Terrence McKenna - DRUGS: The Kingdom of Heaven

Transcribed and typed by Terrence McKenna through the interdimensio­nal portal

Date : 24/01/2008

God – where do I begin?!

I’ll start with that I am at the moment here in the Interdimensional Portal, having a cigarette while typing – Marlboro Lights to be specific, with a warm cup of coffee right infront of me, in between the keyboard and myself, smoking and sipping away at a delicious cup of coffee and a decent brew of cigarette: Calm.

In mentioning the word calm: I have attained many various states of ‘calmness’ within my explorations while within this world ‘experimenting’ with drugs of any and all variations: And the most hilarious, (of the most psychotic hilarious imaginable) observation is that whenever I’d attain this state of calmness when on drugs: I’d believe it was the first time I’d ever experienced it before! When it was always the exact same ‘calmness’, though dependant on the drug – the experience of that very ‘calmness’ will vary because the drug will misconstrued my interpretation of the very exact same experience I always have = which makes it seem different: But is in fact always the same.

Now, I am not saying me being calm at the moment is because of this cup of coffee before me, or because of the cigarette I just had – no, I’m calm as me. Actually – I can use any word to describe my current experience: Wouldn’t make a difference to me.

It’s interesting how two people can have the exact same experience together, sitting right next to each other, though dependant on the being themselves interpreting their experience – the ‘definition’ of each other’s experience will be different because of the interpretation of that very experience varying between the two. For instance I may refer to my experience at the moment being ‘calm’ whereas another, whose actually having the exact same experience, but interpreting theirs differently would refer to theirs being ‘placid’.

We have too many unnecessary words…

The sound of the words, the expression within which they are spoken by the two beings may vary – even the reason why they would define or describe their experience will vary – the reason for the variation: Interpretation. The interpretation of the experience is the cause for the variation = when both are actually experiencing the exact same thing: But will never know, will never realise.

What if we’re all always experiencing the exact same thing, but we think our experience is different to that of another, merely because of our individual interpretation of that very experience we’re having varies and the words are different because of our interpretation of the experience and also because the reason we’re experiencing what we are experiencing may be different = but is the reason and the interpretation of the experience within ourselves really dependant on the experience: NO.

Words are here to confuse. Words exist as a diversion to our very existence: Yet words are the key to our very existence, the key to GOD, the key to ourselves, the key to me-dom, the key to freedom…fasci­nating.

Words are what is abused within this world, words are what is abused by human beings – words are the very life that we are abusing, killing = this world is what it is: Because of abuse of life as words – by ourselves – the source, the origin of it all.

No man can say: I do not speak. Even the mute speak – they speak silently inside themselves: The Power of Destruction and The Power of Life exist within each and it’s always been here, right here – always: The answer, the key to existence has been here, the answer, the key to EVERYTHING is WORDS, the most simple, the most obvious – yet unseen, unnoticed.

How and why have we missed the answer, the key to it all – that’s been right here – ALWAYS in words as words?


Where would you leave the ANSWER, the KEY to existence if you were GOD who created it all?

Obviously – we left the ANSWER, the KEY right here – unnoticed, unseen, unrealized in the simplest form, the most obvious place = yet oblivious to all!

The question though: If I were to say: The answer, the key to this very existence is right here in words, as words:

How many would hear?

How many would see?

How many would realise?

How many would understand?

It is no coincidence that in the ‘Book of Life’ as the ‘Holy Bible’ where GOD states: Do not eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil = the most misinterpreted sentence that exists.

The very book that contradicts itself, because it is within Genesis ‘the beginning of creation’, the first book in the Bible where this sentence is ‘spoken by God’ – and what does man and woman do as Adam and Eve: They eat the damn fruit.


The very BOOK, the BIBLE is the very TREE, the words in the book the very FRUIT of ‘knowledge of good and evil’ ‘GOD’ said to NOT EAT FROM – in other words: To not ‘believe’ in the words, to not ‘read the words’, to not ‘absorb’ the words – otherwise you’ll be kicked out of the ‘garden of Eden’ = the garden of Eden, the kingdom of heaven – YOU.

Have a look at the entire BOOK: Good vs. Evil exists everywhere in the very contents of the BOOK – You may do this and you may not do that = good vs. evil. Satan and God = good vs. evil. YET – in the very beginning of the book it reads: Do not eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil…

And whose all eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil: Human beings believing in the Bible.

So: Who kicked who out of the ‘garden of Eden’: WE ourselves DID!

What does it mean: I will return – when Jesus says he’ll come back? It means that YOU are still HERE – never GONE, and you will RETURN TO YOU, when you stop eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

The codes are in the BIBLE.

Therefore I say: Words are the very diversion to the existence of ourselves depending on the interpretation of the words = YET WORDS ARE THE VERY KEY TO OUR EXISTENCE – OURSELVES.

I’ve just proved it.

Who will hear?

Who will see?

Who will realise?

Who will understand?

I may have readers with perplexed faces, confused grins – so, before I continue with this, I will ‘leave you here’ for a moment: Force yourself to not try and make sense of it, force yourself to not try and understand it – be PATIENT, and continue reading…

I have within my life experience here on earth had this ‘nagging inner desire’ to ‘want to understand it all’, to ‘want to understand me’, to ‘want to understand how I work’, to ‘want to understand how this world works’, ‘to want to understand how I and this world operate’, to want to understand how each individual one of us operate – from this question I had asked myself when I was 15:

To be continued…