Time Storage/Saving Capsules

Daily Interdimensional Diary 26 September 2008:

Time Storage/Saving Capsules:

by Winged

Date : 26/09/2008

‘Threads of ‘diamond-shaped’ capsules – light to dark green together with yellow to gold in colour – were discovered within and as the human physical body – these threads were in alignment with the veins within the human physical body, attached to the muscle tissue – all threads aligning together within as the spine of the human physical body.

Such threads, consisting of and existing as numerously multiple ‘diamond-shaped capsules’ – are what is referred to as ‘time storage/saving capsules’ and this is what they were designed for:

All these threads together, with the diamond-shaped capsules, manifest a platform, that stand as the ‘stabilizer’ / ‘equalizer’ of the effect of the mind consciousness system within and as the human physical body as the ‘compounding charges’ it produces because of emotions and feelings as physical manifested reactions, as experienced by and within each human being. Thus manifests an ‘equilibrium’ within and as the human physical body wherein the reactions experienced by each human being remain ‘under control’ – from the perspective that when you experience a certain emotion or feeling, you know exactly what it is that you are experiencing – the emotions and feelings as reactions don’t ‘disperse’ out of control wherein all of a sudden you experience all emotions and feelings existent all at once.

For the time-factor:

The human physical body was designed to only be able to ‘handle so much’ of the extent of the manifested programmed system-design that is the mind consciousness system – the capsules within the threads – ‘soak up’ all excess ‘charges’ produced by the mind through experienced emotions and feelings – the excess charges is that which the mind consciousness system didn’t need/require to sustain itself within the physical body during the processes of rejuvenation/rechar­ging or to assist and support its own integration within and as the human physical body as well as the development of new manifested physical constructs of mind.

At the same time – the capsules within the threads – as the entire platform it exists as within the human physical body – was programmed – to, as the capsules fill – analyze the ‘amount of time’ as ‘the amount of resources’ the mind consciousness system has within the human physical body to use for its own ‘evolution/grow­th/infusion’ process within and as the human physical body.

Herein, as the capsules fill, one by one, it signifies the ‘amount of time the body has before it starts with its dying/death process’ as the mind consciousness system utilize and feed of natural resources existent within and as the human physical body and literally starts taking over the human physical body – where the human physical body no more is a natural expression – but become a complete system within which the mind is in absolute control.

Thus, when all the diamond-shaped capsules are filled, – the mind as a ‘last resort’ completely and entirely infuse itself within and as the human physical body – where the mind and the physical merge as one entirely – within which the body becomes the ‘living’ manifested mind consciousness system and the body starts dying. At this stage – this merging, within which the capsules are completely filled, occurs at the age of 28 years due to the mind’s own evolution and upgrading for itself by itself to be able to sustain its own survival in existence – as it was left to ‘fend for itself’ when the dimensions ‘cut off’ from earth entirely in 1998.

And also the reason why so many human beings now die before the age of 40 to 50 years – because it takes for half the years for the mind consciousness to integrate within and as the human physical body – and due to the ‘time and space’ manifestation of this reality, it takes the other half of the years as the ‘regression-stage’ within which the human physical body slowly but surely starts dying.

Though, due to the extensive nature of the evolved mind consciousness system – which constantly and continuously is on automated upgrade/evolving – as it’s the only way to ensure its own survival – many human beings die sooner through illness/disease as the mind consciousness system starts ‘eating at itself’ within and as the human physical body – using its own ‘charges’ to be able to sustain itself within and as the human physical body.

Previously – the ‘merging’ of the mind consciousness system with the human physical body only developed at the age of between 45 to 50 years – thus the reason why more human beings lived to see the ages of between 80 to 100.

The alignment of all the threads within the spine – is to ‘interlink’ the mind system in the human physical body of the being – to the unified consciousness field of this world.

This done, to when events-orientated experiences (which has an immense impact within a being from a reactive emotion/feeling perspective which play a great significant role in the development of the mind consciousness system of the mind) manifest – it has a definitive impact within the being – through which charges are acquired, which are experienced within the physical and in turn the mind use to be able to do what is necessary to be done in its process of ‘taking over full control of the physical’.

Together with this – the capsules – are designed in alignment with the ‘time-space’ construct in the unified consciousness field in relation to the ‘ageing process’ – so, as the capsules full – the body ‘age’ – as the mind consciousness system integrate and infuse, upgrade and rejuvenate, create and design more of itself and evolve within and as the human physical body.

Thus – ‘ageing’ is not due to the outward reflection of perceived time according to seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years etc. – but due to the filling of the capsules within the threads within the human physical body of the mind consciousness system.

The more the capsules fill – the amount of capsules fill – is equal to the amount of resources derived from within and as the human physical body.

So in essence – the human physical body is a manifested designed sacrifice – that is produced in this world to sustain a system = the mind consciousness system, and we the beings used to but for a moment – ‘play the interim/temporary’ part – for the mind to be able to function in the physical – and then through this – maintain full control.

Thus, our existence has nothing to do with us – but has become, to but for a moment, play a part in the rise of the machine – lol, the existence of the machine that is the mind that is already and has been for eons of time – the control, the power that direct existence, through our own accepted and allowed abdication of ourselves completely.

What have we done…