Sunette - Interview with Me

Written by Sunette

Date : 11/03/2009

When I left my body the first time -- I did not know what to expect. It was new and a novelty in a way -- imagine being able to actually transport around the world or to another planet in actuality, not ‘projection’ – in fact.
And in heaven was many heavens --and many beings --so I met many beings --Angels , Gods and also the demons. I had no fear as I trusted self forgiveness and breath here and that my support on earth will bring me back.

When I met Anu -- he was strange – like, reptilian looking. At that stage - I have never met a reptilian before or even known that such things existed. So also with regards a ‘dimensional-existence with dimensional beings’ as I was brought up in a Christian home and besides demons initially during the forgiveness process -- did not have a clue what would be found. My first ‘introductory-experience’ to the dimensional-existence was communication with demons – other than them = I had no prior knowledge whatsoever with regards to the dimensional-existence.

Initially we worked with many beings in heaven -- and especially Jesus, Osho, Hitler and Anu.
Now in heaven each being exist as sound --and the primary form is egg-shaped. There is no sound in communication as in ‘speech’ --all is direct –immediate, instantaneous. There is no here and there -- in heaven all is here as sound - as completeness.

Jesus and Hitler and I and some other beings cleared the demon dimension - using self forgiveness -- assisting each being to give up their limitations based in energetic cocoons of self delusion.
Before we cleared the entire demon-dimension – we assisted and supported demons individually – through literally taking them into and as ourselves, merging with them equal and one and showing them as ourselves – who they really are. Through this the demons self-realised within an immediate act of self-forgiveness, done through giving up their believed self-definition of limitation based in energy.

Then I met with some of the Gods of heaven. Each heaven had a god or goddess -- at that stage I did not yet know how the hierarchy in heaven worked, let alone how heaven worked in its entirety.
Some were real pompous assholes and asked me what I was doing there as I was supposed to be on earth in a body. They could ‘detect’ me as I didn’t consist of the same energetic-composition as the rest of the dimensional-beings, I was more ‘stably-manifested’. I said: “No - I am here with you, exploring the dimensional-existence and another being is in my body talking to the people on earth.”
At this stage heaven was constructed in many frequency layers --each layer dividing a different frequency -- not of sound --but refractions of sound which you know as energy --thus an incomplete form of sound --I learned this only later. This manifesting the various dimensional-planes – forming the foundation-framework that separated the entire dimensional-existence – dividing all that exist.

One of the goddesses turned me into a vase on a table (yes all looked just like on earth -- like a picture reality at first, no different to how you see in this world, only not with so much substance, more like a ‘projected-picture’, a holographic picture-projection). I remembered what Bernard said to me about becoming what I accept and thus said no -- I will not accept this, I will not accept or allow myself to remain within the belief that I am now a vase and immediately I was free
I had many experiences where beings and masters in heaven tried to stop my questionings and explorations in heaven, later we found the reason to be that the hierarchy of heaven didn’t want humans to know/find out the actual nature of heaven -- some even took me hostage and no one could find me-- I just kept breathing. Not as you understand breathing -- breathing like keeping pace with here, being the actual living expression of stability and trust = and knew I will be ok. Bernard knew what to do and pulled me back into my body (he won't tell though how – lol). He used the same application to trap the devil into physicality -- which is another story wherein we communicated with the devil, assisting and supporting him with self forgiveness

At this stage Anu got all of heaven to do self forgiveness, wherein all in heaven applied self forgiveness together, for themselves -- but it was not done as self, self honestly -- thus not through self realization and a form of hypnosis developed --this is another story.

The main change came when I went to ‘God’ to ask some questions --yes --there was a god in heaven called the White Light. It was like a wall of light that stretched into infinity, massive – almost ‘daunting’. I went there to ask what is going on and what must we do now that we have cleared the demon dimension --we thought we were doing what god wants us to do as he was not stopping us and made no attempt to communicate – so we went there: If God as the White Light is not speaking to us – we’ll go to it directly and communicate directly…

Then something unexpected happened. As I was in front of the White Light asking questions --remember now this is now like 3 months that I spent almost all day out of my body while other beings went in and out my body talking to Bernard, three months since having the ability to leave my body --

anyway -- suddenly Bernard was there with me --but he went passed me into the white light and I saw him standing before me as the White Light…then Poof! -- no more white light, and no more heavens and no more angels etc. – meaning the entire ‘framework’ of heaven disappeared.

From the white light emerged a group of masters very pissed off asking us who gave us the right to do this. They were sitting ‘behind’ the White-Light, which we then realized was just a programmed-design orchestrated, controlled and directed by/through these Masters that was literally sitting behind it all.

Bernard unceremoniously got them into the body and start to ask them questions, while I was still in the dimensions – experiencing the literal ‘unraveling’ of heaven itself –mainly asking questions as to how earth is such a mess and heaven as well --like earth and heaven is the same --all was just an energetic dressing up that could not stand when one that is sound is present.

Then the investigations started -- all the grids that connected heaven and earth was no more. The Grids that supported the entire enslavement-design relationship between heaven and earth --all guides and masters was withdrawn into self forgiveness support processes and heaven was transformed into a place where all was focusing on understanding self as life. A very difficult thing it turned out to be.

What then became clear was that some beings from earth had abilities to enter heaven, then the mind was upgraded to substitute for that like in a reflective mirror effect to not allow any access to what was going on. Thus – no other human beings actually entered the ‘real-heaven’, only holographic representations, multidimensionally as the mind - obviously this is no big fete if you are sound as life.

But for any that is energy -- separated fractions --this is not comprehensible how this is possible

All evolutionary upgrades were also stopped. Yes – the human was subjected to a management-system that kept reality stable, especially around money and the development of technology. You’ll now notice, technology in all research areas coming to a stand-still with very little real progress. And the money-system will never again reach a equilibrium and will eventually have to be replaced by an ‘equality-system’.

These mirrors are the reason why all the channels and guides seem to still be here. The mind was upgraded to sound and is now functioning as if all is still like before. The reason: The mind will implode reality to let each face the truth of self till all stop self interest. Watch the world as all effort fail to find stability = each must self realize.
We found an interesting thing --each human being is an actual universe --so vast that all beings in heaven fit into one atom.

So here we are on earth --the eye of the universe --and in the land of the blind the one eye is king.

All of everything are now bound to earth and to what happen to earth; as we have as beings through billions of years abused the universe and each other extensively - that is why space and time exist --it also now exist in heaven --that each will face all consequences of self in actual events --to purify life once and for ALL.

Thus EQUALITY in oneness where equality is the guiding point --equality as sound --as completeness as wholeness as life -- oneness is not even relevant as we are all bound--we are all one -- look --one world --one consciousness. The problem--is --yes --consciousness--a force generated as energetic hypnosis that we are all addicted to-- where we even with what polarity has shown us--still justify our individual experiences based on hope of some day having a cool or higher experience.

This will unfortunately not happen but here on earth if one serve self interest at the cost of another suffering –this will become faster and faster till events will be daily —effecting each person individually in many ways –till each say STOP. Then –when we have all stopped –we will reassess what we should be experiencing as a collective as creator.


we are really the creator


but for a moment not.

Obviously we found many things – too many to mention. It will take volumes of encyclopedias to report everything. We took what was relevant to support people with self-realisation.

We may not show them direct as that will create phenomena and polarities – and looking at the world, we all know and experience in some way what polarity brings us.