Sunette - HERE

Written by Sunette

Date : 11/03/2009

How can I be Here and There, which is Here?

I will explain this within an experience I’ve had within the dimensional existence:

I left my body to enter the dimensional-existence to ask the White-Light some questions, as we decided to go directly to the ‘source’ of existence, so to speak – for clarification with regards to the nature of existence.

Chief was in my body – sitting next to Bernard, having a coffee and cigarette with him.

I stood before the White-Light within the dimensional-existence, the White-Light which we then, at that stage, thought to be ‘God’. The White-Light – which was manifested as a Great White Wall that stretched infinitely.

As I stood before it – about to ask some questions with regards to what the Hell was going on within the Dimensional existence with regards to how it was accepted and allowed to exist, as well as with regards to Earth – why Heaven’s status was no different to that of Earth’s – when suddenly – I saw Bernard standing before me as the White Light for a slight moment. Then only blackness, from which ‘Masters’ sitting on a Podium of Red and Purple structure emerged.

What I did not know, was that as I was approaching the White-Light within the dimensional-existence; is that, that same moment – Bernard decided to ‘bring the White-Light’ into him, as him, to find out – what the White-Light really actually is, through standing equal and one as it, bringing it into him and as him. Because he realised that the White-Light was still a separate-manifestation – and within this, realised – why ‘go there’ to ask it a question – simply bring it here as himself and ask directly as himself.

So in standing before the White-Light, about to ask the question – that was the moment Bernard in the Physical, with Chief in my body sitting next him – stood as the White-Light in and as himself – wherein within the act, in that moment of doing so, standing as the White-Light = I saw him in the dimensions as the White-Light before me.

All of this – happened suddenly, and quite unexpectedly, because here I was – expecting to speak to ‘God’, the ‘White-Light’ for some clarification with regards to the nature of existence – when the truth of the White-Light, of ‘God’ revealed as being but ‘Masters’ – dimensional beings – orchestrating the entire operation as the White-Light, which was only a Programmed-design.

How/why the ‘White-Light’-design ‘disappeared’ – in that moment when Bernard took it into him, standing equal and one as it – was because the White-Light-design was ‘energy-based’, and thus not equal and one as sound as what Bernard stood as, as Sound, equal and one. Thus, the ‘White-Light’s’ ‘truth’ revealed – because ‘energy’ is not Sound equal and one – and thus, it simply no more exist, because the ‘energy’ itself transform into Sound = and thus = disappear. Because Sound is that which Stand Here – and energy cannot stand in/as that which is Here, because energy is a ‘movement created through friction’ as separation. Through this = the ‘truth’ of the White-Light revealed as it being but a programmed-design of energy and not an actual manifestation of equality and oneness as Life as Sound.

So, to give perspective of how Bernard was able to stand before me as the White Light within the dimensional-existence, while actually being here in the physical:

Within Bernard, for example – in the Physical – in that moment, applying the physical-act of standing equal and one as the White-Light, the White-Light manifested in and as the dimensional-existence – this act of doing so – is done Here. Within the realisation that ‘everything and everywhere is Here’. Meaning that – within and as each one – all of existence as what we perceive to exist ‘out there’ as what we see with our human physical-eyes – exist Here as ourselves also, equal and one.

So – with the White-Light, manifested ‘there’ within the dimensional-existence – which exists Here within and as Bernard, for example – thus, the White-Light being manifested ‘there’ as here – this is why – I could see Bernard standing as the White-Light within the dimensional-existence, the exact same moment he stood as the White-Light equal and one in the Physical. So, the equal and one act of standing as the White-Light in the Physical – could be directly seen and experienced within the dimensional-existence as I stood before the actual-manifestation of the White-Light.

The same with, for example – me being able to communicate with the dimensional-beings. Because the dimensional-existence is here in and as me – Lilly, for example – may be in and as a Human-Being in Italy or Rome. Here in and as me – I communicate with her directly – I don’t have to ‘go out of my body to Italy/Rome to where she is to communicate with her – she’s here in and as me – as I am here in and as her.

Thus – we’re always actually only Here: No matter ‘where’ I am = I am Here. Yes – you may be situated within a certain position within this physical-manifest existence, though realise – that within that position, that allocation, the ‘where you are’: Is Here – because you’re Here. And within and as you that is Here – exist all and everything and everyone as existence. Thus is the reason why, for example – Bernard is here in the physical, standing as the White-Light that is Here as him – and I could see him standing as the White-Light within the dimensional-existence = Because he in that moment – stood as the White-Light as Here – which manifested as him in the physical, and in the dimensional-existence in the same moment.

Thus – ‘I am Here, as ‘there’ – which is Here’. A practical example:
I am Here as the White-Light in the physical, which is manifested ‘there’ in the dimensional-existence – but because it’s Here as me equal and one – I am ‘there’ as Here as the White-Light within the dimensional-existence.

Another example – is me being able to communicate with Bernard, while I’m in the dimensional-existence – he standing before me in the dimensional-existence, while he’s communicating with another being in my body in the Physical.
For example: I’d be communicating with him in the dimensional-existence, he being there with me – though not through ‘leaving his body’, but through the Principle of Here: Everywhere is Here, I am Here, thus – I am everywhere as Here. So – he’d for example speak to me in the dimensional-existence, while having an entirely different conversation with the being in my body, while I’m in the dimensional-existence. And then, when I’d return to my body – sitting/standing before him in the physical directly = he’d speak the exact same words as what he spoke to me within the dimensional-existence. So – he’s Here – equal and one – in the physical as the dimensional-existence. Because in being Here – in actuality, in fact – standing equal and one as Here, wherein everything and everywhere is Here as you – you’re Here as existence and can thus, for example – be Here with me in the dimensional-existence, speaking specific words, while being here in the physical = and speak the exact same words.