Winged 4: Elitist Bloodlines, Sex, Money and Control

Date : 13/03/2009

The Real Shock was at the End, thus Process Begins: 13 March 2009 (Note: Document is a working-progress and will expand, fine-tune, specify as we walk) Rewards: As the light captures, captivates the attention through an experience that encapsulates the experience / participant in a high frequency of energy interpreted as winning / superiority / enlightenment / chosen one / special / feeling loved / feeling watched over by God. Thus, the manifested experiences of winning / superiority / enlightenment / chosen one / special / feeling loved / feeling watched over by God – are all self-created, self-designed ‘energetic-experiences’ – manifested through the construct-design thereof, as ‘Light’. Searching for the ‘Light’ to create the / such energetic-experience within self – which are all desires to ‘cover-up’ the actual manifested truth of self of darkness and inferiority. The Design of the System has as its Core only two Rewards, which is either individually experienced / perceived or both present at the same time. The Rewards are Sex and Money – and exist as the total definition, the total desire and the only thing of importance for the Human Being. So much so, that the energetic system itself as consciousness is driven by the principle; by either having or not having sex or either having or not having money. So, within our accepted and allowed defined-self as desire for/of Sex and Money – we’ve as that energy as desire defined towards/as sex and money, created a consciousness in separation of ourselves as a principle as which we exist, that direct us, for ourselves, within the manifested experience of having or not having sex or either having or not having money. Wherein our entire self-reality – exists and revolves around sex and money within having it or not having and ‘wanting to have it’. Which is supported by the World-System design as the unified consciousness field – wherein Sex and Money has been manifested as an ‘Reward-system’ – wherein sex and/or money or both – has become our very purpose/reason for existing, that drives us to exist and continue existing and participating within the world-system as unified consciousness field. These two Rewards are the starting-point, the Secret, behind all decisions made during a Life-Time. This means that all decisions can be broken down to an eventual purpose / desire / need for either Sex or Money or Both – see Money also as ‘Peace of Mind’ and Sex as a stable Marriage / Relationship. Because through having Money as ‘Peace of Mind’ and Sex as a stable Marriage / Relationship – within having both or either/or – one’s ‘positioned-experience’ within the World-System is ‘satisfactory’ within the manifested belief of the ‘idyllic life of perfection’ as long as one has Sex and/or Money. And if neither or only one or the other is present in one’s life-experience – one will be satisfied and ‘settle for less’ if either sex or money is present, or one will drive self within the energetic-consciousness as desire for/of sex and/or money to obtain it as the manifested purpose/reason as sex and money self has become. Thus – everything of self, the very starting-point origination for actions lived in the world-system as this world – is done for/as sex and money. Sex and Money is placed within the context of the Design of the Dimensions. The Primary Design of these Dimensional-realities is the Relationships between Self and Space and Time. Wherein this Relationship between Self and Space and Time – manifest the three-dimensions, which create and has created this three-dimensional physical-reality within which we currently exist in and as. From these three points; everything in existence is created; by capturing Self within the Design of Sex and Money, all Space and Time becomes obsessesed, captivated, controlled, manipulated by Sex and Money. With Self as Creator of the context / experience / reality – Self will then be the Prisoner of its own obsessed reality. Because self is the origin as creator, the ‘centre-point’ as ‘director’ that exist in and as space and time, self create and design self through space and time within self’s relationship towards space and time. Thus – as self exist as the design of sex and money – through time, self create the space as manifestation for sex and money to become a reality within which sex and money can be experienced and expressed as self as what self has become and created self to be. The creator is its creation – as creation reflects the creator directly in its own image and likeness. Therefore, herein – we as creators – trapped ourselves within our own creation that manifested as a physical-reality through space and time that we designed as ourselves. Wherein what we’ve become has manifested as our own obsession, as the desire for/of sex and money has obsessed us to only exist as that. Thus – enslaved within a manifested self-created reality of self-obsession as sex and money – lost within the desire as sex and money that has become our only reason/purpose for existing. Each three-dimensional Reality of the Individual form a Space-Time layer or consciousness – The ‘here’ of Now. And so we’ve designed the ‘now of consciousness’ within which we’ve imprisoned ourselves as a manifested three-dimensional physical-reality created by ourselves through space and time and self as creator – with the primary driving-force ‘power’ as ourselves: The Design of Sex and Money. How was this achieved? Within the Design of DNA, three designs were placed. These three designs are the Primary Elitist Bloodlines. Wherein the Elite that stand as ‘primary-creators’ that manage the already-created reality of all ‘creators’ as the rest of Humanity, to ensure the continued imprisonment of all as the rest of humanity within their own creation – with a select-few as ‘guardians’ of the creators’ own creation within which they’re imprisoned. To stand so as the primary-creators within the ability to maintain, manage and control the surety of creation remain an imprisonment – Self and what self exist as, as Sex and Money – as the Design of Self, the Design of Sex and the Design of Money – was designed as physical-manifested ‘blood-lines’ as the Elite within the DNA of all of humanity – to through physical-manifestations – maintain, control and manage Self through Sex and Money as self’s own creation. See: The Nature of the three designs was to present the three points of the designs, thus: Design 1: (The management, control, maintenance of the design of Self) The Design of Self within the context of a controlled, directed, pre-programmed, manipulated reality, which is represented by the content of Movies and Television and the manipulation of such content. Thus – ‘self’ as the ‘ordinary human-being’ is maintained, managed and controlled to exist within the current design of self as represented by/through the pre-programmed, pre-designed mind consciousness system = through Media-Broadcasting through which this world-reality is manipulated primarily to ensure the existence of self as a mind consciousness system, imprisoned within this self-defined belief of self as ‘the design of self’. Because the mind consciousness system is but a systematic-design – and because human beings exist as it – self is but a design. And therefore – controlling this design as self as the mind consciousness system manifest – is done through systematic-deigning through Media-broadcasting as Movies, Television and Pictures. Thus, the system-design of the mind is equal to the system-design of media-broadcasting through which the system-design as self as the mind consciousness system is controlled, manipulated, directed and programmed to remain within the system-design manifestation as self as the mind consciousness system. To so ensure the surety of the imprisonment of human beings within their own creation. Design 2: (The management, control, maintenance of the design of Money) Represents the context of Money and design, control, manipulate, direct all resources from Food to Technology, to the movement of resources around the world; is thus presenting Money. Herein – Self as Design 1, is directly controlled through the manipulation-design of survival within the context of Money through having power over and of food-resources – wherein Food is not the necessity to survive in this world, but money has become the necessity to survive in this world, for – without money = no food is available. Thus – one has to ‘get through money to get to food as the quintessential necessity to exist in this world’. Within this design of ‘requiring money first to have food’ – Self is locked into the world-system, forced and obligated to obtain money within the rules and regulation as laws of the world-system and is so – imprisoned in the pre-designed, pre-programmed world-system as the unified consciousness field – controlled, regulated, manipulated and directed within and as and through the Money-System as designed within the game of survival through the Elitists having power over and of all Food-resources through their directive-power of the Money-System. Design 3: (The management, control, maintenance of the design of Sex) Represents the principle of Sex under the disguise of ‘Freedom of Choice’ of ‘Freewill’ and designed responsibility, programmed accountability, and play in the arena of Banking, Drugs and War. Wherein the act of Sex in itself – within this experience of the act of Sex and the ability to have Sex – is manifested within the actioned-experience of ‘Freedom of Choice’ and ‘Freewill’ – because Self can ‘choose’ to have Sex and has the ‘freewill’ to do so. Thus – Sex designed under the guise of Free-will and Freedom of Choice, wherein Freewill and Freedom of Choice has been defined according to and as Sex, the act thereof as well as the experience thereof. Beings experience sex to be an act of choice and freewill – when in fact, the experience and action of sex is an already-defined condition as designed by self as self’s own design as self exist as desire for/of sex. Therefore – freewill and freedom of choice is an illusionary construct as veil behind the truth of the act and experience of sex as self: The consciousness of Desire. These Elitist Bloodlines are pre-designed and unaware of the context within which they exist. And from their perspective, are in the ‘service of God’, the ‘Creator’ – teaching humanity the lessons ‘on behalf of God’. So – within the Elitists of the world as Elite standing as the physical-manifestation of these primary-designs as the Design of Self, Design of Sex and the Design of Money, which they control and through which they control humanity within worldly-constructs such as Food, War, Drugs, Media, Jobs and the Money-System – the designs manifested within and as the DNA-design of physicality – Humanity exist as the manifested expression, living out the Design of Self, the Design of Sex and the Design of Money – and are controlled by the very manifestations they exist as, as Sex and Money and so maintained, controlled and directed within and as the World-System as the arena within which the Elite Govern humanity that exist as the three-primary designs. Within the bloodline, in the Group, it will function like the primary educational control- / direction- / manipulation- / enslavement-construct called: The Family. Within the context of the Family, one will stand as either Patriarch / Matriarch, from which all Family-constructs are then derived. And which also will play a role within the apparent ‘evolution’ and emancipation of the Family-construct in Society; where the Man was initially the head of the house, which then change through the embedding of Sex and Money as Reward-System, as Survival-System, as the Source of all ‘life’ within the System, a pre-designed form of Chaos within which the society as a whole will eventually accept, and did accept, a form of equality – where the Matriarch / the Female, stepped up into an equal position as bread-winner / initiator of Sex. So, in the System, a form of ‘Evolution’ was created using the apparent ‘evolution of the Female’ to create an Illusion of Equality with the primary Reward: To have ‘the Power of Choice’, the ‘Freedom of Choice’, the ‘Accepted ability to Choose’; to choose either Sex / Money / Both according to the pre-designed desire of the female as designed through Television and Movies / Pictures / have and have not Experienced Examples – understand – this context is the whole Visual-Reality which acts as a Movie/T.V-series. For example: There exist the ‘Primary-Family’ as the Elite standing as the Patriarchs/Ma­triarchs, the ‘fathers/mothers of humanity’ – which is equal to the Sub-primary-Family design’ existent within humanity wherein the Male/Female is the ‘head of the house’ / is regarded as the head of the house as Patriarch/Matri­arch. However, within ‘earlier-society’ – only the Patriarch-design existed, wherein the Male as Father was deemed, exalted as head of the house and the female manifested herself as the slave/servant of the Patriarch as Male. Through the ‘evolvement of space-time’ as Self – the illusion of evolution is presented within the female of/within the family taking the role/place/position of Patriarch known as Matriarch – ‘replacing’ the male-figure in physicality, yet standing as the male-figure within the female acting as Matriarch. This ‘illusionary-evolution’ of the female as Matriarch occurred through the female taking in the role/place/position of actions of the male in earlier-society through initiating sexual-intercourse and earning money for the family within the context of belief as ‘freedom of choice’ and ‘freewill’. With the female now taking in the position as Matriarch – an perception of equality was formed and accepted – as the female now stand ‘equal to’ the male within the family-construct design as ‘head of the house’ / ‘bread-winner’ and initiator of sex. However this is not equality, nor is it actual evolution – but only a perception and illusion thereof, as the female merely ‘transformed herself into a male-dominant stance’ within the context of survival – to ‘prove her worthiness and validity’ of generations past wherein the female was seen as the slave/servant of the Patriarch as male. At the same time – the design of the Female manifesting herself as Matriarch within the Family-construct design – this process of the Female taking in this position, was supported within the design of Media and Pictures – portraying the Female as being ‘independent’, presenting the illusion of choice and freewill for the female to have the right/the ability to replace the male, yet take in the position of the male, thus transforming herself into the male-design by standing as and becoming Matriarch within the Family-design. Also through Media and Pictures, the suppressed-desires of the female within/as sex and money is/was supported to ‘come forth’ into an living-action through emerging the female within media and pictures under the guise of freewill and choice – to ‘live-out’ their suppressed-desires in relation to and as sex and money as themselves which positioned them into the design of Matriarch as the Family and so the Female took in that position. And so we exist in a virtual-designed reality – stimulated through pictures, and design, live, act, exist and move according to what the pictures portray, and create ourselves as virtuality as we become what the pictures present and exist as the living presentation of pictures = so creating a virtual-reality of ourselves both within and without – believing it to be reality. Acting within our own self-created T.V-Series, virtual-reality, stimulated by pictures existence. All the while, all of it an actual Illusion, yet consuming all participants completely as all Space and Time was re-defined as the concept of ‘Freewill as Self’ within the needs and requirements of Sex and Money. As we as ‘Creators’ of our own Illusion, has become the very Illusion and trapped ourselves within our own Illusion – whereby, we currently believe that we exist in ‘Freewill and Choice’ in relation to Sex and Money – when it is us, ourselves that has become the very design as Sex, as Money as manifested consciousness of Desire –that is driving our existence within the experience and participation in/as Sex and Money. At the same time – Sex and Money as ourselves has manifested in our world as ourselves, our reality that is ourselves – wherein we’re controlled through and by and as Sex and Money itself as explained within the Three-design Principles above. As Self as what we exist as, Space as our Reality and Time as how we occupy yourselves within Space – is consumed, manifested as that which we’re consumed as: Sex and Money = all an illusion, for it exist as Desire = which end in Death and therefore not Real. Within this, deliberately, a vast portion of society was placed ‘Outside the Design of Access to Money’ with only ‘Sex as Reward’; to create an idea, an illusion of ‘gratefulness’ – because those ‘In the System of Money’ was ‘greater’ than those ‘Not in the System of Money’. Which was controlled through, especially for those ‘In the-Money System’; the Fear of Losing your ‘place’ / ‘space’ / ‘position’ within the Design of Society within the context of either Having Money or Not having Money. All logic and Common Sense was through recurring experiences of consequence, when not having Money, embedded as the only context from which all decisions of ‘Freewill’, must be made. Because no being dare to want to experience the manifested-consequence of ‘not having money’ – which is the manifested fear as Money that drive the being to do everything they do, as they do it in this world to ensure their position/place within the money-system of the world-system = believing that their actions within what they do and how they do it is done under the act of ‘Freewill and Choice’ – when the truth of the mater is: It is done for Money and Money alone as the Fear of having to experience or be in the position/place within the World-System of not having Money = Freewill doesn’t exist – beings are driven by Money and Sex = Sex and Desire and Money as Fear as having it and/or not having. From within this ‘gratefulness’ for being ‘greater’ for having Money; Money itself as Relic emerged as an energetic-design of Hope / Gratefulness / Creator / God and became the principles on which all Religions are based today. As beings’ experience towards Money and the power Money has over and of Beings – is no different to the experience of beings towards religion as God and the power religion as God has over and of beings – for example: For beings with Money – religion is irrelevant and Money is their God. For beings without Money or only enough to survive/exist in this world – Money is ‘replaced’ with God as Religion – and such beings follow Religion as God, because of Money in the first place – driven towards religion as God in attempt to through religion as God – obtain Money, or manifest themselves within a position of ‘wealth’ – self-wealth and materialistic wealth = which is experienced by those that have Money = for money is that which gives self-wealth and materialistic wealth = because when you have money = ‘all is perfect’. With regards to the energetic-designed manifestation within beings as their experience towards Money and their experience towards God as Religion which is equally the same; because when one have Money – a form of gratefulness exist when one ‘have money’, as well as hope that exist towards money in getting it, having it or acquiring more of it. So also with regards to religion – hope exist towards God within wanting to get closer to him, to experience more of him and also a form of gratefulness when one ‘have God’ = exactly the same as with Money. GOD is MONEY, MONEY is GOD within the design of the world-system and the energetic-design as beings’ experience towards God and Money. Part Two to Continue…