When are you Ready for 'Agreement'?

Interviews with Dimensions

04 Dec 09

I’ll first start-off with a ‘Point’ that also Requires to be Taken into Consideration while you´re ‘Walking this Process’ is an ‘Inherent’ ‘Human-Manifestation’, which Exists within All-Beings: is that of ‘Impatience’ – wherein we ‘want things’ ‘Fast’, ‘Now, ‘Quick’, ‘Here’, ‘Instantaneously’, ‘Immediately’ – which we Have ‘Allowed’-Ourselves to ‘Indulge’-into – If you even have a Look at ‘Technology’ that´s ‘coming-out’: Everything is ‘Forming’ Into that ‘Point’ of ‘Saturating our Impatience’, so that we can ‘Move with the Times’, which is ‘Fast’, ‘Now’, ‘Here’, ‘Immediate’, ‘Instantaneous’ – That´s how the ‘Mind’ ‘moves’. In terms of ‘Practical’ ‘Physical-Reality’: ‘Shit Takes Time’. It Takes ‘Effort’, it Takes ‘Discipline’, it takes ‘Patience’, okay? Now – the ‘Hot Topic’ within Each and every single Individual Human-Being’s Life is ‘Relationships’: ‘Desire for Relationships’. Now – in terms of Desteni, we´ve been Communicating about ‘Agreements’. Please be Advised Not to ‘Confuse’ the Two: ‘Relationships’ is a ‘place where you Hide’, it´s a place where you ‘fall in love’ with your all ‘Energies’, with your ‘Emotions and Feelings’ and everything is ‘just perfect’ and ‘kissy ‘and ‘lovey’ and ‘dovey’ and ‘touchy’ and all those type of Bullshit.

‘Agreements’ is a ‘place where you ‘‘Expose’-Yourself to-Yourself’ and ‘You Actually ‘Face’-Yourself’. It is a place of ‘Physical-Expression’ – it is Not something that ‘happens To you’ – it is something that ‘You Manifest into Happening’ – into-‘Creation’.

‘Agreements’ is a ‘Creation-Point’. ‘Relationships’ is a ‘Falling-Point’. Now, this is Not Spoken in terms of a ‘Polarity’ – it’s Spoken in terms of ‘What It Is’ and ‘How It Is’ within the Current ‘Existence’ within this ‘World’ in which we ‘Exist’. Now a very ‘Important-Point’ that Will be a ‘Key’ to those who have the ‘discipline’ to ‘Do’-this = is ‘Patience’.

I understand that the ‘Desire for Relationship’ to ‘Share’ a ‘Process’ or an ‘Experience’ with Another is great, but the ‘Gift’ that you will ‘bestow upon-Yourself’ so to speak, if you but Allow-Yourself to be ‘Patient’, will be ‘Worth-it’, Really. It’s ‘Not necessary’ to ‘Pay the Price’ of wanting to ‘Fall-into your Desires’ – You can Rather ‘Direct-Yourself’ to a ‘Point’ where you can ‘Walk with Another’ ‘in Awareness’; in Establishing an ‘Agreement’ within the ‘Starting-Point’ of ‘Equality and Oneness’ – and That-‘Agreement’ ‘Stand’ So-‘Absolute’ that you Both ‘Know’ or You ‘Know’ Within-Yourself that you can ‘Stand’-this ‘Eternally’ – and ‘That’ is something that is ‘rare’ – and if you but ‘Give-that to-Yourself’ to be Able to ‘Stand’-So – I mean, that´s quite ‘Immense’, especially to be able to ‘Share-That with Another’: it´s ‘great’ and it´s ‘effective’ and Everything that will Come From-that is ‘unspeakable’.

So – Agreements: I suggest Before Going-into ‘Agreement’, ‘Prepare’-Yourself by ‘Exposing-Yourself to-Yourself’ – because This is what ‘occur’ within a ‘Self-Honest Agreement’: is ‘Self-Exposure’ as ‘You Face-Yourself’, ‘Head-On’, in ‘All Ways’, and it´s like a ‘Collision-Course’ of ‘Conflict’ that takes-place, because ‘Everything of-Yourself’ in your ‘Secret-Mind’ ‘Comes-Out’ in ‘full-blast’, so you know, you wanna ‘Walk with someone’ that ‘Support’-You In-that, where Both ‘Understand’ that: This that´s ‘coming-out’ is ‘Not-Really Who We Are’, but Let´s ‘Work-Together’ in ‘Clearing the Mess’ that´s Existing Within-Ourselves, so that we can ‘Walk in Clarity’ ‘Equal and One’.

So Remember, I mean, an ‘Agreement’ is Not something that is ‘Rosy’ in the beginning – it’s something that’s required to be ‘Worked-at’, ‘Looked-at’, ‘Lived’ ‘Moment to Moment’, in an ‘Complete and Total Understanding’. So, be ‘careful’ of – this is a ‘Process-Pointer’: (be ‘careful’) of ‘Comparing’ ‘Agreements’ to ‘Relationships’. You are ‘Exposing-Yourself to-Yourself’ in terms of ‘the Mind’, so it´s ‘conflictingly-Difficult’ in the beginning, until you´ve ‘Established’ an ‘Understanding’ between the Two of you that ‘are in an Agreement’.