Sunette/Dimensions - Time and Awareness Discussion


By: Sunette/Dimensions

08 March 2010



YT Comment
Time is NOT in your body.Dimensions are perceived by conscious beings. A dog has no perception of future events. Bees do and prepare for the future 4th D awareness. They can give complex directions because they have awareness of time and distance (dimensions). The dimensions are not in their bodies or our bodies. Physical beings/ objects occupy 3rd dimensional space. Awareness of occupying that space and being part of a whole is a 6th dimensional awareness.

Time is the Physical itself, measured within and as Breath – as each In-Breath and Out-Breath and that Moment in-between the In-Breath and Out-Breath = manifest a Moment. And as you walk Moment by Moment – standing in-between the In-Breath and Out-Breath as the Moment within-which you determine/decide ‘who you are’ In the Moment and what you’re going to Live as that Moment = manifest a ‘Sequence of Events’.

As each Thought, Action and Word Spoken within that Moment in-between the In-Breath and the Out-Breath Manifest Consequence, outflows of events from the Source that is you in all that you are and live in that Moment in Thought, Word and Deed – that take-place in Sequences.
This is what and how actual Time is and exist as within the Physical – Living Here in the Moment, from Moment to Moment. However – the ‘problem’ Humanity face, is not realising, seeing or understanding This Point – This Moment, in-between the In-Breath and Out-Breath within-which they decide/determine ‘who they are and what they live’ in and as that Moment – is currently creating their Reality and Experiences, and manifesting Consequence as outflows of Events that take-place in their World. Because they’re existing within That Moment, within the In-Breath and the Out-Breath as the Mind - Lost within the NOW of Consciousness within Past, Present and Future Time-Lines as the Network upon/within-which the Mind-Programming Calibrate its existence, so that the being remain trapped in Cycles of creating their Future from their Past within their Present-existence as the Conscious-Mind. The ‘various Dimensions’ you speak-of, is but an ‘hierarchical Mind-System’ based on the System of ‘Ascension’, wherein your Dimensional-Existence apparently determine your so-called Importance or Status, that beings are so desperately attempting-to / trying-to ‘Attain’. Such ‘Dimensions’ only exist within the Mind, the System.

It’s a System designed to Trap and Enslave beings into Mind-Dimensional Realities separating them further from that which is Real as the Physical, the Physical which exist-as the actual answer to who you are, as their Eyes are fixated on the Light and Ascension, they’re blinded from Themselves that is right here, in the Physical. Stop the Dementia within the Hierarchical Dimensions of Time and Space as existent within the Mind, and SEE what is HERE in and as the PHYSICAL, all that is Real is ‘who you are and what you live’ in that Moment in-between the In-Breath and the Out-Breath = as this is the Moment that determine you, that create your reality.

Thus – we suggest, to stop defining yourself as a System, the Mind, lost within dementia of the dimensions such as 4thD and 6thD and so-on, stick to Breath Here, become self-directive and self-aware Here in the Moment, so that – you become the directive-principle of you within your reality, so that we can all stand together as that Moment within and as the principle of equality and oneness, living actual equality and oneness here in and as the physical, wherein who we are and what we live in and as that moment, is done within the standing and consideration of what’s best for all, equal and one.

And in this manifest and create a reality within-which all are equal as one. Instead-of abdicating our responsibility for what we create and manifest in that Moment in-between the In-Breath and the Out-Breath to the Mind, wherein we blame events/situations that Manifest within our world/reality on everything and everyone-else, instead of realising that = we’ve created our life-experience, as the events and situations we face as manifested-consequence through and as the Mind within the Cycles of past, present and future as the Now of Consciousness.

Thus – to stop manifested-consequence, to stop creating consequence that compromise ourselves and existence as-ourselves, we slow-down – stand here in and as Breath, take responsibility for our actions and words within living self-honestly, and facing that which we’ve done and become, and start living within the principle of equality and oneness in and as that Moment – to stop the cycles of consequence.

Such ‘awareness’ exist, yet again = within the Dimensions of Mind. The being is not yet SELF-Aware, SELF-Awareness in relation to the Actual Self, that Self which stand and live and is Equal and One with and as all that exist In-Fact and is HERE as-That, which can also be referred to as LIFE-Awareness.

What you’re referring to within the your Post is one facet of ‘Mind-Awareness’, wherein the being become ‘more conscious’ of the various dimensional hierarchical mind-structures, which is manifested and existent within multiple dimensional layers within the Mind-itself, that manifest the hierarchical mind-platform, wherein the being ‘ascend through dimensional layers’ in their own Mind, thinking/believing that they’re becoming ‘more aware’ = when/while, all they’re participating within / trapped within – is the Mind-Itself.
Just going deeper and further into the manifested structure of the Mind, losing themselves even more as they live to attain something that’s THERE, far into the Limitations of their Mind – sending themselves into the Ultimate Trap: believing that their ‘self-aware’ through ‘attaining’ the ‘reward’ at the end of their road as enlightenment. The Moment they reach enlightenment after they’ve travelled far into their own Mind, within the various hierarchical dimensional layers in which the mind is constructed, they reach a ‘containment’ within the top-most mind-dimensional layer, wherein ‘pure white energy’ exist, which they access and then experience and then believe they are ‘superior beings of light’.

This same Mind-Hierarchical Dimensional Layered Structure existed in Heaven, that enslaved beings into attainment, through ascension and achieving apparent enlightenment and status of superiority/power.
This exist no-more = there are no more multiple dimensional layers within Heaven, in-fact = there is no Heaven – the Beings that die return here into the Physical to walk their Process in Facing Consequence. Some re-incarnate others amalgamate with and as the Physical. Human Beings can’t see them, hear them or speak with them = because Human Beings are NOT IN THE PHYSICAL, they’re lost within their Mind-Dimensional Realities within the Mind Consciousness System, stuck in Cycles within the Now of Consciousness.

The Only Hierarchical Structure of Multiple Dimensional Layers now only exist within each Human Beings Mind, within and as their own Mind. Thus – whatever dimensional-layered realities you experience/participate within = exist within your own Mind, and is simply an indication that you’re not Here in and as the Physical.

To be Here in and as the Physical, is to walk as Breath, be Breath – to Stop the Mind and amalgamate with and as the Physical, through walking self-honesty, self-forgiveness, writing and self-corrective action.
Which is a process to be walked, not something to be attained/achieved – but Lived In Fact, Here.