The How of Regret

Interviews with Dimensions and Bernard

07 Dec 09

This Interview is about the Point of where you, where you Face, yourself within the Statement of: ”It´s too late”.

From my personal experience in Death, from my Life Experience on Earth: in Death you Face the Point of it being “too late”. Because, when you Die, I mean, it´s too late for you to Return or attempt to try and ‘fix’ and ‘resurrect’ your Life that has passed, because everything that was, Dies with you. And the most prominent Point that come up in Death is: The Realization or the Seeing and the Understanding in a Moment, of the, let´s say the… you See what you´ve done in your Life on Earth –you’ve seen… you See what you´ve Created, you See the Consequences and in Seeing all of That and Understanding it, and Facing it – you experience Directly the Point of it being “too late”, to… to go back and what is also prominent within that Experience is the intense disappointment that you have, because the, I mean, it´s so easy to just make that One Decision that Change your whole Life, I mean that Change You, but we have such a tendency of Trusting what we´ve always known, what we´ve always Trusted, but not asking ourselves the Question in terms of the Realization: “But have I, actually myself from end… from start… from beginning to end Created, Constructed, Formed and thus Understood how it is that I am Who I am and what I´m participating, what I´m Living, How I´m Living?”

You know, in terms of Everything of yourself, in your World and your Reality – We just kind of Walk Everything into a Blind Acceptance and just Trust That, just Trust Everything – we kind of Walk into a Reality and then just Trust Everything without investigating Everything for yourself.

So – and then in your Life, there come these glimpses of opportunities, wherein you have the Ability to Break from a Patterned Existence of Blind Trust and Acceptance and Start on a ‘Journey’, so to speak, on Self-Discovery that is a ‘Path’, so to speak, that is Walked Alone that is in a way Separate from Everything that you have ever known and ever Trusted, because you are then placed in a position, where you have to Trust yourself and we have always such a tendency of Trusting Everything and Everyone else in terms of what we´ve always known and Trusting oneself then becomes quite a Fearful Prospect, because it seems easier to depend on Everything and Everyone else of what you´ve always known, from how you´ve grown up, than to Stand Alone and take Self-Responsibility and Observe yourself, not only in context of Self-Interest, but in the context of the World, I mean, and Humanity.

I think that´s a Important Realization for me, in terms of Observing That One Singular Point within my Life-Experience, wherein I only looked at myself in context of myself, you know, I mean, Every Human Being in this World Lives That Completely, where we Truly Believe that it is only us as an Individual that Exist in this World and we in Essence within that do not Actually Realize: “but hey, you know we´re in this World with a lot of other people” and that the World does not revolve around only us, I mean, as an individual.

Everyone affects Everyone: Something happens in one part of the World, it affects the other part of the World in many ways. One Human Being does one Action – That One Action affects billions of people. I´d say that´s a Point to also look at, in terms of, I mean I understand that it´s extremely Daunting to Embrace Self-Trust in terms of Actually Observing yourself, your Reality – not only in context of yourself alone, but in context of Existence: Taking Everyone and All into Consideration Equally. But if you would Observe for example the Point of Self-Honesty within Self-Trust, wherein and you Live that Self-Honesty within the context of Equality and Oneness as All as Life: There is nothing to Fear – Because you have within That, Yourself and the Understanding of the Consideration of All as One as Equal and whatever you may Find and See and Realize and Understand – You´ll be able to Walk Through within Self-Forgiveness as your Support to do so, to be able to Face what it is, that you’ll Actually Realize and See and Understand, when you Dare to, ha, switch ‘the light’ of Self-Interest off and Walk into the Unknown:

The Darkness of that which we have been wanting to or trying to or attempting to ignore, which is basically this Whole World and events that is happening, and what´s going on and how it is that we are Actually Individually Affecting what is happening within this World in it´s Entirety.

So I mean, in terms of the Whole Message of this Point, is that the One Point of Regret that I Faced, in Death, the Point of it being Too late was: Me Trusting what I´ve always known, which is only myself and what I´ve been taught, my, I Trusted only ‘who I was’ in terms of How I Created and was Formed by my environment, through my Life-Experience – I didn’t ask the Question of: “How it is that I am who I am and how it is that within that forming of ‘who I am’, I am Creating and Manifesting and developing my World and my Reality?” I don’t know, if I’d have known all of this then, what I would have been or what I would have done, but, you know you Really have got nothing to lose to, just maybe if, you know: for a moment, take this Point into Consideration in Looking Outside ‘the box’ for a Change and asking yourself the Question of: “How it is that I came to be Who I am?” I think that´s a very Important Question, each Human Being should ask themselves, because surely, you did not Consciously Create Who you are right now – yet, we Allowed ourselves to become Who we are right now and within asking yourself that One Question, you´ll Realize and See for yourself, how it is that we are who we are, because of what we´ve Accepted and Allowed within even Blind Acceptance and then your, if you would further yourself within your Self-Investigation upon that Question: Something will open up – it might open your eyes to See.

So: don’t be scared to Trust yourself – you have Self-Honesty and Self-Forgiveness as your Support and the Principle of Equality and Oneness as Life. But it is a, quite a, you’ll find in many people probably walking this Process, that do not want to Give Up what it is that they´ve always known, what it is that they´ve always Trusted – Great Fear within that, because we have placed so much dependency and Self-Definitions within all those Points. So yeah…

Bernard: Yeah, because the interesting thing is that the Point of ‘Interest’ – Self-Interest, is the Point of the reason ‘Why’ and each one is measuring and weighing up their reason ‘Why’ they Exist and ‘Why’ they are Here, as being more important than Somebody else´s reason as to ‘Why’ they are Here, but if Everyone would Consider ‘How’ they are Here, and ‘How’ come they´re Existing Here, not a ‘Why’, but a ‘How’ and ‘How’ each one is thus effecting each other and Move from that Perspective, you´ll notice that Equality is an obvious answer to the problem.

Now, the ‘Why’ is like Wine: it intoxicates, it is not worth drinking from the ‘Wine’ of ‘Why’, where you´re always uncertain – Yes, in ‘How’, you´re going to find out how little you Really Understand, but that´s Self-Honest – in the ‘Why’, you never find out, because you never Know.

Dimensions: Yeah – and the ‘Why’ again is the Point of you wanting to ask the Question to knowledge and information of what you´ve always Trusted, instead of Trusting yourself and then Looking in the ‘How – Self-Investigation.

Bernard: Correct, now, if you Move from when you Look at the ‘How’, the next Point is the ‘What’ to do and obviously within that, you don’t use ‘Why’ – you use ‘How’: ‘What’ you do and ‘How’ you do it – then Determines Everything. The ‘Why’ becomes irrelevant.

Dimensions: Yeah.

Bernard: Because the ‘Why’ is Simplistically based on a lesser understanding. If One do ‘What’ you do, based on what you know ‘How’ to do – that is what is in your hands – that´s what you do, and you do it, ‘Where’ you are, because where you are, is ‘Where’ you are and that defines ‘What’ you Can do and now it is just ‘How’ to do it and you can find out ‘How’ to do it – The ‘Why’ Becomes irrelevant because the ‘Why’ is simplistically defining a Polarity-Construct of ‘good’ and ‘bad’. The ‘How’ is gonna be an Expression of yourself, that is going to give a Consequential Outflow, within which you can then Reconsider if you are basing it on Any form of ‘Why’ that is not Best for All – So Once you place Equality, Everything else becomes easy.

Dimensions: Yeah.

Bernard: Then Death is not such a Daunting Prospect.

Dimensions: Yeah, where you Experience the “Too late” – So find out now, rather than in Death: Ask yourself now: ‘How’, rather than ‘finding out’ How in Death.

Bernard: To find out Why you are ‘Late’, is really not a cool Experience, but to find out ‘How come’ you´re late – I mean, you can Change it next time.

Dimensions: Yeah, next time – But that point of ‘Too late’ still Exist and cannot be reversed.

Ok, some relaxed Sharing, Talk ha ha.