The Digitalized Personification Suits of Personality (Part Two) by Heath Ledger

Transcribed and typed by Heath Ledger through the interdimensio­nal portal

Date : 02/04/2008

Having a look at the questions once more – all lined up:

Question 1: So, who is my script writer?

Common sense: Me – because all that exist here within and as my physical human body = is me, myself and I – no-one else is occupying my human physical body from the perspective of having the ability to ‘take control and have me do or be what it wants me to be’. And I understand that within most beings’ mind the following thoughts are lingering: Heath – you are incorrect. The mind is occupying you, previously demons existed who possessed, other interdimensional beings are occupying my human physical body at the moment – though, have a self honest look at the following:

The Mind: You as the mind exist currently but by your own permission, your own acceptance and allowance through your self permitted participation – and this is proved: How? Have a look – those reading these words and assisting and supporting themselves within self application – you are currently directing you within the mind – WITHIN the mind, I’m not speaking of you directing as the mind – you are directing you WITHIN the mind itself – and you are actually stopping the thoughts, you are actually stopping yourself from participating as the mind from within the mind – and you are actually within self directive principle – stopping participation in the mind. So – within you having the ability to stop participation in the mind – be it through stating: I STOP or self forgiveness and self application – have a look: You are no more granting you permission to continue participation in the mind = therefore: This being proof for you yourself that participation in the mind – has and is always being done through accepted and allowed self permission. And this is self honesty – realising that you are actually accepting and allowing your self definition of and as the mind to continue – through your acceptance, through your allowance – therefore – by your own permission.

So – the mind cannot control you, the mind cannot take control of you, and the mind cannot have you do or be what it wants you to be – but by your own permission through accepted and allowed participation: And it is as simple as that!

The Demons: Possessions – ‘taking control’ of another human being – but what is fascinating, if such beings who were ‘possessed’ would be self honest with themselves – they would realise that they have actually accepted and allowed the demons to possess them, they gave permission to the demons, within themselves (the human being) to be possessed – because human beings have the ability to not accept or allow a being to possess (this directly related to the instances with regards to demons in the past when they still existed) the entirety of them.

The mind is but an example of possession – the mind possess you – and you are accepting and allowing it to by your individual self permitted acceptance and allowance – and the demons only had access within and as the entirety of a human being through the human beings’ accepted and allowed permission.

And why was it so simple for the demons to possess? Because human beings are already accepting and allowing themselves to be possessed by the mind itself – existing through the mind, instead of standing as SELF.

And the demons never possessed a being, please – this is impossible – possession manifested through the demon integrating within and as the mind consciousness system of the being that the being had through accepting and allowing themselves, within self permission – to define themselves according to.

Thus – what was possessed was not the being – but the mind consciousness system of the being.

Therefore, again – the demons integrated within and as the mind consciousness system, the mind consciousness system already possessing the being within and as the human physical body – so, the demons didn’t possess, they merely revealed what had already become of human beings = possessed by their own mind, through their own self permitted acceptance and allowance – abolishing and damning demons – without realising or understanding – the demons were not responsible – they merely had access into this reality through the mind consciousness system, integrating within and as the mind consciousness system already possessing the being.

So – the demons didn’t ‘take control’ of a human being – they only took control of the human beings’ mind consciousness system according to which the human being defined themselves as.

And as we have stated above at The Mind point – the mind only exist through acceptance and allowance – therefore, the demon-mind consciousness system integration – the demon didn’t take control, because the human being already permitted it – by permitting themselves to already be possessed within and as their own mind, already controlled by their own mind = therefore, the demons not to blame = but self is responsible.

Therefore – self is responsible – the demons were not to blame and nor is the mind to blame – SELF is RESPONSIBLE.

Other interdimensional beings: At the moment – I for instance am a human being in this world, meaning – I stand with and as a human being as me – directing me as the human being – though, ‘what/who’ am I directing? The being – or the mind consciousness system the being has come to within self permitted acceptance and allowance – accepted and allowed themselves to be? At the moment – beings do not know of their own existence = as I did not know of mine. We have become to much of a mind-system that all that exist is us as the mind-system – so I within and as the human being – am directly assisting and supporting me as the human being currently existent as a mind-system – to realise their own existence – ‘beyond’ that of a mind – (and it’s tough – lol).

Though, I am certain that there may/might be a select few human beings’ reading this at the moment and say: Hey! Then – you (the interdimensional beings assisting and supporting) may not exist within and as me – unless I give you permission. Hmm – well, within and as the principle of oneness and equality – I am you – and I am only able to be ‘WITHIN and as you’ assisting and supporting you – if you have defined and manifested you as a mind consciousness system – so, if you don’t want ‘anyone’ within you = stop your mind and stand as self – but by then, you won’t need/require an interdimensional being within and as you – because we’ll be one and equal as life as self – lol.

Though – specifically – with regards to the demons integrating and us assisting and supporting – we’re not able to control YOU – in any way whatsoever – the mind is doing that for you already – so, with regards to anyone’s mind at the moment thinking: Who gives you permission to direct me? You have already given me permission – this YOU is who you really are = the being within and as the mind consciousness system – from within and as oneness and equality as life, and I as you, you as me – is assisting and supporting me to realise who I really am as who you really are.

Therefore, with regards to the demon-integrations, you, the being already gave permission for that to occur because you, the being already accepted and allowed you to be possessed by the mind and now – you, the being, within and as the principle of oneness and equality as life as who you really are is giving me as you permission to assist and support you unconditionally within and as your individual process – this is not about mind-permission – but SELF as LIFE – which is beyond ‘permission as choice’ – because you cannot not choose to realise YOU, SELF as LIFE – because it’s WHO YOU ARE.

So the ego’s of the mind’s of the being stating: I do not give you permission to assist and support me within and as me – sorry, this is beyond permission, beyond choice, permission and choice irrelevant – you cannot not choose or permit WHO YOU ARE and you will realise you inevitably – whatever it takes. And this you decide for you, YOU, THE BEING within the mind consciousness system – you just have to become SELF aware – not just aware, awareness in itself is no different to being conscious of and as a mind – it is to be SELF, SELF, SELF – aware.

So, to answer the question: Who is my script writer – I am, me – I either ‘write me’ through my mind as a mind – creating characteristic qualities – designing personalities in separation of me – or I ‘write me’ through and by standing one and equal with and as words – being words in and as self expression as me – being the living word, living words as me within and as oneness and equality – wherein I am me, and not personalities of the mind consisting of defined characteristic qualities separate from me.

Question 2: Where did all my ‘characteristic qualities’ originate from for me to have the ability to have seventeen (17) different personalities and for each personality there’d be uniquely specific ‘characteristic qualities/pro­perties’?

Again, common sense: Me. I created all the characteristic qualities – manifesting personalities of the mind separate from me – very detailed and specific creations – specifically creating the detailed manifestations of various different personalities through program-designed ‘characteristic-qualities’ consisting of memory-related events and experiences related to pictures seen and experience through my human physical eyes since the first moment I opened my eyes into this world.

The details within this – I will cover as we continue with this entire document – though, in essence – who is responsible with regards to the origination of all the characteristic qualities having seventeen (17) personalities: I am – I did this to me with me – the mind consciousness system couldn’t have done it by itself – no way – I did this through within and as the mind consciousness system – the mind consciousness system is not to blame – I am responsible – I permitted me through the mind consciousness system to design me as and with seventeen (17) personalities of the mind – so, in answering the question above: From me.

Question 3: If I am the very script(s) of all the ‘characteristic qualities’ of all personalities – then I must be my own script(s) writer, the question though is: How the hell did I manage to exist as ‘characteristic qualities’ for seventeen (17) different personalities, each personality consisting of its own characteristic qualities/pro­perties?

Shit – I designed me, specifically within and as articulate and meticulous detail – nothing and no-one else designed or created me – I designed, created and manifested myself according to who I am and what I am – therefore, it’d be no ‘problem’ to ‘manage me’ and know and understand exactly ‘how I operate’ – I am the very creator of the creation of me that I created – the creator know and understand within and as absolute articulate and meticulously specific detail – how it’s own creation operate and work from the inside out – that it created. Therefore – to answer the question: I managed me, I am directly responsible for my existence of me within and as me – because I am the creator, creation and created of me.

And this point of self honesty – frightens beings – this point of realising that I, that self is directly, is absolutely responsible for who and what we are as the entirety of ourselves – who we are within and what we manifest without – that we designed ourselves, that we are the creator, the creation and created of ourselves within and as what and who we are in this moment and have become – and that we know exactly how we operate and how we manage ourselves – in absolute self honesty – we know exactly how we operate and how we manage ourselves.

And this point of self honesty – that you know exactly how you operate and how you manage yourself – frightens beings, frightens you – because this means, that no more excuses is possible, no more justifications is possible, no more blame is possible – you realise your direct self responsibility towards you and then you must stand up – and beings who don’t stand up – just simply want to remain within self dishonesty – not wanting to take self responsibility – because they want to continue blaming, excusing and justifying why they are who and what they are and have become and experience within themselves and their world – to just not realise their self responsibility towards themselves – to just not change – they don’t want to change, but want to remain a mind-system existing in separation – because in changing, means to actually stand up and take self responsibility for all and everything of you, both within and without. But beings want to remain self dishonest – and blame what they experience within and without on others – because they are refusing to see, to realise: That you are directly, absolutely responsible for literally everything you experience and exist as within and without.

Question 4: How the hell did I ‘write myself’?

The exact specific ‘how’ – is what we will cover within this document as we continue – I am giving perspective of ‘how exactly we’ve written ourselves’ through the mind consciousness system through our individual self permitted acceptance and allowance and then…and then – how we are ‘writing ourselves’ to stand one and equal with and as words in self expression as life – and realise SELF as who we really are.

Though understand – that this cannot be done of self dishonesty with starting point – as we move within this document.

That’s why I am being specific with regards to you having to realise that you and you alone within and as you – is directly self responsible for what and who you are and how you experience you within and without – absolutely alone, self responsible. That nothing and no-one else exist within you – dictating to you or controlling you within and as who you are or what you are – BUT YOU YOURSELF.

And here – blame stops, excuses stops and justifications stops towards anything or anyone outside of you being responsible for who and what you are and how you experience you in this moment – you designed you, you created you, you manifested you – you are the creator, creation and created of you – both within and without.

And herein – no excuses, no blame and no justifications possible – at all – here, you take absolute direct self responsibility for you.

And unless you realise this – and assist and support you within and as the starting point of self honesty in taking direct self responsibility for all and everything of you: You are not giving you access to you yourself and you and you alone will determine your process for you.

I suggest: Self honesty.

I understand that you may have a considerable amount of questions existent within your mind – though patience, as we continue – you will see, realise and understand – how and why self, I me – is directly, absolute and entirely SELF RESPONSIBLE for all and everything, literally, all and everything of self – each and every single minuscule detail…