The Dolphins - Blood Pressure

Transcribed through and by Andrea

Date : 24/08/2007

Since the beginning of time all that has walked, swam or crawled over and within this world has been directive towards a greatest outcome for all – we just have not always been aware of it.

Times have changed and the dolphins have come about their current application with much appreciation for all of those that have walked this path with us, since the beginning. I (as we) must mention that the most difficult time for humans lay ahead as the physical structural will mark the end of consciousness – meaning that together with our structural resonance we express the becoming aware of self and it is the balancing or shall we say stabilising of ourselves that most will see, as being painful or painstaking in the least. Physical symptoms are mostly the beginning of your journey towards self-discovery as it ‘awakens' within you your self-realised truth: – The recognition of yourself through pain. So here goes the plainest examples of how one is able to start with a forgiveness realisation of what your structural resonance tells you in relation to your blood pressure:

High Blood Pressure:

High blood pressure is the most common ‘symptom' of boredom. This being seen between the ages of 16 (believe it or not) up to the age of about 60, thereafter usually the symptoms progress into much more severe and ‘life threatening' ailments. The longer one leaves the pressure that courses through you to take a long term effect on your arteries and veins the more damage is caused as once the veins distend beyond their own elastic capability the heart is very seldom (without proper assistance) able to correct itself. The heart has up to 100 small muscles that are all interlinked into the larger cardiovascular muscles. This is something that is more or less the beginning of where the blood pressure regulation comes from as about 40 – to 60 (depending on your perceived ‚stress‘ levels) of these smaller muscles take about one hour throughout their self healing process (the process by which the heart slows itself down – enough so to create a decent cardiac rhythm), start to dilate faster in rhythm with who you have become that day! Becoming aggressive for example is the most trigger-some effect on that self healing process as the heart muscles will then contract themselves according to how much anger sits within each muscle memory. The memory of each tissue within the muscle fiber is bound to the thinking that occurs within you each and every day – therefore the greatest risk involved in the process that each being is in is to think, as in fact this is how one ‘damages' from a certain perspective your heart. If you allow yourself to think while your heart carries a burden that you have not released through forgiveness, these muscles will in fact contract according to its directive principle – anger. So let us first understand the anger that one expresses at yourself when one is not equal to that which you have manifested. You are not able to comprehend your responsibility therefore you start to leave the responsibility up to others making sure that nothing moves within your self application other then boredom at what your world presents.

High blood pressure therefore is the LIVING manifestation of anger that becomes boredom through the ‘handing over' of the responsibility of the world as yourself (yet seen to be outside of you) at all times (hence the intense boredom). There within you exists this anger that feeds the cellular and memory tissue that sits within the heart muscles. The heart regulates itself each day according to your current application, therefore the anger turns into boredom due to, as previously mentioned – the allowances. Now the heart pushes itself harder then usual to intensify the anger like pulsations, as indeed that is your current application. Although the mind has become so bored with it's environment that is as of now not it's responsibility any more, the heart has no chance of either creating the stability require to get itself corrected or to create an outcome that will release the initial anger! The mind has in most being's cases directive principle therefore the heart and its functionality is directed by it. Therefore if the heart is brimming with anger yet the mind is bored and non-committal then we sit with the heart slowly accepting what the mind allows therefore allowing it's own rhythms to become affected by it being locked down into one singular ‘mind set'. In the case of the anger within the heart that would be the locking in of anger-pulsations within the hearts rhythms. The anger that exists within the hearts system of acceptance of what you have become (the core of yourself) is slowly creating a rhythm within how it functions that is more than it's usual rhythm – therefore the pumping of the blood becomes more as the muscles contract more then usual. The actual pumping action that is regulated by the heart's inner muscles become faster then what the outer layer of cardio vascular muscles are able to regulate therefore the heart pushes the blood from the inner chambers to the outer at a greater speed then is ‘anticipated' by the ventricles controlling the passage of blood. The shock that it creates within the actual ventricles that surround the chambers is too great and that PUSH and RUSH of anger/blood creates a weakening of all ventricle fibers, cells and muscles (as each muscle contain these).The weakening that occurs within each ventricle and atrium accumulates into pulses that run all day, hence the fact that some people are not able to even slow down their heart beat beyond anything ‘rapid' or fast. Therefore there exists a continual flow and pumping action that is similar to when you are physically active. The outer layer of the heart muscles that are responsible for the holding stable of this function (which is the flow from the outer layer of the heart to the inner layers), will lock into this fast rhythm and keep it ‘stable'. Do you see how this machine that is this tiny heart has so many areas that it requires stabalising? It becomes unstable as opposite structures within the whole heart structure will eventually have to change their rhythm accordingly. It has a lot to do with a shifting of pulses, weight and alpha rhythms as the heart builds pulses and speed according to each area – functioning like a pull-push system. Therefore the one end of the heart system will regulate according to the long term pushing effect that is created by the other opposite or inner level of the heart mechanism. Eventually the being becomes so bored (due to their current mind set) that they forget that in fact this heart-felt anger requires to be dispersed. They trudge along creating boredom within their mind yet they sit with a heart that race with anger and they are so confused about why they are constantly dizzy, sweating or pulsing with blood pressure. So the corrections that are necessary are such: place within yourself an understanding that peace within self is only possible when you become this world in its manifested solution. The answer will not fall out of the sky.

Secondly forgiveness for all that you belong to within your thought creations as yourself, within how you function each day. With such a statement I am referring to your world. Do realise that each participation as yourself is of course due to how you have build this anger within you. Your boredom is such that you should realise that each moment is yours for self expression and although peace and clarity is not always within easy reach – it is most certainly not impossible or out of reach. Forgiveness is one of the most extensive tools as it brings together all the points that require to be released that you have created, that locks you into a particular application.

Thirdly one must be truthful about who you are in relation to your anger. Realising that one is indeed angry with self is of course important as there is nothing else that brings one as clearly here as the taking responsibility of one as all. That way undoubtedly there exist responsibility as one realises that each is connected invariably to the next event in this world as with previous occurrences. The same application is seen in people that are trying to find their feet in this world that have no way of seeing a solution, in this case the pushing up of the blood pressure is the activation point through which one would attempt to ‘act alive'. Speeding up the heart therefore getting the blood pumping, creating a false image of one self as active, busy, motivated and having fun. Those are the two main points on high blood pressure.

Low Blood Pressure:

In our current human expression, the ultimate test for each as the standing up from consciousness is daunting to say the least. As each starts to realise that there is more, you are actually able to see the life drain from each person's face. Humans walk this earth as the living dead, not that you are alive to begin with as systems are most certainly not life. Yet what we refer to here is the understandable realization that each goes through after all the novelties of consciousness wears of, leaving you yearning for self expression as who you really are through asking questions, many questions.

The illusion about how each perceives their existence is prevalent in all humans, yet never a word is spoken until many say the same thing. All humans are secretly bored with this world as they realise that they have been walking in circles for as long as they are able to remember. The boredom simply creates the understanding that you have no current application available within self to completely accept yourself – therefore enjoying your own path here – as seen in full self-expression. The truth as it stands here now is that each human, regardless of how aware they are of this very statement, is utterly ‘lost' to themselves and without directive cause. Cause as I refer to it meaning that each here is the direction that is life, nothing that exists within this consciousness created world is able to give you life. Life flows from the understanding that is beyond your mind. Therefore within each being's mind is an utter lostness with regards to understanding its own ability to grasp life. So to place it within terms that each is able to comprehend – the mind as it is currently being utilized does not understand what it means to live. The mind was a pre-programmed construct (or machine) placed within each so that you are able to function as a robot.

Now when each human being realizes that there is indeed ‘something else' than their enslaved creation, they start asking ‘but how must I accept that I am life and express myself from here?' I suggest that each for a moment realise that as with each breath that is here, as each drop that flows within my ocean, it is the utter magnitude that is beyond the mind – that ‘awaits' your self-realised self-acceptance. Beyond the minds grasp of its own capabilities as a ‘mechanism' of sorts there are not many areas within which you are able to expand to. Understanding that each moment is here for self realisation – this being as possible as each breath that you take.

As I have mentioned the low blood pressure that is experienced by so many in this world is due to each being not understanding that the life that is really possible for each is not within the minds accepted programming. So as each being starts asking who are they other then this conscious pre- programmed existence there is the most fascinating ‘ switching off' if one is to use that term – that occurs within the human mind. It is never quite the same for each Atlantain expression to become fully aware as they step from the mind either. Each Atlantian that stands within this human physical body has almost become so faint in existence that it takes sometimes many years for such a being to stand up completely. As this process starts occurring whereby the being becomes aware that they are more then what they currently are, they immediately ask themselves ‘well what now?' This is when the mind starts to answer with the most obvious answer that it has available considering of course that it is merely a tool by which we may move ourselves when we have full understanding of ourselves. The mind will then start its response mostly as we have seen with absolute denial. Many should see this from the start as this is probably what each pre-programmed mind will say: ‘I do not understand what you have requested from me so please stop that'. This simple yet somewhat frustrating answer is largely due to what it has been programmed to say, yet our own laziness of course proliferates this nonchalance attitude about standing up from being a mere ‘robot'. What happens when starting this process whereby one starts asking the mind all kinds of questions that is apparently has no answer for, it looks like this: When the mind that regulates the body as a whole starts to either switch of or disintegrate you will find organ systems that are then mostly affected by the slowing down caused as the mind – to go into shock, dysfunction or completely loose the ability to keep up with the rest of the body.

The mind when we realize its use within our ability to direct ourselves as merely being a tool, is there for all to see, understand and to direct. Realise therefore (for those with low blood pressure, chronic depression, lowered levels of organ functionality etc) that the time has therefore come to start understanding that you have reached a point where your mind's programming has no more answers to give you, therefore it is slowly shutting off, and thereby shutting the body off. The re-programming of self is the next step to be taken. This is actually a basic method that is not difficult if one just persists with honesty and perseverance. To redirect yourself as life, as I am, is to basically firstly recognize where you allow your mind to tell you who you are. This in itself is not the easiest understandably as the mind will not give itself up as programs do not have that level of intimacy with itself whereby it encourages what is best for you. So, this is where it is crucial to recognize that the mind does not have the answers. You must therefore write down all the fears, emotions, attachments, frustrations, etc that you have that is the minds fighting ground against what you have decided. The mind will within what it has limited itself by sticks to basic words, ideas that lock you into self-sabotage and self deception. Look at your behaviours and see where you have allowed the mind to come through as director.

The steps that one takes to give self direction is to have all your own fears written down and transcended by merely understanding that they are the limitations that the mind placed whereby you are just stringing along. Write down what you have come to understand about what we are as humans and be very specific in how you place blame. This method is the tool in assisting each human to now come to grips with our own creation as well as the initial shock of realizing where we actually come from. Place your world in your hands and see where you have allowed the mind to direct. These are the points where you are to give direction if you are to take over from the mind as your programmer.

The functions of the mind as a computer program; these are just a few to give you practical pointers to assist you by:

• To keep you attached and dependent through emotional attachment to anything or anybody.

• To keep you in fear as an actual expression and motivation due to this being how one enslaves your slaves in the first place; implant them with constant worry and fear and they will always allow themselves to be directed.

• The mind has absolutely no ‘idea' what freedom is therefore it will attach you to the nearest enslavement modality as well as convince you that others require to be enslaved as well.

• The mind has known nothing but what it has been taught or programmed therefore anybody that (as seen in the case of low blood pressure), asks to be directed to some other expression – will have no coherent solution step forth.

• The mind has no ability to feel sorry for you or to care about what is best for all, therefore when it tells you that you must not expand or move it is in fact acting out the program that has been infused into you encompassing all other enslavement modalities that will in time be explained as part of the structural resonance articles.

• Remember that the mind is a program, it has nothing to do with freedom, self-expansion, self-expression that is of life or purity and innocence:- therefore it follows its programming and is in fact not working as one with all to correct this world and bring forth equality.

The correction that is involved with the release of self from the control of the mind is to firstly realise that you require assistance in understanding/re­alising self expression instead of allowing yourself to be directed by the mind of that which it knows and understand as taught to you by those that have gone before you. This we suggest you do through reading thoroughly all the articles pertaining to the explanation of our creation and our enslavement and then do the corrections suggested. This is done by going through all the articles that are on the web site as well as the videos, and work with the information through unconditional forgiveness. Ask the questions to those that are working through the same process as it brings forth awareness and remember that there are no secrets. Work as self, understanding that there are no mistakes, therefore no judgment for anything you have created – just unconditional release. Silence the mind as you breathe by not accepting fear, confusion or a systematic approach. Approach each situation with a new look at oneness and equality, understanding that in truth there are no limitations, other then what you as the mind allow. Trusting self and trusting that there are no mistakes other then what you have attached blame and judgment to. Allow each moment to be new and ask of yourself forgiveness whenever you realise that the decisions you made were not in truth or were of a system. The systems will be explained more in detail soon, therefore all we say for now with regards to understanding systematic responses and behaviours is to be quiet before you speak and ask: who decides my action? Am I doing this because I am afraid, I know nothing else, I Am angry, I am ego, I am not here(meaning in full expression – with no preconceived ideas, judgments or emotions).

Realise that self-expression outside of the minds programming is what low blood pressure and similar symptoms may lead to as there is a transition period between the letting go of the mind and the waking /standing up of each person.

The Dolphins.