Symbols and Archetypes

Interviews with Dimensions

04 Dec 09

We had a ‘great flood’ of Information coming-through as we were lying-down to rest – that we will be speaking.

Okay so the first Point that’s been ‘revealing-itself’ so to speak if you look at ‘Archetypes’ – okay I’m just gonna ‘dissect’ the word first – so – meaning: ‘dissect’ the word ‘Archetypes’ – First dissection: you have the word ‘Arch’ (sound: ‘Ark’) Second dissection: you have the word ‘E’ Third dissection: you have the word ‘T’ Fourth dissection: you have the word ‘Y’ Fifth dissection: you have ‘PES’

Okay, let’s Look at the first-point of the word ‘Ark’, and the word ‘E’ that is ‘in relationship’ with-itself – remember we’re existing in (correction: it’s ‘in relationship’ with each-other) remember we’re existing currently within a ‘Reality of Relationships’ where two points ‘Unify’ within a ‘Unit’. So for example the word ‘Archetypes’: you have the Relationship between ‘Arch’ and ‘E’, you have a Relationship between ‘T’ and ‘Y’, then you have ‘P-E-S’ which is a point within-itself which ‘concludes’ the previous two relationships to form a ‘Total-Unit’, like a ‘Conclusion-point’, an ‘Outflow-point’ – So you have Relationships and you have the ‘Outflow-point’ Of that Relationship. So ‘P-E-S’ would be the ‘Outflow-point’ between the Relationships between ‘Arch’ and ‘E’ and ‘T’ and ‘Y’ – So, you have…let’s start first with ‘Ark’ and ‘E’; Now ‘Arch’ are referring to the ‘Biblical’-Reference of ‘Noah’s Ark’ with the ‘Great Flood’, which represents the ‘E’ within the word ‘Arche’ which also represents a ‘flood’, ‘E’ which stands for ‘Energy’ which in the Physical-Form relates to ‘Emotions’ and ‘Feelings’. Then you got ‘T’ and ‘Y’ – ‘T’ in terms-of the letter represents your Point of ‘Choice’, and ‘Y’ your Eternal-Cycling within the Question of ‘Why?’

So in-essence you’re always ‘Questioning’ your Reality, Yourself – which just proves, well which basically Proves that: ‘Choice’ Doesn’t Exist; because you’re always ‘Driven’ by the Question ‘Why’, which is your Primary-Point of ‘Possession’ –and therefore your ‘Choices’ are Always Dictated by and through that ‘Point of Possession’ – Then you’ve got ‘P-E-S’ and if you look at the sexual-illness referred to as ‘Herpes’ ends with ‘PES’ – And you’ve also got ‘Appease’ and ‘Please’ which rhymes with (inaudible) ‘Herpes’, ‘PES’, ‘Please’… which is your Primary-Point of your ‘Sexuality’ within Existence is to ‘Appease your Desire’ and ‘Please your Partner’ – So the whole ‘Structural-Design’ of ‘Archetypes’ in terms of ‘How it Exist’ and ‘Why it Exist’– which technically exist in every single Human-Being – And this is Each and Every single ‘Archetype’ that exist: exist within Each and Every single Human-Being in some Form or another, whether ‘Present-Experienced’, ‘Future-Manifested’ or ‘Past-Memory’, it is existent within each and every single Human-Being.

Now ‘How’ and ‘Why’ were ‘Archetypes’ Manifested within Human-Beings, and ‘How’ it is being…‘How’ it remains Existent within Human-Beings is the…okay this point we just have to (inaudible) investigate in terms of ‘How’ and ‘Why’ ‘God’ in terms of the ‘Bible-Story’ killed all of Human-Beings and sent Noah upon his Ark with ‘the Great Flood’ – Okay wait, before I get to that point, the point that has to be taken into consideration is for example the reference of the Bible in itself, and all the stories that are in the Bible, and all the different variations and versions of the Bible – is that the Book in-itself is like a ‘Symbolic’ ‘Story’-like Reference to Each and Every single individual Human-Being’s Life – we’ll probably have to get to that point at a later stage, it will take a lot of time – but– it has been ‘walked into a Religion’ ‘encompassing many Human-Beings’ – I¬nstead of Each individual Human-Being ‘Reflecting Upon-Themselves’ in terms-of ‘What is being Revealed’ within the stories of the Bible so to speak, so – the Story of ‘Noah and the Great Flood’ refers to in-essence Each and Every single individual Human-Being Experiencing that-‘Story’ of… Experiencing ‘God’s Wrath’ for whatever the ‘cause’ or ‘point of origin’ was…

The ‘Archetypes’ in their relation to the words ‘Arch’ and ‘E’: you have to look-at the ‘point of origin’ in terms-of Why ‘God’ ‘condemned Humanity’ and sent ‘Noah on his Ark’ with ‘the Great Flood’=‘Energy’ and ‘Emotion’ – which means in-essence that the Whole-‘Construct’ within ‘Ark’ and ‘E’ in the words ‘Archetypes’ is that: your ‘Saving-Grace’ exist within the ‘Salvation’ of the ‘Flood’ which is your ‘Energies’ and ‘Emotions’ in terms-of ‘what you Experience’ – so therefore, the point of ‘Trust’ is so Ingrained within Human-Beings within the whole ‘Personality-Constructs’ of ‘Archetypes’ within just that one singular-point in relation-to the ‘Religious Story’ of the Bible and ‘Noah’s Ark’, that your ‘Saving-Grace’ and your ‘Salvation’ exist within your ‘Trust in what you Experience’ in terms of ‘Emotions’ and ‘Feelings’ – Now, ‘Emotions’ and ‘Feelings’ in relation-to ‘Personalities’ is what Defines ‘Personalities’, is what gives ‘Personalities’ ‘Life’, is ‘Energy’– and thus, Human-Beings will ‘Trust’ their ‘Personalities’ because of it being Based within ‘Energy’, in relation to the word ‘Archetypes’ where there is ‘Ark’ and the ‘Great Flood’ and that whole-point of ‘Trust’, and therefore, Human-Beings will ‘Play-out’ their ‘Archetypal Personalities’ in ‘Belief’ that it is ‘Who they are’.

Okay, then you’ve got ‘T’ and ‘Y’ – Now these two letters within the word ‘Archetype’ will Keep-you into the ‘Manifested Physical ‘Play-Out’ Cycle’ of ‘Living-out’ your ‘Archetypes’ within your-Life ‘from Birth to Death’ through reversing ‘T’ and ‘Y’ in-essence, by constantly ‘Cycling’ the Question within-Yourself of ‘Why’, in terms of wanting to ‘Question’ what it-is that you’re ‘Experiencing’, what is continuing existing within your Reality, when the first-point is even the problem within ‘asking the Question’ (of ‘Why’) in the first place, instead-of looking at a point within CommonSense, not from the perspective of ‘Questioning’, but: Introspection. And then also, within that ‘Cycling of Questioning’, of ‘Cycling-You’ within the ‘Questioning’ of ‘Why?’ – you’re existing within the ‘Belief’ and ‘Perception’ of ‘Choice’ within-which you’re ‘Trapped in Time’ – and if you place ‘T’ and ‘Y’ together it says ‘Ty’ which is ‘Tying’-you into this ‘Archetypal Personality Manifestation’ into ‘Time’ (Ty-me), which is your ‘Play-out’ within your whole ‘Life-Experience’.

Then you’ve got your last point which is your ‘P-E-S’ which I’ve said relate…sounds-like ‘Herpes’ which is ‘Appease’ and ‘Please’, wherein your Basis within-which you’ll Use your ‘Archetypes’ Always is Sexual in Nature, whether… – meaning, ‘Sexual’: you Can’t in-essence look at the physical act of sex in-itself – ‘Sexual’ means to ‘Appease’ or to ‘Please’, wherein you will use your ‘Archetypal Personalities’ to ‘attempt’ or ‘try’ to ‘Appease’-Yourself in some way or ‘Please’ Someone-Else in some way – which is the ‘basic-Format’ in which Sex exist.

Bernard:…(inau­dible)…your ‘Secret-Mind’

Dimensions: Yes.

Bernard: Essentially ‘Secret-Mind’

Dimensions: You can ‘break-it down’ to only those two words: ‘Appease’ and ‘Please’. Okay, sounds very ‘rough’… but I just talked as it ‘came-up’.