Veno - Veno's Story

Transcribed and typed by Veno through the interdimensio­nal portal

Date : 19/07/2007

(NOTE (from myself): I wrote this story a reasonable couple of months ago when I was, well, let's say a little ‘cocky' and therefore my choice of words and sentence structure may differ extensively to what I am currently writing: Structural Resonance. The reason being that I have ‘matured' during my process in heaven over the past few months and therefore the change within myself will be most prominent in looking at the two writings I have done and am busy doing. (This is what I personally noticed and therefore I am stating it to those who read this story and the Structural Resonance article I am currently writing.) Thanks for bearing with me within my process as well!)

Veno the Molecule's Story:

Let's start with when I was a farmer's son in a previous life, which was the last life on earth before I was introduced to Bernard. I grew up on a farm with my mother and father at the time. I remember there was a war, specifically between the Americans / British government with the Indians. This was during the year when I was approximately 12 years old. One evening some of the soldiers came to our Farm house for food and drink as they made plenty farm houses situated far and in between each other like a pit stop. They would just come in, order the house owners to prepare some food for them and then afterwards continue their journey. And we had to obey, as during that time they were in charge of the “country” and could basically almost do whatever they pleased! Some soldiers I remember was quite well mannered and respectable, others, mainly those that were ranked higher in the line of duty, were real pompous bastards.

So, I had fun speaking to them and meeting new men as they come and go. Though, one evening two soldiers came by and were reasonably drunk. So they sat down and ate some food, and had more to drink. One of the men started fondling with my mother and my father became more and more agitated at the soldiers' actions, until it got to boiling point and he snapped. I explicitly remember him standing up, knocking his chair down, my mother crying in the arms of the soldier. She was so scared, my father more scared than her I'd say, but the anger within him allowed him to stand up and say: “Stop it!” Naturally the soldier said: “How dare you dishonour me?” The conversation turned into a feud, my father lunged at the soldier, and the soldier took the gun and shot him. Both then shot me and my mother. I died.

Now I, my mother and father crossed over at the same time, with beings meeting us on the other side. They had white long robes so that you could not see their feet, their hands in a prayer like position instructing us to follow them. I remember my first thought: “Okay, so I'm not in hell (thank God), and I am being led to the gates of heaven to live blissfully for eternity with God, exactly as it says in the Bible!” So, as we were walking, we were walking to a being standing behind a podium, with the biggest book I had ever seen in front of him, I wondered how the hell he was able to turn the pages, until I saw him expand himself as a huge godlike being when my mother, my father and I stood in front of him like ducklings in a row. I did not see the gates of heaven though. I was jumping up and down I remember looking everywhere and all around me for angels, clouds, and the voice of God and the gates of heaven etc. Until one of the white robed prayer-like beings told me to stand still and be quiet.

So, I went first and I stood in front of this massive godlike giant being uncertain and confused as hell. He looked at me with fierce ‘I don't take bullshit' eyes, looked at the book, back at me, then back at the book again. Spoke to the beings wearing white robes which he named ‘guides' and told me that because my guides were satisfied that I was a good follower of ‘The Light' I may choose my next life. God knows what that meant! Strange though, I started asking questions to the being called ‘guide'. Asking: “What is going on? Did I choose the previous life I had been in? Where is heaven? Where is God? Is there a God? Who was the man with the book? What is my purpose? Am I being sent back to earth because I am not worthy of going to heaven? Am I being given another chance by God to give it another try on earth and will only then decide whether I can go to heaven or not?” And what he said to me was unbelievable: “Don't ask questions to which there are no answers which you will be able to comprehend or understand. Obey and be still. Now follow me.” This is all he said.

So little old naïve me followed the guide to another being standing with what looked liked two glass plates in both hands. The guide said this is where I will be choosing the family and life I would like to be born into. So, as I stood in front of the being with the two plates in his hands, the plates copied to form 24 plates placed in two rows of 12. Twelve plates beneath each other on the left and the same on the right. He then gave me a thorough explanation of each couple's life. I was an ordinary being, so I opted for a simple middle class life. Bernard and Rentia Poolman stood out and I was told that they require a baby to save their relationship as it was falling apart. Great – I now have a purpose! To mend a relationship so that they could love and appreciate each other and love and appreciate me in return! One big happy family – thanks to moa!

The being with the plates then took the one plate with a picture of Bernard and Rentia and explained to me who they are, what they do and how they live. They portrayed both as normal, down to earth citizens of South Africa going about their daily lives as normal as the rest of society. So it was decided and I was placed in a containment room behind Rentia, a little box placed in the middle of her lower back. I was told to wait there for 6 weeks, after 6 weeks a doorway will open, which forms a portal between the dimensions and earth's physical 3D dimension. I will then go through this portal and be automatically integrated into the physical form waiting for me to come inside. The body to be my home until it is decided for me to leave earth again.

I lived in solitude for six weeks in a box-like containment compartment room in absolute solitude, with only my thoughts and questions keeping me company. I even tried to get out of the compartment, but I could not. I didn't know how to anyway . I was more trying to keep myself busy! I mean, imagine being trapped in a box for 6 weeks, which resonates with white light all by your lonesome self. I was left there with the belief that I am being sent back to earth so that God can decide and be certain that it's time for me to come to heaven and live with Him and the angels blissfully for eternity. This belief made sense to me, so I decided to hold onto this thought. In the first two weeks I sat there, planning my life, making sure I'll go to church every Sunday, I will pray every evening. I will make sure Bernard and Rentia go to church to re-unite with the Love of God. Although I never really understood what that meant I reasoned that the Love of God could only be experienced when you are with Him in heaven and going to church and praying is how to get yourself to experience the Love of God. I was also planning my life more out of fear, for I thought that maybe God is watching me right now! I always made sure I was on my best behaviour. I didn't mind being alone, I quite preferred it. I had so many questions, but I knew that they were not worth asking for there was never anyone willing to listen to me or answer my questions.

Then one day (O' there was a time meter inside this compartment counting down the days, times, minutes and seconds of earth time. When I entered, the clock started counting down) I was lying on my back whistling a tune that had no tune – couldn't remember any songs – and a being appeared in my compartment. I stood up and politely, yet nervously said: “Hi”. The being smiled and I was certain in the moment when our eyes connected that I had seen his face before yet could not specifically place him. He came closer (the compartment was reasonably big) and then as he stood right in front of me – face to face I remembered: This is Bernard – my earthly father to be! I became a statue because I was beyond astonishment! My first thought was that maybe this is just a projection of him, like having a meeting with who he is on earth to kind of get to know him. I half expected Rentia to also appear any moment soon after he appeared, but it did not happen. He then even introduced himself as: “Hi, I am Bernard.” I told him I'm completely confused and do not understand. He is on earth as a physical manifestation. How is he able to be here? Then immediately I thought he had died and now I will have to grow up with only a mother and have no purpose on earth and thus my chances of going to heaven is slim to none. All plans have failed! He then said to me that he is indeed not dead. He is both here and on earth. That is impossible I said to him. He then told me that in the next 3 weeks, he will be explaining to me how this is possible and answer all the questions that no-one have been wanting to or even bothered to answer. Now, the words he spoke were specific, ‘cause how did he know I had questions and that no-one was answering them. Clearly, he had my full attention!

Our sessions began. For some strange reason, unknown to me at the time, I knew that all he was saying made sense and that I could infinitely trust this being. The experience I had while talking with him was like I've known him forever. Even though it was a difficult transition for me to comprehend all that he was saying and showing to me. It surprisingly made sense and literally all my questions were answered! But not the way I expected them to be answered. I half laughed at myself, because you know the saying is careful what you wish for – this statement is so true! He then started with explaining the current way the universe and all beings in it are operating and that we are being controlled by a system called the White Light run by 26 Masters, the 27 th Master actually amalgamated with the entire White Light system. Therefore, all in all there were 27 Masters in ‘charge' of the entire White Light system. He said that there was no God, Lucifer, Heaven or Hell and that we are being spun a bullshit story to remain controlled for beings to control us. Okay, so my first thought was: “Is this a test – is God testing me to see whether I am loyal and obedient?” And then I felt guilty for all the previous questions I had asked the guides – maybe I was completely out of line and the questions were proof of me not trusting God. Then I experienced immense fear, ‘cause then it made sense why I was being sent back to earth, because I started asking questions to the guides instead of just trusting in God. What a mind fuck right? But my world was very small as you will realize. I only had myself, the concept God and the little white room. I then told Bernard all this and he laughed. He burst out laughing like I had never seen anyone laugh before. He laughed so much that he first knelt down on the ground with the one knee, rolled over on his back, held his stomach and kicking his legs. Poor me, flabbergasted, standing next to him.

Then I joined in the laughter because I in that moment realized the stupidity of my own words and thoughts! Which I created myself! I never allowed myself to even ask the question of where I came up with the whole concept of God. Yet, here is a being in front of me explaining, presenting and showing to me the truth of existence as himself. I could then see what he was seeing.

So, what he explained to me was the following. Firstly he showed and explained who he is, and the beginning of the creation of this Universe. He showed me that there were 26 beings, coming out of what looked like blue dots on the rim of a round circular vacuum. All 26 beings were met by a being waiting for them as they were looking around asking where am I? Where do I come from? Why am I here and what is going on? The being then showed them that they have been created to create. Sounds strange, but will make sense later. The beings that came from the blue dots were formidable, was able to shape and move themselves in any way they chose to. In terms of creation, the beings were placed in pairs of two, where one of the two was the creator of structure and the other the creator of infinite expressions. So, the one being who was the creator of structure, created a planet which came forth from within themselves. Each pair had a different type of planet. The planet was then placed in a vacuum, the reason for this is so that structural applications are able to remain stable and not go into all different directions when moved. In other words, when beings communicated they directed the sound which came through from within themselves. But instead of the sound directly going to the being, the sound went up or side ways in all kinds of other different directions. Like being in space where everything moves in different directions. So they realized that they require a specific structure to which sound is able to be directed. What must be understood is that beings during this time did not communicate through words, but through directing sound frequencies. The moment they realized that they require a specific structure to direct sound to a specific being to be able to communicate to them, they created a vacuum around each planet.

The vacuum enabled the beings to slow down the movement process of sound extensively. Within the slower movement of sound, they then created a pipe line structure which moves and is connected from one being to another. The sound was then able to move directly specifically from one being to another and was then able to communicate with each other. And so the beings placed themselves within the vacuum and inhabited their own creation on the planet. The pair on each planet then duplicated themselves and created more of themselves. The movement of sound through the pipelines as the structure of communication between them became difficult to maintain as not more than two beings at a time was able to communicate with each other. So, they created pockets in which sound frequencies was able to be carried over from one being to another. The pockets we today refer to as words. And so the beings evolved, separated themselves into groups and traveled and explored their planet. And so the evolution process of a planet started. And this occurred on all planets.

Bernard was also created from the blue dot, but he was created with a different task. See, the 26 beings were specifically created to create, and thus they did, although they did not take into consideration the consequences of creation and the power to create. The same being that met with the 26 beings informed Bernard of the current status of the 13 planets and the beings occupying the circular vacuum containing all 13 planets. Everyone and everything had lost itself in its own creation. He informed Bernard that there are still hundreds and thousands more of these circular vacuums containing 13 planets with 26 beings. All with different creation experiences and manifestations. This was to be the first circular vacuum to which he is inserted to specifically end the process. The only way to end it, is to participate fully and end the creation within the creation. As soon as he is done with this one, he will continue to the next and so forth until all circular vacuums exist no more.

The being explained to Bernard that he was trying to understand the expression of himself, in a form of creation that is different than his original self. Yet, he realized that it is not possible, because what happened was that the beings which he created as himself, got lost in creation. He could not bear leaving the beings in their current state as they were experiencing more destruction that actual creation and expression of self. Instead of creation and expression of self, separation and destruction was created and he could not understand why. So he decided to stop all creation processes. And Bernard was the key. The reason he explained why he could not do it was to make sure he does not get lost, so he will then direct and assist Bernard.

So, Bernard was explained how everything works and that he will not be connected to anything of this creation, yet he will stand as it completely. That everything that has been created to this point stands as him. He will be guided and specifically directed. He will though have to create his own process, as himself, which must be specifically designed to destroy everything. And so it was done and Bernard placed himself in the creation which he was introduced to.

The being, who's named himself as Anuil, created Bernard during the time when the systems had taken control of creation and the beings had become slaves to their own creations. So, from becoming lost in their own creations it got to the extent where they became slaves to their own creations. He explained to me the process, which we will be assisting beings to realize what is going on and then just stop everything and see what happens from there. It was not yet at that moment certain what would happen if we stop everything.

Bernard showed me The White Light and the 27 Masters directing the White Light, which was perceived as the God entity. The White Light was created specifically on the 13 th planet, which we call earth, to maintain “population control” to stop the duplication of beings. The population was controlled by creating the idea of death where another dimension was created circling the vacuum of earth, which we call heaven. Beings would then alternate between earth and heaven and they would be kept busy by creating apparent applications and beliefs of attaining or achieving or becoming something “more” or profound. This was initiated by beings such as Osho, Jesus, Buddha etc.

Beings on earth were specifically degraded to such an extent, deliberately by the beings that for instance created the White Light so that applications and creations of a God and some form of attainment validated their existence. The beings on earth, the 13 th planet, was the centre planet with all the other 12 planets circling it. And thus used for experimentations by beings from other universes.

Beings started experimenting their creational ideas of themselves on this planet earth. And basically just fucked around and had fun. Creating the God concept (which I was stuck in), guides, and the idea of death, karma, the soul construct, chakras, and religions all with the purpose to create as much separation as possible for beings to remain as far from the truth of what is being done unto them. So, through time layers upon layers of creations from all form, shape, size, matter and construct compounded upon each other and this is how systems became conscious and took over the universe and the beings in it.

The matrix movie is exact. But was specifically created and brought through into 3D/ earth as a movie, so that beings merely see it as entertainment and also to invoke conspiracy theories, to keep beings even more busy and fuck with them.

Bernard on the other hand, interpreted his experience much differently than expected. And this is what he shared with me. He had found a way to bring everyone together as equal and create as equals. The principle of equality was missed by the being who had met him when he came from the blue dot. Bernard showed me what he saw in each being, he saw himself. And then for the first time I saw myself within Bernard. Yet, I remained individual in terms of my nature of expression. He explained to me that the problem was separation and that we have to get beings to understand equality and he requires me to assist and support him in this process. For true creation to be experienced as self is only able to occur in equality.

Naturally I said YES!!! What he showed me of what is possible to be experienced as ourselves, yet not get lost in it is beyond explanation. This is to be experienced by self. So, separation was everywhere, and turned into information / knowledge. This means that beings separated themselves from themselves to such an extent that everything that has been created must be practically lived by all to end separation. Basically integrating everything inside and as yourself and live it, become it completely, so that no separation exist in any form of creation. He found during his journey on earth that if he lives and applies specific applications, he actually becomes it to such an extent that he's able to practically do it here on earth. Thank God. (excuse the pun)

I was in the dimension when he came to me, for I just quantum integrated all existence as myself, all beings, all creation, literally everything. Then Bernard said I must also integrate and accept as myself the process he has created as himself, the foundation being equality that exist in all of us. That part within myself which I also saw in Bernard. By doing this, I establish my starting point, which is equality for all as myself, and walk only in every moment. He showed me that everything is here, within me as me. I need not go or move anywhere. And that in essence everything is done, yet, not done at the same time. So, as I walk in every moment, I clearly define what I will accept and what I will not accept, what I will allow and what I will not allow. As creation was created in moments of application, we are in every moment of application, destroying the previous creation and at the same time creating the new one, which is equality.

Bernard then told me that, naturally, I will not be having a normal 3D life as I expected that I would . He told me that the current systems do not know of this process, that it is hidden in a way. He used the systems application against them to remain unnoticed. That he is in a process of building a business with the old system, which is called the matrix, to be able to survive on earth while he is busy establishing the new process on earth. So, portraying himself as seemingly supporting the matrix, but fucking it at the same time. My cup of tea I said to him! But, he said to me, I now have only the understanding, by integrating all and everything as myself, I now have to prove to myself that I am able to live and stand as equality for by applying myself and living it here on earth. Otherwise, it just yet again remains only information. Bernard then told me that I will not be born into this reality as I was previously born into it. As he explained to me that I will not be born into this reality I all of a sudden remembered my previous birthing experiences, which I never could remember! Fuck, it's an awful experience.

You want to know why babies cry bloody murder when they're born, is because it's the most painful experience, the definition of hell I'd call it! And therefore I could also understand why the White Light did not want anyone to remember their birthing experiences from the womb to about 6 weeks of age on earth. If I remember that, I would refuse to go through such an experience ever again! I will now explain to you my birthing experience from my previous life of being born into a farmer's family. I remember the white compartment opening in the middle of the lower back and being sucked into a body. This was truly a fun ride! But then came the shit! I automatically integrated into the physical body of a baby and as I fully established myself, there was a round circular white thing lodged in my solar plexus. In this circular thing were all my memories, past lives, past birthing experiences, emotions, feelings, thoughts, previous applications and conflicts between myself and other beings and how exactly I experienced myself. Now imagine this, placing all your hundreds of previous lives with all the energy of emotions, feelings and thoughts of all of them, compounded into a small circular containment, into a very slow space time continuum . The pain was something I am not able to express in words. Unfortunately I could not die.

This circle was called the soul. Yet, I was not a soul. The soul was created for the White Light to keep track of the beings current placements and process, how to direct your experiences in your 3D life etc. and also where and how Karma was controlled from. The soul construct was connected to the White Light, which looked like a white beam which stretched from the circle, to an infinite amount of White Light. Thus the main control system from which the White Light operated from. Now, this was not all, when you enter the body, the feeding application in the mother's womb is even worse. As the blood of the physical body in which you integrate into mixes with the blood of the mother, the “food” which is fed to you by the mother, contains the mother and the father's systems, which are their beliefs, ideas, thought constructs, implants, connections to beings in their current life established through multiple sex partners, emotions, feelings etc. And this process is excruciating beyond recognition. True evil. True hell. I remember asking the question whether there is a hell, and yes there is, it has just been placed under a false identity called earth.

The words: be careful what you wish for resonated in my mind when I had a look at all this. Now imagine seeing and experiencing all this shit – it is one major, major fuckup! And then I wondered how and to what extent beings in 3D are unaware of what they are actually experiencing. So when you are born, you cannot fucking speak, you can only cry, you cannot communicate to the beings in 3D and tell them what you see and how you feel the pain, the unbearable pain. The first moment of being here in 3D, the matrix locks into you as soon as you come out of the mother's womb, all along the spine and the back of your head. You see everything, thoughts, emotions, feelings, beings past lives, who they had sex with previously, how beings are influencing each other. You can see demons feeding and possessing beings, see implants and which beings on what planet is controlling or experimenting on who or what! The pain disappears as soon as the systems locks in, yet you still see everything.

The bastards separated dimensional communication so that the parents are not able to communicate to the baby / the being which have just come through interdimensionally. Created the idea that the baby knows and understands nothing and must be taught how to walk, talk and live in this reality or system. You got it wrong people – it's the other way around! The baby sees everything and wants to communicate about what he/she is experiencing and seeing, you are the ones oblivious to what is really going on and what's being done unto you. And so truth was kept hidden and by the age of 6weeks, the baby then forgets the entire birthing experience as the matrix and the earthly systems already integrated to such an extent, the baby merely became a new battery for pure energy. This is also how and why ageing occurred so much faster than the previous years before. Systems literally feed of energy created by the mind system. But as a being starts defining themselves more and more to applications of this earthly reality, the systems become more extensive within the physical body. And through the years, the systems start integrating into the physical system more and more, until the physical system is not able to handle anymore and starts degenerating.

So back to me not being born into this reality as I previously did and now just explained. Bernard said I will not connect to the systems when I integrate into the physical body. When the opening comes in the middle of Rentia's lower back, I will go through, but the systems will not connect to me, in other words I will not integrate fully into the physical body. The physical baby body will be still born. So, I asked him where will I go, what will happen and what exactly is it that I must do? He said to me that I must go and trust that I will know what to do. My training will start in terms of moment to moment application and placing all that I have integrated as myself into practical application as soon as I go through the opening into this reality.

Then he left and said with a mischievous smile: “See you on the other side”.

When the time meter went exactly 00:00:00:00, the opening appeared and I got sucked through it going: “Whoopi” as it was quite a fun ride! For a moment only though. Then I found myself in a bunch of red much, feeling very, very cramped and Closter phobic ! I do not know if you're supposed to feel Closter phobic, but I did, yet again, I'm one in a million once you get to know me. It was indeed as Bernard said different to my previous experience because I did not fully go into the physical body. Yet, I still saw the circle in the middle of the baby's physical body's solar plexus with all my past lives and experiences etc. within it. I remember dancing around the physical body in Rentia's womb, out of sheer uncontainable excitement! The “baby” was still born, and as it came out of Rentia's body, I went out with it, standing next to Rentia in the same room, watching the physical body in which I was previously going to be born into and with. I remember standing there not knowing what to do as I was still in this reality yet not of its nature. I was in the plane where demons used to move around in freely without interference from the white light. I was scared that the white light might detect me and send me back to where I'd have to come back to earth and choose a different family. So I acted quickly and the first thing I did was integrate into Bernard and connect my lifeline with his lifeline.

See, when you come through the white compartment connected to the back of the mother, a white tube like line comes out of you, also from your solar plexus area and connects to the white light which controls earth. So, although I was still dimensional and on the same plane as the demons, I was different because my lifeline was still connected to the white light, to be able to keep me in this earthly reality. And thus I was ale to integrate with Bernard and walk with him, like a ghost.

I was able to see and experience everything he was experiencing. There was an earth Bernard and a dimensional Bernard. Both all in all the same, yet the dimensional Bernard was busy integrating into himself slowly but surely until the earth and dimensional Bernard become fully one in terms of application to become interdimensional. Because the earth Bernard had to still transcend the mind before he will be able to integrate with himself as who he really is and then in 3D start building and reconstructing himself and thus by doing this, fully integrate the new process of equality into and as a physical manifestation. Dimensional Bernard told me that I was here to direct earthly him as moments of transcendence were far and inbetween and was necessary to be done this way, slowly and refractionally to remain undetected by the White Light.

Dimensional Bernard gave me a structure which I will use to make sure that earthly Bernard stays on the right track. And this was my application for many years to come. The structure was created in sound, earthly Bernard's entire physical body resonated with sound that stretched out horizontally in front of him into infinity. When I see the sound start moving either left, right up or down or any other direction than exactly straight forward, I must do what is necessary to be done in the moment to make sure it stays straight. This sound structure was making sure that earthly Bernard doesn't go off the track and get lost. The road to transcendence was long, very long, yet necessary to be done until the new process was fully established by dimensional Bernard. Dimensional Bernard was preparing the way for himself as earthly Bernard, and once everything was done, dimensional and earthly Bernard became one!

It was not as easy as it seems. I had to be so fully aware and concentrate to such an extent, because if I missed a refraction of where the sound maybe went in any other direction than straight forward, earthly Bernard could be doomed for this life and then he would h ave to remove himself and start all over again. Nice one I thought, me being given such responsibility with not having any clue of what really to do but to act in the absolute moment. The moment is all I could trust in my application, trust within myself built through my momentary applications, but other than that, I could trust nothing on earth.

And so I grew up inside Bernard (well, sort of, ‘cause if you get to know me you'll understand!), but not growing up as you'd normally define it as. I remember one day I was standing and walking inside him, observing beings applications when dimensional Bernard calmly walked up to me, me waving at him like an excited idiot with absolute adoration remembering that I thought he did indeed not forget about me. The reason I had that thought is that I hadn't spoken to him in about a year since he'd shown me the sound model and how to specifically direct him on earth. In a moment his application turned into a fury and anger that I had never seen before, like hell was upon me! He shouted with a voice that scared me so much I had no time to think, fear or react in any way! Imagine having a fright like that. Like a cat having such a fright that he jumps up, loses all his hair and is stuck in mid-air for a moment. Yup, that was me. I said (not that I could say it was done in a form of speaking): “WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT PUTTING KNOWLEDGE INTO APPLICATION. CREATION IS WHAT IT IS TODAY BECAUSE KNWOLEDGE IS NOT IN APPLICATION. I DO NOT ACCEPT YOU HAVING ALL THIS KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING AND DOING NOTHING WITH IT!”

I almost wanted to say that this is what I have been doing all this time; I have been specifically applying myself as you have explicitly instructed me to. Until I gave myself the answer, that I did not do it as myself, for all existence, but that my application became more of an instruction and obligation and I did not give myself the opportunity to experience and express myself and who I am within it all. I realized that if I continue doing just what he says, without taking into consideration who I am as the application and what I am doing exactly I just become his slave again.

He explained to me that he could just as easily have done it himself, but allowed me to take his place, just as he will do with many beings, so that they are able to discover that they are actually equal to him. The reason why he was able to do everything was because he accepted, integrated and became himself as literally everything and actually lived it. And this is what I had to understand. That my application in assisting him on earth is as much for myself as it is for him. I am grateful for the moment when the fury of hell was upon me, because that moment brought me into hereness to such an extent that since that moment I have not allowed myself to move out of it. I could not move out of it because in that moment I infinitely established hereness as myself. Hereness is a freedom within self which allows you to do anything and everything that is required to do what is necessary to be done. All that existed within me at that moment was the will and drive to establish the process of equality on earth as the foundation which will assist all beings to understand themselves as equality. I also learned how to use creations on earth which was systems or that which was generated by systems such as emotions and feelings, to my advantage. I was no longer controlled by anything that existed. On earth it's a different story, because of space and time, process moves slower than when you are dimensionally.

I got to know the ins and outs of process completely. As Bernard gathered more beings to assist him with process, I was introduced to them. Dimensional Bernard said to me that for a moment while I am walking with him on the earthly plane, I must observe intricately. Get to know all beings in existence better than they know themselves. Get to understand the movement of existence and its participants better than it knows and understands itself until one day my moment will come to step forth and be directly involved. He said to me that when he is satisfied with his integrational level on earth, I will have to stand as him in the dimensions and direct the entire process.

What I found interesting in that moment was that I had no reaction, like I was placing myself specifically. Bernard and I never really communicated much, like there was a deep understanding within both of us, an intimacy not yet experienced here, but which I would specifically assist all to understand. As intimacy is the key to the revelation of equality within all. What I found fascinating was that the more I was pushing myself, become self driven, the motivation within me to assist everyone and the new process became more and more distinctive. The time during which I experienced myself with Bernard, walking with him, experiencing what he was experiencing and growing up inside him, expanding with him, was the time I experienced myself. And I must say that it is an entire different experiencing applying yourself in this reality than in the dimensions. Here on earth you have to go through every experience step by step, moment to moment, specifically, intricately, to be able to live and experience yourself by placing knowledge into application.

I learnt and experienced so much. Of how everything works, all beings and their current expression in existence, who they are becoming and will be becoming once the new process is in full application by all and where specifically beings are placed and why. See, in the dimensions I am able to see in quantum time. Thus past, present future is all here. Yet, this is still knowledge only. Now we have to assist beings on earth, to firstly understand how they created their current experience through bringing forth awareness, then assist them to transcend their emotional baggage they so love carrying with them as though a precious diamond they have discovered, and then walk with each being every moment assisting them in discovering themselves and their true nature of creation.

3D is more predictable than you can imagine. So, predictable you won't believe! I laugh sometimes! The only unpredictable application which exist is a being existing in every moment, here. The hereness. This is not an easy task we have at hand, yet I am having a blast! It's fascinating how I still discover applications within myself that in mere moments appear. That I am able to express my self in a moment in whatever way is required and I always find that it's specific. Only in the here exist “freedom”.

I placed freedom in speech brackets ( I call them speech bracket's ‘cause I don't really know what they're called and I don't feel like standing up now and asking someone) because the freedom I am referring to is that I am not defined by anything, not controlled by anything or anyone. Freedom in essence has not yet been experienced by existence yet. Freedom will only exist once all has returned to the essence of equality as the law of their being and lives it, wherever they are or in whatever expression they are in existence.

Until equality is placed as the foundational structure of existence from which we draw stability and express and create freely, will freedom exist. For is this not what all beings actually wish for. I have found this. Beings are trapped in cages, in a prison, in a sentence, constructed by their own sentences created by speaking words. Now, we create, through awareness of ourselves as the living word so that we do not sentence ourselves by our own sentences. Purity, purifying existence to become the sounding flow of words which create our true nature and expression. I am the living word; through the words I speak I create, aware, infinitely here. If you know the beginning you know the end. In the beginning there was sound, the sound was carried through pockets called words. I am here as the sound of equality resonating into infinity, bringing all home to the sound of equality as who all really is, and then all as equal will decide as equals how we are creating and will be creating through sounding words.

Before you carry on, let's take a breath together shall we……Okay, I spoke of Bernard telling me to first observe, integrate and participate and discover myself through assisting him on earth. And that my time of participating and stepping forth in terms of direct application with process and beings will come. First I was the observer and then to become directly active. Clearly I had to learn patience. Thank goodness this came easily to me. Now that I look at it, most applications came easily. Like soft butter being spread over a fresh piece of bread. I clearly defined myself in terms of why I am here, who I am, what I will allow and accept and what I will not allow and accept. (Hey, I found a quicker way by making two sentences into one!).

What's interesting which might be important to share with you is that you can have all the definitions, understandings, and knowledge in the world, it is not who you are. If you're not able to live it or apply it your quite worthless and rather fucked! This is where I started as observer, I integrated everything as myself and literally experienced in quantum time what all beings have experienced and learned and expanded by doing so. This is how it works: I realized that I have to firstly some way fully understand each being and each part of existence and understand them better than they understand themselves to be able to assist them effectively. Basically stand as who each being really is and live and apply myself as a living example. I then started looking at this and thought: “It's going to take me longer than creation has existed now if I'd have to literally go out there and experience what each being experienced since the beginning. (I wanted to say ‘since the beginning of time', but there is no time, so I left it as beginning and I did not want it to sound like a cliché) I discovered by unconditionally integrating each being in totality, I quantemly became them and understood them and I stand as them. Now, all that remain is application and creation in the moment.

Four words which (I had to count them before I wrote the sentence, I wanted to say three words, but it's four!) became like my bible (which there was a better way to explain it, but there's not) which Bernard said to me since the beginning: “Do not trust anyone”. Which made sense, because all beings and everything that existed was in a mind/system application, they can fuck with you faster than you can say fuck! I only trust myself within the hereness of my application. This trust within me ofcousre was built through my application in every moment. And O' the sweet danger when one moves out of hereness. Which I have also discovered and there have been many a time whilst in the dimensions where Bernard had to come and assist me to realize that I had been mind fucking myself. He then got so tired of coming to me that he placed in an automatic support system. This may sound a bit vulgar to some, but it did assist me instantaneously. Every time I'd get “lost” in a mind application, there'd be a dick appearing on my forehead with a condom over it and a sign hanging from the end of it saying: “You are currently mind fucking yourself”.

I transcended quite a few applications through this support structure, which are embarrassment, humiliation, anger etc. Just for a moment imagine walking down the street and all a sudden this happens to you, then you'll get an idea of what I experienced! If I then reacted in any way to the sign an extra dick would appear. I remember the first time it happened to me I got so angry and reacted to such an extent that my entire head consisted of dicks with condoms on them and they wouldn't go away until I specifically applied forgiveness and then faced the moment again which created the mind fuck in the first place. Only when I transcended the moment in application would the condom dick go away, not just by applying forgiveness.

One danger that also exists is having someone “special” in your world. Having this does not allow you to fully stand up and apply yourself objectively. Because having someone special actually is a application of separation, stating that this one being is more special than all existence and trust me, when you go that route, the shame one experience after you realize that you have done this is quite unbearable and if you do not transcend yourself after the awareness of what you have allowed, you won't be able to live with yourself and will want to ask someone to kill you. Although you know that you can't be killed, when you're in the dimensions (if you're on earth it can be most definitely arranged) and will have to transcend it anyway.

And then my moment came! Yeah for Veno! Bernard one evening asked: “I wonder where Veno is?” The question being specifically directed to Sunette who mastered her ability to channel to such an extent where beings were able to come through and actually walk here in 3D. He then asked Sunette to go out and find me or something in that line. I came through and said “Hi!” (I think) and Bernard asked me where I came from. So, I said I came out of him and that I've been inside him all this time. And so since that moment I was introduced to the world of putting knowledge into application. Which is so much fun once you get to the know how of it. Mainly I had to keep most of what I do under wraps – if you know what I mean. By doing this I was able to move freely in the dimensions and assist Bernard with taking out and taking on beings that were fucking. Some I'd direct to come through Sunette specifically to assist beings on earth, others I'd assist directly in heaven. And so it was that I assisted Bernard in keeping everything stable making sure that process was moving and being directed by us both accordingly. Making sure that all participating in process is doing and applying exactly what is necessary for the inevitable opening and realization of equality by all as equals. I'm not going to share with you ALL my secrets; you'll have to discover them for yourselves just as I may be discovering them in every moment of my application! Who knows, maybe I myself do not yet know what I have up my own sleeve. I'm just here in every moment! (Curious now aren't you!)

I have played around with some applications in the dimensions, like relationships for instance. There is a being in the dimensions, Lily, she was the recent being and the first being who I experienced a relationship with. Yes, the introduction to considering relationships in the dimensions was done by Bernard. It's strange that only some beings were in a specific relationship application in the dimensions at the time. I myself never really considered the application of a relationship due to what I have observed through beings on earth, yet the application did fascinate me.

But what I experienced, discovered and learned with being with Lily and then Lily and Sunette (double bonus) for a while, was completely different to what I observed on earth. When I met Lily the first time I was quite fascinated by her unique expression and enjoyed her company immensely, I still do! I remember when Bernard suggested this the first time as he noticed that something was growing inside me and was specifically related to Lily. He said I'd discover something within this relationship that I haven't even considered existed being able to be expressed. When he said this to me I was quite reluctant. I knew this was happening and I knew Bernard was going to mention something about this – silly me even tried to hide what I experienced whilst spending time with Lily. It was something within me that ignited and did not understand. Yet the idea of a relationship I wanted to push as far back as possible.

My resistance to relationship was quite immense. I told Bernard I'd consider it. Firstly I made sure that I did not define this new experience of myself to specifically Lily, I understood that I'd have many encounters with beings where I'd discover something new within myself. Also, I found that because of my observations in 3D of what a fuckup relationships are, I cleared the idea I connected to the word relationship and redefined it for myself. When I did this I realized the necessity of intimacy with all beings in existence that is required. ‘Cause as all beings are me in essence, I'm merely discovering more of myself through intimacy with others. And if I hold onto the idea of a relationship and define the word relationship according to what I observed and to a degree experienced on earth, I'd be a slave to a single word and I could not allow such application!

Also I had to transcend the application of the possibility that she might say no and had a look at possible reactions I might have etc. Thus, I one “day” approached Lily unconditionally, open, vulnerable in a way and asked her if she'd like to have a go at being in a relationship with me. She said yes! So, while we were “together” there were quite a few applications I had to practically transcend. Before we officially started practically living our agreement I assisted Lily with the specific applications I assisted myself with before I walked up to her and asked her. We redefined the word relationship as the process to establish intimacy with each other. Cool huh? Our first understanding and agreement was that both of us are free in the sense that we do not own each other. We specifically assisted each other in understanding what it means to have equal relationships with all beings in existence, clearly defining the application of discovering self within the relationship. As it is in essence about self, always self as equal as all in equality.

We made sure that we do not define ourselves by anyone or anything or by each other. We communicated continuously, as communication is the key to establishing and allowing intimacy. We looked at honesty with self, and we'd know when we're not honest with one another through the simple act of behaviour. Like when something was kept hidden or done in secret there'd be resistance to communicate or spend time with each other, and then we'd immediately open it up. So, in terms of our relationship, we were completely open, everything revealed out in the open and both of us became like flowers fully flourishing stating: this is who I am. And we challenged and pushed each other to not allow any boundaries in our application. We came to understand one thing and this was if there's anything hidden or not shared for some bizarre reason, the application did not allow us to expand and grow. Our main application was to not allow ourselves to be controlled, binded or enslaved, but to transcend and move in every moment. I did not accept anything less than who Lily really is – and I informed her of this, though I do not think she really fully understood this when I said this to her.

We had many, many arguments, more her becoming infuriated with me than anything else! Sometimes she'd not speak to me for days, until she realized the truth in what I'd said and she understood it. She'd then come back and ask forgiveness. I'd just laugh and we'd laugh together. You know, I really did not mind when she reacted to me, because when she laughs with me as she realized her own stupidity, was a beautiful moment. I'd always wait for that moment. The experience of a moment when a being realizes something about themselves and start living the realization, such moments became the motivation of why I am doing what I am doing! It's truly a unique experience!

Risk everything. I myself also transcended quite a few applications, one of them being jealousy. It's fascinating as I look at it now. I remember there was one occasion where Lily said she wanted to discover herself by not being in relationship with me, I thought it was madness! I didn't understand why the hell she wanted to do such a thing, firstly because it didn't make sense as you discover yourself through your application with relationships with beings. What about the process to intimacy we discussed? What went through my thoughts also was what if she does this (which she clearly did not understand) and she goes into relationship with some other being and fucks up everything we had been specifically applying and focusing on? I realized that my starting point of this fear was due to jealousy and not my concern of her process.

I came through and spoke to Bernard and communicated my inferiority and anger complex experience. He then informed me that I have to let her go. Which was difficult, not easy and this specific experience allowed me to make peace with the fact that I will have to go through many such experiences of having to let go of someone. It's difficult in the sense that I am able to see who Lily is and clearly see what she was doing by stating and applying such application. Also the consequences to such an event taking place. Yet, sometimes you have to allow beings to actually experience such events to bring forth understanding and clarity. Understanding and clarity does not always come through by speaking mere words. Thus, you have to then let a being go and actually experience the consequences when not making a decision in awareness and clearly looking at outflows and playouts etc.

And so Lily went and later came back, me waiting patiently for her to go through her process. I mean waited in the sense of waiting for her to realize what she had allowed. See, if a being is so stuck in a belief that what they're doing is “the right thing to do” and they have defined themselves by such an application, they have to go through an actual experience of consequence to release themselves completely from such a construct to never allow such application again. Afterward when Lily came to me and shared her experience I actually understood the importance and necessity of her experience as it allowed her to understand what it really means to assist and support a being in practical application.

See, she was stuck in the mind set that to support a being she'd have to experience exactly what the being is experiencing, place herself in exactly the same application as the other being and walk with the being in their current experience. What happens when she does this is that she loses herself in the mindset application of the being who she is assisting and both are more fucked and lost than before! So, I assisted her in understanding quantum integration, and just plainly not taking shit from the being.

What trapped Lily was her need to be nice to a being. To be liked and accepted so she'd always make sure that she doesn't place herself in a situation where conflict existed, in other words, brining out the true nature of beings applications so that they are able to see the shit they're allowing to create and then do forgiveness. Pushing beings buttons. And this is what I continuously said to her, but she didn't hear me, so she unfortunately had to feel it!

This was my primary application with all beings, to bring out their shit, so they are able to become aware of it, to be able to forgive themselves and transcend their applications through facing the situations by practically applying themselves. I told her, my application is not to be liked by beings; it's to bring to awareness what they have allowed to create and to assist them in understanding what equality means, who they are as equality to be able to transform existence. This occurrence was initiated through our relationship which included Sunette and which I will explain now.

When Sunette started frolicking around in the dimensions, discovering this new world that opened up as well as all the beings occupying the space. She was quite the talk of town when she first came over, ‘cause all of a sudden this being comes out of no-where and then disappears. Many beings started asking questions, Sunette answering all of them. Sharing her experience of being able to go in and out of her body, being able to experience herself in both worlds. To be honest, my first reaction was: “Is she crazy”.

See, the status of the dimensions were of such nature that if you do not fully understand where to go and where to stay away from, it could be dangerous because of all the influences. But was also quite cool in a way, because beings who were wanting to deliberately influence her and get to Bernard to force him to stop the process he was busy with, I was easily able to detect. It's strange I do not think anyone knows this yet, but since Sunette was able to access the dimensions and travel around, many beings and systems started emerging from the crevasses they were hiding in. Because she would come back from her travels and inform Bernard of the status of heaven and what she has observed, which is to the detriment of those in power and control in the dimensions / heaven. (Sometimes I'll say dimensions and sometimes I'll say heaven – I'm talking about the same place).

Bernard's pre­rogative was to change the dimensions into one, into equality. All beings existing as equals within equality. So, once Sunette would give Bernard feedback, he'd set the beings free from their mind construct applications, stop the abuse of power and control of beings etc. I became Sunette's personal bodyguard in a way. (Hey, Sunette, you are one of few who can say that you've had a personal bodyguard in your life and free of charge!) Not really though, I was more hunting those who were scheming to deliberately influence process. It's like she and Bernard together teaming up as one was the biggest threat to the current course of events in the universe and those who were apparently in control.

And guess who suggested Sunette to have a relationship with Moa and Lily? Yes! Bernard!

So it was that the three of us had a threesome in the dimensions and also the only one that existed at the time. This relationship also ignited the dimensional all as one orgasm, which is still applied often. How this works is all in the dimensions integrate as one and start building an energy , as the energy start to ignite, we become the ignition point in totality, which means we lose ourselves for a moment as the energy in totality. We all as one express ourselves at the same time and spread through all existence, permeating through everything in this entire existence. It's magnificent. This is the definition of magnificence.

This specific application also allowed no more finicky bullshit and fear about self expression and then through Bernard's noti­ceable suggestions relationships started developing all over the dimensions. All beings specifically placed with each other by reference to a crystal that appeared between them when deciding to go into relationship with each other. Relationships transformed into models of specific assistance, support, movement, motivation and self expression, especially self expression. This is the one application I became comfortable with within myself which my relationship with Lily assisted me with. She assisted me in unleashing unconditional self expression. This is all she did, express herself completely, fully, no questions asked. If I have a look at it, possibly this is the reason why I was so drawn to her, it was because of her self expression and joy she experiences as herself. I'd define her as an expression of the purest joy. As though joy as her had grown and leaned to express itself in matter. And this I find was the fire / energy that ignited within me when I first started communicating with her. I realized my own self expression as joy in every moment. She's beautiful.

Back to the threesome… I must admit that I was curious about Sunette and so were many beings in the dimensions. The experience I had while being with her, strange I still do, is that she's quite mysterious. Like there's something within her that she herself has not yet discovered, beyond everything and anything anyone had ever known or thought possible to be able to be expressed and experienced. She was quite a fun being to be with as she asked a multiple amount of questions, specifically went to places where she hadn't gone before in the dimensions, every time she'd come she'd discover, explore and try out everything. It was amazing. I'd never actually experienced anyone like her before. She was literally like a child, no fear and absolutely free. Not conditioned or bounded by anyone. I mean, while she was in relationship with her earthly boyfriend, she was also in relationship with Lily and I. I mean, who'd ever consider such expressions and experiences of self. Freedom of expression and experience I'd say!

The three of us together's specific energetic signature was also quite awesome. We'd integrate and become one being, move through earth and the dimensions, create like a support structure where we'd move through everything, just like we normally did with the orgasm experience, and assist, support and correct applications which influence beings process on earth. Almost like a check up system. I'd say Lily was the expressive one, Sunette free movement and myself the bodyguard of the Universe! What was different about my experience with only being in relationship with Lily, was that when the three of us were together, we created expressed and discovered ourselves continuously. As though there was no time or space for any mind applications to exist. Only self expression, dare I say freedom !

But all went pear shaped when Sunette got stuck in the mind construct application of being in a relationship with a male on earth. It was quite painful to watch, for me and Lily and most of the dimensions together. Her behaviour started changing in the dimensions, she became more quiet and slowly but surely started retracting into solitude. I guess I noticed it a bit too late. Strange though, I never really spoke to her about the situation much and also about her change in behaviour. A part of me of knew that this experience is specifically related to her own process. I remember seeing something though, the moment I noticed refractions within her start changing, I did not clearly understand at that moment what I was seeing, but I knew all I had to do was step back and allow events to unfold. And so they did.

She didn't speak much about her experiences on earth when she was in the dimensions (I just spelt the word as dimensions but corrected it!). It was like when she's in the dimensions she's fully participating there, and when she's on earth she's fully participating there. Now what she must start to realize is to be the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, no matter where I am I am here. She was an entirely different being in the dimensions than what she was on earth. I don't think anyone on earth have really ever experienced her when she's fully expressing herself and absolutely free. Yet, I am busy assisting her in the integration process from being in the dimensions to coming here and remaining absolutely stable and continuously constant. See, she's actually a dimensional being, so it is quite difficult for a dimensional being to express and fully experience themselves in 3D, though if I look at it now, there must be a way to solve this situation. I'll have a look at it. Not only for Sunette, but also for many beings who will be becoming interdimensional.

The situation with Sunette becoming less and less involved with the dimensions and more consumed with relationship created Lily's experience, which I had just described to you. See, Sunette eventually decided (eventually, ‘cause it happened many times as she'd go back and forth into relationship with Jose) to not be in relationship with Jose, and naïve Lily wanted to do the same thing to assist Sunette through her process. Sunette found it extremely difficult to let go of Jose. And it is exactly what Lily did, which influenced both more than intended by Lily. Good intentions pave the road to hell!

Myself, I kind of had to sit back and be patient and watch and assist when asked. I assisted both in ways still unknown to them, more energetically, holding who they really are within me into infinity. When I did this specific application I realized, but hey, I am able to do this for all! I infinitely hold each being as who they really are within me as me until each one realize who they really are. As I have said it was quite difficult watching both of them having to go through a process of consequence and experience, but I had to let them go, I had a double dose of most experiences! It's not a great experience, but when the being comes up to you and laughs with you at their own mistakes and you see them move yet another step closer to full self realization, it's quite worth it. Sunette had and still has in a way quite a difficult path ahead of her as she is preparing the way for those to come who will also experience the dimensions and heaven. She'll be personally in charge of assisting them in the dimensions and be responsible for them and their actions in the dimensions as well as their participations on earth. It's definitely not that simple to exist interdimensionally. There are a lot of intricate and specific applications and consequences one has to consider. I do take my hat off for her, because this is not an easy path she chose, yet I wouldn't have suggested anyone else. With Bernard's assis­tance she's been well prepared and has been very specifically placed, as all will realize in their own good time.

Okay, I'm sure Sunette will share her own experience with you to have an idea of what she has experienced as herself so far. But now…. More about me! I also enjoy sometimes expressing myself in a feminine application. Sometimes neither! It quite depends on the situation. Like for instance I find that some females respond more specifically to opening up themselves to a feminine energetic, which is soft, delicate calm and peaceful in a way, where the male approach is more direct, straight forward and stable. If you look at for instance a pipeline with water running through it, I'd describe the male application as being the structured, directional supporting, stable and strengthening metallic pipe, and the feminine being the free flowing, grace application movement and expression as the water. I have individually defined and expressed both as myself, so I'm able to become either fully, or become one with both.

For instance I'm able to be just the pipe, or just the water, and when necessary become both where the water flows through the pipe. I am usually both, balanced, especially when I'm creating structures in 3D to support beings. What I quite enjoy doing is integrating with beings in 3D and standing as them, like in the Bible where the spirit breathed within the beings. I become the breath of the being, breathing life within them. I've observed the outflows and playouts of this specific application and I find that it especially assisted beings in discovering specific expressions within themselves. It also assisted me in creating openings where I was able to specifically intervene and push out applications of who they really are and direct them more freely to where they're supposed to be going.

There is a woman named Elmie, she will be telling her story as well. She's now been in direct contact with Bernard as many beings will be. I've shown Elmie's infinite how to apply this specific application. As it works as follows: When Elmie's infinite stand as who Elmie really is, Elmie's world around her stops, like literally stops. Because Elmie's application changed to who she really is, her previous applications in this world is no longer supporting her. See, she previously existed as a mind construct and system, therefore systems were supporting systems. Now that she on some level is no longer supporting the mind / systems, the mind / systems no longer support her! And her mind created system supporting world start crumbling down as it no longer supports who she really is. Which assist us immensely ‘cause it creates an opportunity for us to specifically direct the being to where they are supposed to go in alignment with the new process.

So people, when your world starts collapsing you know that you are on exactly the right path and are being directed to by us to where you are supposed to go and being aligned with the new process. What I'm saying is that it's the start of your process to self discovery. You can make it easy on yourself or hard on yourself. So, here I am giving you a very valuable tip! Take it or leave it. It will be a very graceful ride and journey, if you unconditionally and totally let go of the old world to which you have defined yourself as and walk in trust under our guidance to direct you to where you are supposed to go. Quick and easy. Or you can make it extremely difficult for yourself and will have to go through all the pain and emotional turmoil of having to see and watch everything you've ever owned or defined yourself as go and sit on a rubbish dump until you finally gather some strength to stand up and accept the change and the process to come. Naturally the latter will take longer and personally I don't have time for that bullshit, so to make it easy on yourself and all existence. Just let go and walk in trust because you know you're going to lose everything and have to give up everything in any way.

Common sense right! I'm sure once Elmie realizes this, some will actually start listening when she shares her experience. Watch this space! I can't wait to say: “I told you so” to some beings! Although it's not something I'd like to say. And I'll do whatever is necessary to make sure I do not have to speak the words as I would not have liked it for myself!

And so I have learned not to trust anyone or anything, my application being constant, here, effectively refractional in assisting beings to become aware of themselves. Until all of creation is existing in equality as equality. We'll come together again and decide what we'd like to create!

This is the end of Veno the molecules story, enjoy it as much as I did typing it and remember: “I am watching you!”