Steve Irwin - The Expression of nature

Transcribed by and through Andrea

Date : 05/11/2007

Today I would like to show you some examples of what expressions exist within the animal kingdom that have for a long time now supported and manifested in this unified consciousness field that we exist in. Nature and the animal kingdom has for many millions of years supported man, this being done through the directing of nature as one with what man has allowed himself to become.

Man has for many thousands of years failed to recognise what has manifested in this world. Man is directed and controlled by the pre-programmed mind and because of this does not recognise the fact that you have completely become your mind. The animal kingdom supports man in manifesting as that which man has never been willing to see – the mind. Humans are much too pre-occupied with themselves to even notice the animal kingdom. When each animal is seen to manifest one of man's allowances as the conscious mind it looks something like this. I will give you several examples of what human ‚characteristics‘ the animal kingdom has manifested. You will recognise them all.

1.Animals are aggressive towards each other because they have been pre-designed by Anu and co. to support mind consciousness systems. This applies to all forms of mind consciousness that the animals have manifested. Animals become aggressive with other animals and support in the enslavement of humans into ‚thinking‘ that aggression is natural – this being the original design. Remember how often people use the phrase: ‚well you see it all the time in nature‘? Realise that the design of ‚nature‘ is not who each human and animal is. It is yet again another form of mind consciousness support – how people rely on and look at what ‚God created‘ as a means to validate their own belief about what is ‘natural’ in this world. Aggression as seen in humans does not come from wanting to ‘protect their young’ or become stronger. Aggression in humans is the mind consciousness system that infused into the ‘world’ – gives each mind the excuse that once aggression is allowed in nature and our parents then we too are entitled to it. Then as we grow up we find reason to become aggressive – be it for our children or because we are the strongest of the ‘pack’. Nature has therefore manifested within this idea of supporting aggression and competitiveness in man. Now nature uses aggression to tip the scales – pushing you with what you have allowed, showing you that what you see and experience is truly just the mind. So, whether you Chihuahua bites your child or whether you consider it dangerous climbing out of your car in the game park – surely these examples of possible animal aggression gives you insight into how the unified consciousness field manifest our thoughts, feelings and emotions. Here are more examples of how nature manifests these thoughts, feelings and emotions within human ‘nature’;

2.Let us use an example of animal common sense: When animals become sickly do you see them putting the animal on life support or feed it tablets to prolong the suffering? No, yet somehow man has concluded that like in nature man must fight to survive and show ‘God’ how much we appreciate this ‘natural’ strength by allowing ourselves to confuse emotional attachments to strength. We don’t utilize the common sense of the animal kingdom but rather look at how we are able to protect and fight for what is ‘ours’.

3.In nature ‘strength’ is also seen as male versus male, therefore in human society the males are seen as ‘stronger’ just because they have a stronger physique . In nature the females carry the young and the males ‘protect’. Humans have interpreted this method as the female must shut up and be a mother and the males go about their business dominating the world. Funny how one manifestation within nature is interpreted by the human mind and how we fully live that interpretation.

4.Animals live in groups, colonies, packs. Humans notice that in order for your pack to be the strongest and survive in times of hardship – you must all stick together and never disobey what the leader says or else you will get booted out. This in itself is the validation and reason as to why man believes in sticking together. Remember that all of these thoughts are already pre-existing within each human’s unconscious and subconscious mind. When however humans see animals acting out these very ‘characteristics’ as a part of their nature, all that happens is that the pre-designed belief is supported through ‘seeing’ what happens within nature. Pictures connected to what already exists within human minds, this being connected to thoughts that direct you.

5.Procreation, eating, survival and shelter. Procreation: the ability to produce as much ‘offspring’ as possible. Animals are infused with the constant desire to procreate, this together with the other ‘basic’ needs of the animal (survival, food, shelter) serves as the foundation and platform upon which the human consciousness is based. Humans ‘live’ to procreate (supporting the sex system which directs and supports mind consciousness), eating (the idea behind the necessity to eat is based on the fear of death – therefore all humans consume much more than the average body requires), survival (this is based on the idea behind surviving and why human do what they do to survive in this world – to keep what is theirs), shelter (the idea that you require ‘creature’ comforts to enjoy yourself. All of these lock the being into the money system. This is due to humanity as in this example realizing that there is no more to this current experience of ourselves and what we what we have allowed ourselves to become (yes each person has actually already realized this!), therefore turning to ‘comfort’ and entertainment as a means of supporting self. So, if in nature animals are the manifestation of survival based on procreation, food, survival and shelter then what do you think man uses the reasoning as to why you should act this way: ‘just look at nature – it is created in God’s image – purity’. Oops so people have decided that purity is connected to sex, food, survival and seeking shelter. In this world all humans ‘consider’ these 4 points as absolute necessity to become a ‘better person’. Strange how in our quest to understand ourselves in relation to ‘God’s purest creation (nature) we have created this world. The mind’s attempts to understand itself within what is ‘God’s’ purest most natural design. So humans as their mind procreate, eat, survive and build shelter in the most extreme ways and in the most elaborate ways.

6.Animals don’t ‘care’ about what is not within their ‘nature’. Animals are seen as the most systematic and show little emotional response when they are about to die or witness another animal dying. Humans have turned a blind eye to what is happening in this world because as in nature ‘it just happens’. We hear about rape and murder and we have decided within ourselves that even though ‘tragic’ – these events never quite deem it necessary enough for us to do whatever it takes to state: ‘till here and no further’.

7.Animals are supposedly ‘loyal’ and easily trained. We see animals as less than and easily changed or manipulated to fit our needs. In society we treat each other the same way. We condemn, eliminate and control those seen as weaker and there to serve the rest of humanity (the elite).

8.Animals don’t care what happens to them and this world (apparently), they just accept. Has anyone ever actually spoken to the bird stuck in the cage? So apparently if nature ‘allows’ this then we should too because ‘God’ created us to be powerful and take over the world for our own needs. Nobody stops to ask the question: Do animals just remain quiet because they are showing you your own choice? Animals are now standing up and showing you that you have never bothered asking the animal kingdom – they do not enjoy how you dominating, disregarding and destroying them.

9.Animals fight amongst themselves for no reason than ‘they just don’t like each other’. Therefore if your dog growls at the cat it is because they just don’t like each other. Now ask yourself how this manifestation shows you your own reasoning for allowing this world to exist. 10.Animals are brutal. ‘Look at how that mother dog disciplines her pup, you see in nature you have to show the child discipline or else it will not survive’. Therefore humans validate ‘getting eaten by another animal’ – the cause for discipline in the world – preparing our children to never ‘get attacked and killed out there in the jungle’.

11.Animals apparently fear things from water to thunderstorms to everything that walks and talks. Why? Because humans exist in fear and humans validate the reason for this by stating that: ‘animals fear things because they are dumb therefore being part dumb I will also fear everything because hey; I don’t know what is going to jump out and bite me! 12.Animals respond well to being dominated (apparently). If you whip that horse enough times it will surely listen……eventually. Humans have taken to this same methodology, enjoying the fact that their place in society is dependent on who beats who to the top.

These are some of the examples of what human behaviors and constructs the animal kingdom have taken on and been living with since they were infused within their own mind consciousness systems. Realize that when your ‘pet’ shows signs of aggression, depression, loneliness, vulnerability, irritation….it is all just the same as what goes on your mind. The animal kingdom supports man but it is up to us to stop the mind and the ‘creation’ of such behaviors. Only then will the animal kingdom release itself from this specific application.

Thus – the animal kingdom reflect you as what you have accepted and allowed yourself to become.

The best way to support and assist yourself and the animal kingdom, as you, is to do forgiveness on that which you notice exist both within you and the animal that is of mind consciousness. This way you will also become aware of what we have taken for granted with regards to nature and the animal kingdom. Place yourself as the animal and see what it is that they are showing you. Realize that equal and one all of existence is supporting and manifesting of that which we allow to exist within ourselves. Therefore look around you at ‘nature’ and notice yourself and understand what it reveals and what it means to be one and equal to all of existence.

Steve Irwin