Steve Irwin - Interview with a crocodile that ate a child

Transcribed by and through Andrea

Date : 29/04/2007

I asked the crocodile why? The crocodile simply answered me: “Because I could”. Very basic, the symmetry between one logical decision and an action. I’m speaking of course about the children that climbed into a crocodile’s en­closure about a week ago to do what children do and have themselves a mischievous time, resulting in one child being eaten. The crocodile grabbed hold of one of the children and dragged him into the water, where he then proceeded with eating the child. All because they had decided to beat the crocodile with a stick after it came scuttling towards them, furious from being shot with a catapult. It was in the newspapers and everybody as is most prevalent in such a case, had mixed reactions. Some said that the crocodile deserved to be shot and some said that it will teach the child a lesson. I agree that something needs to be done about the fact that we have always shoot the croc, when all he was doing was eating food that he found standing in front of him. I mean do we blame humans when their shopping for food? No, they are merely going to the super market to buy some groceries, no harm in that. We tend to however show animals a hard time when their caught shopping though. So simple it was played out, one child gets eaten and later the crocodile dies. Nobody even bothers to see the message in what nature has just given us. Don’t shoot crocodiles! I’m being bias I know, but what I am really trying to say is as follows.

The animal kingdom has for centuries now played in this game that the human calls ‘balancing the scales’. No longer though will animals just merely stand back while the human decides what is considered as balance. We as the dimensions are willing to show humans how the scales of evolution has indeed tipped in the favour of your own greed and misguided presidencies. Look at this incident for example. The crocodile rests in its enclosure merrily minding its own business. Then these children come along, thinking of course that teasing a crocodile would make for a most hilarious story and climb into the crocodile’s pen. Now I’m almost sure that given what knowledge you have about crocodiles you would consider such a move almost disastrous, wouldn’t you? Would you in the dead of the night (or any time for that matter) climb into a crocodile’s pen, without weighing up all the options? I don’t think woman, man or child would do what they are aware of is utterly dangerous. Given the fact that I have children of my own I must say that it would be the most painful thing to experience for me if one of my own climbed into a crocodiles pen, just to be attacked and eaten. What must the parent be experiencing? Surely the child did not intend for itself to be eaten, that surely is on everyone’s lips. By the way I do want to tell you all that the man that was supposed to be guarding the crocodile pen had indeed gone out to visit someone. Yes, he was told to ‘watch the crocodile pen’ and he the thinks this might be the best time to go visiting. So I hope that he understands he’s fired. In anyway that is just Murphy’s Law dealing a filthy hand I suppose. Now let me explain to you the message that the animals have in store for all of man-kind today. It is not able to be balanced if you take the life of the animal that protected itself within its own environment and did what animals do. Animals are extremely simplistic, would you not say? Within equality we must understand the nature of the beast and understand that crocodiles eat things when they’re hungry. They are never about feelings and emotions, their merely expressing themselves. Animals do not experience such trivial emotions as regret or sorrow, they just are. That crocodile did not grow up in a bad home therefore did not devour the child due to some psychopathic tendency! Never the less we are so fast to jump up and down blaming the animal kingdom for what they allow. Animals kill, sure enough. They have to, we do too yet we call it by a different name. We call the slaughtering of innocent lives ‘eating’ as well. So what did the crocodile do? He ate. He told me soon after it happened as I head out with my interviewers’ note book and pen, that it was simply the result of him requiring food. If the crocodile had no desire for food that child would still be alive. Surely though you are able to place the blame for such an event nowhere? You could blame the parents for not teaching the child properly. You could blame the child for being careless. What about the holiday park manager, is it his fault the children had access? Who do you blame? Perhaps in the larger scheme of things God should have been watching but seeing as I have not spoken to God and He isn’t here to defend himself. Soon people will come to understand that within their own understanding of the laws of nature some adjusting is required. We need to adjust our thinking to that of complete awareness. Awareness within equality and equality in how we all get along. In this case we are looking at the humans inability to not be aware, therefore resulting in death. Not that dying is all that bad, look at old Stevo now, I get to speak to all kinds of beings all day long and I have the opportunity to bring news about awareness. What do you ask is awareness? I ask you to see where we are currently in this world, with each one wearing their blinkers, trudging along, not understanding anything about life. Then I state that the lack of awareness not only results in our precious world being devoured by greed but our children learning the lessons on our behalf.

Now, prepare yourself for the big shock I am about to present to all reading this interview. I am now looking beyond consciousness as everyone perceives the situation to be between the croc and the child with the croc merely being hungry finding the necessity to have to eat. There is a universal message behind what has occurred and here it is: I not only communicated with the croc but also communicated with the child who was killed – now frolicking within heaven. The child and the being as manifestation within the world as a croc are enjoying conversation within heaven – standing here as equals. They both together have a message to all human beings on earth, which is the following: Please stop to unnecessarily and deliberately harm, kill and slaughter animals – because if this is going to be allowed to continue more and more animals will be standing up and taking action. No matter to what extremes they are required to go to make the message clear. The croc and the child, as who they really are, communicated with each other before the event and agreed that they’d allow for this occurrence to take place, where the croc ate the child, to get the message clear to all human beings that all animals are standing up and taking action against all human beings who have come to believe they may do with animals as they please. No more, no more – the animals are stating ‘till here no further’ – not allowing human beings to control their experience of themselves here on planet earth. The animal kingdom have stood back for quite some time now and has now stood up not allowing such atrocities within the animal kingdom as unnecessary and deliberate harm. So, both agreed to give their lives to make this message clear to humanity – stop the deliberate and unnecessary harm to the animal kingdom – for if you do not, you must realize that the extent to which both animals and nature will stand to make their statement clear, will be extensive. Both are just fine and dandy in the dimensions and they state that there will be many more such likely incidents until humanity sees and hears the truth of the animal kingdom’s message.

This is Steve, the child and the croc saying goodbye for now and to see what each one on earth is able to do to make a difference within the deliberate and unnecessary harm of the animal kingdom.