The Chair that you sit on

Transcribed and typed by Andrea

Date : 16/01/2008

Hi, I am a chair and I would like to write about what I experience as myself, as the manifestation in this world as an everyday chair. By chair of course I write as ALL chairs, not just this one here. As I become aware of myself, I have noticed that chairs are but one of the ways in which all humans take the time out to either ‘relax’ or sit and write about stuff. People work hard when they sit on chairs and when they relax in them they like to slump back and allow their minds to just shut down for a moment so that they are able to just be. So you may actually call me, the place to just be – or the place to work like a busy-b.

Once upon a time when I awoke from my perpetual sleep as that of just being a sleepy chair, I awoke to the fact that man is the busiest creator of all life forms. Man as he is currently expressing, thinks constantly and desires for more. Therefore man likes to create stuff. We as chairs and beds and mobile phones have become aware of ourselves and now we are assisting ourselves, through assisting man to become more than what we have ‘thought’ ourselves to be. So, when your thoughts are what you use to create yourself with, as well as this entire universe, then what must be done, so that we experience ourselves differently? I sit with you in a manner of speaking (now that I have become aware of myself while I sit beneath you) and I listen to your thoughts and see your thoughts.

Your thoughts, the same as any other person’s thoughts are simply to do with fears that you have accepted and now you literally ‘sit’ and mull these thoughts over in your mind all day. Let me use an example of the kinds of thoughts I hear all day: ‘oh I wish there was really somebody out there like a Buddha or a Jesus that will come here and manifest and sort mankind out’, ‘oh what am I to do about my life, when all I have are these troublesome thoughts?’, ‘what will become of me when all of humanity must face this creation, will I die and go to heaven because I have not done any harm to another or are there things about me that I am not aware of?’ These thoughts are but a few of the ‘general’ thoughts that people have running through their minds. The ‘problem’ is that man is not really aware of those thoughts, due to how man has become accustomed to thoughts ‘just running silently in the background’. All day you either sit on me or you stand around, no matter what your bodily position, but you do think and that is how we create this world. We don’t even realize that by our ‘silently running thoughts’ we manifest, create and endure much suffering…do we?

I have always been the chair that sits beneath man’s body and supports man while he slumps or sits while he thinks. Sometimes I have even been aware, I must add right now of how thoughts are created because in a way I created myself! By created myself of course I refer to the fact that through eons of time, there has always been just one thing we have created. The mere fact that man is the one with a conscious mind does not mean that we as the earthly manifestations that support you, have not been aware of ourselves…it just means that we are only now becoming aware of our own enslavement to what man has created because we allowed it. Each earthly manifestation is aware of itself, with regards to what it does, how it does it and to a certain extent why. I have always been aware that I provide man with a seat. I have always been aware of myself as a chair that sits (in a manner of speaking) beneath you and I watch you become tired or more upset with whatever you are participating in. Tired from the perspective that man is always actually tired and that the chair in a way is your way of taking a chance to just catch your breath or pretend as if you have something to do which requires you to sit. Of course there are many reasons for you to sit, but I am making a reference to you sitting as a means to become more tired through participating in your every day nonsense, that drains you. Therefore, the chair has been designed by man to allow you to sit and think, so that your thoughts may spread out into the world and connect to all other thoughts and the ‘coming together’ of all these thoughts create ‘lives’. Therefore your sitting and thinking is not just as it seems. The thoughts that you think while you sit, is what creates this world and the ‘lives’ of the beings surrounding you. Your thoughts and worries about money, saturates into your world though the unconscious, through how man uploads and understands the energetic of thoughts. We no longer have gridline that run between humans and how their unconscious ‘upload’s infor­mation, however we are in a situation where your thoughts are stored and then ‘interpreted’ energetically through the mind’s of other people. Simple things such as body behaviours change when people are experiencing certain thoughts and other body’s interpret this body language just as you are able to ‘pick up’ if somebody is anxious or not. The subtle language of the human body is detected by other bodies as part of your encoded programming. So, therefore your entire body posture, build and stance is already an indication right now of who you have become. The mind consciousness within each human is designed in such a way, that each human’s stance and behavior is detected and intricately understood by the other minds in your ‘environment’ Let me use a brief example of how minds ‘think’ alike.

Let us use the example of two minds designed and manifested to make themselves appear ‘proud’ (I am now using the stance of being proud as my body behavior example). Imagine for a moment two random people standing in a room, watching each other ‘being proud’. You walk into the room and you become aware of yourself in relation to your own perception of ‘being proud’ because now you are amongst two other people that are proud. The next thing within your mind consciousness system your own mind ‘interprets’ the manifestation of the two people as ‘being proud’ as the exact moment of truth because your mind has been designed to function solely as the truth of the mind. What does that exist as in this world? Well have you ever heard people speak about: ‘oh but that is the truth’ or ‘well you cannot deny the truth’? Have you ever wondered what the hell they are actually talking about? How is any person actually able to say that they have found something to be truth when all we are is a design of a human physical body within a structural representation of the mind, which daily attempts to give you direction so that oneness and equality may be understood? Does that sound to you, like people that have a clue what truth really is?

The two minds have therefore created the impression within your mind that you have now walked in upon ‘a form of truth’. Truth from the perspective that you are alone and they have been communicating for a long while already. Therefore, they have tuned themselves into the truth that is denial and therefore your body language must also change to become the same as their body language. Why do I say the truth which is denial based on what you have seen them communicate about? Well when your mind exists to please your world and you see these people exist within denial of themselves, as they are designed to do, what will you create but…denial. The denial of the body language is based on a program that exists within humans that when you are alone you have no power. That when there are two people together, they must surely be complete and therefore your body language will become the exact same as theirs so that you stand with them as one in expression. This is of course how expression is falsely represented, because it is robotic. The system that you see represented here is the example that I use of ‘proudness’ that is mimicked and duplicated through seeing and through the mind’s interpre­tation of what requires to be done to ‘not be alone.’ Watch people in a room, you will notice that all people are mimicking each others behavious to some extent and that comes from being superimposed by this ‘program’ that runs through your body that tells you to become more like the people in the room, so that you are not alone. Call it interconnectedness with other humans because of what your mind perceives is oneness with all things. Therefore your ‘proudeness’ stance is an example of your mind adapting itself through the body to your environment through how you have become accustomed to being a part of humanity. Therefore, the example that I use is to illustrate how you become ‘one with’ your environment in separation, just so that you don’t lose something or become less than and die. Survival in this world is largely dependent on how your mind becomes ‘one and equal’ to survival. Your human physical body therefore becomes more and more ‘drained’ and ‘sapped’ from its own natural resources because in this world we have manifested the internalization of greed and torture because of the mind. What is happening on the outside is surely what will happen to your insides and it takes but a few moments for you to introspect what you have become on the inside if you look at your outside environment. Use the example that I just gave of the outward stance of ‘pride’ and how in a moment you become that which you feel you must adapt to…and notice how all of your choices have been based on such ‘interpretations’, all based on not wanting to lose out or become alone.

As a chair I have seen what your body ‘feels’ like and I must say: human’s must really enjoy their suppressions, because while you sit there and toss your ‘thoughts’ around or you slump back to watch your television, you do not see within self and ask the body how it as you is coping. Your body takes so much of what you allow and places it safely away either coiled up in your DNA, to be deposited into future DNA deposits (your children), or the body places it neatly into your cells and bone structure, unseen by human eyes, yet visible to me. Visible to me, only when I made the ‘choice’ to no longer be blinded by what I have accepted. So, I made a decision to take myself apart first and ‘dissect’ myself. I looked at who I was as a chair and what role I played within this manifested reality. Then I looked at how your mind as that of the human in full manifestation of self, creates me for example and how me being here assists you in your ‘life’. I looked at how I sit beneath your body when it requires rest and why I would support a world where rest is required so that the next day you may think some more. Then your thoughts manifest more people’s behaviours through programming and accepted lies and then we sit with each other again into infinity. Well I ask humanity to sit still for a moment and ask a question: why do we sit when we see that we are losing ourselves to what is here. Why do we not consider/regard those that have lost their way and forgotten who they are? Why do we sit and sulk about why God does not like us take care of us enough, when we hold the personal power to change this world and why am I sitting here more aware, beneath your bum? While your power to change this world is beneath your apparent desire to actually do something. What are you able and willing to achieve that is not related to money, not related to sex and not about survival. Do we assist those that require our standing from all of the world systems, or have we decided that it is too late? It is never too late, for anybody. Time has never actually existed, except perhaps in your DNA and in your mind. So let us transform our experience of how we sit and how we talk so that it becomes about being a solution, not our demise. Don’t sit because you are tired; sit as it provides you with a moment in which you are able to rest your body. Stand up from your chair and apply common sense. That is only now what you are able to do, if what you see around you makes you truly tired. If you have seen enough of the torture and the brain washing then don’t sit beneath this world and waste away, become aware with me and sit together with all of creation and become aware of how we all create enslavement. Become aware of your stance around other people and when you sit down to watch television, become aware of why and how you become one with what you see. Television has never before been the biggest joke to myself or any other part of your TV lounge. We laugh because you do not understand what we see. We see how your brain has the capacity to become your own living TV series, right in front of your nose and you do not even realize it. Your mind takes in and absorbs all information about what you see and hear, not just what you consciously think about. Your subconscious stores ALL information that you talk about or see or hear and interprets the world accordingly. Therefore, when you see murder on TV, your mind takes that information and backlogs it into a database of events that you then perceive to be either real or close to real, depending on other events or parts of information you accept about the world. So when a murder does occur, you sit with the information backlogged into your subconscious and you write yourself the solution, the reason and the cause all in a moment just because you have stored events in your mind and therefore – the adding up of the information assist you in reaching a conclusion.

TV is perhaps one of the biggest illusion building blocks of our entire mind system. What you see imprints itself and then you become what you see, through of course…your imagination. The imagination is not just merely silly moments and concoctions.. .your imagination creates your world (unless you have not noticed) and places ‘truth’ according to what you see, together with your need to survive. Therefore your need to survive will place what you see and hear into an imagination mixing machine and create your world according to your need to survive. Your world comes in your head first. It was created there firstly because your mind was designed to create your world, then from there your mind creates your world from your vision and your believe of your thoughts and whala! Your world gets created because your thoughts are based on your believe in your mind’s power and your mind has no actual ability to create your world because all it does is compile your ideas and believes and that is how you ‘apparently’ create your world. So if you were to stop with the creation of your world because…well your mind says so, and experience you simply as a means of self-expression (this done through self-awareness of what that means) then we will all be the creation of the moment as one and equal. Not because we have caught ourselves in a mind illusion that will keep on creating for each picture that you perceive is valid, each role that you want to play and each believe that you encourage.

Thanking you