Steve Irwin - Interview with Timothy Treadwell - The Grizzly Man

Transcribed by and through Andrea

Date : 01/06/2007

Many of you might already know about Timothy Treadwell called by his appreciative fans – the Grizzly Man. Timothy was a loner who lived for most of his adult live amongst some of the wildest grizzly bears in Alaska . He died by succumbing to a fatal Grizzly attack, doing what he enjoyed most. He saw Grizzlies as his friends and companions, not merely wild animals. He was intense about these Grizzlies, something which not even Stevo here could ever have comprehended.

He was indeed extreme when it came to taking care of and understanding Grizzly bears. One day however one of the Grizzly's he had been following attacked him and his girlfriend, both of them dying. Many people were devastated by this event as they all saw this as an utter loss. The man who lived to protect Grizzly bears became nothing but an enemy in one singular moment. Why did the Grizzly bear attack him? He was devoted to taking care of these bears and some say that Timothy had an uncanny bond with all the bears that lived in this conservation area.

Some might ask themselves how far is one being willing to go to show us all that animals are not there to be ‘shown around' is clearly the message from this fatal accident. Did the Grizzly bear that attacked Timothy understand what message would be conveyed to people through this event? Did this animal sense and understand that Timothy's struggle to bring forth respect to the Bear's mean that he too was willing to be their ‘victim'?

The fatal Grizzly attack that ended both Timothy and his companion's lives was done to bring forth the awareness that animals are indeed aware and that they too have the ability to show themselves for who they are. Not as mean, sadistic predators but as those that is willing to stand before a human and show them that animals are the same consciousness systems that we are so very much afraid of. These systems that we are afraid of, the systems of death and victimization that breeds from within consciousness. These systems live within consciousness as well as animals, created to be the segregation between animal and man.

Many would say that it was merely an accident, which Timothy was not aware in that moment of this bear and that is why it happened. That if you're going to sleep and live close by these dangerous animals you're bound to get attacked. Some might even answer that by asking Timothy what he was aware of: Was he aware that his death would be caused by him being attacked by these bears? Many times in his documentary he refers to his own death that looms around every corner and the possibility of it happening being quite real. He admits that any moment one of the bears walking past him every day could decide to show him who he's up against and attack him. That if one of these bears he lived with for so long was to indeed attack, it would most certainly be final, as there is no chance you are able to stop such a creature if their intention is to cause you harm.

Timothy had to make peace with death as he faced death almost every moment of time spent with the Grizzlies – death which human beings fear extensively. Death is human beings' greatest fear in this world and fear of death is what Timothy transcended when spending time with the Grizzlies. That's why some human beings would refer to him as being a lunatic, mad and crazy – he faced death, he had walked through his fear of death, something that all human beings in this world fear doing.

So who is anyone to disregard or shoot down Timothy's appli­cation? Such judgement and criticism is only done when human beings fear that within themselves, which is death, and judge and criticize those that have the courage to transcend it and face it such as Timothy Treadwell.

In this interview I would like to get Timothy's per­spective on why he was attacked by this bear and how it happened. Was the attack ‘pre-ordained' or did Timothy actually not fully understand the event? Timothy was extremely vigilant all the years he spent living amongst these bears, yet one day the moment arrived where Timothy was taken by surprise by one particular Grizzly that he knew had a foul temper.

When one watches the documentary made about Timothy's last years living amongst and taking good care of their ‘rights' to be protected, you are made aware of Timothy's appre­hension about this one particular Grizzly bear. It was a fierce looking male bear that showed Timothy all the signs that it was not to be interfered with. Timothy even told the camera (he told his entire life story, as part of the documentary) that this particular bear would attack him if it got half a chance as it showed him that he was quite fierce and that Timothy was not welcome.

You see most of the bears that Timothy interacted with over the years, while living in their area, had formed a relationship with him. You are able to see on the documentary that each bear of which there were about 200 he communicated with, knew him and had a ‘sign' that they would give whenever Timothy approached. Some would bow their heads (especially the females) and the males would grunt. There were even some who would come up to him as if they were rather ‘tame'. This was not an environment for those that did not know bears. It was a vast area considered to be a ‘conservation' area and it stretched for many miles. Situated along the south of Alaska where the natural habitat of the Grizzly bear was most suitable. The area was mostly covered by forest but where Timothy lived with the bears the terrain was more open with low shrubbery and grasslands. There were many small rivers interlinking each other which according to Timothy made for a much more dangerous terrain.

You see once the bears are living in one particular area as part of a group of bears then it becomes quite dangerous entering one area from the next. You see the Grizzlies live in segregated groups and frequent specific parts of the low lands that stretch from one river to the next. Where o ne river ends and the next begin will be the ‘marked' domain of a specific group of bears. Cross over from one part of land into another, via different channels that give access to land (small river cross-over's used by bears) and you're immediately in another bear's territory. The bears are very selective about who may cross over into their area. When one bear that does not ‘belong' to a group, crosses over it is a sure way for it to end up dead. Many male Grizzly's that are seeking desolate females will cross over from their ‘territory' into that of another group's so that it may connect with one of the females that have been cast from the groups. This often happens to the females that are considered ‘not worthy' of being in one particular Alpha bear's group. You see the larger males are often the most aggressive about their females. They will have a group of females living with them as part of their ever expanding ego. The females that are not suitable to any of these male bears are shunned away and forced to fend for themselves. Often when a female is shunned in this manner, they will live nearby and will graze just out of sight. This is due to the fact that even though the female is not considered worthy to be a part of the main group, she may still live within the male bear's terrain. So often you will find one or two female bears a mile or so away from the main group, with their own young. This is how the Grizzly population mostly survives.

If it were up to the Alpha Grisly bear of any particular area, only his offspring would survive. Due to the fact that many of the females that live outside the group are actually some of the most virile, you have offspring from these females being produced more often. The reason being due to the fact that often within one group of bears the Alpha male is barren by the time he has impregnated a few of the females, leaving the remaining, mostly smaller females untouched. Due to his pride however he won't allow any other male near these females.

However, the females living outside the group all become impregnated by passing males and therefore are always with young. This means in turn that the ecological ‘balance' is always maintained between those that keep themselves separate and those that remain in these groups.

Eventually the young females from the outcast mother will wonder off in search of a group. They become aroused by the scent of the nearest Alpha male and will attempt to be accepted into his group. Often this means however that the female mother that remains will no longer accept the cub back if they are not accepted by the Alpha male, meaning that yet again another bear is sent to live alone on the outskirts.

Now the males that are looking to have their own group will approach these females and mate. However the one problem that all these males have is the fact that the original Alpha male has dominion over the land on which this particular female lives. In order for them to have their own group they require to either find their own piece of land or to fight with the existing Alpha male for theirs.

So once this loner male has impregnated the female he now sits with an interesting dilemma. He cannot stay with her as eventually the Alpha male will find him and most probably, considering they are often the largest, kill him. So the loner male bear will then be forced to retrace his steps back to where he came from without the females. Usually the females remain there due to the fact that they remain as a part of the original ‘pack' agreement. Even though they aren't allowed near the group to which the Alpha male belong they are comforted by the fact that he is near, even though sometimes somewhat out of reach. The closest such a female is allowed near the group is about 100 feet, keeping her distance only because she fears being killed.

When the baby of an outsider male is born she has to retreat right out of rage for the Alpha male will kill the cub, if seen. She will take precaution once she's had a cub from an outsider male as obviously the Alpha male will always seek to destroy the genes from another male. Breeding season therefore became a very dangerous place for the bears as well as Timothy.

So there in amongst all this lived Timothy, he himself having to be extremely cautious of what occurs between all the separated groups. If he crosses from one area belonging to an Alpha male into another he must first wash his shoes, sometimes having to go to the extreme of changing al of his clothes and wash himself thoroughly in the river, as the smell of a ‘rival' bear's scent (left all over the area on the plants and grasses) will cause the Alpha male to attack Timothy.

Timothy lived in amongst these bears for over 10 years, risking his life and his sanity. Imagine knowing all day and all night that you might be mauled by a Grizzly bear if you drop your guard for one moment. Even though Timothy knew all the signs as well as which bears to stay away from, it was inevitable that he would have a run in with one of these animals eventually. He even admitted (on numerous occasions) that his luck might run out as he had been lucky for such a long time. So it was somewhat tragic yet inevitable that his luck did run out – if you would refer to the entire scenario of Timothy being able to survive for so long as being ‘luck'.

Timothy was watching this specific loner male for quite a while before the fatal event occurred. He admitted into the camera with which he was filming the documentary that this particular male was from outside the lowlands area, one that wandered in from the forest area with absolutely no respect for Timothy or the other bears. This particular male would risk a confrontation with another male in a heart beat even if it was just for the sake of confrontation.

His girlfriend had been rather apprehensive about staying amongst bears, yet her trust within Timothy's ability to stop the charge of one of these bears was what kept her there. He often was able to stop a male bear in mid charge and even more dangerous the female's with their cubs. Often when confronted with one of these combinations he would either stop in his tracks depending on whether the bear was timid yet afraid, giving it time to back off or he would charge the bear if it demanded that of him. Bears are rather complicated with regards to their inter-connected body language.

There exists within the body language a specific ‘code of conduct', as is seen with all animal species. One moment you're required to back off and the next you might need to actually charge a fully grown male. Definitely not for the faint hearted. If the Alpha male of an area confronts you, you might have to run screaming or he might allow you to stand still long enough for him to slowly walk away. Do one or the other at the wrong time, with the incorrect body language and you'll end up getting yourself turned into bear food.

Bears are known for eating meat, fish as well as hunting the young of others. If Timothy was able to live with these bears out in the wild for over 10 years then you must realise that he was exceptionally tuned into bear language, able to transform his behaviour with particular specific bears to ensure his survival.

Bears are extremely sensitive. Yet when I look at the moments that Timothy shared with me about his experiences with these bears I must admit they do have a keen desire for intimacy. He told me that once the Alpha bear mated with a female he becomes somewhat disinterested with the remaining females, thus they (the females) often walk off to go and play in the rivers or frolic around. This was often when Timothy had an opportunity to go up to these females who otherwise he would steer clear off as in the company of the male they might still be in season and quite temperamental. When these females are not chosen by the Alpha male they will then come out of season and walk away. If however Timothy was spotted playing with the females by the Alpha male there would most certainly be conflict. So off he would go following the bears while they run around and he would sit close by watching them play. He would allow them the opportunity to come to him as a sign of respect due to the fact that Timothy was all about respect. His greatest obstacle to overcome in his time spent with these creatures was watching other people not show these animals the same respect.

If tourists or animal watchers would come ashore he would almost go into a frenzy watching these people attempt to touch the bears. Once he tells me the bears became rather inquisitive of a large group of ‘animal enthusiasts' that had decided to come to this island to see all the bears. Once these tourists decided to have a picnic, and of course the ever hungry bears decided that they too might want to interact with the humans. They walked over cautiously, yet they were soon overcome by the smell of food. Bears are as they depict them in the comics quite gluttonous when it comes to tasty morsels. So when these tourists then took hold of the golden opportunity to start interacting with these bears Timothy nearly ran to them screaming about respect. He of course admits to me that within his desire to show the bears respect himself, he was overcompensating by making others do the same.

These ‘animal enthusiasts' didn't know all that Timothy knew about respecting bears so to Timothy it was quite offensive what these tourists were doing, in their attempt to interact. Today he is able to laugh at how seriously he took taking care of the bears. He admits that while he was living with the bears he was aware all the time that his profound love for them might one day get him killed or drive him insane. He was constantly on the look out for ‘intruders' to this island, as he put it. The bears lived on a remote island just off the Southern part of Alaska . To get there one has to either fly or go by boat. Often Timothy would ‘guard' the shore to watch for these so called ‘intruders'.

So basically that was to give you insight into what Timothy did with these bears and how often he would get utterly intensely involved in keeping them safe. It was his life's purpose to stay with and protect these Grizzly's often spending months secluded on this island with nobody for company…. but the animals. An island far away from life in the city or life as you might know. A life that was spent with only a camera for filming his documentaries and his animal companions. Once a year or so his female companion would fly out to stay with him and even then it would only be due to her affection for him. Not even an animal lover as herself could justify staying in this wild untamed part of nature where your constant vigilance was your only saviour .

Amongst wolves, bears and other scavenger type animals Timothy spent months at a time just watching the bears, understanding their ways, how they feed, what it was they understood. In his intensely emotional documentary he explains to us his emotions and he's very honest about what he experiences out there in amongst nature. Maybe insanity brings through the essence of honesty with self… He expresses himself when he's angry, sad, and distraught. Probably one of the most extensive looks into the character of a man who's only ‘desire' in life was to see these bears protected. He's clearly outraged in some of the scenes at the clear incompetencies that the government projects to him when he confronts them about the sanctitude of these animals. He'll tell you about the constant struggle that he has with the so called ‘authorities' that would rather be rid of Timothy than assist him in ensuring the safety of all the creatures.

When he confronts the authorities they shun him, saying that he's insane. What does one label somebody like Timothy who thought only of the safety of these animals? Such passion and directive principle to enhance their lives by keeping them safe, that one is almost overwhelmed by this passion. You understand that living amongst these animals was not always easy for him, and he often admitted to that. He admitted to the camera that often he thought about what were to happen if one of his bear companions was to turn on him. Would it be justified or would it be cruel. Do they understand that he's there solely to protect them or are they merely viewing him as an intruder? The camera used for Timothy to reflect himself unto himself. To me, Timothy did not go insane, but found the unconditional expression of self, through deep found intimacy and honesty with self. Maybe the cure for the world is if all human beings would dare face death, transcend the fear of death to be able to find within themselves the intimacy with self, the honesty with self and the openness of vulnerability.

We as the dimensions are proud that Timothy represented purity of thought as he shows all what is possible. He stood firmly in the directive principle that stands as who we are. He was there as the representation of that which has gone forgotten amongst the human race today. When last has any human seen what happens to animals and nature and never stopped until it is changed. Not so easy considering that we're all so busy lapping up the ‘enjoyment' of what it means to be human. To look at Timothy's story is to get insight into the selfless nature of a being that stands for something that brings all into oneness: Ourselves and the animal kingdom into equality and to not settle for anything less. Here goes my interview with Timothy:

Steve: Timothy, are you able to describe to us who you were as a representation of equality here on earth.

Timothy: Steve to put it rather bluntly I was an ‘in-your-face' representation for all man kind to come to grips with the passion that was behind all that I stood for. I was not going to allow these people who don't care enough for the sanctitude of all of the animals to walk freely without consequence. I was willing to scream and shout to show these people who ‘claim' to understand the plight of animals that they're rather lacking when it truly comes to standing for all. I was merely acting out the most intense desire to protect them (the Grizzlies') no matter what I had to do to achieve this.

Steve: I have often asked myself if I were to be confronted with (of course in a physical body) certain death, if I would be able to defend the life of another. I must admit it doesn't seem to be something most people would be willing to do yet you placed yourself in that kind of danger unconditionally. How do you now view what you did?

Timothy: I placed myself in amongst the animal kingdom so that I would be able to confront myself actually. It did not start out as the intention to serve and protect the lives of the innocent within the animal kingdom. I wanted to test myself, to see if I was able to overcome the dire situation that I was headed toward. By this of course I mention the fact that I was an alcoholic and drug addict before I left to live in the wild. When I reached out to the bears I had a clear indication all the time that my presence as their companion was in actuality my own standing for what I would do for myself. Pity though that during the documentary nobody got to see that part of me. They saw the dedication that I had for the Grizzly bears, yet nobody actually understood what it was all about. When I left my home within society to live amongst the Grizzly's I went there so that I could sacrifice myself to something which was even more chaotic than the drinking and drug abuse. When I made the wholehearted attempt such as it was to ‘save' the Grizzly's I wanted to actually save myself. The animals only later on became my life as well as my directive principle, not because they desired a human to protect them, rather because I wanted to do for them what is humanly possible when faced with such possibilities. I wanted to see where my own ‘spirit' sat; meaning who the hell was I when I was nothing else but a junkie?

So from there on, once the decision to stop with the alcohol and drugs set me on my new path, it became the direction that took me from there. I understand as with so many experiences that each being has in their existence in this world that my own experience was most definitely not unique, just well documented. I was turned into somewhat of a celebrity with regards to the work I was doing, due to how other people are astounded with such ‘bravery'. It was not who I had started out as, just realise that from this perspective you also are able to understand your true potential. When you see where it is you're going, yet you are unable to sacrifice yourself to set yourself free then remember that from my experience you are able to just push harder than you ever ‘thought' yourself capable of. Once one being sets themselves free from the chaos and becomes the living example of freedom then surely you are indeed free to do the same. Just because your direction h as never been clear to you does not mean that you must give up.

I went there to escape from myself, but instead found within me the living worth that exists within all. From living in my own little secluded hell in this world, oblivious to the world around me, I found sanctuary with the bears, where I had made peace with myself of the consequences I have allowed while living in society. What I experienced with the bears where I discovered my true nature within myself, was not able to be discovered or experienced in this world in society. Nature and animals, especially living with them for as long as I have – gives you the gift of yourself, gives you the opportunity to discover and experience your own individual nature within yourself. No other method in this world is able to cure/rectify the demons that exist within human beings in this world – only nature and the animal kingdom, but you also have to bring through your participation and diligent application in facing the demons within.

Steve: Tell me where your direction is now?

Timothy: here is an example of what I do on a ‘daily' basis in the dimensions. I work extensively with the dimensional beings in heaven to understand myself better and the choices that I made. Then when we are all done chatting about what our experiences were, we go about our business. Many beings in the dimensions are currently sorting themselves out as what stands between heaven and earth is merely the acceptance of ourselves as apart of this world and our placement of ourselves.

Heaven works extensively with the fact that we're currently placed here in 3D as the ‘spirit' part of what is to come. Each being in heaven represents the human factor dimensionally, therefore our focus is the direction of the dimensions to be able to assist all here as one. My ‘daily' focus here is the discovery/growth of self, if I am to use such a word, meaning who am I? I have found myself coming to the dimensions as a very confused, bewildered being, not willing to face myself to the core of my experiences. Now I ‘tackle' my own self awareness issues due to the standing of self that is required when the dimensions work here in 3D. When a being such as myself who came from a rather difficult background is to ‘work' here on earth, dimensionally as part of assistance to the animal kingdom one is brought to your own awareness of what you are capable of firstly even before you're given access to what goes on here. When the dimensions work here there are no issues or fears, just full awareness in each moment of who we really are and what it is we are currently busy assisting with, therefore I have a lot still to learn.

Steve: What are you planning as part of you assistance modality for the animal kingdom?

Timothy: I have one ideal for myself that includes the animals as well. Currently as I have mentioned I have come to the understanding of what happened to me in my life and how I died. I have had to make peace with the fact that I died never fully being aware of who I was. Yet, death is inevitable from the perspective that, if you're done here on earth, you have completed what is necessary to have been done here and you are now ready to further the discovery/growth of self which occur in the dimensions – it's time to go.

This is how I view death: Whether you have completed what is necessary to be done here for the purpose and reason of self within context to who you are, or you have fucked up and failed and are required to rather further your growth/discovery after death here on earth: All will inevitably die, birth and death is the only certain thing in this world so why do we fear it so much. We fear that which is certain yet we place immense trust in that which is forever changing and uncertain: Who we are and have become. It was my moment to go, I have done here on earth that was necessary to be done, no matter what my expression or application and now I continue to live here in the dimensions where I'm experiencing/ex­pressing a deeper level of understanding and awareness of my reason and purpose here on earth, which is wonderful and for which I am grateful for.

I was indeed always being truly myself yet I never quite got that. I am able to imagine that if I were to go back with the awareness that I have now of myself I would have ‘enjoyed' myself so much more during the entire experience of living amongst those bears. I am still passionate about Grizzly bears as well as the rest of the animal kingdom and I understand now how precious people are that stand for all of the animal kingdom. I would like to work extensively with the animals as well as bringing forth awareness to those on earth that have similar passions for animals as I had.

I have already done a lot of research into these kinds of people that are to step forth in the next couple of years, to teach and assist them. My directional abilities are so that I am able to now go forth into the world assisting those that are willing to stand for the animal kingdom – my direction is clear. I will carry on with the work that I did here in 3D to protect the animals. Firstly of course it was important for me to come to grips with myself, leaving behind the baggage that I carried. I was able to see how I had changed in my life, the influences and how I became Timothy Treadwell. Now the work begins.

Steve: When you say there are people out there who are to step forth as the directive principle for the Animal Kingdom, what are you actually referring to?

Timothy: I refer to those that in the next phase of earth's process will stand as who they are and assist the animals. Those that have specifically prepared themselves as I did to work with nature to bring forth equality for all. In the next 10 years there will be about 100 000 people who will be preparing the way for themselves with the assistance of their guides (all human beings have a dimensional being walking beside them). They will all be assisting themselves as part of the preparation by becoming aware of how animals have been separated from humans and how we are able to bring oneness into the hereness.

More and more people will now start realizing that we are actually equal to one another and that nobody will re-establish the balance or stability within this unless each and every one stands up. I would like to assist these beings who aren't aware that they are actually to assist nature so that they are able to fully realise themselves to be that which they are to become. Luckily for me I prepared the way for others who don't understand themselves by pushing past all limitations and standing up. I prepared the way for those who are not aware of what is to step forth in their lives as their purpose and who are unable to place themselves without forgetting what they are here to do.

It is so easy in this world to forget yourself or what you are here to assist with. So many either are consumed by their ‘issues' or they get themselves so ‘stoned' from drugs and alcohol that they are not fully aware of who they are. Myself together with all of the dimensions are here to assist each and every human who is currently experiencing this as themselves. We are to stand before each of you and show you your own worth, who you truly are and that the time to stand up has arrived!

Steve: Last one, just for interest sake. Tell me who you are?

Timothy: I am what I was, Timothy – together with awareness. It is just now that I have learned so much more about what I have to give to this world! I stand here as all, and I stand as who I have become. I saw myself from a dimensional perspective after I had passed (or at least some time later) and I saw that I was still alive. I saw myself as I was here on earth, a dedicated man to the Grizzlies. I saw peace within myself, from the time I had died to where I am now. I have seen what is to come in this world and I understand how I fit in. I fit in protecting the animals because many more are to die before we all stand up. I see who I have become because I had to die to be able to let go of consciousness.

You see unfortunately I was not as lucky and fortunate as to have the dimensions assist and direct me where I was. I was ‘alone' amongst the animal kingdom and I required of myself to see what was truly going on inside me so that my own true potential could step forth. Therefore I died so that heaven could show me who I had become, within that showing me to myself as who I am, what I am going to be doing and where all of you fit into the picture.

That bear decided to show me more than I had ever bargained on learning from the animal kingdom…. myself! This is mostly only possibly for us humans to realise and experience by dying, since we are so unaware of everything here on earth. Now I will see all of you here in 3D as you stand up within what has been allowed. I see myself as the God who will protect all of the animals that have no other way of voicing themselves. I am God, I see that, and I accept who I have become with open arms. All along I had no idea that those who will come to protect the animals and restore the balance won't be a God on a cloud, but us, this being, the being that I am!

The way before you is being prepared, so that you may stand up!

Steve Irwin and Timothy Treadwell