Why I would not want to be God (Part One) by Heath Ledger

Transcribed and typed by Heath Ledger through the interdimensio­nal portal

Date : 07/02/2008

I am here, in this document, sharing my perspective of ‘Why I would not want to be God’.

It’s quite interesting in observing people when you’re ‘dead’ – because for me the experience is me standing on the outside, looking in. So, I’m at the moment observing – this I would describe as: Standing on the outside looking in.

It’s interesting because I see each person as being within their own box which they decorate with themselves, symbolizing themselves and their world as all and everything of ‘who they are’ and would define themselves as being.

Just like most people have their own rooms in which they rest in the evenings, their room they make their own – their room depicting who they are, their world and within the closet their clothes which depict the personality they will become for the day as they present themselves to the world…

No different really to what human beings are doing within themselves, with themselves – each one walking within and as a box which reveals and is decorated with ‘themselves’ as ‘who they are’ or rather believe themselves to be and that’s all each one believe to exist – ‘who they are’ within and as this box that surrounds them.

So, the box as the room remains the same – though, the experience of the being within and as the box as the room will change depending on which clothes they dress themselves within as which personality they will become for the day as they walk into this world within their box as room which depict/portray ‘who they are’.

So, I’m ‘looking into’ each person’s box as room with windows – the windows being your eyes through which you look – because people will not ‘climb out of the box within themselves’ – too afraid, the box being the manifestation of the mind within and as human beings. The mind as the box as room with windows as your eyes consisting of the decorations depicting all and everything of ‘who the being is’, the closet consisting of all your ‘personality suits’ as ‘who how you’d choose to experience you’ during the day when confronting the world – exactly as you wear different clothes every day and depending on the clothes you wear will depend on ‘how you’ll be’ during the day.

Let’s ‘play’ a bit:

See a square room (the colour thereof irrelevant) – empty, with two windows on one of the walls. The room is your mind and the windows are your eyes. Place a bed right in the centre of this square room with you lying on the bed with your eyes closed as though asleep with a ‘white gown’ – you are now ‘neutral’.

Now, place a closet in this room – a simple two door closet and leave the doors open so that you’re able to look into it. This closet only has hanging space and space beneath for your shoes. Within this closet – you place all your various ‘outfits’ in – each ‘outfit’ you wear would be the approximate (not total) amount of personalities existent within you of the mind.

(NOTE: I am writing a document which specifically focus on the ‘Personalities’ of human beings to come within which we will explore the Personality-System of the Mind of people)

So, now you’ve got the room as the mind, the windows as the eyes, the closet which contain your ‘outfits as clothing together with the shoes’ as the various personalities of you of the mind.

Next – for each memory within you (a memory would be each moment you have ever experienced in your life time in this world in the past, a ‘memory time-frame’ would be from the in-breath to the out-breath – that is a ‘moment experience in the past’ which has now become a memory) you place a frame (might have to expand the square room here) upon the walls of the room (I understand that at this moment you will not specifically remember each memory of your entire life experience, but it will approximately be billions – so you place billions of frames within your square room) – each frame representing a past memory as past experience of you. These ‘memory frames’ ‘move’ and contain a ‘live capturing’ of each memory as ‘past moment experience’ – but at the moment they are black, no picture moving – because you are asleep on the bed.

Then, on the floor/platform of this square room – you place stickets, stickets are little small papers – only big enough to write down a word. For each word that you ‘know’ which you use within your vocabulary or have ever heard you write on one sticket – on one side of the sticket you have a word and on the other side of the sticket you have the definition of the word – so, you’ll probably have thousands of stickets decorating the floor of this square room which represents the words as knowledge and information which you have obtained throughout your life experience.

Now – you wake up – as you wake up, see all the framed past experienced moments ‘come alive’ and ‘portray the actual movement/experience of the past memory moments’, as you come ‘alive’ in ‘waking up’ – you walk to the windows and have a look – outside the windows see ‘your world’ and everything and everyone that exist within your world – and according to what you see through the windows – you will select and ‘outfit’ as ‘personality’ according to what you see in your ‘outside world’. The moment you dress into your selected outfit as a becoming of a particular personality – see the walls of the square room ‘activate’ a certain specific ‘resonance’ – meaning the room itself will manifest according to you within the centre of the room with the particular outfit as personality within which you dressed yourself – whatever you become / dress yourself in – the room will become and resonate as.

You in the centre of the room are the operator of this room as the mind and the room as the mind will accordingly become what you become or select you to become for the day according to what you’ve seen through the windows as the eyes.

All that I have described above – is exactly, no different to how human beings operate their mind within themselves – and all that exist of them as ‘who they are’ is what exists within and as this square room as the mind and will only participate within the limits of this square room as the mind because it is all that they ‘know’ all that they ‘believe themselves to be’.

This room as the mind is decorated with all and everything of you – as your entire life experience – this that you see in this room – is YOU at this very moment, decorated with YOU as YOU – representing you – and this is within which each person exist – just this as the square room as the mind…

Naturally each human beings’ ‘square room’ as mind decorations will be ‘different’ – but the primary construct and set-up of this entire room is exactly the same and the words with definitions as knowledge and information together with the picture-framed memories as past experiences and personality outfits is what has become people’s ‘worlds’ – ‘who they are’.

And this is literally what each human being consist of and as and this is it – now: Let’s have a look at ‘God’ – specifically each different religion that has a ‘God’ according to their ‘religions’ depiction / interpretation of their ‘God’.

The word ‘God’ exists – this word remains exactly the same, meaning that the word God is the word God and that’s it – yet, depending on which human beings are participating with this word ‘God’ as ‘their God’ according to ‘their religion’ within differentiations of belief and faith – will naturally make a difference to the interpretation/de­finition of the word ‘God’.

Now – have a human being, one human being for each ‘religion’ with ‘their specifically defined ‘God’ before you – any and all religions that have ‘their God defined’ according to their ‘belief or faith’. Each one of these human beings (one human being for each religion with ‘their specific God’) have their ‘room as mind’ as I described within the above section of this document – each one has a ‘sticket’ on the floor platform of this room as their mind, on one side is written the word ‘God’ and on the other side each one’s different definition or interpretation of ‘their God’ – that’s what differs, just the description as definition of the word ‘God’.

Then – each human being of each different religion with their various beliefs or faiths according to their religion with each one’s particular definition or interpretation of ‘their God’ have within their room as mind the specific personality suit for their ‘day of worship’ to ‘their God’.

The personality suit as clothes determined according to day and place (building and allocation) and people together – thus, the becoming of themselves as ‘who they are’ as ‘worshippers’ to ‘their God’ according to ‘their religion’ is determined according to day and place and people – meaning what they see through the windows of their room as mind as the eyes through which they see.

Also to add – each one of these human beings of each different religion with their definition or interpretation of God – have either been birthed into a family already ‘practicing this particular religion’ from which they have ‘heard’ by their family the information that pertains to their particular religion and then believed the information because their family is their family and they blissfully follow the example set before them – and because of this, their sticket was plastered upon the floor foundation of their room as mind with the word God and the definition or description of the word God, together with their personality suit.

Or an event had taken place within their life, usually traumatic or what is referred to as ‘profound life changing event’ which ushered them to partake within an particular religion – and they have received the information as words heard from others within such a particular religion and accordingly the words as information ‘fit their experience inside of themselves’ then so plastered the sticket with the word God and the definition or description of the word God upon the floor foundation of their room as mind together with the personality suit that ‘fit’ with their ‘new found’ religion and ‘God’.

Here is but two primary examples – in both cases – words as information was transferred which the being heard and believed and accordingly designed a personality suit for themselves to become this ‘belief’ to accordingly ‘fit into’ their particular religion together with ‘their God’ – in both circumstances – God is but a definition and description within their mind and their participation in their religion defined according to their personality suit determined by date and place (building and allocation) and people – to which they define ‘who they are’.

Personally – I would not want to be a ‘God’, because ‘God’ is but a definition within human beings’ minds – now that’s what I call limitation – limited to the definition I am given of ‘who I am’ existent within human beings’ minds.

…this is one reason why I would not want to be God.

Next document – I’ll continue with the second reason of why I would not want to be God.

To be continued…