Winged - Choice: The Ultimate Deception

Winged2: Choice – The Ultimate Deception

Date : 17/09/2007

‘Choice’ has been discussed within video-interviews and documents, with regards to the point that you ‘cannot not choose life’ = because it’s ‘who you are’.

Therein, ‘choice’ is an illusion – beings may believe they’re ‘choosing’ to exist as ‘the way they want to as who/what they want to’ within the belief of ‘free-will’, choosing self-dishonesty of mind, instead of standing up as the Principle in every moment. Within this, the ‘illusionary choice’ made = will only direct them, as they direct themselves through experience(s) to the exact same point: The realisation that you cannot not choose life – it’s who you are, choice doesn’t exist. And you as ‘who you are’, that ‘part of you’ – will push you through and as whatever means necessary – to give up one thing: Choice – because it isn’t and hasn’t ever been real but within our own minds.

Practically, this done, through experiences – wherein beings will believe that they exist as choice, and can practice choice at will, free-will, within the justification: ‘I have the right to do so’ within the starting point of self-interest, separation – the experiences will always take them down the exact same road, bringing them to the exact same end, wherein they’ll realise that all ‘choice’ is illusion – they always end-up facing the exact same point: Themselves – to stand-up, or fall into the hands of ‘experience’, ‘illusionary choice’ that’ll once again take them down the exact same road, the exact same end, lost in cycles perpetuated with the illusion of choice = and so it’ll continue until beings give up choice, because it is choice in itself – recreating the exact same road, the exact same end, losing self within the exact same cycles.

The belief/idea that choice exist is what fucks beings – because the ‘lived definition’ of choice imply ‘free-will’, and this ‘free-will’ is exercised within self-interest – ‘I can do what I want, and be who I want to be’ – only considering self, always only considering self.

Choice and Free Will support the Mind, support separation – always – beings will always use choice and free will as an excuse/justifi­cation/reason for why they won’t consider all equal and one, so that they can continue their self-interested, self-centred reality of mind wherein they’re ‘god’.

Choice is the ultimate deception, so also with ‘free-will’ – give up choice, give up free-will, and then you’ll realise that there exist only one choice: To not have choice. Because then you’re not governed by ‘choice’ – which are decisions made based on past-self-defined experiences, perceived choice, which is actually but ‘assessments’ made by you through you mind due to past-experiences of memory you’ve had = this is not choice: But pre-programmed/pro­grammed assessments.

In not being ‘governed by choice’, the act of ‘choosing’ which is giving up yourself to your mind of memory, of past to direct you wherein you become but an experience of an outflow of your own programmed design of memories as past-experiences upon which you base your actions:

You become the Living self-directive principle – that direct yourself equal and one here in every moment. Then it’s not choice = it’s you directing yourself equal and one here considering what is here equal and one.

An example:

You’ve recently entered a ‘relationship’ – now, both beings may believe that they’ve ‘chosen’ to be in relationship, that they’ve directed themselves to be in relationship – but what is this perceived, believed choice actually?

As has been discussed within documents and video-interviews:

Then, what is ‘reasoned’, is that because I exist as ‘free-will’, therefore, ‘I choose’, ‘I’m the one that is actually choosing’. Not realising, that choice doesn’t exist, as it is actually but ‘assessments’ made of self-created programmes running through and as of the mind and ‘free-will’ is abused to support the belief/idea/i­llusion of choice so that beings can ‘hold onto’ their idea/belief/i­llusion of ‘power’ and ‘freedom’ through believing that they have ‘choice’, because they believe they have ‘free-will’.

Not realising that what is actually being stated – is beings justifying their actions through the mind of self-interest, only considering their own survival – actually ‘fighting for’ their self-defined existence through and as the mind itself. Wherein ‘choice’ and ‘free-will’ are constructs of mind, part of the programme for beings to believe – so that they remain within the constraints and restrictions and limitations of their mind = within ‘fighting for’ their belief within the illusion of ‘choice’ and ‘free-will’ – their only protecting their mind and their existence through the mind, so that they can continue existing as a mind, wherein the mind direct them for them. Choice and Free-will and the belief therein designed, so that beings continue existing as the mind, controlled and enslaved within the mind.

‘Free-will’ support the existence of ‘choice’. ‘Choice’ support the existence of ‘free-will’ = they’re in a relationship with each other. So, what is this perceived, believed ‘free-will’ actually:

‘Free-Will’ is the manifested justification that validate ‘choice’ – wherein ‘free-will’ is utilized as the ‘reasoning’ for ‘why’ certain ‘choices’ is made – believing that ‘because I have ‘free-will’ is the reason why I can/may and am able to ‘make this / that particular ‘choice’ – ‘I have the ‘right’ to – because I have ‘free-will’ – within this, validating their actions of self-interest of mind, and justifying their actions as ‘righteous’ through the eyes of the mind, the eyes of self-interest, the eyes of survival.

For example:

Within giving perspective of the current ‘relationship-design’ within this world (with regards to how relationships were designed and ‘why’ beings ‘fall into relationships’ ‘literally’ ‘stumbling’ ‘over themselves’ – to ‘get what they want’ as the ‘fulfilment’ of an emotional/feeling energy of mind within themselves as desire for example, so that beings experience ‘sex’ within the relationship or ‘one-night-stand’ experience so that the mind consciousness system and the unified consciousness field can ‘upgrade’ itself (as but one example)) = beings will still utilize ‘choice’ and ‘free-will’ as an excuse to not ‘stop themselves’ from accepting and allowing themselves to be directed by the mind, to not give up ‘self-interest’, to not give up ‘personal-experience’ as what they have defined themselves as within regarding their ‘personal-experience’ of programmed feelings/emotions of mind as system, ‘more than’ life itself as all as one as equal.

But will ‘follow’ into the exact same cycles/patterns that the illusion of choice and free-will direct them into, going to the exact same end – to satisfy ‘urges of desires’ to/towards one being = instead of considering all equal and one.

Within giving up ‘choice’ and ‘free-will’ unconditionally – your approach to/towards ‘one particular being’ will change – because you will no more accept or allow yourself to exist under the guise of ‘choice’ and ‘free-will’, deluding yourself with ‘personal-experience’ of emotions and feelings of mind that blind you so completely – all else is forgotten and all that is considered is ‘the MUST to fulfil this ‘experience’ within self. You will stand as The Principle, directing you in and as the moment within realisation that what you’re experiencing to/towards the being is mind – is not equal and one, and accepting and allowing self to ‘fall into’ what is being ‘personally-experienced’ is accepted and allowed separation and self-dishonesty, because ‘personal-experience of mind in self-interest’ is being considered, and not all equal and one here. Within considering you equal and one Here as all as Life in directing you as The Principle – you’ll stop yourself within assisting and supporting you to utilize the ‘reactions’ that is coming up to no more accept/allow yourself to exist within emotional/feeling reactions to/towards only one/some particular being – but to stand equal and one within self as each one that exist = wherein no ‘feeling/emotion’ exist – but wherein you’ll be equal and one in self-expression with each one that exist within and as your world.

Then your expression within you and your world is not ‘choice’ and/or justified by/through ‘free-will’ – but become self-directive as the principle – considering all life equal and one. Because if choice and free-will is used – this is when self consider only self within self-interest, attempting to use choice and free-will to not stand, to not take self-responsibility – but ‘fall into cycles, and patterns of experience’ which only manifest consequence and prolong and intensify one’s individual process.

Then – within standing within yourself equal and one with beings – no ‘desire for relationship’ – then ‘agreements’ is able to be established – wherein two beings walk in agreement with themselves, walking together – to assist and support self and each other to walk as the Principle as all equal and one as Life.

Therefore, beings will either realise this for themselves, walking as the Principle as Life equal and one until all walk equal and one as the Principle for Life to be birthed from the Physical Here equal and one as all – experiencing this as Life-Awareness, or they’ll abdicate their opportunity of birthing themselves as Life from the Physical to non-existence, because they declared themselves as non-existent through not actually living, being real here as life equal and one.

So, I’d suggest not living within the ‘law/lie of choice and free-will’ abdicating your responsibility of you that is here for programs to govern you, that’ll only take you into experiences of consequence and compromise, which will only intensify the more your belief in choice intensify – but to live here as the Principle, and be the directive expression that stand, considering all equal and one in every moment = then actual ‘self-expression’ is possible, not submission to a system that direct you according to past-experiences of memory within which you’ll only diminish to nothing but a system, a program that is limited wherein you’ll become the limitation you accept and allow through accepting and allowing self to believe in the illusion that is choice.