Sunette/Dimensions - Meditation Discussion

By: Sunette/Dimensions
07 March 2010



YT Comment:
The purpose of meditation is non attachment to thoughts and the mind consciousness system and being one wtih all that is without the need to depend upon other dimensional beings. If anything feeds the mind consciousness system it would be distraction by personalities and focus on physical. The purpose of focus on breath is to release from attachment to impermanent physicality. Control is NOT the objective of meditation (medium/neutrality) it is about release from 3rd dimensional existence.


Non-attachment to Thoughts and the Mind Consciousness System, is not a solution to stopping/changing who a being is within the very fabric/substance of what they’re living within and as the Physical. Because the being IS the Thoughts, IS the Mind Consciousness System that is being lived in and as the Physical. Thoughts are the manifested holographic projection of the manifested Resonance that is Lived in the Physical AS THE BEING Thoughts reflect YOU, as what you are and accept and allow yourself to Live in and as the Physical.
Thus attempting/trying Non-Attachments from Thoughts and the Mind-Consciousness System is attempting/trying Non-Attachment from-Yourself, and that which you’re physically living and manifested yourself to be = which is Impossible.

Thoughts and the Mind Consciousness System, isn’t something that you’re just attached to like a string that can be detached, and then you’re miraculously self-enlightened, free, self-aware, self-realised etc. lol FAR FROM IT. If this was so easy, man would we be existing in a different world by now, as we would’ve gladly detached everyone’s strings to Thoughts and the Mind Consciousness System so that they can self-realise. Unfortunately this is not the REALITY of the problem were facing.

The Reality of the Problem were facing is that you’ve constructed and programmed yourself AS the Mind Consciousness System, IN the Physical with Thoughts as your guideline to ensure you remain existent as what you’ve created yourself to be as this Mind Consciousness System that you’re living in and as the Physical.
You’ve LIVED YOURSELF INTO EXISTENCE as who and what you are in and as the Physical as that which you speak, think and do in every Moment, since BIRTH.

Thus to actually stop and change who you are and what you live is done in Moments of Participation, within this physical reality. Wherein you stand-up and change you in the very Moment of participation when you see that you’re accepting and allowing yourself to participate in self-dishonesty / -deception = you stop-yourself, and change yourself immediately in the Moment, through self-will and self-directive principle to speak and express self-honestly.
This is how actual self-change in and as the physical in Moments of Participation in Reality, and as you start walking-this constantly and consistently = actual self-realisation emerge, with which you can stand by and as eternally. In this process self forgiveness assist and support, for you to be able to see what you’re doing, so that you’re able to within the seeing what you’re doing, through and within self-forgiveness = stop what you’re doing in Moments of Participation in this Reality, within-Yourself.
It’s about stopping/changing who you are and what you live from a Mind Consciousness System Reality, to amalgamation with and as the Physical.

See the POINT that’s being MISSED, is that we’re not going to change who we are, which is manifested within what and how we think, what and how we speak and what and how we live, physically within our direct-participation in-Reality, through only changing our inner-Realities. We have to apply/live what we change within so that who we are within, is equal and one with and as who we are without.

You’ll find, that you can stop Thoughts, detach from Thoughts as much as you want, it won’t change who you are in physical-reality, within your direct-participation with your environment and people = you’ll still have the same reactions, the same Thoughts, the same actions towards your environment and people = because you’re not changing yourself in Moments when it matters, when/while you’re participating in reality.
You’ve only changed/shifted your perception of yourself within your Mind = but how you live and what you live = still remain the same.
This is not actual, real physical-change = but perceptual change, wherein you simply shift from one idea of yourself to another idea of yourself within the many dimensions of the Mind, shifting between varying mind-dimensions.
BUT if you clearly investigate yourself in Moment of direct-participation in-Reality your thoughts, words and deeds = you’ll SEE YOURSELF and realise YOU, yourself haven’t changed, you’re still existing within and participating within the exact same habits and behaviours.

The Physical is what is Real it is within and as the Physical, through the Mind that we create and manifest who we are through what we live in and as the Physical, within and through the Mind. Thus, we suggest to start investigating how one is living through the Mind in the Physical, to Stop and become the self-directive principle that live in and as the Physical, instead of through the Mind that create for-you = which manifest consequence, you become the starting-point that stand in and as and with the physical, within the principle of equality and oneness.

This is quite a process, not something that will be solved by/through a Miracle such as mere detachment from what you’ve become, are and live, but a physical practical walking moment by moment, breath by breath as you stop and change you within actual living participation, which self-forgiveness assist and support with.

YouTube Comment:
Meditation is from the word medium neutrality. It is about releasing from 3rd dimensional physicality illusion, thoughts and mind consciousness system. My practical experience. Interacting with entities and focus on impermanent physicality feeds the mind system NOT meditation. Meditation is about non attachment not control of anything/mastering one's own mind/self/ego. To communicate from outside of 3rd Dimension as non physical & claim that physical is all that is real is a contradiction.

Thus – how Meditation plays an active part within and as the Mind, (within the context of what’s been written within Parts One to Thirteen of A), is that – Meditation literally takes you ‘Into Mind-Dimensions’, wherein you literally experience yourself in and as a ‘Mind-Space’, becoming the very manifestation of and as separation from/of that which is real: The Physical.

To Meditate – one access a certain specific ‘experience’ or eventually ‘attain’ a certain specific ‘experience’ = this ‘experience’ consist-of/exist-as Mind-Energy.
Thus – within and during Meditation, one only enter a Mind-Space for a Moment, within-which one have a particular Energetic ‘experience – in which one remain for only a moment.
Because all your focus and attention goes to the application of ‘Meditation’, wherein – because you’re focusing on-it / paying attention to-it = you’re manifesting it as a physical-experience = that isn’t Real, because it consist of and exist as Energy. Energy that you only experience for the Moment you focus on-it / pay attention to-it.
Then, once you’re done, it’s gone and you go back to who and how you were before the momentary Meditation ‘experience’. Nothing of you as who you are in fact change = which you will see in your thoughts, reactions and behaviours within yourself = it still remain the same.
But – you’ll try and suppress it within-yourself, the fact that ‘who you are’ is not changing, through making yourself believe that you’re different, based on the energetic experiences you’re having of Mind within and during Mediation, within your secluded Mind-Space.
Then – you start defining yourself according to the energetic experiences you’re having, creating/manifesting an alternate new Mind-Personality of yourself within-yourself, and so = through Meditation, simply create a new Personality of Mind, which come with its different energetic-experience = and there you’ve created a ‘new you’ in your Own Mind.

But – if you slow yourself down in Breath, during participation in-Reality – you’ll notice you, the actual you, as what you live in moments of participation with people and your environment = is still unchanged.
The exact same ‘secret thoughts and conversations’ still go on in your Head where you have conversations with yourself towards your reality, while without = you’re projecting a false image of ‘you’ to other people as a ‘changed person’ = but within, the devil that is you still run amok. You can make yourself believe as much as you want that you’ve changed, that the actual you that you see in participation in reality has changed = but belief won’t make that fact.
Thus – through and within Meditation, which is a System-Manifestation you ‘become’, through entering a Mind-Space, to which you define-yourself within Energy. And within the definition within Energy = manifest a Personality, and your experience of that Personality you created for-yourself through Meditation within the Mind.
The More you meditate – the more you solidify and validate that Meditation Mind-Personality, and the more you manifest you, physically as-That Personality, which you more and more feed within and through Meditation.
Meditation that has become your primary ‘energetic feeding ground’ to ‘keep your Personality alive’. Because within and during Meditation – you access the Mind-Space, the manifested energy in which you ‘swim’ as you have your particular specific energetic-experience, and within remaining in that space of the Mind, within that energy that you experience = you feed your Mind-Persona.
In continuing doing-this, your Mind-Personality becomes automatic, takes-over in the form of Possession – wherein you don’t any-more see what you’re doing, because you’re lost within the becoming of you as a Mind-Personality.
Even to the Point that, you deliberately don’t see what you’re living in actual physical-reality, don’t notice how your thoughts, reactions hasn’t changed at-all = because you’re possessed by the Mind, lost in the Mind = separate from the Physical. Wherein – all that you’re aware of and experience is yourself and your energy that you’ve made yourself believe you are = not seeing the actual you, as/while and when you participate in reality with people.
Deliberately suppressing the thoughts and reactions that come-up that reflect the real, actual you that you’re living = but you simply brush away the thoughts and reactions that come-up, hiding them behind this Personality you’ve created through Meditation within your Mind.

Thus – within/during Meditation – you become your own Demon, feeding on yourself, the energy that Meditation manifest – to keep your Mind-Personality alive, projecting yourself as this light-being, an angelic presence = when the devil that is you, the truth of you – still lurks within as your secret Mind, thinking thoughts and having reactions towards people that’s the total opposite of what you’re projecting as being this apparent ‘light being’, ‘self-realised’ and ‘aware’ = LOL, when you’re far from it.

The real you is not going to go away - you can try and sweep away and suppress those thoughts and reactions you have as much as you want, you’re only feeding it even more through trying to suppress them, in which they compound even more, and you’re feeding your Mind even more – through/within Meditation, becoming completely possessed by a Personality = which is what has been happening now, lost in the dimension of Mind, separate from the Physical that is real here.

YouTube Comment:
Your perspective=your thoughts and how you put those thoughts together=mind. You are participating in the mind consciousness system as well. Meditation is NEUTRALITY. NON DUALITY realization. NON ATTACHMENT implies WHOLENESS. To imply Bliss/nuetrality "while the world is burning" is wrong or self deluding is judgment. One's ability to cope with what can't be changed is not self delusion, it is mastering self. Actions are actions in the material world. What thoughts will you use to shape it?

So – yes, you’re succeeding within remaining NEUTRAL within the MIND, because you’re balancing yourself within/between the One Polarity of suppressing the actual you that is coming-up in your secret mind of thoughts and conversations you have with yourself, and the energetic-reactions you so vehemently experience with that temper that rears its head so often within frustration and anger.

And balancing yourself within the Other Polarity of trying-to/attempting to maintain your Mind-Personality that you’ve created/constructed through the means of Meditation, which you feed with energy through Meditation, like a drug-addict getting their ‘fix’ / ‘experience’ – you get your ‘fix’ / ‘experience’ of Mind-Energy during/within Meditation that validate your Meditation-Personality.

So – within fighting to keep one part of you suppressed and fighting to keep the other part going, you’re in between those two Polarities you’ve separated yourself into, within the Mind = trying-to upkeep apparent ‘neutrality’.

See, neutrality can only exist in the Mind as the Mind exist within Polarity. For neutrality to exist, you must balance two opposites = which you’re currently doing, or trying to do in your own Mind – wherein you’ve split-yourself into two-Beings. And within that ‘fight for neutrality’ within balancing out the two you’s as the polarity-opposites you currently exist-as, Meditation is your momentary point of neutrality / balancing of the two Poles in/as which you exist, because – during meditation, you suppress the one you even more, and feed the other you even more, which only happen during the moment of Meditation.

In Meditation where the two polarities that is you, unify, and you balance them out for a moment, through suppressing the one and feeding the other.
I suggest coming back to reality and start seeing/realising what you’re doing = you’re making your experience of yourself quite complex within the Mind, through splitting yourself into two ‘you’s’, trying to maintain and suppress yourself simultaneously through energy simultaneously through energy within Meditation. Stop, slow yourself down in Breathe – observe your thoughts and reactions in moments of participation in reality/facing people = and you’ll see:
YOU haven’t actually changed at all, you’ve only made yourself believe that you have. Being HERE in and as BREATH – stopping Thought-Participation, living-practically in self-honesty in every Moment within the principle of equality and oneness that is assisted and supported by/through Self-Forgiveness – is standing-up and taking self-responsibility in every walking moment of living in this world. It’s not somewhere you go / something you do = it is who you are and how you live/participate. That does not exist within polarity/neutrality = but seeing what we’re doing and have become, and stopping, as/while we walk practically in this world/reality – in every moment of breath. Meditation is an attempt at the easy way out of facing ourselves and consequence. Actually taking self-responsibility and facing-self – to InFact stop and change, in actual reality = is done in every moment of breath, as we walk/participate in this reality that is-Us.