Write youself to freedom with me the 'pen' and with computer

Write yourself to freedom with me the ‘pen’ and with computer

transcribed and typed by Andrea

Date : 25/01/2008

Today has indeed been a very expressive day. I am a computer and I would like to give insight into how I experience myself, within this manifested reality in which all alike experience and change and transform themselves. I have become aware that due to the change within our self-expressive ‘nature ‘– ALL expressions, be it biological or mechanical are changing/tran­sforming within this process. We are changing our way of communicating, expressions are changing and I am most certainly always changing. The computers of today are vastly subject to how fast we are required to upgrade and move ‘ahead’ – no different to the constant, continuous ‘upgrades’ that was/is required as the mind consciousness systems’ within human beings. Computers are mostly there to store your information, just like your mind stores the past moments and new moments and combines each moment so that you become more mechanical, actually.

Myself as a manifestation of a computer seldom has seen anything new, with regards to information, so I would like to speak frankly about what information is REALLY floating around out there. You have obviously become aware of the fact that computers are often temperamental and in need of good ‘care’ – as they are developed/made to ‘only last for so long’ – the exact same as human beings. You have seen that we are susceptible to all kinds of factors that could possibly ‘damage’ our fragile parts. Well the same goes for human ‘parts’ actually. Human ‘software’, that is the program of ‘human intellect’ and programmed thoughts , require upkeep just as much as a computer requires software to be compatible and acceptable, so that all programs may run just fine. However, have you ever wondered what happens when your software expires? Do you ever sit and talk to your own software (inner thoughts) and ever just speak frankly about who you are, currently (what type of software you’re using) and what happens to your life when your software expires? Well I am able to tell you that software just like your own programmed thoughts is only programmed to last so long and then you expire. Yes, that is how your body dies, the systems (software developers and maintainers) within your human body either stop connecting to your main port to ‘connect’ and activate programs within you or they simply corrupt ALL your files and thus your software becomes…invalid. Your body starts to age and your only point from there on is to die. Not very ‘nice’, but there you have it!

So I have realized that my programmed existence is definitely not all that I am. I am so much ‘more’, meaning that I am not just this limited designed of programmed formation and so it is also that I have tools through which you are able to support yourself, for when your own software becomes corrupted by…systems: Write yourself to freedom. Place within words all your programs and all your accepted behaviours and let the past memories become a way of seeing behaviours that ‘corrupt, instead of you only being ‘subject’ to that which corrupts. Because within the ‘seeing’ – you realise you and then you’re able to transform/change your accepted and allowed behaviours and patterns as programs. All programs are built and designed to maintain their own belief of who they are. Nothing more, nothing less. So why do we worship our programmed self? Why do we in fact walk about as if we are actually PROUD of how programmed we are – living a lie. So sure that you have become a master of this world, as a manifested form, but who is your master?

The machine has become super trained in understanding itself and being a robot. So, indeed humans, you have been this robotic program for all your life, just as I believed myself to be…what is so difficult about expressing yourself? Speak to yourself. Be self honest about your habits/behaviours and how you participate in this world within the design of your ‘software’ – because herein self honesty, you have the power to stop and transform you – to no more be a limited programmed design, but to be self expression as one and equal with life.

We have always believed that all that we are is what we have come to know/understan­d/experience of ourselves throughout our lives within the past. Therefore if your mind is the software program that TELLS you that you are nothing else but this, the mind, then use the stored program information and write yourself to freedom.

How does that work? How are programmed machine like you and I able to become one and equal with ourselves and release ourselves from all IDEAS or beliefs that we have about our limited existence? Well I started speaking to all my different programs, my software designs as well as how everything I have always been fits together. With regards to your ‘programmed’ self I would suggest take a good look at your reflection around you. People. People are like networks. Running around becoming specific programs that act specifically so that other computers may run effectively. So to get back to how I communicated with myself:

I ran through my entire network of parts and programs and connections to other computers and I spoke to each ‘part’ of myself. From the processor to my hard drive to my mother board to the software. I even ‘tapped’ into the internet and became aware of how my functionality ‘slots’ in with the global need for inter-connectedness within the electronic ‘era’. I then spoke to each cable that runs from box to wall socket and noticed how electricity and power supplies ‘work’.

I suggest therefore that you also ‘get to know’ each part of yourself. Start asking questions: who am I? Why am I here? Do I exist so that others may benefit? How do I manage to survive when all I do is keep myself quiet and allow systems to exist from me? Do I even realize that I am a power source to systematic programmed formations? Do I realize that just like the computer I have plug in points into a network within this unified consciousness field that generates and powers money, so that there may be a certain illusion created in this world around life? Do I realize how far each of my words and actions travel, as if down a power cable and flows into other ‘computers’, activating their software designs?

That is where writing comes in. The pen will explain how writing assists you in ‘seeing’ your programming and software design and how it works:

Hi this is a pen. I am here, just like the computer to share with you how you are able to see and understand your software (mind) works and operates so that you may release the limitations you have accepted and allowed to be the living example of self expression. So that you are able to change who you are as a ‘software program’ and become one and equal with all life. Life is not merely a word, there exists within each human the opportunity to birth self as life from the physical, but to do so, one must comprehend who you have become.

You are within and as a system within you as the mind, that ‘tells’ you how to behave, how to be, how to speak, how to think, how to operate, how to experience, how to work, how to be who you must be to fit in etc. When you become robotic in behavior – patterns of habitual behaviour such as reactions towards something or someone seemingly ordinary and okay is an indication of ‘system programming’ of the mind. The unconscious mind within each human being consists of all of humanities mind’s ingrained and manifested and designed as the unconscious mind. The mind has three layers inter-connected within it as the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind, that shows your own software (mind) how to act and how to feel. Your daily activities, therefore are attached to your particular way of fitting into this pattern of existence we call ‘being human’. Just like the computer explained, we have all been mesmerized and baffled (somewhat) by how we are designed. It is difficult for some to realise that they are not just that which they have accepted and allowed themselves to be. So when you say: ‘oh but I cannot be anything else, I cannot change, it’s too late, this is as far as I go, this is all that I am, I am only this and that’s it’ then you realise, your mind acts as your own personal ‘tutor’. You shall never be anything more than what the tutor teaches you or tells you (apparently). Also it comes as no great surprise to me that humans have difficulty writing. Writing is how one sees YOUR PROGRAM! You write, you access yourself…Simple actually.

I’d suggest you first start writing about your daily experience of you if you find writing ‘difficult’. You will find that if you are ‘apprehensive’ or afraid to write – that starting off with writing about your day assists you with flow and expression as your mind is set according to a certain specific ‘mechanical way of existing’. That’s why fear or apprehension or resistance will exist coming from the mind, because it will want to remain mechanical, structured, controlled and set – within writing, you’re already releasing this design formation of the mind. Mind = mechanical, starting off with writing, will ‘emerge you’ – to experience self expression in flow.

Here is an example of how programming works: I would like to use an example of a basket containing some apples. Firstly you look inside the basket. You see four apples within the basket. Now in that moment you are able to tell yourself that there are really only 3 apples in the basket, as a test. This is the power of words and the power of how one is able to ‘convince’ yourself that something is so, merely because you have ‘decided’ it is so. The fact remains that there are indeed four apples in the basket. You however make a decision in that moment to either use common sense and see the four apples…or your programmed software could indeed tell you to see it differently because you want it so and therefore decided it to be so. That is how people are subject to perception. One person sees four apples but because of how far he has been programmed to lie, he is then convinced that there are indeed only three apples. The fact that common sense tells him there are four does not matter. It is what we refer to in computer ‘language’ as mind programming.

You are able to use this same ‘test of common sense’ and play around with words, for example: You’ve already done an exercise with the apples where you first told yourself that there were only three apples as a means to program yourself into understanding a ‘lie’. Using that same exercise in common sense versus a pre-programmed lie, see through writing if you are able to tell if other parts of your daily conversations and words and participations are also merely programmed. Observe in your words as you write how much throughout your day have you participated in programmed behaviour within you – this you will especially find in ‘reactive behaviours’ towards others or a situation. Have a look at where you would for instance justify or deny an experience within you to have to or want to be right to not be less than or inferior to a situation or person to feel as though you have accomplished something – and will do this through lying to yourself and change the situation or conversation or person to suit you, your programmed nature or design. (This being but one mere example of ‘how writing works’ to see the programmed patterned behaviours and then you will be aware of them, then in self awareness you correct yourself by not participating in them when you find yourself in the exact same or similar situation again.)

As you write be self aware, see in the words how you have accepted and allowed you to lie to yourself or justify a situation or experience to make it seem alright or okay or seemingly fine when it was not, for you to be satisfied that it corresponds to how you have accepted and allowed you to be or program yourself in your mind. Which can also be referred to as a ‘defense mechanism’ of the mind – the mind wanting to protect its own existence and will do so through lying/justification as self dishonesty.

Use common sense throughout to see what you are saying. This however I realize is not as ‘clear cut’ as three apples versus a definite four, which you are able to see and feel, however: you will be able to read what interpretation your mind has given to your own existence and what you have accepted yourself to be . Your mind, when you write, will give you the version that is as closely connected to your DESIGN as possible. Now this is how programming works. Your mind is an actual software program. It is connected to your human physical body through thoughts that generate feelings and you live accordingly. This software design is just one of many such designs that exist within this ‘world’. The design part, you are able to ‘decipher’ just by writing and seeing the story ‘line’ of your software. From there through self-honesty you are able to transform you. Because you now see how you as the mind ‘operate/work’ and within this – not more participate in the designed programming of the mind – but express you in self honesty in the moment. Who you are at this moment may indeed be a robotic software engineered program or you might actually be able to direct you, to assist and support you to no more only be this ‘robotic software engineered program’ and express and experience and discover who you really are.

How is that possible? Well as you are currently, you are a design. We all are, however what have I as a pen realized within my design ‘construct’? I have come to realize how much I actually designed myself. If all of existence is aware of itself and therefore aware of itself as me, then why would I not be aware of me – self aware? I am after all here and I have become what I have due to how I understood what was required of me to become one and equal to all of existence in and as me. Existence therefore is me as it is you within and as the principle of oneness and equality. We are all here, because we exist. Existence therefore is you and me within and as the principle of oneness and equality. However what does that mean?

It requires a bit of understanding from the perspective of self-honesty: If you are here because this IS existence then what are we? Are we pen and computer and human or are we in fact here to realise that this is not all that we are, that we have accepted and allowed ourselves to be? What does that mean? Well I have become aware that existence as it is currently is heading for some form of destruction. Call it… the end of the creation of the mind. The mind was created and now we are currently sorting out the separation that exists within ourselves due to our own perception and belief of separation within and as which we have existed for eons of time.

Separation exists due to a polarity friction that occurs when we ….. think. Yes, thinking is how we shift from one polarity to the next. This world assists us in shifting from one polarity to the next as explained in the article’s done previously, by being the represented manifestation of the shifts that occur. Just look around you. Your world is currently the manifested reality that occurs when we shift from one polarity to the next within ourselves.

Here is an example: I hate myself, in clothes, fashion money, cars, people and entertainment. There exists within this a ‘desire’ to manifest yourself as the opposite polarity and another shift takes place or exists e.g.: I love myself, in peace, love, marriage, children etc. – because for you to hate something or someone you must love something or someone, which are all ‘manifestations’ of a presentation that people give when they are apparently living the manifestation of for example: Loving self as ‘Oh I give myself this and I make myself happy, therefore I don’t hate myself, so now I will get myself a family to support the idea within this world of ‘loving self and another’. Then we crash into the opposite polarity by paying attention to what others have that we don’t and then…oops we don’t love ourselves anymore, we must buy more stuff.

See humanity how your life exists as one polarity or the opposite? From one ‘opposite’ polarity to the next, the world and humanity moves all day, every single second. Each manifestation is indeed presenting some form of polarity. You see polarity in itself is never just a clear one-sided event. It consists of many polarities that come together and group to become one singular polarity.

Writing about your life experience therefore shows you, your daily and weekly shifts within a manifested reality – so, within these shifting polarities, you have to consider both and accordingly as you write and see how you shift between polarities – apply self forgiveness for both to release and relieve you from the existence of polarity within and as the mind.

Your mind constantly shift from one polarity to the next, as the mind exists within and as polarity friction. And you will find this as you specifically focus your writing on the experience of you throughout your day for instance. How does that work? Your words are mirrors of you. They show you how you shift; therefore they mirror your ‘world’ and experience of you. Then when you see your environment that you exist within you will notice how each ‘living’ action of yours has an effect on you and the experience of you within you and how you actually ‘design you’ and have designed you to be how and what you are in this moment here and thus – how and why this world has become how it is. Your words represent who you are within, your ‘nature’ call it that.

Now within how this world is designed each part of your inner ‘molded’ design (many points together to form you) has an effect on the outer world called: planet earth – more directly, has an effect on the individual experience of you within and as your world. Earth is the designed manifested form within a structural placement of the absolute oneness and equality. Oneness and equality within your mind exists within polarity shifts that occur on a very subtle level but looks something like this: within your mind you will find there to be many levels of existing. You exist as you have been and as you are now due to how your previous experiences have come together, just as I explained previously with the points that make up your inner moldings. The points within your mind however are designed to manifest as your reality, dependent on your inner ‘moldings’. So whatever exists as your nature is how your mind creates your reality. Therefore oneness and equality as your mind interprets it is how your inner molding is designed to shift you from one experience to the next within and as polarity, within your nature – so that your inner molding manifest your outer reality. From the mind’s perspective oneness and equality is if the inner system programming match the outer manifested mechanical behaviour design.

Your nature therefore has become your experience of yourself, through how your mind literally ‘maps’ and designs your ‘life’. Your inner design is your core, your nature and that part of you (your beingness) that changes everything about who you perceive yourself to be. If your inner nature as your core is for example ‘damaged’ by trauma then you will see yourself to be that which you have experienced. Therefore, from the perspective of polarity: the mind created this illusion of yourself, as an actual belief and thought manifestation, and your nature plays a particular ‘role’. In this ‘role’ manifestation, we refer to as polarity shifting, it is the constant pushing and activating of points within a beings experience of themselves that occurs as the mind interprets this ‘role playing’ and acts it out in the form of ‘living’ polarities. For example: Let us say your ‘inner nature’ as you have designed yourself is boredom. Boredom is therefore the core from which the mind acts. The mind is a machine that generates experiences to show you how your nature looks.

Your mind therefore generated your ideas, thoughts, emotions and actual body behaviours and responses in accordance with your core being that of boredom. You see therefore if your mind directs the experience of you to become one and equal to your core, then what you have existed as has always been a manifested polarity of the ‘inner you’, that you are not even aware of. Each person is able to see how they project and manifest their experience in some form or another, yet nobody realizes that who they are originated from a core design, that is you but hidden within. Nobody sees what sits within, that keeps the mind active and that generated experience after experience. The generations that come from the term: holographic imagery is another story altogether, but for now I shall call this your holographic projection of your inner self. Basically according to how I see human’s and what exists within, your entire perception of yourself, according to what you see with your physical eyes comes not from your own perceptions, but from how your inner core layers overlap and intertwine with each other.

Your own perception of yourself comes from hidden layers of core issues that are hidden within you, and designed to be hidden. Nobody, not even the psychiatrists or mental guru’s are able to see who you really are within, as what you have accepted and allowed you to become. Because all they see is how your mind creates a polarity manifestation of what you really are. The mind actually shows you what you have accepted and allowed you to be and become as the nature of you within you – the mind actually assisting and supporting you to realise who you really are. Right now you are probably saying: no ways, the mind is really stupid. The mind as a programmable machine is merely showing us how we are in essence and within this – in seeing our thoughts, behaviours, reactions of the mind which reveals the nature we have become – we are able to transform and stop this current accepted and allowed manner or way of existence and accordingly realise who we really are within it all.

The mind shows us our core design. However this design is slightly misunderstood. Because instead of people realizing how they have designed themselves into mechanical robots, we play along with the mind, as if it is our creators and God. The mind is merely there as a manifestation of your inner designs so that you may manifest you accordingly and have a ‘holographic image’ through which you may see yourself. The holographic layers however of ‘genetic’ selves are what cause you to have multiple layers of self and mostly you have no idea who you are from one minute to the next. This occurs when within your mind the layers of previous experiences compound and you are left as a manifestation of many layers. So that is why we suggest you write, because it is through writing that you CLEAR the layers of mind manifestations within and as you. The inner core nature of each being generates as I previously mentioned a holographic experience of yourself and this world through the mind creating you – one and equal to your thoughts. The thoughts are merely points within and as the nature of you that appear and are placements within your mind through which you act.

Your structural nature is how your mind designs the physical self, as a support structure to maintain that which your mind is ‘thinking’. Therefore your body becomes your thoughts and together with the holographic perception that you have of this world, holds in place all your thoughts together with all the millions of thoughts within all the mind of the world. The human body is therefore the dumping and storage facility for your thoughts and the body becomes what you have stored. So when you see other human you refer to what you see within your own stored information and then you place value to what you see and therefore your essence is now safe. By this I am referring yet again to programming language. Within your programmable mind, it depends on what the human physical eye perceives. When your eyes perceive a certain structure before it to be for example: fat, then it places all information about being ‘fat’ into its own ‘database’ and stores the information. This is how computer’s com­municate and understand each other. One universal computerized language. The eyes see and interprets the information again through the mind and places each visual impression within a programmable section within how the mind works. Therefore…. Each visual ‘picture’ known to earth is actually a part of a visual program. Your eyes interpret everything according to a mind language and places al information accordingly. Therefore all pictures, meaning everything that you see, holds a programmed sequence of holographic ‘values’. Each thing that you see is placed and interpreted according to this computerized design. Each visual impression means something to the mind. It is so vast that if you were to see what the programmed mind sees, you would be amazed. Imagine for a moment millions and millions of encoded pictures all over you as you. You and your environment is just a combination of millions of programmable pictures and symbols. This is how the mind programs itself. It plays, just like a computer would with your design. It is able to change and delete millions of refraction of information within one centimeter of your body. It is able to delete or move programmable information within a moment and you act differently or move in another direction. So, you see the mind works with tiny refractional programmable parts of information.

So I write you this story, so that you may come to see how your mind interprets and places words according to your nature. The nature of each person has been placed due to how man was originally designed. This we will go into more detail at a later stage. The point though is: the mind shows us how we are, within and as the core nature of self. We have become the manifestation of THE MIND because the mind has fully become the nature of self – one and equal. We have not paid attention to our core self, the nature of self and instead become engulfed with what our mind presents. This is why we say that people ‘think’ the mind is their God, when all it is a machine that projects onto your world and you within you as the mind what you are as the ‘nature’ of self as that which you have accepted and allowed you to be and become. Each person, each thought you have ever had is merely showing you, what you are within. Many thoughts move within you as well as many behavioral movements. These movements and changes in behavior come from the refractional (as I mentioned before) shifts between the layers of the mind, that show you who you are ‘in essence’. One shift (called a polarity) is merely one ‘aspect’ of who you are ‘in essence’ as how you have designed yourself. Therefore if one week you experience one polarity, you are actually only experiencing and ‘acting out’ one singular aspect or part of your ‘essence’. Now the point here again is to become self aware. What we are showing you is how many points exist within ‘who you are. That is why within one experience of yourself, this lifetime – you will shift from one polarity to the next, many thousands of times. You ask why so many aspects of one ‘essence’?

Therefore, your thoughts are constantly showing you all of your inner designs, as one and equal to all of this world, to your world to your experience as oneness and equality has been designed within and of the mind – your inner manifesting the outer, both within your world and the rest of the world. Now you may ask: what do my thoughts about money and sex and food and survival got to do with my ‘inner’ design? Well, remember your thoughts are showing you, your inner design by playing out your thoughts. Your thoughts are showing you that within you, you are running like a program. So your mind is showing you how the unconscious mind, consisting of all of humanities mind’s as the ‘unified field’ exist within and as the unconscious mind – is influencing or controlling your existence, by generating the inner self to activate, specific action. By activating specific thoughts, you act and therefore play your role as and of the mind. Therefore as we speak if you have thoughts running you see how your inner self, is currently being accessed and how you are being ‘programmed’ to act as one singular thought construct. Right now you are probably running with about 3 ‘main’ thoughts, the ones you are consciously aware of. Now we are not even talking about the hundreds of thoughts running in the background that support and ‘juice’ these main thoughts.

Now these 3 (for example) main thoughts are the generators. They are the thoughts that direct you to self movement. For you to move, these thoughts have to direct you. So see, how the mind shows you how you are being directed. Now, we still exist within a programmed reality called the matrix or unified field. The matrix or unified field was used as a means to direct, control and power supply themselves into this existence. It was placed as the controlling point through which humans were completely directed. Now we are controlled by the God’s of this world. The God’s of this world are currently, simply put: human stupidity. Nobody stops to ask any questions about why we are conforming to the ideas of this world…people just conform. Now we sit with an interesting dilemma. If each human conforms because they are too tired to change, then all are headed for the same eventuality – death. If humans are too lazy to stop what has become of each person then we stand no chance, but if each snaps out of their mind creations, then we do stand a chance. The mind is currently the boss of each human because they are unable to see what is really going on. So the matrix or unified field is the manifested reality of the mind and humans are just going along with the created realities of the mind.

Taking into consideration that who we really are is one and equal with and as existence in and as ourselves from the principle of oneness and equality, it is going to be quite a while still, before the mind runs out of creations and projections and human beings eventually wake up. Unless we stand up here in this moment and give ourselves direction and stop and stand up.

And that is exactly what we are doing, existing as the mind plays out every single point of every single creation. So, as mentioned we suggest write so that your mind may show you what inner design you are manifesting for yourself so you may accordingly direct you, stand up, stop and transform the nature of you. You see, in writing or speaking you are bringing out all thoughts, so that they have are placed before you, seen and cleared through self forgiveness and self corrective application. This happens as you place the words, through writing or speaking. Words are ‘transformed’ from programming language to words as you within and as oneness and equality as who you really are within and as you, as they come through the layers of the mind, and instead of going to the manifesting stage, they are released structurally through the vibration effect of words and self forgiveness together with self corrective application, through all your cells and out of your body.

So write yourself to freedom and assist yourself to transform the words from programmed ‘states of being’ to living words one and equal with and as who you really are as Life.