Walking Process - Reality does Not Change

Interviews with Dimensions

04 Dec 09

Another ‘Point’ that often ‘Comes-Up’ within Beings – just to take into ‘Consideration’ is that: While you’re ‘Walking’ your-‘Process’ there is like an… ‘Expectation’ of your-‘World’ and your-‘Reality’ ‘Changing’ to ‘Suit’ or ‘Support’-You within the ‘Walking’ of your-‘Process’. Understand that ‘initially’ This is Not So. You’ll more Become-‘Aware’ of ‘How’ You have ‘Actually’ ‘Constructed’, ‘Created’ and ‘Formed’ your-‘Reality’ to a ‘Way’ of ‘Supporting’ your-‘Mind’ – and from a ‘Greater’ ‘World-Perspective’, Everything’-‘Else’ in terms of How we have ‘Constructed’-it in relation to ‘Money’ for example – so – just Be ‘Aware’ of the ‘Expectation’ of ‘Wanting your-‘Reality’ to ‘Stop’’ so that you can ‘Do’ your-‘Process’.

The ‘World’ and ‘Everything’-‘Else’ Will ‘Continue’-‘Moving’ as it is ‘currently’ In-‘Movement’ within the ‘Current’ ‘Accepted’-‘Movement’ of ‘All’ of ‘Existence’. So – for You to be able to ‘Actually’ Become a ‘Directive’-‘Principle’ Within your-‘Reality’, where you’ll Have…where you’ll be able to ‘Actually’ ‘Direct’ your-‘Reality’ – meaning: including your-‘World’, ‘Everything’ that ‘Exists’ Within-it And Human-Beings – is when You-‘Exist’ within your-‘Own’ ‘Self-Directive’ ‘Principle’ – ‘Equal and One’.

So ‘initially’ – Realize: it’s Not about ‘Changing your-‘Reality’’ – it’s ‘First’ about ‘Changing’-Yourself. And that ‘Nothing’ will ‘Wait’ For-You. It’s gonna be ‘Tough’ ‘initially’, as ‘Everything’ is ‘new’ when you ‘Awaken’ Into a ‘Fuck-Up’ – it is ‘quite-Difficult’ – but if you Keep to your ‘Self-Discipline’, your ‘Breath’, your ‘Stop’, your ‘Self-Honesty’ and your ‘Self-Forgiveness’ and your ‘Self-Corrective Action’ – it’ll ‘Pass’;

And then you’ll ‘Get’ to a ‘Point’ where you can ‘Stand’ and ‘Actually’ ‘Make a Difference’, ‘Make a Change’ within what you ‘See’ in your-‘Reality’ – but ‘initially’ you’ll find you-‘Can’t’. If you-‘Try’, you’ll just Become ‘Aggravated’ and ‘Irritated’ and ‘Exhausted’ – because ‘Nothing’ will ‘Support’-You, because You ‘Haven’t yet ‘Supported’-Yourself’, from that perspective.

You’ll find ‘Everything’ in your-‘Reality’ almost ‘forming’ a ‘Resistance’ ‘Against’-You, because you’re going into ‘Resistance’ ‘against’-It from a certain perspective – because you’re Not yet ‘Moulding’-Yourself With your-‘Reality’ or With the ‘Beings’ and ‘All’ the ‘Participants’ within your-‘Reality’; You’re ‘Now’ ‘Standing-Up’ and ‘Changing’-Yourself within-it. Usually, how it-‘Works’ is your-‘Reality’ ‘Change’-You; But ‘Now’ You’re ‘Taking the Stance’ within ‘Changing’-Yourself, so that you can ‘Direct’ your-’Reality’.

So – ‘Please’ Take-That Into-‘Consideration’ – Don’t ‘Try’ and ‘Change’ your-‘Reality’ / Human-Beings –‘Anything’ – Until You Are ‘Certain’ that You are at an ‘Actual’ ‘Equal and One’ ‘Directive’-‘Principle’-‘Point’ Within-Yourself. That means: where ‘Nothing’ ‘Influence’-You. You’re ‘Untouchable’, ‘Unchangeable’ – You ‘Stand’, no-matter what. That-‘Point’ ‘Each-One’ will ‘individually’ ‘Self-Honestly’ ‘Realize’ for-Themselves.

But I mean, of-Course, you know, As you’re ‘Walking’ your-‘Process’ you Have your ‘Practice’… your ‘Practice’-‘Cycles’, your ‘Practice’-‘Rounds’, where you’ll start ‘Communicating’ to Beings – but ‘Please’ – ‘Do’-it from a perspective of ‘Self’. You’re ‘still’ ‘Walking’ your ‘Self’-‘Process’ ‘First’. Then you go to your ‘Friends’, ‘Family’, ‘Environment’, ‘World’. That’s a ‘Point’ that ‘Exists’ within the ‘Construct’ of ‘Saviour’ – ‘Wanting to ‘Save’ ‘Everyone’’; ‘First’ ‘Save’-Yourself. Because then You can ‘save’ ‘All’ ‘As-Yourself’ so to speak.

But then it’s Not from a ‘Point’ of ‘Taking’ or ‘Abdicating’ Another’s ‘Responsibility’ – it-‘Comes’ from a ‘Point’ of saying to-them “You Know what? I ‘saved’-Myself so – I’m going to come ‘save’-You through Telling-You: ‘You can ‘save’-Yourself’.” You have to ‘save’-Yourself. You know, that’s a…That would be the ‘Corrective’-‘Living’ of ‘Being a Saviour’.