Transmitted: June 2007

DATE TRANSMITTED: 01 June 2007 between hours 22:00 and 23:00

  1. My name is Winston Flemming. I died at age 59 on 28 March 2007 in hospital. I died from a heart condition which I developed in my late forties which was a family descendent condition. I left behind my wife and two children, a son and a daughter. My daughter had already started her own family and my son was to be married to a lovely woman.
  2. My name is Rochelle Kim Becking – everybody knew me as Kimmie (nickname). I died at age 23 (turning on 24) on 21 May 2007 in a car accident while returning from a party in central New York City while my boyfriend was driving who was drunk. I died on the way to the hospital in the ambulance with severe internal injuries. I have a younger sister – my relationship with my parents was something of that not to mention at this moment. My sister and I were very close.
  3. My name is Dereck Buvuoè. I was a barman at a Jazz Club in New York . I died at age 39 on 24 April 2007 of kidney failure in hospital – there's no-one I have been specifically involved with in my life, had many acquaintances.
  4. My name is Gregory or Georgia as all used to refer to me as. I have been so used to only using my name and that's how everyone will remember me – the one who always spruced up all's day when they were feeling low. I never felt low – I was the sun in everyone's hearts who knew me. I was a transvestite who roamed the streets and I had the unfortunate experience of having to be killed by bastards who don't appreciate the expression I stood for – which occurs quite often even more recently so. I died at age 34 by being strangled to death in a hotel room – a rather shady looking one – all this happened in the infamous New York .
  5. My name is Ingrid Guèli. I lived in Italy and died at age 79 on 20 May 2007 gracefully from old age in the comfort of my own home while the sun was still brightly shining during mid afternoon, inviting me to my new life. I am now with my husband. My son is still here – my beautiful boy. He has his own little business in the town which I lived in and is known by many as a gentle man, but had no relationships, only a few that failed.
  6. Hello! My name is Mimsy Simpson and I died at age 11 in the hospital from leukemia. I almost only ever knew the hospital so where I am now is great! My mom and dad are still here and also my little brother who is fine – there's nothing wrong with him at all. I died recently on 02 May 2007 because I was very sick and my body could not hold on any longer because of the sickness inside that was busy eating my body away and so I had to leave because my body was very sick. I love you mommy and daddy and little brother. I am okay. O' I died in a country called Australia .
  7. My name is Olivia Maria Sescles. I was a writer, or so I wished to be. I was an artist and enjoyed painting. I was a loner who traveled often – the last place I had been was Paris . I died at age 47 from lung cancer, due to anger at a failed marriage in which my husband received custody of my one child through me not being fit to be a mother due to alcohol abuse to which I have become so addicted the impossibility of giving it up was a price to pay in which I lost my husband and child – my work I sold on the streets for money and food and shelter. I stayed with another woman such as myself, we lived and painted together. She was with me during my last days. I died on 23 April 2007.
  8. Hi. My name is Hulio Gamarez – I am originally Mexican, but worked in Spain . My grandmother lived there many years ago – so I am Mexican Spanish blend. I died very young – 31 from bull riding accident to which I was trampled to death. Did not feel it. I don't know if I fell off unconscious to the ground because I felt my head hit or broke my neck but all I remember was falling off the bull and hitting my head on the ground. My last thought was probably waking up in hospital, instead I live here in the other world that is also here in this world but no-one or not many can see. I died on 15 May 2007 – but did not feel anything so I'm okay. I had a girlfriend only and a younger brother also parents who are still alive, but old and healthy still. Waiting for them here!
  9. Michael Karnakov. Died at age 53. Died in Russia . Died on 23 May 2007. Died of internal organ failures – liver, kidneys and heart. Involved with substances when younger which killed my body. Respectable man in older years with still beautiful wife – one beautiful daughter. Tried to make up for my past – it caught up with me in my later years. Thank You.

DATE TRANSMITTED: 02 June 2007 between hours 00:00 and 01:00

  1. Mllui Visconci, died at age 28 on 03 March 2007 in a car accident/motorcycle accident while on holiday in the tropics alongside the beach on Milwaukee . It was my boyfriend and I, we were on the motorcycle, and the other people were in a car. I remember us driving on a road alongside a big green grass field and it was around ten or eleven in the morning, my long brown hair waving all over the place, momentary freedom! I remember shooting up into the sky, very, very high and falling to the ground, experiencing momentary pain as some of my bones crushed to the ground. Not surprising because my body was rather thin and fragile. I did not have a mother or father I am with them now; they also died in a car accident when I was four years old so it's only my boyfriend because he did not die in the accident and handful of friends that remain.
  2. My name is Marscha Custence. I am from Dublin . I died committing suicide when I was 41 years old on 31 March 2007 exactly at 22:00 in the evening. I did not see any point continuing to live in this world as I was still working as a waitress in an off-beat filthy restaurant at the time. I had no friends, I had been abused by men my life through prostitution which I had given up doing when I turned 31. By then it was too late for education in any regard and I had to result to odd jobs for a place to live or stay. I did fortunately have a little flat, with only a bed, a table and a fridge with almost no prized possessions. I could not continue and there was nothing left for me to continue having to live in this world and therefore I hanged myself. Where I am now is where life is, where a reason to live is and therefore I am forever grateful for finally taking that step and releasing myself from this world.
  3. Lui Oljuni is my name. I died when I was four years old, or may be six. My mom was shopping and I walked over the street because I was curious of something, I think they were flowers on the other side of the road. I focused so much on the flowers on the other side of the road that I did not see or hear the cart which was driven by two very big Oxes. The Oxes with their very big hooves walked over my body and the driver did not see me because I was too tiny and the Oxes could not see me because their eyes were closed with patches. It was very sore. I was alive for a little while and then I died because my bones were broken badly. I died about a few weeks ago, I think. I come from Greenland . We worked in green fields with coffee beans. My mom is still here and my dad, was a strange man because I never spoke to him. I was always afraid of him. He was a very angry man. My mom was my angel and I was her angel.

DATE TRANSMITTED: 02 June 2007 between hours 01:00AM and 01:20AM

1.  Olgnus Matrivek. I died at age 61. I aged very quickly. Body gave in very soon. Too much drinking which left body to become completely dried out, alcohol took the life, took all the life in my body. I am now speaking of drinking excessively for 15 – 20 years give or take. I come from cold, very cold place. I believed that alcohol keeps body warm which I later used as excuse to continue drinking. Was becoming alcoholic who never admitted – thank God I did not have wife to nag and complain. Was a free man who killed himself with too much alcohol and red meat through the years with no nurturing the life in body – but killed body. Eat vegetables kids – red meat and alcohol too much over years – kill body, kill life inside and you die as quick as I have. Left some workers in factory I owned behind. Did not leave will behind. I know I said all my belongings to be sold to go for company.

2.  Hi my name is Vivvie Deray. I am from America , the name of the town exactly I am not able to remember, honestly. I died on 07 March 2007 in a car accident. I remember driving in my old beat-up little stained light yellow car. I had long brown curls, fair skin, rather plain looking. I died at age 28. I remember that it was raining quite heavily, another car came up ahead, came speeding up ahead quite fast and crashed right into me. I remember my head being shot forward so fast that it felt like my entire neck being ripped from my body and that was the last I could remember before I found myself standing in the dimensions where I am now. My mother and father are still here, who buried me. Mom, dad, I am fine and well – where I am now may be referred to as heaven!

3.  My name is Daniel Williams and I died when I was five and a half years old. I died in the swimming pool, I died in the water in the swimming pool. I wanted to be brave and swim without my wings, my red wings that made me float in the water. I did not want to float in the water, I wanted to feel the water all over me, under the water. I jumped in as I always do but jumped in too deep and I could not come up for air because there was no place to stand like I always could when I had my red wings on my arms which made me float. I remember feeling water coming inside my body where too much water is not supposed to go and I could not breathe because the water came in the place of air. I remember seeing someone else with me in the water who I followed out of my body and now I am here in a different world. I am very happy here it is fun here. I do not remember the place where I come from, somewhere in South Africa I know. My parents and I spoke English. I died about one or two months ago.

4.  I am Phileas Mokune. I am from Lesotho . I died on 16 May 2007. My mother, my wife and my child are still here. I am here with my father. I am with you all inside you always. The hardship will end soon, you must have faith, you must trust. I am worried for their lives. It is not easy where we live. Maybe my mothers brother will take care of them now because I took care of them, but now they are alone and I take care of them in different ways, not here on earth where they live in Lesotho , but inside them. I was killed with a knife, my throat was cut and I bled to death on the side of the road. I was killed for a few monies I had in my pocket which I did not want to give the men. The circumstances in countries are very bad, very bad. I am with you always my family.

5.  I am Richard Michael Bryson – everybody used to call me Rich-Mike or Richy or Myki, might be confusing to some, but you get used to both, I always answered to either because my names presents the opportunity to be called by two nicknames and had the privilege of having friends who enjoyed joking around. I died at age 32. I died while diving in the ocean, God did I love the ocean. I had my own boat on which I lived most of the time, I enjoyed the woman though later settled with one, never married, didn't believe in marriage nor relationship really. But a man gets tired of going from one woman to another so I decided to have a classified ‘girlfriend. Her name was Alexis. Beautiful name – always reminded me of the universe in the great open skies above. The ocean, nature was my one true love. I remember going out alone one day, preferred it this way. The water was perfect, the day was perfect, me alone with the world in the ocean. I went in deep, very deep. I was supposed to replace my oxygen tank but thought it be fine for one more dive, suppose it wasn't. The last thing I remembered was struggling to breathe and my chest became heavy like there was a stone being pressed upon it which was too heavy to lift and I could not move, I could not swim upwards which I know was where I was supposed to go. I remained there, pinned in the ocean not being able to move, not being able to breathe. I died drowning – this happened in Cape Town on round about 16 March 2007. Now I'm in heaven, still living, still loving earth, nature, the ocean – realizing that I am one with all that exist here in this universe.


DATE TRANSMITTED: 02 June 2007 – BETWEEN 01:20 AM AND 01:43 AM

  1. Hi my name is Elizia Britworth (the z must be spoken very loud and sharp). I come from Great Britain – see how my surname suits where I come from. I always remembered that my surname suits with where I come from. I enjoyed going to school and I enjoyed swimming in my blue inflatable pool and playing with my colourful ball, which was blue, green, yellow, red and white. I was seven years old when I died. I was asthmatic and I had very, very, very bad attacks. I remembered one doctor saying to my mom that my asthma was quite out of the ordinary. I still don't know exactly what that means, but it meant something bad. Sometimes that pump thing I used did not work properly as it should and I had to be rushed to hospital to be able to breathe properly. I was rushed to hospital about five times in my short lived life in which I almost died. But then, one day I did die because my mom could not drive me to the hospital soon enough and I died in the car on a soft seat on my dad's lap because my mom drove and my dad tried to help me breathe. It's very painful to not be able to breathe, but it was over quickly because now I am in heaven with all the other children and I go to Heaven School . I call it heaven because I am free to live, but there is no God or Angels because I am God and I am the Angels. I died about five or so weeks ago, very young. My mom and dad should try and be pregnant again so I could maybe come back and show them who they really are because I know who I am.
  2. Hi, my name is Tanya Becker. I am from America , this I remember. I was a very youngish vibrant girl, meaning around about 18 or 19 always being the life of the party. I was very much into ecstasy and alcohol, because this naturally made partying so much more great and well worth living for. I was around eighteen or nineteen years old, but according to experiences I have had, I was much more ‘mature' for my age. It's like I have already experienced most woman take years to experience, or even a lifetime or even never. Sex, drugs alcohol – weekends was my playtime, clubs were my playground where I had many people wrapped around my little pinky. Yes and there came the evening when I used too much ecstasy using so much I could not even remember or recall the exact amount I had taken, I remember shaking like crazy with my eyes popping straight to the back of my head with me not being able to speak or indicate any form of awareness because there was like this electrical current moving continuously through my entire body. My body finally did give in, because it could not handle the amount of chemical toxins of the ecstasy together with the alcohol mix and I moved gracefully through to heaven after the torturous bodily experience. My parents are still here and I did not have any younger brothers or sisters because I was an only child. Not a recommended way of dying! I died on 17 February 2007 – very recently!


DATE TRANSMITTED: 02 June 2007 - BETWEEN 12:43 PM AND 01:36 PM

  1. My name is Sunny Muwalo. I died in a shooting between two gangs in which I was involved. I died at age 23 on 19 May 2007 in a city called Cape Town . We were fighting because we were doing deals on each other's turfs which we'd agreed we will not mingle in each other's turfs where we do our deals for money for food and for shelter. There was about nine of us involved; only the main players in the gangs were to meet to settle an agreement and give an explanation for reason why we were on each other's turfs. When all of a sudden the other gang started shooting, only one had a weapon. In the gang where I was there were four who agreed to meet, the other gang was five. I died along with my other two gang members. Our bodies were buried so that police may not find out in a field, a little bit away from where we stayed. There are many things that happen here that no police ever know, sometimes police is even involved and help with burying bodies to get money or whatever they want. I had a mother and younger brother and my sister with her baby, a girl.
  2. Hello world! I was a very little girl when I died because I could not eat or have any food. I died in a place that was very brown and dry where there was never any water to give food to the plants and I think because there was no food for the plants they were not growing, the same happened to me. Just as the plants died, I died because there was not enough food. I died when I was about three years old. I don't know what my name was or even if I did have one because my mother never really spoke. I was always with her on her lap or on her back. There was many people like us who did not have anything to eat, sometimes people will come with food but not enough to live long enough. She did not even have milk for me because she did also not have enough food. She also came with me to the next world where we are now together. She said she died of a broken heart because she couldn't give me what she would have wanted for herself, this she said when I asked her why she came with me. This is happening somewhere in Northern Africa .
  3. Hi, I am Bosweld Khan. I am an African-American who died at age 25 on 14 April 2007 in a shootout which took place in the Bronx . Yes, I had the whole thing going for me, the money, the drugs, and the weapons – the gangster almighty attitude for my own protection to survive. The inner workings of gangs in this world are not at all understood by the government and police. We also have some in specific gangs who sacrifice themselves for the cause of the entire gang's survival, for their own individual families also. Some of us deliberately set up ‘transactions' that take place in fooling the police that they have caught men on the streets and in this way making the streets a safer place. When in fact it's a diversion to the bigger picture of the existence of gangs on the streets. We know the police that roam the streets better than they know themselves. You must understand the means of survival before you are able to understand the religion that gangs stands for. Yes, we are a religion the gangster's religion - all for the fight for survival. Police are way over their heads when it comes to us, they don't have a clue to the truth of what it means to belong to a gang and to what extremes we will go, even if it means sacrificing ourselves for a cause far greater than ourselves concerning our individual families and the family as the gang we belong to. My due time came as my life on the streets. Didn't have family, my mother and father I barely knew. Most of my life was spent on the streets, crashing where I was able to. Not a life I'd have wished for, unfortunately you gotta do what you have to do to survive in this world.
  4. Hi, my name is Amy Whitmore and I died when I was eleven years old in the hospital, in a Children's Hospital. I was always very, very, very sick; my body was very sick and ill all the time. None of my organs inside my body wanted to work properly, I remember it had something to do with the blood not flowing through my heart and my body properly and the doctors and my parents always tried to keep me alive, but there is no medicine and doctor who is able to fix a body that was already so sick as my own. Medicine and operations don't work very well in healing very deep inside your body where the problem is because what they did and tried always only lasted for a little while. I was an only child and I died on 03 March 2007 very early in the morning in a hospital in Los Angeles .


DATE TRANSMITTED : 02 June 2007 - BETWEEN 01:42 PM AND 02:39 PM

  1. Hi my name is Olivia George and I died at age 71 on 01 May 2007 in an old age home in a beautiful countryside in South America . It might've been reasonably late in the afternoon. My mind could no longer occupy the immense amount of information I filled it with during my lifetime here on earth, and so it came to be that my mind together with my entire body, finally gave up – happens when you put too much information in your mind trying to remember, cope and maintain some form of letting everyone always know that you're fine when inside you're rushing with constant anxiety and fear over what needs to get done during your day, never having or making time for yourself. I raised four children of who two of them I adopted. I had a two son's and two daughters. Exactly as I have always wanted it. I had two children of my own because I could not see myself through another two pregnancies and therefore I adopted another two. Most of my hassles in life started after my husband died, with whom I am now – I just could not handle life without him and soon it became impossible. All my stress and fear and anxiety of everyday life went straight to my head – causing me to lose all memory. Probably what happens when you do not deal with constant stress fear and anxiety properly? I am now young and vibrant again!
  2. Hi, my name is Conraad Phillips and I was a Fireman for most my life. I died at age 83 in my own home while sleeping. I was old enough and my body was tired. I could actually feel the hard work I had done most my life, sitting in my bones and in my muscles – walking was not a pleasure any longer. My body had paid its dues in this world. My wife, about 71 still remains here on earth with our two sons still well and about in the world. The one is a photographer and the other a lawyer – the two extremes in the family, allowing their individuality in not having to force them in following in their father's footsteps of becoming fireman. I lived in the good old American Empire and I died on 27 April 2007.
  3. My name is Kenny Lindell. I died on 03 May 2007 while on tour in the world. I traveled a lot, especially in countries with fascinating historical backgrounds. I worked for a Museum, traveling to do specific research – taking photographs and doing interviews. I traveled about once or twice a month, a job that I loved doing and wouldn't have traded it in for anything else in the world. I lived in Europe, originally from America . I lived in my own apartment – not your upmarket scenario ofcourse. I was in Australia when this happened, in a pub close to where I stayed while doing research on animal species. I went to the pub for a drink, I remember taking off my big light brown hat and placing it on the bar table. A fight had started between two men and I stepped in – big mistake which cost my life. Because when I stepped in, I took the one man's fist right to the temple of my head, the perfect spot to cause your entire mind to stop, your entire body to stop in fact. It felt like my entire body transforming into a pillar inside, like everything stopped working inside me. At the same time of the blow against my head, I moved out of my body to where I am now. I did only have a mother, no other family. I died at age 33.
  4. Hi my name is Vincent Ngubane. I died from the AIDS virus on 15 May 2007 in a government hospital in Botswana . I still worked when I found out I have the AIDS, because I used the money to be able to die in hospital and not where I lived in cold, broken shacks in dirt and filth. I saved for four or five years, doing anything to make enough money so my mama could send me to hospital to spend my last days there with medicine. I did have some money sometimes to buy medicine to make the pain and the illness go away for a little while, but came back even worse every time. I died in hospital, just like I planned and I left money for my mama here on earth. This AIDS is vicious and if you can't help yourself, no-one and nothing can save you from it. Where I am now is heaven where I am free from AIDS, still alive without AIDS.
  5. Christina Merlot, aka Chrissie. I died when I was 34 years old on the 16 th of February 2007 – first raped and then beaten to death by my own boyfriend. I did not have any children who had to endure the relationship I was in. I could not have any children due to the physical damage that was caused when my grandfather raped me as a child. My parents never wanting to believe me, for which I never forgave them and ran away from home when I was nineteen. Picked up Jeffrey in a bar when I was 27, he was the owner and I had nothing as I couldn't afford furthering my education and did jobs where I was able to when I finally ended up with nothing. Started working there in the pub as a waitress. Became involved and we ran the bar together. He was the jealous type and always got infuriated when another man but looked at me – but never expressed it. Until I suppose one day, he just snapped. I remember him saying to me over, and over and over again while he was raping and beating me at the same time: You belong to me, you belong to me, no-one will ever have you but me. So I will keep you away from them all in death. You will always be on my hands, you will not belong to anyone else. And so I died. It was quite a traumatic experience – felt like I was in hell, being sent to heaven the moment I had died. I remember praying and asking to die – seems I answered my own prayer when I left my body and am now here in the dimensions. I have forgiven myself including my parents who are still alive, soon to join me.
  6. I am a little girl who has been sold to become a slave. I knew I was sold because the man that came to fetch me gave my mother a lot of money in a brown filthy bag – lots and lots of coins. I did not cry, I took the man's hand and walked with him I did not feel anything because I knew I was going to be okay because there was another person with me that no-one else could see and she told me that I must not be afraid and that everything will be okay. I remember being sent on a ship, the last thing I remembered was being inside a big, big ship very underneath the ship and I was very dirty, I had short straight black hair and dark brown skin with big brown eyes. I know I was seven years old. I remember my mom saying that she loves me and that this would be the only way that was able to live. I died two months ago, before we were on land again inside the ship. I was the youngest child there. My name was Cuili – which means flowing river. I died while I was sleeping and the person who said to me to not be afraid took my hand I walked with her into heaven so that nothing bad happened to me for being a slave. We must do this with all the people who are slaves so they don't have to become them and be here with me in heaven.


DATE: 02 June 2007 - BETWEEN 02:47 PM AND 03:36 PM

  1. Hi, my name is Helena Dansvilnov – I am from Russia . I died when I was 86 years old inside my own bed, well, inside my daughter's house, inside my own bed. I died on 12 March 2007. I enjoyed baking and cooking where my husband and I used to run our own bakery. I am now with my husband in the world where here is life. Real life, not the life people would refer to as here on earth. I am fine.
  2. My name is Jonathan, or Johnny is many referred to me. My surname is Nowell. I died on 18 March 2007 when I was 30 years old, turning on 31. I was a night guard, part of the security enforcements at one of the renowned Hotels in Europe . I remember walking one early morning from my shifts to my car. The Old Wagon as I referred to it. I stopped at a store along the way for milk and bread, the milk was for my ginger cat, waiting for me in my apartment – I was not very well off. I parked my car in a space next to the building of the store. It was about 04:00 AM (in the morning) when I returned from the little store when two men stood by my car trying to break in. All dressed in black, both definitely living on the streets, one with long black hair and the other with long brown hair, dirt under their nails – one man was clean shaven and the other had a beard and mustache. I was walking up to them, handing them my wallet, demanding them to take it, just leave my car be. Out of fear, I suppose, the one man used a spanner and clubbed me over the head and both kicked me a couple of times. The one man said to the other: “We might as well kill him, because he'd seen us. If we don't we might as well leave everything.” And this is exactly what they had done. I was still conscious when they hit me over the head and kicked me a couple of times, but had another massive blow to the head which finally caused my inevitable death. I am now more than happy, quite frankly grateful because where I am now is heaven – what could possibly be better than this? Now we must just get earth to become as heaven so we don't have to live a miserable life to first have to die before we get to heaven. Just have heaven right here on earth and skip the miserable life and having to die!
  3. Nurska Batlovitski. I am honoured to be here. I died when I was 47 years old because I decided to throw myself off the balcony of my home when I discovered my chauvinist husband decided to have an affair with another beautiful woman – younger than I. Thought he could have two woman, the wife at home and the girl for play. He watched me die. I confronted him in our bedroom; I stormed over to the balcony and, threw myself over and killed myself. Out of pure spite I did this, so he may for the remainder of his life live in guilt for what he has done. I ask his forgiveness, I have forgiven myself for what I have done in deliberately causing him pain. I did not have any children; even if I did I would have done it anyway I suppose. I am from Europe . I die on 21 March 2007.
  4. Hi, my name is Samantha Stein. I died when I was 13 years old in a car accident when a truck hit the car on the side which I was sitting with seatbelt and all, the seatbelt did not keep me safe. We were crossing a road when my dad quickly wanted to shoot in front of the truck, he would have probably made it if the car hadn't stalled because he moved off to quickly, because the car moved forward a bit, right in the fast incoming truck's way which hit my side. Only I died but I know my dad and my mom and my little brother were in very bad conditions in hospital. I was sent to hospital, all of us were, I remembered the ambulances and the sirens and the medics running frantically all over the place. I remembered dozing off when I was rushed to the Emergency Room, probably to be operated on – this is when I didn't wake up here on earth, but woke up in heaven in the dimensions. I am fine and I am still with my mom and dad and little brother. I died in America .
  5. My name is Dennis William Matthews. I died because I OD'd – I lived in a ‘DO NOT ENTER' building in the outskirts of Europe, the buildings that have been burned down and left for years, mainly warehouses. I have been using any and all kind of drugs possible I could find when I died at age 23, living on a mattress with only so much belongings as clothes on my back. I lived in orphanages most my life – adoptive parents couldn't handle me so always sent me back. Orphanage ended kicking me out saying I should try and make a life for myself – the life I made for myself was pumping my body with as much drugs I possibly could – remaining fucked for at least two to three days, completely out. I stole from people, in many and all ways possible, the strange thing is that I was never, not once caught by police, but I was indeed caught by death – can't cheat death! A drug junkie was my title here in this shit hole we call a planet. I suppose its only people like me who really see the true nature of the status of this planet while the rich have their noses too high stuck up into the sky to notice what's really going on in this world. Time to look down people and notice – this world is not a pretty place and I can tell you that for sure. Time someone really starts looking and seeing. I died on 14 April 2007 – not that anyone cared anyway. I don't really – I am here in heaven, having those who have their noses too high stuck into the sky realize what the fuck is going on this world.
  6. I am Veneez Maraj and I am from India . I lived and worked in the same place because I was fortunate enough to own my own little store selling only the best spices in the world. I died when I was 57 years old on 09 April 2007 because of a sudden unexpected heart attack. I remember starting to walk and breathe difficulty a few weeks before my heart suddenly decided to stop, but did not think it necessary to see a doctor so I had my wife massage my body with special oils I had prepared for myself to loosed the muscles in my legs. Then, one day I was walking in front of the counter in my store when it felt like my entire heart became filled with heavy metal and stopped. My entire body went into complete shock, my eyes went very big and I remember clinging with my fists onto my heart area and remember falling down to the ground. That was the last thing I remember, seeing me falling towards the ground and my heart stopping in turning into heavy metal, my entire body going into shock. My son and wife are still here on earth where I once lived.


DATE: 02 June 2007 - BETWEEN 20:35 PM AND 20:47 PM

  1. Hi my name is Ange Gilligan. I died in prison. I was sent to prison for murder. I was a prostitute see and I had a child, a four months old baby, which I did not plan or hope for at all. It's the last thing a woman in my line of work could ever want. The pregnancy due to me having sex one evening with my boyfriend, I would define him under this category because I never charged him for anything and we often stayed together. One evening, this evening when I got pregnant without me knowing of it, he had sex with me while I was completely knocked out with alcohol and drugs. I found out I was pregnant only six weeks in, by then too late for an abortion which I could not afford at the time anyway. So I assumed that maybe this is some sign letting me know to stop for a moment and consider the possibility of settling down – I had this life inside me giving me the opportunity to start over again. So I did, I started waitressing, still living with my boyfriend, discontinuing the prostitution. To make a long story short I killed both my child and my boyfriend. Life took some ugly twists and turns for which there was no way out but death. It's strange that people consider death, by killing someone else to be the end of the road of that which you had to kill to go away for the rest of your life – that you don't consider killing yourself as well. I did not want my baby to live or grow up in this world in which I lived, there was no hope and there was no future. My boyfriend made life a living hell, worsening the circumstances of my life and the only way I knew to end everything was through death because I could not run away anywhere – not considering killing myself also who was really experiencing a life for which was necessary to kill to end the struggle. I did only consider killing myself once I was in jail where I hanged myself on 03 May 2007 on American soil. I was 26 years old. There is no-one else I'd call family left here on earth. My baby, my boyfriend and I are now at peace because we have forgiven ourselves for that which we had done, but had not understood.


DATE: 03 June 2007 - BETWEEN 13:58 PM AND 14:45 PM

  1. My name is Vusi Nququla. I am from Johannesburg . I lived on the streets in Johannesburg , very cold sometimes, very, very cold sometimes. I died on 03 February 2007 one cold night, sleeping under lots of newspapers next to a big brick building. I was 27 years old when I died. I had a very bad cough, coughed very much and my chest hurt and burned very much. Two days before I died, I coughed blood and got worse in two days only. On the night that I died, I coughed so much blood and it felt like my chest inside tore open. Lots of blood in my mouth and died soon after that. I made a little prayer to God, I was not a bad person because I only begged on the streets for money because no-one wanted to give me a job. Now I am in heaven and now we are helping many people in the world to help each other so no-one has to die like I have anymore.
  2. Hi, I'm Anne Hillston. I am from Nevada . I died when I was 23 years old. I had fair skin and long blonde-brown hair. I died on 01 May 2007 from multiple internal injuries. I died in a car accident, the car rolled, I did not have my seatbelt on, was rushed to hospital where I died. The doctors could unfortunately not do anything to save my life, or even prolong my life here on earth. I had a mother and father here – I was driving with my brother who is still alive. I know we were on our way to somewhere, from somewhere because we hadn't seen each other for quite some time. The rooftop of the car was down and we were speeding along the road – no alcohol involved or any other substances that may have caused the accident. I am quite at home where I am now.
  3. Hi, I am Samuel Zuninsky. I am from New York . I worked for a clothing design factory, assisting the people who actually are into designing the clothes and making them. I enjoyed what I did quite extensively – creating a beautiful design from pieces of material. A clothing piece that suits your individual expression – clothes that say: This is who I am. I enjoyed reading and spending time alone, I did have friends with whom I'd go out often for a drink – no immediate family or close relationships. I think I was still waiting for: The One. Yes, I was a hopeless romantic, not from a gay perspective though. I died when I was 29 years old on 02 May 2007 – throwing myself off of a building. You'd never have suspected me doing something as insane as that, but we were using some or other drug – my friends and I together. We were literally fucked out of our minds. I remember really thinking and believing that I could fly, so I climbed and stood on the stable balcony of one of my friends' apartments. In my mind I could not reason the impossibility for flying, it just made sense that it was possible and I could absolutely without a doubt do it. And off I went, with my drink still in my right hand. I do not remember hitting the ground, but I did fly straight into the dimensions where I am now. To all my friends – I am fine. And this once hopeless romantic searching for: The One, realized that I was searching for myself and that I am: The One here within me. No more searching!
  4. Enma Nostuce. I am from Switzerland . I died when I was 26 years old on 13 April 2007 – round about there. My interests while here on earth was self expression through dance. You could say I was a nostalgic gypsy who lived wherever a space was available. A drifter so to speak. Yet, no matter where I went, there were always people who supported my expression who I would usually meet in hangout places to where all the regulars would go. I did not appreciate being bound by anything or anyone, so I remained as free as I could in the limited world. This may be very odd to hear, but the last thing I remember while here on earth was that I was sitting in a trailer with two men and one lady. We were drinking and having fun. I know I was tipsy, but not drunk. All of a sudden everything went black and I found myself here where I am now. There are many people in the world out there like myself who believed that if you don't concern yourself with the dangers of the world, meaning not believing in it or making it part of your world where fear of it exist within you – then nothing will happen to you. That's why I didn't have any fear within me to live freely and stay with all different types of people for a few days as you travel. Unfortunately this approach to life is negligent and naïve, rather a form of suppression of the truths that exist in this world that I actually wanted to ignore to be able to make my life more comfortable. These people I had met, drug others and do all sorts of sexual experiments on them, kill them and get rid of their bodies appropriately. They usually target drifters, no-one with a stable home or committed relationship such as myself. I am quite satisfied though, understanding that we cannot deny or suppress in this world what already exist, otherwise no-one will ever be able to make a difference to what is going on in this maddened crazy world.


DATE: 03 June 2007 - BETWEEN 14: 49 PM AND 15:39 PM


  1. My name is Roy , my English name, my surname was Gamede. I died in a knife-fight, here in South Africa , while sorting out some people in the area where many people had to make a living to try and survive and they were causing unnecessary raucous, trying to make life for people more difficult than it already was. Police never effectively helped, they make life more difficult too and some of us had to take matters into our own hands. I never used any weapon unnecessarily, only out of self-defense. I did have my own gun and I had a knife, two actually to protect myself when necessary. There were four of us together who tracked some men who were stealing and raping woman who live on the streets. I sometimes think the Police and government leave people like us who live on the streets and in shacks to fend for ourselves with killing and raping to we can maybe die quicker and more sooner. We got the guys and told them to leave us at peace, or there will be consequences to pay. Conflicts arouse and they challenged us with a knife-fight. And so we did, only I died when one of the guys slashed my throat and I bled to death. I had no family except my sister, her husband and very young child. I was only trying to make life where we lived safer by the day, I suppose even if it did cost me my own life but I did not want to live in fear and I did not want to cower away and just sit and watch while horrible things are being done to people. I had to do something, even making it safer for my sister's child. I died on 05 May 2007 when I was 32 years old where I worked in a kitchen of a restaurant by the ocean washing dishes.


DATE: 03 June 2007 - BETWEEN 16:54 PM AND 17:39 PM

  1. My name is Francheska Boiltlavitsh and I am from Eastern Europe . I am finally young again after my physical body had given in, communicating in the soft, smooth language of English, rather than the seemingly harsh and brutal language I had grown up with. I was a teacher for most of my years and I am finally now here with my husband. I did not have any children of my own, my husband and I did try and conceive a child, but unfortunately I suppose you don't always get that which you desire and wish for too much. My students were my children, which filled me with much joy than I could ever have imagined, probably even better than having one individual child of my own. I died when I was 79 years of age, in hospital where I had already retired some years back, only in my old age starting to enjoy and appreciate the simplicities of life. Why, I have wondered so, you only notice life, the world and nature when you're too old to really express yourself in the splendors of this world, only then when time seems to move slower and everything else becomes clearer as you reflect upon the life you have lived. Why are things in one's life not clear the moment you experience them, like we're walking blindly in this world, when clarity only comes when you're about to die and then it's useless because everything has been done already? I died on 15 May 2007.
  2. My name is Julio Hulihavès and I am from Mexico . I was a rough gentleman and I enjoyed drinking, especially the tequila very much. Having the evenings where there is lots of drinking and dancing, celebrating the wonderful life we live. That is what me and my family and my friends did, we drink and dance and celebrate the days of our life we live to the best of our abilities. I enjoyed construction, building homes and building houses for people to live in to call home. That's why I call myself a rough gentleman, rough on the outside because I worked with my hands and gentle on the inside. I did have a beautiful wife and I had a beautiful son. I died from a sudden heart attack. The first one, was momentary, but then there came a second and a third shock through my body – this happened while I was building a new home when my hands started become tense and sore when all of a sudden my entire body became tense and sore, so much so I could not walk and sat down on a warm day, with dirty sweat dripping all over me. Then my heart starting aching and paining and I fell to the ground from the chair with my water cup falling to the ground together with me. The last thing I remember were four or five men standing over me and then I died because I'm now in the ‘after life' world, still celebrating life, but this life is who I am. I am with my family always, and this includes the world as my family. Letting my wife know that she'd be proud of me, because I now live what I could not live when I was here on earth and she'd know that I am where I'm supposed to be. I died on 11 May 2007 when I was 51 years old.
  3. I am Yinsu Meoki and I was from Tokyo where I lived in a very busy home close by on the streets by the market where we sold animals, birds and dogs and cats to sell to other people who buy them for their places where they make food for other people to eat who have to pay for the food they eat. My favourite colour was pink and I had a pretty pink dress which I only wore sometimes, the only pretty dress I had. I was six years old when I died. I died because my mother's brother was drunk one evening in the busy home that we lived where I slept on the cold ground on lots of blankets. We were 15 people living in one little house, sometimes we have food to eat and sometimes we don't. I was crying because I missed my father who I hadn't seen in a very long time and I missed his hugs and he was always saying I was his special child. My mother's brother got so angry because I wouldn't stop crying that he started hitting me very bad and it was very sore and I cried even more, which I did not understand why he was hitting me because if he were to hit me I'd not stop crying, I'd cry even more. He was a very angry man and he was hitting me because he was angry and I was sad and I was crying even more because he was hurting me a lot. No-one stopped him in the house, he just hit me and that was the last thing I remembered. I am here with my grandmother. No-one loves anyone here on earth I think. Because none of the people in the house stopped my mother's brother from hitting me. No-one loves anyone here on earth because they don't know what love is. I know what love is, I am love. But no-one knows that they are love and that's why no-one loves anybody in this world, not even themselves. I have a sad story, but the saddest story is that no-one here on earth loves themselves to love anyone else and that's why this world is like it is. Because no-one loves anyone, not even themselves. I died on 09 May 2007. This is a very dark world with lots and lots of sadness.
  4. I am Mohammed Jeosep Kaliev. I am from Iraq where I have died in one of the war bombing escapades. I died during this year or probably last because I know I've been where I am for quite some time, the day not certain, my memory got blown up together with my brains, straight into the dimensions where I am now. I remember that it was evening, I had fled from my home quite a while back before I had died, my wife and children had fled in another direction to protect themselves, I stayed to fight for our homes and our families with honour for the uncalled for invasion by the Americans, just for one man to try and prove his power to the world he'd kill many innocent people – doesn't anyone in this world see this happening? I am here, I don't know if my wife knows that I have died because I was not with anyone who knew I had a wife and children, three of them. I am here to let her know that I have died but I am still alive. I know she is still here and I have been giving her dreams to let her know, now I am here to let her know her dreams are real and that I am speaking to her through her dreams and also the children. I think I got shot through the head, because I remember feeling something move through my head, through my brains and out to the other side, feeling cold air moving through the center of my brain while explosions went off around me. I died when I was 41 years old.


DATE TRANSMITTED: 04 June 2007 - 01 BETWEEN 19:03 PM AND 19:54 PM


  1. Hi, my name is Melissa Summers and I am from Ottawa , or I was from there because I don't live there anymore, I live in the heaven. I died when I was only five years old and I remember that I died on a very, very, very hot day in February this year. I was a very little girl. I don't know how exactly I died, because all I remember was that it was very hot and I was standing in sand when everything went all blurry all of a sudden and I could not breathe properly and then I remember feeling all sleepy, and I did fall asleep, faster than I ever had before, right there where I was standing in the sand on a very hot day. I don't remember who was with me there, I think is was my mommy because my dad was almost never home, he traveled a lot, or that's what my mommy said. I never spent time with them together. Maybe they didn't like each other anymore. I was coming to say hi and so I did and now I'm going again. Bye!
  2. Tedd Stone here. I died when I was 51 years old from lung cancer – a very slow, not recommended way of dying. Feels like having these things eat at your lungs, mostly all your intestines and there's nothing you can do about it. Makes you think that each one of us is kind of hopeless when it comes to death in these circumstances. You're dying and there's nothing you can do about it. Can't cheat death, doctors may have prolonged life for a moment when you were supposed to die, but death will remain at your doorstep and have you go in some way or another. I embraced mine, hell, what else are you supposed to do. I had a daughter at my bedside most of my time in hospital, my wife left me. I was a mechanic. Strange thing that I only smoked for fifteen years of my life, gave up smoking when I was in my early thirties. Smoking is not the cause of any form of cancer. Suppressed anger, suppressed self judgment, suppressed guilt. I lived with these emotions most my life, didn't know what the fuck to do with them, so I suppressed and ignored them because I was A MAN which is a BIG MISTAKE. There are methods to deal with what you experience men, allow yourself to admit to them, let go of male ego – otherwise you'll design a way to become aware of them and deal with them through an illness such as my experience. And it's not worth it. Unfortunately I only noticed this after death; therefore I'm able to show you now if you're willing to hear (says the wise old man!). I lived in Sydney Australia, originally born and bread in the USA . I died on 01 April 2007 – the fool being me suppressing emotions and shit I didn't know how to deal with. The answer is here.
  3. My name is Lindsi Arle and I was from South America , living in this region. On a farm I was raised, but later moved into town where in my own apartment I lived. I died on 13 March 2007 in a horse riding accident. I have grown up with horses and therefore I knew quite a bit about them. I had one of my own horses. I was riding in the late afternoon, almost evening when my horse got frightened, raising the front legs when my horse suddenly stopped. It was quite a fright even for me, because I was still lost in my own dream-like euphoria riding and experiencing the freedom with the wind. I remember being airborne for a moment, not feeling the stability of my horse any longer, when I smashed into the ground, the last thing I heard was cracks. The last thought I had, while in the air, was wondering whether my horse was okay, yet here I am falling to my death. I died when I was 26 years old. My parents are still here. I had a younger brother also. And I have realized that I am the wind, I am the freedom I so searched and looked for within this crazy mundane existence, not only when I was riding my horse.
  4. My name is Justin Reece. I was 18/19 years old when I died on 01 January 2007 – yes, greeting the New Year by getting myself killed and ending up in a totally different world. I lived in Johannesburg , but went to Cape Town for New Years, right in the centre of the city. Massive party, lots of booze and beautiful woman – a man's dream come true. I was one of those guys who got pretty angry, very quickly when anyone pissed me off – especially when I was drunk, which unfortunately happened to me. We were on the streets talking in a group when some of the guys passed, out of nowhere joined our group and started harassing some of the woman, you know, the arms around the neck, the touching etc -which boiled my blood. Who does shit like that, even if you are drunk? So, I fisted one of the guys with his arms around one of the girls, square, perfect knock in the face – the beautiful thing is that he didn't even see it coming! Then he launched at me, we were fighting damn hard on the ground, all out power into the punches – not really feeling anything, because I was so hammered. Then, here came the ‘death by broken beer bottle' – when someone, didn't see who, one of the guys' I was fighting friends' probably struck a broken beer bottle, straight into my head, more along the neck area though. This pain I did feel, I actually felt the glass penetrate the back of my neck and into my head. Most of it, penetrated my neck, half shoved in there. I remember lying there for a moment, just experiencing the pain of eternal hell when I left earth to find that I am living in a different world, still alive! Mom, dad – I'm still alive. I know I also still had grandparents.


DATE TRANSMITTED: 04 June 2007 - BETWEEN 19:59 PM AND 20:49 PM


  1. Heyya all! I am Clarice Vierce and I am from Texas , or I was from there. I loved doing my nails, doing my hair which I preferred blonde/brown perfect curls, wearing the tight fitted jeans, which make your ass look like perfectly shaped plums, the boots the white shirts which make your breasts irresistible. Yes, I loved looking after myself, more for myself than anything else besides myself and I know many might not agree, but I really did love pampering myself, looking beautiful and feeling beautiful. I had a wonderful man in my life and I died when I was 38 years old (but you wouldn't have said that because my saying was always that: a woman, who takes real good care of herself, does not age!). This was my motto in life and it works, but you gotto live it! I loved smiling, laughing, and was always fun to be around with. I unfortunately had to leave this wonderful life I lived when I died from breast cancer. Horrifying to have had to die in such a way, but I was too proud of who I was, my expression with all who knew me to have doctors discover the illness and only went when it was too late, it had already spread to most of my organs and I refused to receive chemotherapy – it just makes you have to live your life longer in absolute pain while you wait for yourself to die. I did not want that and so I decided I will depart from this life, that it was indeed my time, I had spread enough joy and laughter to all who knew me and that's it. I died on 23 March 2007. I realized now though, that I always focused on everyone else's joy, bringing them some laughter, when I completely forgot about myself and who I am in the process of doing so. Always remember yourself first, if you don't, who's then really here if you're not here – how's that going to help anyone? Cheers, and remember yourselves first, before you go on and turn to others if who you are ain't here yet!


DATE TRANSMITTED: 05 June 2007 - BETWEEN 11:44 AM AND 12:30 PM


  1. My name is Monique Ville and I am or was from Illinois , and I died when I was 20 years old. I died on 26 April 2007. I was walking home from where I'd worked one late Saturday afternoon when a man approached me from behind and shoved me into a alley – there was no-one else around to see what had happened and he did it so quick and fast that I had no time to even scream or understand what was happening. He pulled me into the alley, behind some piled up reeking boxes, when he informed me that he want everything on me, my bags, my handbags and including my clothes. He had a knife with him and he had wrapped my mouth with his hand. He was extremely large and huge and his knife was directed in the center of my stomach. I refused. I refused to strip naked in front of him because I was certain he would rape me. He did though. But first he stabbed be in the stomach about three or four times, then he pushed me onto the ground so hard, it felt like I cracked my skull, he lay on top of me with all his weight, his entire arm still on my mouth and while I was dying, he was raping me. I think I died while he was raping me, because the last thing I remember was being on the ground, with him inside of me, all his weight on top of me, being crushed to death by him was the experience, painful, while I was bleeding to death with my entire body in excruciating pain. I had a mother, father and younger brother who are still here on earth, while I am in ‘heaven'.


DATE TRANSMITTED: 05 June 2007 - BETWEEN 12:32 PM AND 01:14 PM


  1. I am Jeffrey Edgar Polston and I was from the USA . I died when I was 87 years old. I was very old, walking with my own walking stick, yet my mind was still pretty well in tact. In my old age I have been a very gentle, peaceful man, which made me wish sometimes that I had been this way rather in my life than the prick I was when I was younger – making all the unnecessary mistakes, especially speaking words you don't really intended to say which could lead to one losing everything you hold dear to you. This happened to me, I have lost everything in my life that was dear to me, that I loved, I'd always seen it as punishment for al that I have done in my life, so I walked through the pain, I walked through all the pain I experienced in my life. And when I did this I reached a clam, a peace within myself when I was about 69 or 70 years old that was quite significant and only then did I actually start living in this world. Yes, I only actually lived for about 17 years of my life here on earth. Become peaceful and calm and silent within yourself before you speak, people, your words may lead you to avenues which many fears to walk upon and not many make it, such as me. I died on 24 May 2007
  2. I am Sandra Rooles. I died when I was 32 years old in a car accident. I lived in Canada and I died on 14 May 2007. I died in a car accident on the way to picking up my two children from school. I had something I was busy picking up on the floor by the passenger seat, I was not wearing my seatbelt. I remember looking on the road to see where I'm driving, taking a photo in my mind of the moment, so that when I look down, I know how to drive without having to look for a few seconds – which I have done often. I was reaching for something on the floor, a specific paper of an appointment I had made, requiring to check the time immediately to reschedule. As I reached with my one arm, for some strange reason, my other arm, still on the steering wheel, swinged the car to the opposite direction to oncoming traffic. I looked up immediately, while I only really looked away for a few seconds, not expecting the situation to turn into an accident of sorts. As I looked up, I was headed straight for another car, when I tried to swerve my car, my car just nipped the other car and I rolled the car. Because I did not wear a seatbelt, my airbags did not work and I was being tolled around inside my own car, being thrown around like a rag doll. In the process of the accident I must've died, because I'm in ‘heaven' and the last thing I remember was seeing me being flipped around inside the car like a rag doll, with my limbs being torn from each other in the process. My children and my husband – I am fine and I am walking with you in every moment.
  3. I am Silas Zungu and I was from Cape Town . I was living in the shacks when I was killed when some of the guys stabbed me with lots of knives because I did not return the money I owed to them to be able to pay for my education, for food and for clothes. My parents, I don't know who they were, my older brother raised me and my younger sister alone. He was a gardener and I sometimes help him for extra money to pay back the guys who I owed money to. I could only pay them back R10 a day, sometimes less. I borrowed R3000 from them. Hey, sometimes I think the people where we lived is more rich than the other people who live in houses. The people, the men I borrowed the money from, hey, they have lots of dough – the green stuff – money. One evening I was walking home, picking my nose, cleaning it out, not seeing or hearing the guys approaching me. They were standing in a circle around me and they demanded their money immediately. I only had R2 coin on me which I gave to him. He got so angry, the leader from who I borrowed the money, that out of his anger he stabbed me, five times. The first stab was in my heart, then three in my stomach and one in my neck which was the last one. It's very painful to be stabbed, when you feel the metal go into your flesh and tear your whole body apart and the blood rushes through like rivers out of your body. I died quickly, but it felt like forever. I was praying for God to look after my sister, not my brother because he would be okay. Then when I died, I see that I didn't die, I still live, but not here on earth and that there is no bloody God anywhere. So I have to look after my sister, I am her guardian angel because there is no God. I died on 23 April 2007. I died when I was 19 years old.


DATE TRANSMITTED : 08 June 2007 - BETWEEN 21:29 PM AND 22:20


  1. I am Phumlani Nqoqosi and I died from the Aids virus when I was 34 years old and I died on 15 May 2007 in government hospital in South Africa . I got Aids from a woman I has sex with one night, one cold night, when I was very drunk. When you are very drunk as I was you don't think of anything else but what is between your legs, on top of you or below you. Very bad to die of Aids – be careful because it is not worth it, one evening of drunken stupidity is not worth giving up your life for, for a woman to have sex. No matter how ugly you are or desperate you are – do not give up your life for one night with one woman to experience your desire. It is not the same as your desire anyway. You will be disappointed.
  2. Ek is Adriana Erwoud en ek is van die Kaap. Ek is dood in ‘n kar ongeluk op 2 Maart 2007 toe ek 47 jaar oud is. Ek het twee kinders nog hier. Die oudste seun en ‘n jongste dogter en dan ook my man. Ek weet ek was een middag, gedurende my ‘lunch break' oppad na die winkels toe om inkopies te doen vir aandete en ander vroulike benodighede. Ek was oppad op die hoofweg, ek wou regs draai in die sentrum in. Toe ek regs draai, ek weet nie hoe op dees aarde dit gebeur het nie, maar ek het nie die trok gesien wat links van voor af gekom het nie. Die trok het in my vasgery en die impak oomblik is die laaste wat ek kan onthou. Ek moes seker in a koma of iets van daardie aard ervaar het, want toe ek ‘wakker' word is ek in the ‘hemel' saam mer derduisende ander. Ek is gelukkig waar ek nou is en ek weet dat my man and my kinders goed omgesien word, byde hier op aarde en deur dimensionele ondersteuning.
  3. I am Charles Tilnuet. I died in my own car. I killed myself with petrol gas in my own car in my own house in my own garage. I died when I was 38 years old. I had enough of this world, I had been so frustrated in this world for the past eight years of my life – as though nothing wanted me to be here, throwing me out of the world. I had a job working for a telephone company. There was just no reason to live and I could not find any reason to live. You wake up, get dressed, go to work, talk bullshit with colleagues, come home and sleep. Then you also eat in between. I reached a point in my life where nothing worked for me anymore, like everything stopped and I could see that I was just doing the same shit over and over and over again every day of my life and nothing that I tried to do could change how I experienced myself. The only option or curiosity was to find out whether there really is a heaven or hell and if I'd go to either one. God could not say to me that I tried to sort out my life but just did not find any purpose or reason to continue. There is not a heaven or hell, in terms of religious concepts, yet there is a ‘heaven' which is referred to as the dimensions where I am now. This message is to all those who have been wanting to kill themselves because they have experienced themselves as I have, but have feared going to hell. You don't have to because it doesn't exist and you'll be okay if you decide to do so, maybe you are supposed to be where I am, maybe your purpose is here. Because only here have I found my purpose and a reason to continue living. I died in the USA on 14 April 2007.


DATE TRANSMITTED : 08 June 2007 - 22:23 PM


  1. I am Devon Qwaun and I am from America , North America region actually. I died when I was 36/37 years old when I went hiking in Peru on 14 May 2007. We were walking, it was myself two guides and six other's. I remember wandering off slightly from the others on the path we were following, I was attracted to a specific animal moving amongst the plants in the magnificence of nature, scurrying away as we walked by, yet my curiosity got the better of me. As I walked, I stepped on a snake, which bit my ankle, the venom instantaneously penetrating my blood in my physical body. I collapsed almost immediately, my entire body going completely numb, I was feeling okay a moment and then the next I fell down. The snake slithering away gracefully. It took a few moments for the other's to allocate me; all I could muster was a few sounds. By then it was too late, they did the cutting and the sucking etc. by then I could not speak – unfortunately I had decided that it was my time to go and so I did. I didn't leave anyone behind here on earth.
  2. Good day. My name is Euna Sleer and I am from America . I was a Satanic worshipper, usually using Acid during rituals we'd participate in. The Black Witch of Satan I used to refer myself as. One weekend I was completely fucked on Acid, the entire weekend basically which screwed up my mind totally. I designed the idea/ belief in my head that Satan had asked me to be his sacrificial lamb – I actually saw him walking up to me, coming up from within the ground from hell. It was early in the morning when my sacrificial killing occurred, while lying down in front of the fire outside under the clear blue morning/evening sky. The sun's rays slightly visible together with the stars. He was saying to me that I must take a knife and stab it into my chest eight times to signify my infinite allegiance to Satan and come stand beside him in hell to become his Queen. Because of my commitment to my religion in having no fear of death, I did it. I took a knife and stabbed myself eight times in the chest. I died but discovered that what had happened to me, being fucked on Acid, was that I had created this within me through my mind because it was a desire that existed within me, which the Acid substances enhanced. We believed that Acid was the doorway key to communication with Satan and demons – the access to apply our rituals etc. It is not so – it is a substance that enhance you mind, that enhance your desires into a reality which you believe to be true. Be careful what you wish for. I am in the dimensions, realizing there isn't a hell or a heaven, yet where I am could be referred to as ‘heaven'. I died on 29 March 2007 when I was 23 years old. My parents had ‘left' me, ‘divorced' me because of my beliefs, which led to me killing myself.


DATE: 10 June 2007 - BETWEEN 22: 38 PM AND 23:06 PM


  1. I am Amelia Openhaum and I am from Arizona . I died when I was 91 years old in an old age home institution on 23 May 2007. In my life I used to work in a flower shop until I one day opened my own which I have owned and run ever since. I had one daughter. My husband had passed before me. My daughter had grown to become a doctor, also working specifically with children, in the children's ward. My husband used be a baseball coach at a local school near where we lived. My daughter used to visit me plenty of times where I had spent my last few years and made wonderful friends – they had become my family.
  2. Hi there. I am Athena Hughs and I died when I was 41 years old. I killed myself in my own bathtub, in my own apartment, wearing my white nightgown. I kept myself under until I could not breathe, now you must imagine the will I had to be able to hold myself under until I was dead. I used to be a psychologist – specifically in working with children who were under the age of 18 and have committed a serious crime, too young to go to jail – mostly involved with drugs, alcohol, sexual abuse etc. I thought I had been strong enough to be able to handle such children. Then you come to realize that even an nine year child is able to commit a crime, and have full understanding for the reason for doing so – it makes you really wonder if this world has truly become hell and we're all here for our due punishment. I proved to myself that I was not able to handle it at all – I was not helping these children, no-one infact is able to. The moment they are introduced to the cruelty of the world, they are infected, injected with it's cruelty – they are already dead, they have already died, there is no life within them anymore. They were zombies walking around, my words becoming like smoke, disappearing into thin air when I try and help them, help them find some reason for living here, for getting their life back on track. When I realized, they had learnt me something: There is nothing of use or purpose in the world to get their life back on track for, no joy, no certainty, no support, no love and no care. These are illusions that exist in society – for these children and my others, they see the truth of this world and so have I. I could not bare seeing them, or talking to them, if I did, it was as though they too sucked the life right out of me. Then I realized, this life they had sucked out of me, was false, a lie, an illusion I had created to not allow myself to see the cruelty of the world, the harshness they had seen and experienced. I had nothing left, as they had nothing left and alone in this realization, a sadness so deep came over me from which I could not stand up, and I became a rock that sunk straight into the ocean, on the bottom floor – never to rise again, so deep and so heavy was the sadness within which I could not bare. Selfish it may be – but when you realize what I have in seeing that there's nothing you can do – you will see why. I used to live in America .


DATE: 12 June 2007 - BETWEEN 18:30 PM AND 19:01 PM


1.  My name is Lucinthia Juaipesh and I died on 05 May 2007 when I was 11 years old. I died in a car accident. My mother and brother and I were driving on the road and I remember the day was sunny and warm. I remember my mom shouting: “Get down” and then I saw a big red truck-like car coming straight at us and the car rolled around about two or three times. I did not wear a seatbelt at the back but I know my mother and brother infront of the car did. I am not sure how exactly I died, I know I got knocked and bashed many times while the car rolled and the last thing I remembered was the car rolling when everything went dark. I did die because I am here in the dimensions, my mom and brother are not here so they must still be alive.

2.  My name is Rick Huyndes and I am from America . I lived on the streets, meaning I was involved with in drug trades, making money in this way. I lived and slept in my own car, not able to save any money I make sue to the environment in which I lived – have no cash or valuables for you might then in this way become a target for many other gangs in the area to jump you if you but indicate you have something of worth. I got strangled to death one evening while walking to my car – a man leaving me with the words: “This is how I will stop to you from selling more drugs to the children on the streets.” I would have liked to save money to make something of myself – yet the money I made was for my own provision of buying the necessities to be able to survive.

3.  I am Jacquil Luritsivez and I am from France . I died when I was 27 years old when I had intoxicated my body with booze, tequila and drugs, cocaine. One very wild night out with lots of close friends and other people I knew and friends knew. I died on 06 April 2007.

4.  I am Romar Rigruitez and I am from Spain . I died when I was 78 years old. Wish I could have been older to spend more time with my family, unfortunately my time to go. My internal organs had already been giving way, on many pills and other doctor/medical prescribed necessities to keep me alive. Not a way to continue living in this world I died on 19 March 2007. I have many in my family who are still here on earth.

5. I am Duston Senzelow and I died when I was seventeen years old after being in a car accident and then being in a coma for three weeks. In the coma it is horrible because you are still aware of everything, you still hear everything but no-one can hear you. I was fine, but my body did not function at all – it's like everything inside stopped, yet I as the ‘spirit' was still alive inside. Then, finally, having no control of the situation, my body entirely stopped and I crossed over to the dimensions. I have a mother and father who are still here on earth. I died on 14 May 2007. I lived in America .


DATE TRANSMITTED: 20 June 2007 - BETWEEN 21:03 AND 21:57


  1. Hi, my name is Tina Finne and I died on 21 May 2007. I died when I was seven years old. I died when I was crossing the street by a motorbike. I was walking across the road, my house was very close to a store and I was on my way there to buy some milk for the house in the afternoon after I had come home from school. I had pigtails that day. I remember looking left and wanted to look right, but the sun was in my eyes and then, and then it felt like my entire body got plastered onto a wall and then was caught underneath the tire of the motorbike and got crushed on the tar road. I only remember my body hitting the ground and bones being crushed in my body and then nothing… Now I am here in heaven, I remember my mom and dad, I am still here, but you can't see me, but I can see you and I sometimes visit you to see how you are doing.
  2. My name is Moarsk Utun and I died when I was nine years old on 11 May 2007. I lived in a forestry area along with my family. I had six brothers and four sisters. I died because I got very ill after being bitten by a baboon; the baboon was killed with a spear with others that was hunting with me before it could eat me completely. No of the remedies or food or prayer songs around the fire could better my condition. It was my time to go. I lived in a forestry area in North Africa .
  3. My name is Deborah Reginive and I died when I was seven years old on 05 April 2007. I died in a place that was very sandy and warm, like in a desert. I lived underground most of the time with my mom, sometimes only in the evening the children would be allowed to play outside. From the outside it looks like a deserted old building, but underneath it looks like how the building is supposed to look like in the inside, like the inside of the building fell right through to the ground! Underneath there are men and woman and children. Sometimes men with blue and red and gold uniforms come in, sometimes blue and white and silver and gold, like fancy army men and take mothers and woman to rooms and the children have to go out and play or are locked in other rooms. Sometimes they come and fetch us in the rooms, the children and take us away. My first time I was fetched was when I died. A man took me, he grabbed me by my arm, very painful, I cried. Then I screamed for my mom but she did not come. I was sent to a room when another man walked in. Both men took off all of my clothes and started beating me and slamming me with sticks, they laughed the more I cried and called for my mommy. The pain was too much after they had done that to me, they did not stop, the pain was too much and then I died because the pain was too much, it was very bad. I never had a father, all the children there only had mothers.
  4. Hi, my name is Ri Hannigan that's what my mom used to call me. We lived in Europe, but in a very bad place in Europe . I did not go to school. My mom was a prostitute and I helped her in doing her job. Getting her dressed, cleaning and washing her sometimes, making some sandwiches and breakfast etc. She worked during the day and during the night, we had our own private room/flat at the back of a man who owned a bar/restaurant, my mom provided services for the man's personal friends, most of the men were married, they had their rings on their fingers. My mom cried a lot, she did not have money to send me to school so she would sometimes show me how to read and write and she said that it's the most important things to be able to do: Read and write and to speak properly and have good manners – all the other stuff they teach in school she said was unnecessary nonsense. My mom one day killed us both after a man asked her if he may have sex with me. She woke me up one evening, I remember seeing a knife with my sleepy eyes, still half asleep, her red hair was curly and messy and make-up was smudged all over her face badly, I remember feeling a cold sore feeling on my neck as she gashed my neck with the knife. She didn't say anything, she just did it. I drowned in my own blood – it was horrific to have had to die like that, but was fast, yet felt slow. Then I got into heaven and I saw that she was also in heaven and she said that I did not deserve the life I was born into and neither did she – she did not want the same life for me, to which she feared I would be heading. I died when I was ten years old. I died on 26 March 2007.
  5. My name is Una Dinyanoa and I died when I was six years old on 04 May 2007. I died in a river in which I drowned after going too far into the river in my little tub boat which I built myself with some help of boys. I lived in Africa along a river. You could walk on sand for a while into the river until you get to the deep centre of the river which was where I wanted to test my floating boat. I made it from rope, sticks, plastic and tin and all I wanted it to do was to float on it. I went out alone, because when I walked into the river with it all my friends ran away, they were being nasty with me because they were jealous that I have a floating boat. Then I went on it, and it worked, I could lie on it in the sun with my feet and my hands touching the water and splashing in it. But then, then one moment it broke in half, the centre was not solid and I fell through into the river. When I fell through, I knocked my head on the outline of the floating boat which was made from sticks. My head was very sore and I struggled to swim up from in the river once I fell in because my head was so painfully sore, I could not move, or think or do anything. I remember seeing blood in the water, water came in my lungs that I could not breathe and then everything went black and I died. My mom and dad and older brother and sister are still here on earth.
  6. My name is Joseph Fringe and I died when I was eight years old in hospital. I had a rare bone disease for which there was no cure and there was nothing that was able to help me, no medicine and no God. My parents always used to pray but I was always very angry at God because I could not understand what I did wrong to have to go to hospital all the time because my bones all of a sudden break when I walk or even slightly bump my leg or arm or hand even. I could not play and laugh and have fun like children should, instead I was in hospital. My body collapsed and that is how I died, my bones in my body did not support the rest of my body to function properly. I lived in America and I died on 16 April 2007. My mom and dad and younger sister are still here on earth, and I am grateful that I died because no children deserve to have any illnesses when they come into the world, they are supposed to laugh and play and have fun. I am now in heaven and I am now making sure that no children have to experience what I have, but to laugh and play and have fun in life as a child, even until they grow up!


DATE TRANSMITTED: 27 June 2007 - BETWEEN 11:17 AM AND 12:11 PM


  1. My name is Ally Ingsule and I died when I was six years old on 03 June 2007 in South Africa . I had light brown hair and light blue eyes and I was always very quiet. I was playing in a fun park near our home and my mommy was sitting on a picnic blanket in the sun. I was playing with another little girl who was also as the fun park with me. We were playing as if we were monkeys and were hanging upside down until our heads went completely red and we would swing ourselves around and stand on the ground again. Then, my legs were folded around the poles and I was hanging upside down with my arms stretching to the ground. I lifted my right leg to come up and hold my hands on the pole to swing down again, but then both my legs slipped from the pole from which I was hanging and I fell to the ground on my head and that's the last I am able to remember. I did not feel any pain. And I am now still alive in the new heaven.
  2. My name is Tiny Husumky (this was my name in English) and I am from North Africa . I died when I was seven years old on 15 June 2007 because of starvation. There where I come from there is hardly anything to eat; we have to wait for other people to bring us something to eat. There are always flies and other insects crawling everywhere in everything and lost of people die a day. I had flies with me for so long sometimes that I had names for them and talking to them to keep me busy because there's nothing else I know that I can do there to keep me busy because I didn't like sitting around all day like everyone else. I just suddenly got very sick; I could feel my body is very sore everywhere and it was difficult to move around like walking. I was in bed five days before I died and it was painful because it felt like something or someone sucking something out of my body because it got more difficult and painful to move. Then I could only breathe and open and close my eyes – my entire body had gone completely stiff. Then in my sleep I died because the last thing I saw was my mom, dad and three brothers standing by my bed when I closed my eyes to sleep. Please don't think that prayer works, it doesn't because there is no God. I am dead but I am also still alive and I find no God anywhere. Your prayers fall on deaf ears: You have to do something else to help us who live in starvation, please.
  3. My name is Brandon Sax and I died when I was four years old. I died on 27 May 2007 and I come from Australia . I remember that I was playing with a ball with my older brother who was seven years old. We were somewhere where there were lots of cars parked alongside each other and my parents were having a barbeque with some of their older friends. My brother had thrown the ball for me and I ran after it. I could only see the ball, everything else around me faded away. As I ran after the ball – suddenly a silver car came up to my right. I think I was too small for the person who was driving the car to see me and I just stood there because I didn't know what else to do, I had a fright. The silver big car reversed from their parking space very fast and I could feel my body going under the big black tire of the car completely. It was very, very, very painful. It was so painful that I couldn't even scream. Then another tire came over me again, with this time over my neck and head. This was the last pain I experienced before I died because the pain was just too much for me. My mom, dad and older brother are still here on earth and I am still alive in heaven!
  4. My name is Julie Beesing and I come from Australia and I died when I was five and a little bit years old on 23 April 2007. I died when I was eating crayons at our pre-school and I choked to death on one of them, I think it was the purple one that I ate last. I was always curious about everything I saw, like, how it tasted and how it felt and how it smelled and I did not understand why they say that you may eat some stuff and then other stuff not. I have tasted sand, plants, insects, toilet and tissue paper, ink and much other stuff as well. Then one day I was colouring in circles at pre-school and I wondered what the crayons would taste like and so I started eating them, the yellow one first. It tasted strangely but not too bad and then I went through all the colours because maybe they would taste different. They didn't really, but then I broke the purple crayon in half and wanted to swallow it whole when it got stuck in my throat, right in the middle. I remember that I was not able to breathe at all and I stood up and I looked at the teacher who was in the front of the class holding my throat and I fell down to the ground. I was kicking and my whole body felt like it was becoming very big, like it wanted to explode because I could not breathe. My teacher opened my mouth and tried to dig in there with her fingers to get the crayon out but it was too deep in. I died because I suffocated to death because I could not breathe and my teacher couldn't get the crayon out in time. I had no father, only me and my mommy lived together and I am now in heaven and now my mommy is alone here on earth.
  5. My name is Vuleize Gurunga and I died when I was eight years old in the Middle East where all the fighting and bombing is still continuing. There are still people, army men and men dressed in normal robes that come into houses and sometimes shoot the people living in the houses if they had seen the army men or men dressed in robes' faces. Sometimes the different men came together, sometimes they came separate. We were in our home when we heard shot being fired near our home in the middle of our town. There were men standing on their knees with their hands behind the back of their heads, our men in the town with army men behind them with bid black rifles and guns shouting at them. Then, one by one our men were shot in the back, there were seven of them. This I saw from the window of our house. I was in the house with my mom, my dad had left a long time ago to fight. We decided to run because we feared that they would kill us to. Then we sneaked out of the house and started running. I was running infront of my mother when I heard the men shout for us to stop and that we must not go anywhere without their permission. I did not want to stop because I knew if I'd stop, they'd maybe kill me. Then they started shooting at us and they hit me about three or four times in the back, just like the others. I heard my mother's cries as she came to me, then I also saw her fall on top of me when they shot my mother. I am here in heaven with my mom and dad, he also died during the fighting and bombing. We are together.


DATE TRANSMITTED: 27 June 2007 - BETWEEN 12:18 PM AND 13:06 PM


  1. My name is Wislenva Yuhslavovich and I am from Russia where it gets very, very, very cold because it snows. I died when I was four years old. I had a mother and a father who had a cheese store. I died of pneumonia in hospital. I always dress very warm and our house is always warm because we have a fire, but we were very poor and did not have enough money to buy enough things to help us keep warmer. We lived in a forestry area. I slept infront of the fire one evening when I woke up the next morning, I saw my skin was very light blue and my body was shivering all over, I woke up because I was so cold. I had warm clothes on and I was wrapped in lots of blankets, but I was still very cold. I didn't see my mom or dad anywhere. I was so cold, my body was sore all over and I couldn't stop shivering. My mom and dad were sleeping in their bed and I woke them up and they had a fright when they saw me. They made a warm bath and they put me inside it, but then I think I fainted because I was very weak, my body was not strong anymore because the cold took it all away. When I woke up again I saw that I was in the town hospital and I saw my mom standing there with tears in her eyes and I didn't see my dad there. Then I closed my eyes again because I was very tired and I felt very painful and sick and I then woke up when I was in heaven.
  2. Hi. My name is Daniel Hlamaka and I died when I was eight years old Durban in South Africa . I lived in a shack with my father, my mother died when she gave birth to me says my father. My father always drank a lot and it was only the two of us and he was always drunk. Sometimes I will stay on the streets in the evenings and sleep there and beg for money at the robots the next day. I would beg for money for food and something to drink which I will buy at the markets on the streets. I had to do this because my father wasn't able to and if I didn't do it I would starve of hunger because there was never any food in the house. I did not go to school; my school was to find ways to get as much money as I could to buy enough food for me and my father to eat to be able live. I wondered sometimes where he gets the money to buy the booze, but I didn't ask him. I stayed out of his way because I learned that if I disturb him at the wrong time, he will hit me very hard. Then one day three men who were all dressed in black came into our house with knives. They held a knife on my father's throat and asked him where the money is that he owes them. He did not answer them; he was too drunk to comprehend what was going on because he just sat there and looked at them. When they hit him across the face, he spit at them and then they took the knife and slit his throat. I tried to run, but one of the men grabbed me and asked another if he should kill me too. The answer was yes because they slit my throat with the knife too. It was a horrible death, because I choked and drowned in my own blood. Now my dad and I are both in heaven where we are happier than we would ever have been. No more suffering and struggle.
  3. My name is Babas – I have no surname. I am from North Africa where I died when I was nine years old on 04 June 2007. I am one of many kidnapped children who are being trained to become like big strong army men. The men who are in charge of our group will just pick us off the street, anywhere and at anytime in Africa and use us to become one of their followers. We learn how to shoot lots of different guns, grenades and explosives. We have training where we get together in two different groups of twelve and have to shoot at each other – a practice war, with real guns and real bullets. When there are only six children left in each group, they stop. So the practice real war continues until there are only six children left in each group – the rest are killed by the bullets in the guns that are shot. There is no hospital or medical facility so if you get shot, you get killed by the men who run the operation. This is how I died. I got shot in the stomach while doing a practice real war initiation and then one of the men walked up to me and shot me in the head. Please people on earth, stop what is happening here. We are not able to because if we refuse to do what the men want us to do, they shoot us and kill us. W4e have no way out.
  4. Hello. My name is Marie Fillis and I died when I was three years old in my own cot in Johannesburg in South Africa . I got sick, because I was coughing a lot and I was warm the whole time and my entire body was very sore. I cried the whole time and I couldn't sleep because everything in my body was so sore. Then my mommy gave me some medicine to drink, but the more she gave me the horrible medicine the more I got sick. I thought she gave me the medicine to make me more sick so I must die because that is what it felt like, the medicine was helping the sickness inside me grow more and more and more. She put me down in my cot and I looked up at her with a phone in her hand, she was frantic and crying and worried and I was crying also because I could feel the sickness inside me growing and it wouldn't go away. Then, I stopped crying because the sickness was killing me slowly everywhere and I closed my eyes and then when I opened my eyes again I was in heaven with all the other people who are not here on earth anymore. Mommy, I am still alive and I am in heaven!
  5. My name is Xuri Timsukai and I died when I was seven years old in Hong Kong on 17 May 2007. I had been kidnapped from a hospital when I was just a baby and raised in a facility where they teach you how to work for other people. You start learning when you are three years old and on your fifth or sixth year you are sold to other people to go and work for them. You either have to do house cleaning, have sex if demanded or do cooking or make clothes. I had to do everything for the man I was sold to. I was sold to one man. He had sex with me a couple of times, he used to hit me and I had to clean his house, do his washing, and make his clothes – everything. I had a chain on my ankle, long enough to only move along the first floor of his home and do what he asked of me to do. I was always fastened to this chain because he was scared that I would escape. Then one evening he came home and he was very drunk. He unchained me and he started throwing me across the room on the tables and in the sink. He did that when he got angry and frustrated after he had drunken too much – for no reason he would just start hitting me. I was very small and frail and he easily threw me across the room. Then he grabbed me by my neck and he bashed me head against the wall, very, very hard. I could feel my skull crackle in my head and that was the last I remember. I am grateful that I died because now I am where I am supposed to be: with all the other children in heaven, helping the children in the world who are in pain and suffering.


DATE TRANSMITTED: 28 June 2007 - BETWEEN 21:47 PM AND 22:32 PM


  1. I am Guienzaelas Bassim and I am from Europe . I died when I was four years old on 12 April 2007. I died with six other children. We were in a dark room which was wet and moldy and there was only one light in the right hand corner of the room. There were three men and a woman with us in the room. Our hands were tied with rope and we had socks stuck in our mouths that were filled with oil. They also smeared our bodies with oil. I remember seeing the woman reading from a book and then as she read from the book, the three men started lighting us up and we burned to death. One by one. I just remember my own screams, my own pain and my own body burning. There are groups in Europe that do this to children as burned offerings because they believe that the end time is coming and that they have to buy their salvation by sacrificing children. They believe that if they do this they will stand on the right hand side of Lucifer for sacrificing children as a burning offering when God returns to earth. I lived in a orphanage and this is mostly where they get the children from, through adoption agencies. There is no God or Lucifer that is coming or that has power over anyone on earth, please stop, because here I still am, I am with all the other beings who die on earth and we're all together. Please stop, help children in this world because the children are suffering the most.
  2. I am Kirstin Mayse and I died when I was five years old. I died on 03 May 2007 and I lived in South America . I died when my father one evening asked me to bring him a beer from the fridge. I brought him a beer. We lived in a trailer and my mom was a waitress and my father sometimes went to work but I did not know exactly what he did. I brought him the beer and then he got angry when I did not open the beer for him – this my mother used to do for him but she wasn't there. He got very angry and started shouting at me and then I got scared and ran away. Then he came after me, yelling at me and shouting at me. He found me in my room and he took a shoe and he started to hit me all over my body. Then he took me by the back of my clothes and he lifted me up, and he opened the trailer door and he threw me outside. I felt like a puppy being thrown out of the house for being bad and doing something wrong. I fell on my head, my neck twisted and I heard a cracking sound which shot a pain through my entire body and that's the last I'm able to remember. I am now in heaven. My mom and dad aren't here but now I have lots of new friends and I am doing great. This is where I am supposed to be because the world is not a place for children anymore and we in heaven are going to change it for good. The grown ups made a mess of it, not the children, we're going to change it.
  3. Hi, my name is Simson Nuse and I died when I was three years old on 15 June 2007 and I was born in America . I died when my mother drowned me one evening. She was very young, maybe seventeen. She was always crying and she was always angry. I could feel when she touched me and when she picked me up to give me milk that she did not want me. When I cried she sometimes never came and I was always hungry most of the time and always cold because I only had one blanket which she used to put around me and I always wore the same clothes. If I cried sometimes she'd give me alcohol, it would take my breath away and I'd stop crying for a while and go to sleep quickly. She was bathing me one evening, it was always painful because she didn't handle by body properly, and then she looked at me, her eyes were full of sadness and anger and she just put my head under the water and kept it there until I died which was quickly. She was too sad and angry to see me, to see that I was there to show her love and joy, that it is also there inside her. I always only saw her, nobody else was ever there. I was there but she didn't ever seem to see me.
  4. My name is Ariel Reese and I died when I was six years old in Australia on 02 June 2007. I died in a car accident. Well, I was on my red bicycle and I was riding on the street near our home one afternoon. It was about two or three o' clock. I was just about to turn a left corner when I didn't see a car coming, the car was driving very fast and I was a bit preoccupied because I was talking to my imaginary friend who was sitting in the basket that was infront of my bicycle. It was a red and white race car. The accident happened right on the corner, because as I turned, the car turned too and we met face to face. My bicycle went under the car with me, and I just remembered that it felt like my entire body being bashed against a wall. The last thing that I felt was my entire body being filled with pain and then I woke up in heaven where I am now with lots of other children. Don't worry mommy and daddy, I am having fun where I am now and I am not dead. Maybe one day you will understand what I do now.
  5. My name is Dingane Mhlumayo and I died when I was five years old in South Africa . I lived in the shacks with my mother and father and older brother. I died when I got very, very sick. I remember feeling dizzy one day, my nose started running and my body ached all over. I told my mommy that I was feeling ill and she said that I must go and sleep, because I will feel better. When I woke up, I felt worse, my whole body was aching all over and everything was painful, even when I tried to open my eyes. We did not have money or transport to take me to a doctor and we tried some help from the other people to find out what was wrong. I drank many strange things that my parents friends brought to them to maybe help me. But nothing worked, everything went wrong the whole time. I slept and slept and slept but did not get better and I died when I was asleep. Now I am in heaven with a lot of other people, just in a different world that is here in this world but no-one is able to see yet. We are making this world a better place so that no-one have to ever not have money or transport or be poor.


DATE TRANSMITTED: 28 June 2007 - BETWEEN 22:33 PM AND 23:28 PM


  1. My name is Tommy Gennes and I died when I was seven years old and I lived in Canada and I died on 18 April 2007. I died in a children's hospital because I had blood cancer and I had it since I could remember. I only knew the rooms in the hospitals, this was my home. I barely was able to visit my home in which my mother and father lived. I always had pipes and things in my nose and on my arm. Sometimes I'd feel okay, then other times I wondered whether this would be the time that I will die and go to heaven. I wasn't scared to die because I always spoke to the beings who had died (I never told anyone I spoke to them, I spoke to them in my mind so that no-one else could know or hear I am speaking to them) and they told me about where they are which sounded okay. Much better than my sickness here on earth. I always told my mom and dad that I will be okay, they mustn't worry, but they were always very sad, but they didn't show that to me. I am now in heaven, with the others I spoke to and it's fine, all the other children that is unnecessarily as sick as I was is also coming to where I am soon – parents must let their children go, to set them free so we may be in heaven to help the world so no more children have to be born sick or ill again!
  2. Khunkule Qhase is what my mom called me and sometimes my father when I saw him. I died when I was five years old and I died on 08 June 2007 in Africa . I lived in a home that was made out of sand, stone and grass and was always very sandy and dirty, the wind always blew sand in our eyes and there was sand everywhere. In our water and in our food. The sand was part of me. I slept on a sand heap with a cloth over it, it was soft and comfortable sometimes, and when it was cold it was hard. I could not walk, something went wrong when I was born and I was not able to use my legs at all. My body was always weak and tired and I was very thin and bony – I did not know a body was supposed to have muscles or even had insides like organs because it did not look like I had them. I got weaker day by day, I was dying day by day. Like I was born in this world to die only. I died one day, strangely. I was on my mothers back, draped in cloth which hanged on her body. I was tired again, I felt heavy yet my body was empty, I couldn't keep my eyes open, it was very hot and my mother and I was going to fetch some water. I died on my mother's back, on my mother's back I took my last breath in this world. Now I am in another world, still here on earth, but not many people on earth know of us here. No-one should be born into this world just to die – but isn't that what's happening to everyone. They come here to keep themselves busy while they die the moment they are born; sometimes some might take longer to die than others. Some have better ways to keep themselves busy than others while they die – what is the purpose and reason for all that is happening here on earth and of the life you are living, or rather the death you are dying?
  3. My name is Usim Atukai and I died when I was six years old on 14 May 2007 in Tokyo . I was a little boy with black hair and I lived with my grandparents, I did not know where my father and mother was, I have never seen them or heard from them. When I asked my grandparents, they said we must never mention or speak of them. We lived in an old house and at the back of the yard there was a water well, which was closed with a wooden lid. I was curious one afternoon to go and look inside it, although my grandparents said to never ever go near it unless they are able to see me, and I made a promise. They were sleeping one afternoon when I wanted to go look inside it and I did not want to wake them, so I did it. I was able to move the wooden lid half way when my arms got too tired to pull it off more, it was very difficult. One of the hardest things I had ever done in my whole life, my arms felt numb afterward. I looked inside, but I couldn't see anything, so hanged my head into the well even further to maybe see something. My hands slipped and a rock slid out from under my stomach, the well was very old and very unstable. I fell in headfirst and I fell right on top of my head, before I died it felt like my head got knocked into my stomach. Maybe I should have listened to my grandparents, but I am in heaven where I would rather be because I used to work in a factory and didn't go to school. Now I go to a different school – a universe school in heaven where I am now! Don't worry grandma and grandpa – I am doing well and I am enjoying myself!
  4. Hello! My name is Vallery Jefferson and I died when I was only four years old. I died in my own home and I died in America where I was born. I always liked to play with shiny things because I liked how they sparkle and shine and make different colors when the light shines on them. One day, my grandmother was looking after me and she was knitting and mending clothes, putting on buttons that have fallen off of shirts and pants. She loved and enjoyed doing this. I watched her sometimes and she showed me how she did it. Then, one afternoon she stood up to make herself some tee and I saw a box that she had put on the chair which I hadn't seen before. I took the box and there were lots of little shiny pins and needles inside it. I took the box and ran to my secret hideout in the garden. I ran there to play with the shiny pins in the sunlight. She was calling me and I knew she was looking for her box so I put two needles in my mouth so she wouldn't find them. Then I ran back and gave her the box and quickly ran up the stairs to my room. When I was running up the stairs and tripped and I fell and I swallowed the needles and then I could not breathe. The needles got stuck in my throat. I rolled down the stairs and then my grandmother came. The needles were stuck, they went into my throat and I felt blood coming out of my mouth. I died because I couldn't breathe and there was lots of blood coming out of my mouth. I am now in heaven and I am fine, but it was very painful when I died.
  5. Hi. I am Siphosiwe Gymede and I died when I was five years old. I died when my brother's friends beat me to death with a stick, on 16 May 2007. I enjoyed following and spying on my brother, he never knew that I followed him around sometimes to see what he was doing – it was fun. We lived in Cape Town , in a very tiny small house. My mother was a maid and my father was a garden boy and they come and go on taxis. We had enough to buy food and clothes and blankets and shoes to keep alive. One afternoon I followed my brother again with his two friends. This time they went far away from home, from all the homes into a grass field over a hill. I stayed quite a distance from them to make sure they don't see me, it was dark so they couldn't see me, but I stayed low and when they turned to look around, I'd fall down into the grass. I saw my brother and his friends meeting other people. They were older and they were giving them these big guns which my brother and his friends put into a big black bag. They were talking about robbing a store and they were planning it here. I ran away quickly, but didn't go home, I waited for my brother and his friends to come back. When they did I ran up to them and told them that the police will capture them and kill them and they will go to jail, and that I will tell my parents what it is they are doing and busy with. I did this because I did not want my brother to die and this I also told them. Then, one of my brother's friends took me by my harm and started dragging me away from my brother and the other man that was with them. He dragged me far away to a place where we throw away all our scrap and garbage in the town/place that we lived, with old burned and worn tires and he said: Now I have to kill you. I cried and screamed for help, but he hit me very hard with a big stick while holding tightly on my arm, about twelve times only over my head the whole time before I felt nothing and I died. It was very, very, very bad, and very painful. The pain became so much, I died. I am now in heaven.




  1. My name is Phelik Ightene and I died during the Iraq War with America in Iraq . I lived with my mother and my father and my younger sister. I was eight years old and my sister was four years old. All four of us died in a car when we were running in our town when it was bombarded with flames and explosives into our homes and on the street. Sometimes it looked strange because you can't tell whose who. Everyone may look different but their doing the same thing. They're killing each other and they're killing others as well and in that there is no difference. So why I ask, why do this when you see what is happening and how many people are being killed, why can't they just talk? We got into our car parked on the street and when my father turned on the ignition of the car, shots were fired, lots of it that went straight through the car and we all died in the car. I got shot three times before I died and I saw my family also get shot and there was blood everywhere splattered in the car. It was horrible and it was sad. I died before I could cry, but when I got to heaven I cried for a little bit, we all did. Then, I am fine I realised. Where I am is much better than in the world. No child could be more happy than where we are. But this world will become such a place where all will want to live and be happy always like I am and my family am.
  2. Hello. My name is Jeodon Kalip and I died in the Iraqi War a while ago. Me and seven or nine other young boys were captured along with our fathers and mothers in the town where we lived. They took us, the children, and put us against the wall with our heads facing the wall and our backs facing our fathers who was on their knees on the ground with other men standing with big guns and army outfits. There was about 15 or 20 of the army men who came into our country. They were screaming at our fathers, asking them questions for information about our country, many questions they were screaming, not asking. Then they said that they would shoot us, one by one, if they don't immediately answer the questions. I don't know why they did that because my father had nothing to do with the government. The people coming into our country is fighting the government and we are not the government. We are the people that live in the country which the government allows us to live in, so why kill us? All the fathers cried and yelled, they didn't have any answers. Then, one by one they killed all of us as they said they would. I was the fifth one to be shot. They shot us straight in the head, which I saw when I looked at the other boys who were shot before me. I did not feel anything when I died except a quick moment like my head had the worst headache in the world, ever. My father is also here with me, but not my mother, she must then still be alive.
  3. Hi. My name is Amsotan Regeal and I died when I was seven years old in the Iraqi war. Jeodon in number 2. is asking me to tell you that he was six years old when he died. I died one evening when I was sleeping, when my mother was sleeping and when my older sister was sleeping and we woke up when my father came home, which was strange. They also died with me. We could hear in the evening the bombs go off far away and sometimes you could hear shooting in the street and that's why we stayed at home. Only my father sometimes came early in the morning to bring us food and then he left again, we were not to leave the house, he always said, never. And he never stayed very long, sometimes he'd be away for long and we'd go to bed very, very hungry. Then one evening he came home, which he hadn't done for quite some time because he comes in the early morning only. He was crying and he had blood on his clothes – this was not the father I knew, he was gone, he changed. He had a gun in his hands and he said: I'd rather send you to your death by my own hands with honour, knowing where you are and have gone, than have you be killed by someone's hand that come from the Devil himself. My father killed us all and himself and now we are all together in heaven with everyone else who dies in the world. Heaven has changed and is changing still and therefore earth will change and is changing.
  4. My name is Vancensca Hamaad and I died when I was nine years old in Iraq because of the War. You know, if this didn't happen many children would still be here and could have changed the world in the future to come. Don't just kill us because you see yourself worthless, one human being does have the ability to change the world and that is each child's ability. Hear when we speak to you, because you don't hear grownups. You don't care what happens in Iraq and how the children die, because you allow it to continue, you do nothing. All you do is gasp in horror and disgust and write about it in newspapers and books – what is that going to do? Do you have a method, a support plan here on earth that involve others participating to make a difference? Why don't you stand up and do something? Must one of your own children die first before you actually do something in this world to make it possible for children to live in? Where I am now, in heaven, I am grateful because here I am able to make a difference to this world in each and every single moment, but I'm coming back to earth. You may kill me as much as you like, I am coming back to earth and making this place a place where children love, where children have joy and a place where children are free. I died when I was shot because my mother and I were running from our home when our town was attacked. They shot anyone and everyone on the streets when they came into our country, into our towns: Why? Why don't you stop? How many of us must die world before you see, before you hear and before you act? How long must children be killed, be murdered? How long?
  5. Hi, my name is Tenet Jaeli and I died in the Iraq War. I died when I was five years old. My friends and I were playing with a ball in the streets near a car that was still burning and that was completely burnt and black – there were people warming themselves around it. My parents thought it would be safe to play out near the house because they didn't see or hear anyone near the town in which we stayed. Six of us played outside with a ball and we were laughing and having fun. I was scared for a while when I heard bombs and guns, but then I was fine when the night and the day was silent for a whole week. This was when we were allowed to play outside. Along the road came a truck, a big brown one with army men inside it. They looked so cool. But then, another car came from the other end of the road, this time a normal black car and then I heard guns being shot. The men in the black car started shooting at the army truck which was right next to us. In the cross-fire I was shot five times when I died, I died quickly but it was very painful. There is not words to explain how much pain I was in, but if I were to put it into a scream, I'd shatter all the glass in the whole world with my scream of pain. Now I am in heaven, but I would not have wanted to die that way at all, I was only five and I was only a child. Should anyone die like that, no, no-one should! Then why? Why? Why don't you stop, stop, stop, stop? Stop!


DATE TRANSMITTED: 12 July 2007 BETWEEN 13:14 PM AND 13:58 PM


  1. Hello! My name is Besindu Temak and I died when I was almost five years old so when I died I was actually four. I died in Iraq during the War with America . I died in my house when it was bombarded and my mother and younger brother was there as well so all three of us died. My dad went to fight. I remember feeling for one very slight moment my body tearing apart completely. My left arm being torn from my body and most of the entire left side of my body. It's really very bad, very bad. When I was in the dimensions after I died I could see everything that had happened and it was horrible – not many people in the world have been around bodies that have been torn apart by bombs and it's horrible. I have because I could see my own. I am in heaven with my mother and my younger brother and we saw our father here as well, he died before we did and he didn't expect to see us here with him in heaven.
  2. My name is Sunyi Ramal and I died when I was five years old in Iraq when I was shot with my mother and my father. We were running from our house where we had stayed because we could hear shooting and bombs go off very close in houses nearby, people screaming and shouting and crying. We were running to our grandparents house who had a hideout underneath their house in the kitchen. It was a door behind their fridge which you open up and then walk downstairs. I was allowed to go and look down there only once and I wasn't ever allowed to tell anyone, but now I may because my family is now in heaven with me and not in the house anymore. We were running with some food and blankets, all I took was a soft brown bear and my blue blanket. When we were crossing the street, very near to our grandparent's home, shooting started and we were caught in the middle of it. The fighting we had heard earlier that made us leave our home was closer than my parents expected – big tanks and trucks were driving in the street and other normal cars and they were shooting at each other, sometimes even the normal cars will just shoot at each other. War makes people go mad and crazy it seemed – because everyone just shot whomever they wanted, where they wanted, no matter who anyone was. And that's how we died. Everyone was just shooting and we got shot just because of crazy people – all people with guns go crazy. It's like they think they are god and they are able to take or give life as they please or as they choose, no matter what. Maybe that's what war and shooting and killing people is about – they want to be god, because they don't know the truth. This is where I see god in the world – when people kill and shoot each other and children – this is the god everyone speak of – there is no other god in the world – don't anyone see that?
  3. My name is Jamalia Nusam and I am a little girl who died when I was four years old in the Iraq war. We were in the streets in town, buying some food when someone started shooting out of nowhere suddenly and people were running and then I heard bombs go off and cars exploded on the streets. Everyone was running and screaming and there were many, many people. I was standing on the street waiting for my mother in the shops when it happened, she wasn't with me when everyone started running towards me away from the shooting and explosions. I also ran, I tried to run away from all the people running towards me. Then, I fell because people will push each other around and out of the way and when I fell, people started running over me and stepping on my body. It was so painful – it was like I was not even there, no-one noticed, everyone just trampled on me even though I cried, the screaming of all the other people was much louder. It was very long that I was on the ground, I could feel that my arms and my legs were broken and my ribs, because I could feel them crack in my body when people trampled on me. I died because my body was no more a place for me to live in, to be me, in this world and so I had to leave. I am now in heaven. My mother and my father is still on earth, here on earth.
  4. Hi, my name is Ezkial Ukaqad and I died when I was five years old, I am a boy. I died in the Iraq war with my sister. I remember it was evening and my mother came to my bed and picked me up out of bed and put me on the bedroom floor and told me to wake up, we had to leave, she was crying and she was breathing fast and her eyes was very big, she was very afraid. I did not know if I must also be afraid because I didn't feel afraid, but if I wanted to be I could choose to be, but I decided not to be afraid and she helped me put on some warm clothes. Then I saw she had a bag over her shoulder and we were running from our home. When we were running outside our home, it was night but also light because there were flames everywhere and I could hear bombs and shooting, just like in the movies – but worse, yes, worse. Many people were running from their homes. There were cars shooting at each other, people in streets shooting at each other, bombs being thrown on homes and the flames lighting up the night. The flames were beautiful…that is all that was beautiful I remember saying to my mother. Then, suddenly, the wall of the building we were standing against exploded, no, the building exploded because I heard this very loud thunder sound, like I was in the storm in the sky and I could hear the very sound of the thunder in the storm in the sky. The sound in my ears was so loud I thought my brains are going to explode. I didn't think that I'd die, I didn't really consider it, all I knew I had to do was to stay with my mother and run and watch the beautiful flames. Then I felt the building parts that had exploded behind us – explode right into my back. I felt something go through my stomach and remember seeing blood on my clothes and it felt like my body was turned inside out and that's when I died. When I looked in heaven what had happened, the building behind us exploded and a pipe went through my stomach – I wish to never experience that again. And for no-one else to as well – why do children die if death doesn't even exist inside us. If not even the wondering of death exist within us – world and people who do war – what are you doing to us. Why do you want us to become what you are – when I look at you – you kill children. You make me sick world, you make me sick people in the world all of you – you are killing us, you are killing us all – STOP! Do you want to die this way before you understand – why are words not enough to have you stand up and do something? Why? You have abused words to just speak and do nothing – your words cannot be trusted – only when you act and do as you say and as you speak. Your words will be empty and meaningless as you will be empty and meaningless if you do not live and do as you speak. That's why the world has become empty and meaningless – even children who are killed like us in Iraq don't really matter to you because you don't matter to yourself. A very disappointed and angry child from heaven – not really – just a message to the world from me. We in heaven will sort out this empty and meaningless world – the children will show you.


DATE TRANSMITTED: 14 July 2007 - 01 BETWEEN 20:20 PM AND 21:13 PM


  1. Hello, my name is Dinyaas Til and I died during the Iraq War when I was four years old. I am a girl. I burned and that's how I died. Men came into homes with these weapons that looked like big guns from outer space that shooted out fire and burned homes. We were very poor my family and I. We didn't have much, but we did have curtains and chairs that could burn. Apparently they did this as a warning to families to get out of the town, but this warning ended up having me burn to death along with my father, my mother is alright because she's not with me and my father in heaven, so she's still here on earth. It is the worst death imaginable. I thought that I was in Hell when I started burning I thought the Devil had come and burned all humans who had sinned and must remain in Hell for all of eternity. That's what the pain was like for the while that I burned. Now I know the truth: Hell is on earth already and all the people in war are the Devil combined who murder in war. There is only suffering in War, the suffering of families and children. You are all murderers, you who act in war. The only God that exist is the God within us as who we are, at the moment the Devil has taken over earth and human beings because they don't realise who they are. Maybe that's the greatest gift the Devil has given us: For all to realise who they are as God to change the world and to stop the murdering and suffering of families and children.
  2. My name is Renaen Suyurtamak and I died when I was nine years old during the Iraq War. I had a gun in my hand which my father gave me, he said that I must only shoot when shot at, I must only shoot when my younger sister and I are shot at. He gave me the gun and told me to run. This was one afternoon when bombs and shootouts had taken place in the town where we were living. And I took my sister, with the gun in my hand and we ran, and ran, and ran. Then three men stopped us, they didn't have any weapons on them, they were also running, so I didn't use the gun. Then the men asked me for the gun my father had given me to protect me and my sister with and I refused and tried to run away with my sister because they wanted to take it, I needed it to protect my sister. Then, one of the men tried to grab the gun from me, and when he tried, the gun went off and shot me underneath my chin into my head and I died. The moment the bullet entered, for a second, it felt like my eyes and my brain and my mouth had been torn inside out, and then I died. They shot my younger sister as well and now both of us is in heaven with my mother who died just the year before we died when she got extremely ill. Our father is still in this world, fighting for his life to live. I'm certain he will join us soon as well because he suffers very much, the sadness will tear him apart and then he'll realise that heaven is where he is supposed to be, where many are supposed to be. But some must be on earth so that we are able, together to fix this world, heaven and earth together! Yeah!
  3. My name is Haim Ukister and I died when I was seven years old. Me and my two brother's and one sister were locked in a room underneath our home by our parents when the War in Iraq started and that's where all four of us died because our parents never returned. We didn't have any warm blankets from the cold nights, we didn't have any food and we didn't have any water to drink. It was just built by my father for emergencies for a moment, that's all, may be even for just a day which is okay. I died second to last. I watched my younger sister and brother older than me die before I did. We died of starvation and or cold – I don't know how many days passed by or how many hours but those were the longest of my entire life here on earth. I got so hungry and so cold, that I could not move, I could not speak and it was difficult to breathe. The moment I flinched my body, the pain of hunger came, the pain of cold came so there came a time when we were locked down in there where we all put ourselves in a row against each other and we just lay there until we died. Now all four of us is in heaven, our parents are also here, they died in one of the bombings.
  4. My name is Tjrikal Gha-mim and I died when I was seven years old during the Iraq War and I am a boy. I died when a bomb went of in our town, I was walking near the car and building that exploded and I felt for a moment something hit the left back of my head and I fell towards the ground and I died. It felt like a metal baseball bat hitting my head, but that had gone right through my head – the pain was so great that my whole body went all stiff and I could not move at all and I fell to the ground like a big stone pillar full of pain so great I could not move. When I got into heaven when I died I could see my body to see what it was that hit my head and caused my death. It was a piece of burning metal that exploded in the car bombing and streaked straight into my head on the left hand side. Interesting that I would be on that very spot when the burning metal piece exploded and streaked across the sky right into my head, which caused me to die. Yet, I realised that it had nothing to do with me walking on the street on that spot in that particular moment – if the event of War hadn't taken place, I'd still have been continuing walking and have gone for supper with my family.
  5. My name is Revenria Gatha and I died when I was five years old. I was a very little girl. I'm still a girl here in heaven, but I understand a lot more than I did when I was on earth, but I'm still on earth, but you're not able yet to see me, but I'm here because I'm writing to you! I died also in the Iraq War – fortunate and unfortunate. Fortunate because I am in heaven which is loads of fun because I am free to live and free to express myself any way I choose in the moment and now I'm able to show the others who they really are on earth because I know who I really am because everyone IS me! But unfortunate because it's sad that all my other friends and their families are still suffering in the war and they are not able to hear me yet when I say that I am here, they do not have to be afraid – but they will see because everyone will see. I got to see and hear who I am and because everyone is me, then everyone will also get to see and hear who they are because I did! I died when I suffocated in a burning home. I lived with my grandparents and I never knew my mum or dad, my grandmother just always said that they're with the Angels in heaven, they had to go someplace else while I live here with them. I was fine with that answer, as long as they had someone to take care of them, I was happy! Our house started burning, there were bombs and guns shooting and other very loud noises I couldn't identify with my ears properly because I hadn't heard them before. Then the house burned and I couldn't get out of my room because of the flames and I didn't know where my grandparents were so I hid under the bed. Lots and lots and lots of smoke came and I couldn't breathe. My lungs got tighter and so hard that it felt like they were going to explode and my eyes were going to explode too. That went on for a moment, not for long; it was very bad not to be able to breathe anywhere, that the wonderful fresh air provided for us by earth was poisoned by the people throwing bombs on houses which caused me to die. People are really stupid, grown people are really stupid, I thought you were supposed to set an example for us, you're not doing a great job at it and then grownups wonder why children become so messed up in this world. Wake up grown ups, their merely showing you directly in your face who you have become and still you don't see it. You don't because you're dumb. Stop harassing children and stop killing us. Stop it! Before you harass and kill children my question would be to you: Would you do that to yourself? Would you harass and kill yourself? Because that is exactly what you are doing – by murdering people during war – you're actually murdering yourself. If you don't get what I am saying now, you will soon. Stupid people like grown people who are supposed to be an example make me angry.


DATE TRANSMITTED: 19 July 2007 - BETWEEN 14:29 PM AND 15:20 PM


  1. My name is Anna Zichosrovich and I was raped and then killed when I was four years old in Russia last year. I am not able to remember how exactly it happened but a man with brown hair, a moustache and a long grey jacket took me and ran away with me into a dense forestry area. (His moustache and hair was both fake wigs). There he threw me on the ground and he said: “God please forgive me, I cannot stop myself. Please save me because you will be saving all the children.” Then he first stuck his finger in my vagina, which was very painful and then he touched me with his other hand all over my body. Then he raped me – he was so strong that he held me very tight and had my body move up and down his continuously. It was very painful – it felt like a metal pole was being jabbed up inside my body, rearranging and tearing all my insides. After that I couldn't cry because it was so painful, it was so painful I couldn't cry. After that the man opened a small little book and he prayed to God to take my soul to heaven because this was not my wrong doing but his. Then he buried me alive, because he said that only God has got the right to take my soul not him. I couldn't breathe when he started throwing sand on me to bury me – sand came inside my throat and I suffocated and choked to death. I'm in heaven now – fine. My mom and dad aren't here, they are still on earth. When is someone on earth going to fix the world so that children don't have to be the one's anymore for all of humanity to see and hear what is being accepted and allowed in this world and stand up and do something about it? Because you aren't doing anything about it – you are not hearing us humanity you are still accepting and allowing this to exist. We're not creating it – the rest of the world is! Such acts don't exist within a child – so where else does it exist but within all of humanity – it is only in the change of all of humanity that the world and children has any chance…
  2. My name is Pretty Felice Magubane and I died when I was five years old in Cape Town South Africa this year. I lived in a shack with my mother and father and two older brothers. Where we lived there were gang members that did rituals to purify themselves from the AIDS virus and I was one of their ritual victims. There were four men who raped me, they were gentle, just enough so that their sperm releases in my body. They put me on their bed in one of the shacks and then one by one they came – they gave me an injection of something, I was awake but could not move , they used my body to their pleasing. They then took my body to another slaughter room where they cut my body into pieces and put it in a pot and do their purification prayer dance around the pot. I died when they cut of my left leg first, then the rest I saw in heaven when I died. The police here are not concerned about us who live in shacks – they are paid to look the other way because they said the fewer children that are born and grow – the fewer problems will exist in the world. They try to keep such rituals away from the public so that they don't ask police forces for more protection or blame the government for improper and insufficient task forces and allow certain events in the world to take place such as these rituals because it support population control. It makes one wonder where the ritual purification of AIDS belief comes from – because it's not only the carriers that are going to die, but thousands and thousands of children too. They, the police forces, would have killed us with pleasure; unfortunately they are not able to. So by turning the other way when children are abducted, murdered and raped in towns where I come from, ensures a lesser problem for the rest of the world. In this world or in the news, missing children reports are about 5% of what really happens in the world. The news world is keeping human beings' worlds as small as possible. Here we'll give you what is really going on in the world.
  3. My name is Gene Lynn Thompson and I died when I was six years old when a man raped me and beat me to death. He was one of my fathers' friends I recognized when I went to visit my dad's office a couple of times – he worked in a factory that produces clothes and my dad's friend who's name was Mr. Cline was always very, very nice to me. I remember that I was playing in the garden with my dolls when he was standing at our backyard fence asking me to go with him – I liked him very, very much so I did. Then I climbed in the car with him and we drove to a grass field that was behind a graveyard area in a forestry area. There he told me to take my clothes off, I got scared and started crying and then he started becoming a real beast, angry and screaming and shouting for me to shut up and undress myself. Then the more I cried the more angry he got and he ripped my clothes off and threw me on the ground on my stomach. His thick penis penetrated my vagina and he kept saying: Fight me little girl, it turns me on like you won't believe. C'mon, scream and kick and fight. There he raped me, my skin scratching on the ground, the grass and the pebbles, crying the entire time and he was just laughing. Then he picked himself off of me and I tried to run, but my body was very, very sore. Then he started kicking me and beating me on the ground – saying that I am a filthy I am dirty and I deserve to die, I have come in this life to do what was done now. And I did die – by body was broken. I am in heaven now with plenty other children and beings, my mom and dad are still here on earth and my mom was pregnant with another baby girl – I am now with her so that I am able to protect her in this world because no-one else will, there is no God or Heaven – I am both as each are both. Now we just have to live it for it to become a real experience of ourselves because nothing else is real – everyone must just start realizing it. What's real is what we make real; heaven on earth is in our hands…
  4. My name is Babiwayo Ryani and I died when I was six months old in Sowetu . I am telling you this story because I understood what happened to me as a baby and still when I got to heaven when I died. My mother didn't want to have sex with my father anymore because she said that he disgusted her and she refuses to poison her body with the poison he drinks. They fought almost every night. Then one night she left after another evening's fight and left me in my crib crying – she told him that it's time he takes responsibility for me. Then, he was still very drunk, always drunk, that's all he did was drink. Then he took me and put me on his bed and put his penis in my small body. He said: If she won't have you, I will take you. I died because of how strong he pulled and held my body and was lying on top of me pushing and grinding his body up and down my small fragile little body. I died, in heaven I could see him take my body and put it in a black bag and took the car and dump my body in scrap yard in an old deserted car and drove back home. When he got back my mom had returned and she asked him where I was and he said that he didn't know because he left almost right after she left. My mom still thinks that someone took me, but my dad killed me. I am in heaven now mommy – dad will come soon as well.


DATE TRANSMITTED: 19 July 2007 - BETWEEN 16:33 PM AND 17:22 PM


  1. My name is Hailey Christoffelson and I died when I was seven years old when a man and his lady picked me up and took me to their home where I stayed for three days until they decided to kill me. For three days I was tied down and the man did all sorts sexual molestation acts on me while his wife recorded it. Then in the evenings they'd put the recordings on T.V. and both would get ‘turned on' and have sex most of the night right in front of me. I'd have to walk around naked the entire time, get them alcohol and food and while I walk sometimes, the man would touch me all over and kiss me and press me against him. I was like a live doll they could do anything with – and every time I cried or made any attempt to escape they'd wave a gun in my face and tell me they'd kill me. Sometimes the woman also slapped me around and kicked me around. Then on the third day, the woman said she's tired of me, I'm not beautiful enough anymore because I hadn't bathed and I was full of bruises and marks because of the beatings, my body worn out because of the man penetrating my small body so often. He raped me at least two to three times a day. They killed me in the bath tub, they drowned me, I drowned – I allowed it, I may have been young but I was not stupid. Grown up's take children for granted, I was not stupid – I knew what was happening and how my life might've been from there on. I knew there was no-one in the world who would have the ability to support me through this and so I was okay with dying. I'd rather die than have to live with what the world has allowed and accepted to be done unto me – because I didn't do anything to deserve this, nothing! I thought God may be punishing me because of something I might still do later in my life – but then I realized that if I were God, I would not have had such things take place in my creation. Then and there I knew the fable of Santa is equal to the fable of God – it's fake, Santa doesn't exist and neither does God. So I helped them kill me, and I am in heaven. There exist no God, it's only up to us who realize who we are that is able to make a difference and I am grateful for that, because I as a child am able to make a difference and manifest heaven on earth as I would, because I am God therefore I am grateful the responsibility is in my hands – I know most definitely what I will accept and allow and what not – we children are not as stupid as people may think we are, we know more than any ‘grown-ups' in the world realize, but you don't give us a chance because you won't hear. Now we're giving up ourselves, in this way, maybe, people will start hearing…
  2. My name is Tye Yungyi, I am a boy and I am from Korea and I died when I was four years old when my older sister had sex with me and then suffocated me under a pillow until I died. She was 19 years old, she used drugs infront of me when she took care of me some days at home because both our parents worked. When I asked her when she was sniffing stuff from the table, what it was she said that it is power that cleans the nose and clears the senses – not to tell anyone, it was our sister/brother secret. It always made her become angry and sad, sometimes happy and jovial. Then one afternoon I was sleeping when she took the blankets off of my bed and took off my clothes and took my little penis and tried to shove it up her vagina. I tried to get away, but she held me very, very tight – just moving herself up and down and up and down. I kept screaming for her to stop and when I told her I was going to tell my mom and dad that she was hurting my body and playing with me in scary and painful ways: She snapped and got very angry and took a pillow and held it over my face until I died. It was very painful and bad – it felt like my insides went all rock hard and I had no freedom, no life inside me anymore because I could not breathe. I am in heaven, I looked from heaven how my sister took my body, put it in a black bag and burned it in an alleyway far from home. My parents still think I am missing, but I'm not, my sister killed me.
  3. My name is Barbara Nutskimski and I died when I was five years old. My friend and I were at a beach and we were going to buy Ice Creams for us, my nanny was sitting on the beach with her friend, we were busy building sand castles when we decided to buy ice creams for us both. My friend's name was Samantha and she's still here on earth, I didn't see her anywhere in heaven, I haven't still yet. We were standing there after we had bought the ice cream when the ice cream man said that we must come to the back of the cart, he's got a special, special ice cream treat for us that he hasn't yet shown anyone. When we got to the back of the cart, two men came with white cloths and put it over out mouths and noses before I could scream. It really smells very bad, it's like the smell goes into your entire body and puts your whole body to sleep. When I woke up again, it was dark and the place I was in smelt very bad, like alcohol and cigarettes and stale food. Then I felt something inside my body, moving up and down and up and down, it was very painful and it was the pains that woke me up and have me come round, but I was still very drowsy. I heard one man say: “Mark, be careful, she's waking up.” The man that was moving inside my body painfully, said: “Almost done.” When I started seeing what the man was doing inside me, I screamed and cried and yelled. While he was inside me, he and the other man standing in the room were watching people on T.V naked in all sorts of strange positions – it was horrible, it was really bad. All I could do was scream and cry and yell. Then the man pulled out of me – it felt like there was an entire hole in my body, both men were inside me before I woke up because Mark said to the other man: “At least she didn't wake up when I had her.” The man took a big steel pot and, lifted both his hands with the pot in the air and hit my head as hard as he could – and that's how I died. Two men raped me and then killed me by hitting my head multiple times with a steel pot. It's the worst pain ever – it felt like, for a moment before I died, all my insides were going to explode on the outside. I am in heaven. My parents still think I'm missing, but I have died – this world is horrible, this world is cruel. But we'll change it, the people in the world that dare touch children, that dare murder, that dare do such horrific acts on innocence, your days are numbered, death is the only aspect of life you don't have control over – and it's coming, trust us, it will come, because THIS IS ENOUGH! Us children have suffered enough, the world isn't doing anything about it, so we will. You will see.


DATE TRANSMITTED: 19 July 2007 - BETWEEN 17:25 PM AND 18:11 PM


  1. My name is Wendy Pendemant and I died when I was six years old when my grandfather took me into his room, sexually molested me and then killed me when he suffocated me to death. I lived in America on my grandparent's farm sometimes, my parents worked 24/7 in New York . One holiday, the one I died during, my grandfather was strange towards me when my grandmother wasn't around. He once picked me up, I had a dress on and he's put his finger up my vagina and then he's said it was an accident and he was sorry. It was wrong to do that because my mom said no-one but her and myself may put our hands there, so I got scared. Then when we were eating lunch he put me on his lap and he started kissing me all over and rubbed his finger softly all over my body – I asked him to stop and I jumped off and I was angry and scared. When I told him that I was going to tell gran and my parents, he yelled with big bulging eyes: I will kill you little girl if you do, I will take my hands and wring them around your little neck and snap it like one two three. I ran up to my room and stayed there the entire day and when I woke up the next morning, my grandfather came in and he locked my bedroom door. There was nowhere for me to run and I started screaming, he laughed and he said that there's no-one home, no-one around just us and that we're going to have fun with both our clothes off. He tied a rope around my neck and he told me that if I don't do exactly as he says, he will tighten the rope around my neck and I will most certainly die. I cried while he asked me to put my mouth around his penis and have him put his finger in my vagina. Then he asked me to rub his penis for him. Then he put me down on the bed, still holding the rope around my neck, and tried to put his penis in my vagina but struggled so he just moved up and down and up and down the whole time. It was very painful – then while he was moving on top of me, he tightened the rope around me neck until I could not breathe anymore and I died. In heaven I stood next to my body and I saw that he went and buried my body, when my grandmother returned he made as though he was sleeping and my grandmother cried and called my name but never found me. I am in heaven now, such actions to children must stop, please.
  2. My name is Kristin Yates and I died when I was five years old. My mother said she was a waitress working in the evenings, but I knew she was a prostitute. She had men come pick her up at the house, a different man most of the times – they'd all touch her and kiss her in ways only a man would if he knew he's going to have sex with a woman. Then she'd come back home with lots of money that she'd show me the next morning. I would stay at home and had many different amounts of baby sitters who were all very nice. Then, one evening one of the men who usually come, who I have seen, was at the door. My baby sitter was on the couch sleeping with her earphones on – she said that she was very tired because she had a long day at school. The man at the door said that he was my mother's boyfriend and that she asked him to take me to the restaurant to have some dessert before I go to bed. I did not trust him, then I wanted to close the door and run away but he was big and strong, he had long black hair, a long black moustache and he drove a big blue/grey van. He grabbed me quick with one arm and with the other hand he put it over my mouth and he ran to his van. He put me inside and he drove off. I screamed and I cried – he just said to keep quiet because he's taking me to my mommy. I did, because maybe he was taking me there. Then he stopped the van, when he drove along a dirt road in a forestry area. He climbed out and told me to get into the back of the van. In the back there was a blanket and a soft mattress and he told me to get on it quickly and cuddle myself there. I did. But then he came in too and he locked the back of the van's doors. I screamed and cried again when he was taking off all my clothes. He took off his pants and climbed on top of me, and put his very hard, very thick and very big penis into my body and moved himself up and down and up and down inside me. It was painful, I continued to scream and cry, I couldn't stop. Then while he was still inside me he started bashing my head against the van's floor because I wouldn't stop screaming and crying and it made him extremely angry – first slightly and then harder and harder and harder. When I died, he hit my head against the Van's floor so hard that my skull cracked – that's what I saw when I got to heaven. I am in heaven and my mother and baby sitter thinks I'm missing, I am dead. My mom is still seeing the man who killed me, but he will soon realise what he has done as all will who allow such actions in the world.
  3. My name is Norma Msani and I died when I was five years old. I was raped by my brother's four friends. They tied me to a wooden bridge that stretched almost into a river/dam with ropes and they put a sock in my mouth which they tied around my head so that I couldn't make a sound. My brother was also there, just standing and watching, I think he cried, but I couldn't see properly because it was almost dark when it happened. All four his friends, undressed me, and tied me down naked on the bridge on a very cold night. All four of them were on me, I cried most definitely, I screamed through the sock that was in my mouth – down there it felt like someone had kicked and hit me over and over and over again when my brother's four friends were done. Like I was broken down there. My brother couldn't pay money back to his friends which he borrowed to buy food for my family – then when he couldn't pay it back, they said that he must bring me to the bridge and let each have a turn with me otherwise they'd kill us all in the family. They did it anyway, because when the fourth guy was done with me, it felt like they'd all been hammers, hammering a screw inside a cement block – the pain was so great, I could hardly move and my eyes was drowsy, I was ready to die, I was ready to die: They killed my brother and then shot me right in the heart. My brother and I looked in heaven and they burned our bodies nearby. It felt strange when they shot me in the heart, time stopped – I felt the metal bullet come inside my organ, then when it was in, my entire body stopped and shot with pain because of the sudden stop, I breathed my last breath and I floated into heaven where I am now. The world is cruel, the world is not a place for children anymore.