire to see animals encaged. Now I do state that I was never into animal skins or encaging those that required sufficient movement, but I have as much responsibility now. So she tells me that she would like to be free but she is not able to be that which is not possible. So in a way she has made peace with this life. Animals are very forgiving and oh so patient. They don’t scream and fuss nearly as much as we do when we’re insulted or hurt. So she tells me that she will soon go to this place where she will be turned into animal skins. Her mother, Pujwha (pronounced pu-wha) will remain a zoo tiger as she is portraying the necessary image required to satisfy children and parents who come to have a look and she is well set. Apparently the public want to see really sturdy tigers that look mean. How wonderful, I must admit I was blissfully unaware that tigers were kept in zoos according to their looks. Even though I had a lot of doings with zoos and conservations I was not aware even that this nasty side existed concerning animal facilities. Yes of course I had an awareness that tigers were kept in zoos and that tigers were cut up to make meat and to use their skins. However, I was not even aware that tigers were taken to zoos for a while and if the public end up not liking the tiger then they send them to be killed or removed or to die in some other facility. I had always been aware that the human mind was taking animal sacrifice unnecessarily too far, so now I share with you how far things have gone. So Mellisa now at the tender age of four months has taken on a rather long body shape and is not the sturdy build that the other zoo tigers have. They will soon be replacing her with a sturdier, more acceptable looking specimen. You see there are specific tiger breeding facilities all over America (most of them of course not known of). Tigers are bred for zoo’s (although zoos also do their own breeding, but are sometimes limited in numbers), export and of course to make clothing from. Internationally you have of course breeders that specifically breed for medicinal purposes.

Mellisa is not even able to walk very far. These cages that they remain in most of the day are fairly small. Some zoos (according to specific regulations) have enough space for tigers to walk around, enjoy the sun and a swim but zoos like this one cater for the basics. They are secluded within a tiny cage where they are forced to stay all day and sometimes for the remainder of their life here on earth. At night they open the back section and the tigers go into a larger area at the back where they are able to rest. During the day they require these creatures to be on constant display, so they keep them in a small area. These regulations that prohibit animals being kept in small spaces bring forth one question: Why aren’t they being met? I see we have a problem in this zoo. Mellisa and her mother share a pen of about 15×30 meters. This space they occupy all day long with a tiny watering pool situated along the one side and a tree for them to lie under. Are you able to believe it?

I know however that where they come from there is a better chance that they will be caught. Therefore I ask myself are they better off here, or running day in and day out from people with spear guns, (to export them) standing the chance that they die after days of traveling and dehydration (facing the chance of dying after days of travelling and dehydration), fighting for survival. In the forests where these tiger’s originate from, they are not able to consider themselves safe. They are hunted day in and day out, often for mere fun (hunting), often for medicinal purposes. I laugh because the reason why they kill tigers for medicinal purposes is mainly for the eyes, testicles and liver. Apparently these organs are well sought after all over the world as they contain ‘ancient powers’ in some cultures and beliefs. Basically if you take salt and you mix it with vinegar and water you’ll get the same result as that which is concocted through tiger’s usages of specific organs within some cultures and beliefs. Cells are not able to regenerate faster from some animal’s organs than from a basic salt mix. All you’re doing is stimulating the body to produce natural anti oxidants and healing. In actuality the focus of ‘special healing’ is not some ancient animal power but rather the energetic that it carries. The ‘knowing’ that you’ve applied a cream that heals is actually where the healing occurs, from your basic intention. Wow, thousands of animals die because people don’t have the know how to heal their own cells, or don’t take the time to learn how to manifest what the cream is able to. Remember that you have the ability to heal yourself. You are the healing, not some cream, which is only an external stimulant. So let me remind you what happens to tigers that live in cages. Sorry to tell you I have not spoken to one animal that actually enjoyed the experience. Yet, some say that while they are there they assist people, but I would rather have them assist from where they are within their own natural habitat. Are you able to imagine the magnitude of having these animals all stand together from the forests, oceans and mountains to assist us? Will the price that we must pay be too high? What do you think? Are we able to give up our zoos and our animal slavery and facilities for the chance to have them enjoy their freedom? Well I am able to assure you if I was to come back to earth I would set free all those animals that I have assisted in being caged. All those crocodiles that I cared for I would set free or at least ensure they are content living in larger areas. I would teach people about animals in the wild, where we are able to see them how they truly are – free. Wouldn’t that be amazing to have man and animal walk through life without enslavement supporting each other and living their lives fully? Well many people do wonder about enslavement, and if it would work setting animals free. Who in the end will get eaten if we set these beauties free? I bet you Mellisa will grow fast and strong, running around without fear. To think we make handbags, clothes and shoes out of creatures that are so precious. I’d rather not have one (not that I wanted one)! Are woman not able to carry their belongings in a packet (made from bio degradable material of course)? At least try it before you say no! What the hell is the fuss all about having a beautiful matching handbag that must be made of some animal’s skin which is apparently worth a lot of money – that handbag, shoe or clothing was bought with blood money.

So there I have given you insight into the caged tiger, lonely, frustrated and bored. Often these tigers waste away and die fairly young. The average life span for a tiger is about 25 years, but in captivity they only get to about 12 years old. All this because they are not able to exercise and mostly because they breed under such stressful circumstances, that each litter born into captivity is systematically weakened. Well let’s agree that Mellisa is lovely with her large dark brown eyes and her playful, yet aggressive ‘attitude’. She’s always ready to show the zoo keepers that she is able to stand as fierceness, due to how she growls when they walk past. Unfortunately however, this doesn’t meet their standards. She will always be this beautiful creature, even long after she’s gone. Greetings this week from fierce Mellisa, her mom Pujwha and of course Steve! Have heart and listen.