Steve Irwin - Interview with the Honey bees

Transcribed by and through Andrea

Date : 01/05/2007

I write this article in response to the recent outcry about the misplacement of many of our Honey Bee colonies. This recent event has created quite a stir amongst everyone who considers themselves enlightened due to how they understand how it will affect us in the long run. All over the world Honey Bee colonies are disappearing, largely due to the fact that they too realize that human beings are no longer able to continue with the deliberate harm to nature and the animal kingdom which is being allowed and accepted within the world and is no longer able to be tolerated by the animal kingdom. So Stevo immediately of course decided to go and investigate. Why have millions of Honey Bees decided to disappear, some colonies as large as an entire football field? When humans are required to experience a lesson they generally become aware that they messed up – only after going the process of experiencing the lesson. A lesson as experience or event required for human beings to understand something specific as to who they really are – sometimes this is required through experiencing a lesson – other may transcend that which they require to understand about themselves as who they are through mere conversation. Unfortunately this has been the predesigned methodology by which humans allow for growth and evolution – the experience of lessons or transcendence experiences. We don't transcend through awareness, we choose to either get maimed, become ill or die – having to go through a process of experience as lesson/transcen­dence before we understand or realize that something specific that was of necessity to understand as who we are. Only then do we (generally) say: “Oh look, there's a lie or a problem here!” So now as I have mentioned the animal kingdom is showing us through somewhat extreme measures that we are not seeing clearly enough. Generally when you've been maimed by a lion, you then reflect on why it happened – what was the reason therefore – was such an experience specific? If entire bee colonies suddenly stop producing for this ever demanding capitalist economic system then all of a sudden humans sit up and ask: “But why?”

The Honey bees realize that without them pollinating plants we do not have the ability to grow anything. If humans are not able to eat they generally (although we could debate about nutritional requirements) die. We as the humans who require this sustenance require understanding the terms set out by the Honey Bees. Let's call a spade, a spade. The Honey Bees have gone on ‘strike'. Why would ever such cute little helpful creatures want to assist mankind in starvation? Well quite simple actually. Consciousness has been the cause of destruction to this world and the animal kingdom. Consciousness is currently eating everything in sight and shooting the messenger, meaning if consciousness doesn't have to support the survival of the animal kingdom it simply wont. Consciousness has zero awareness. So what the animal kingdom is doing is using a bit of black mail to get humans inspired. Well what else did we expect? Remember, for some strange reason we have accepted the experience of having the ability to only learn through suffering!

The Honey Bees have removed themselves in various ways. Statistics show that these colonies have reduced themselves by up to 70%. Basically the Honey Bees have decided to only produce enough pollen to give humans a fighting chance. What will happen to our production ability if we loose 70% of our Honey Bees? Well two things will occur: We'll either become seriously ill due to how high food prices will rocket, forcing many to live on a staple diet alone. Or we'll survive due to our ability to understand what we are to gain from becoming aware. If we become aware of the animal kingdom and work together we'll do just fine. The Honey Bees will return and all will stabilise . However when we engage in awareness it means a lot of people will loose out big time. Awareness will create mass hysteria initially as many will overpower the money system, overthrow governments and basically destroy consciousness. How? We stand up all together, individually at first, just as you would stand up against your child being molested, and we don't stop until everything we are stands into infinity within awareness. Not allowing consciousness to rear its ugly head, allowing our children and nature and the animal kingdom to be destroyed. So I would of course love to give you the inside scoop on where the Honey Bees are. They have either hidden themselves or drowned. Some colonies told me have decided to rather drown themselves in rivers and dams simply due to the fact that they are not going to support man kind any longer. Others are hidden in specific locations – entire colonies unseen by the human eye, waiting for man kind to stand up. Only when awareness changes within this exact point that the bees have brought across will they return. Call it the carrot before the donkey as mankind – to once and for all stand up as awareness for equality and oneness. Who's teaching who tricks now? Seriously though statistics show that unless the bees return within 24 months all produce within specific farming communities will stop completely. We are now of course speaking about the farming communities where produce is grown that require Honey Bee pollination. Without pollination we do not have the ability to produce enough to support what food requirements we have. Now of course this point is rather obvious. But what alarms me even more than not having my daily fix in the form of food is not having honey. Honey is one of the few remaining anti-oxidants found in nature. What is interesting about honey is that even though you may not eat it yourself a lot of medication that is used for fatal injuries like poison and heart failure comes from either Honey or Bee's wax. If the bees are no longer pollinating then they wont produce bees' wax either, this will have a huge impact on our health. Honey contains elements that are specifically placed within certain medications that assist us in defending ourselves against viruses. Viruses are what you would call the unseen killer as any virus that is created in this world has the ability to kill people without scientists even having a clue. Already now they have up to a 1000 strands of different viruses that the scientists and medical fraternity are not yet even able to name, let alone identify. This pathological threat is growing at an alarming rate. One day you'll contract a disease from some airborne virus that could have been prevented by airborne pollen. Remember airborne pollen is what prevents many outbreaks of airborne viruses. The pollen moves from the plant either through the disruption caused by wind or from the movement of a bird touching a plant. Once the pollen is airborne it is carried through the air and acts like natures own traveling air diffuser, destroying viruses. Once the Honey Bees stop pollination, plants over a couple of years will stop producing pollen. So you see the effects will be much more horrific than that of just missing the odd apple. We'll eventually have nothing airborne that protects us from airborne viruses. Remember that in nature there are many natural anti oxidants. For every man made virus, bug or system nature has its own repellent. A shortage in pollen therefore will create the situation where nothing prevents airborne viruses from spreading through the air. To give you an example of how pollen absorbs harmful particles: When you have an airborne virus breaking out in a farming community……. wait a minute airborne viruses don't break out in farming communities, how is that possible? Yet, in the cities (where there are very few bees) you hear of many airborne viruses and bacteria floating around. Cities like China have a huge problem with air carried bacteria due to the fact that China has the lowest number of natural deterrent like in the case of a Honey Bee. Cities like China have in the recent years had a problem with bacteria affecting entire bee colonies changing the entire compound of honey as well as how the plants produce pollen. Natural circumstances where a plant produces pollen as a direct result of the bee population is something like this. A bee colony will energetically encourage the plant to produce pollen. If a bee colony leaves a specific area you will actually find that the pollen will decrease in its full potential, this including the ability for cross pollination, as well as what I have mentioned earlier. Due to the fact that this cycle of pollination is directly linked to a kind of symbiotic relationship, if the one is affected so is the other. So you see great cities like China are currently experiencing what happens when over population changes the genetics within nature due to pollution. The list actually goes on and on. All over the world either way nature plays a tremendous part in the stability of this planet. The far reaching effects of one of our greatest points of stability, the Honey Bee's disappearance will bring catastrophic results. I would like to see the scientists come up with a man made solution to the Honey Bee.

So – the animal kingdom is clearly stating: “‚Till here no further!” – and are no longer supporting that which had been allowed and accepted to without awareness destroy them – consciousness/the mind as human‘s on earth. This actually now being experienced on earth through the application of the Honey Bee's – nature is standing up as well as the animal kingdom. Standing for oneness and equality – so I suggest all read the beings in the dimension's ex­periences to get some perspective on where exactly heaven, nature and the animal kingdom stand within and as oneness and equality as this process of experiencing heaven on earth as awareness. Nature asks kindly and quite directly.

Cheers for now