Sunette & Bernard - The Celestial System

03 February 2010



Sunette: We’re calling it the ‘Celestial System’?

Bernard: Ya.

Sunette: Alright - the ‘Celestial System’. This was a ‘System Manifestation’ in Certain Specific Human Beings that were Incarnated into this World, within a Specific ‘Life Design’.

The ‘Celestial System’ worked as follows: it had its ‘Four Primary Points’, which acted as ‘Pillar’ Formations. Now, this whole System Manifestation was inserted or situated within the stomach area with Four Primary ‘Pillars’ that were made out-of ‘White Crystal’ and that ‘Resonated’ ‘White-Light’.

The Formations in which these ‘Pillars’ were, were ‘Angelic’ in nature, with little ‘Mini-Crystals’ surrounding the ‘Angelic Figure’ - also made out-of-this ‘Light-Resonating White Crystal’.

In the Center of these ‘Four Points’ , there was this ‘White-Light Crystal-ball’, with also many, various ... which was made-up out of many little ‘Crystal’ Formations.

The Four Main ‘Pillars’ were linked into the ‘Sexual Centers’ and then to the ‘Mind Consciousness System ‘Oneness’-Connection’ which was situated just below the chest, within and just above the Solar Plexus.

Now what this System ‘Functioned’-as was to ‘Activate’ a ‘Leader’ –which was one Particular, Specific Human Being into an ‘Exaltation’ of Experiencing themselves as being a ‘Celestial Being’, being ‘Christed’, being ‘Sent by a God’ or ‘Gods’ –the various specific Points of, specifically ‘Religious’ in nature, ‘Spiritual’ in nature, ‘New Age’, etc. – any of those fields - and once the ‘Leader’ Point, the ‘Leader Being’ that was inserted with this Particular ‘System Manifestation’ would ‘Activate’, many other Human Beings would be ‘Activated’ along-‘with’ this Being because, the ‘Followers’ would also have a Particular ‘Crystal’ Manifested within their Solar Plexus, that was linked-into the ‘Primary Human Being’ with this ‘Primary System’. As I mentioned in the beginning, the ‘Primary Human Being’ with this ‘System Manifestation’ – all the ‘Crystal’ Formations of-which the ‘System’ was made-up of, each Individual, Singular ‘Crystal’ was linked-to a Singular Human Being = another Human Being.

So this whole System would ‘Activate’ within One ‘Primary Human Being’= the ‘Leader’, and then within many other Human Beings as the ‘Follower’. And so, in-essence a ‘New Religion’ would form, a ‘Spiritual Path’ would form, a ‘New Age Reform’ would manifest, ehm and..

Bernard: A Reformation

Sunette: Ya, and when this ‘White-Light Resonance’ as what this ‘Crystal’ Manifestation consist-of and exist-as would ‘Activate’, it would ‘Vibrate’ the Physical to a Specific ‘Frequency’, wherein the being would Feel and Experience themselves as being ‘Exalted’ even from the ‘Physical’ Experience Perspective, which would make-them ‘believe’ that they have been ‘God-Sent.’

Bernard: ‘Christed’.

Sunette: Or ‘Christed’.

Bernard: They were ‘Celestial’ – this was then ‘charged’ through Sex, Masturbation and Meditation – till it reached its appropriate ‘charge’.
The ‘Four Pillars’ was linked-to the ‘Four Directions’ of the Earth.

Sunette: The ‘Four Corners in the World’.

Bernard: Ya the ‘Four Corners of the World’, which is then how it ‘fits’ into the ‘Design’ of the ‘Consciousness System’.

Sunette: I mean they would... even later on the ‘Design’ became more intricate where there would be for example beings that would Emerge at the same time and which would, which is... in the past perceived or believed to be as ‘Channelling’, but these were actually ‘Pre-programmed Entities’ that were also Pre-Programmed ‘Into’ the System - so when the System ‘Activate’, these beings would ‘Activate’ along ‘with’-it, and there’d actually be Sections within the Human Being’s Mind that would fill with the Knowledge and the Information of the ‘Program’ of the ‘Entity’. The being would believe they’d be speaking to an ‘Actual Being from the Other-side’, when actually they were speaking-to a ‘Entity Programmed’ to Correlate with this Particular ‘System Manifestation’.