The Desteni Material

The Desteni Material is an ever-growing body of information. Unfortunately, this means that we cannot point at a select few articles or videos and say 'this is the Desteni Material'. Every day, more research, information, perspectives, insights and support are released. The Desteni material has over the years become a vast collection of articles, videos, blogs, audio-recordings, etc that may seem daunting to explore. In this section we break down for you what's what and show you different methods and ways that you can interact with and get to know the Desteni material. Enjoy!


In the period from 2007 - 2010 written documents were released on the Desteni Website as articles. The original articles are still available to be read here. As time progressed, written documents were more and more released in the form of blog-posts on various external platforms. The articles don't include more recent material. Please keep in mind that although the Principles of Desteni have stood and remained constant throughout the years, the content published was always done within the context of what was relevant/needed for process as a whole at a certain point in time. You will for instance notice an evolution in the tone, relatability and practicality of the material throughout the years - for more perspective on this change, please consult the Historical Timeline of Desteni. We suggest to hear the message/principles within the articles, yet always read them within the context of the time in which they were published.

dwiki_logo.pngDestonian Wiki

In Desteni's early days - the forum was 'the place to be' for all those who were studying the Desteni material and starting their process of self-realization. The forum quickly amassed a large number of relevant insights and perspectives as forum members interacted with each other and questions were answered. When the original forum was archived, the Destonian Wiki initiative was started to gather all the relevant posts and organize them by topic, making them more easily available. As with the articles, please keep in mind that the Destonian Wiki is comprised of material from the earlier days of Desteni and requires to be consulted within that context. That being said, it is a substantial resource that will undoubtedly answer many of your questions!

Please note: The Destonian Wiki is currently offline for maintenance.


EQAFE is our online shop and holds thousands of products on topics regarding the inner workings of our minds, emotions, feelings, the history of our existence and every other topic related to making our personal lives and interrelationships fulfill their utmost potential in this world. Through the continuous publishing of supportive material by Destonians as well as beings through the portal, EQAFE can now be regarded as an 'existential library' and as such, it continues to grow true to its name: Every Question Answered for Everyone. For self-directed learning with relevant and up-to-date information, EQAFE is your resource of choice. As a shop, each purchase enables us to continue spreading the message and supporting individuals through our various platforms.

Desteni 'I' ProcessDIP Logo1.png

Desteni 'I' Process (DIP) offers courses and coaching and was introduced as an answer to the growing need for guidance and structure in exploring the vast amount of Desteni Research. The free DIP Lite course is for many the ideal way to become acquainted with the Desteni message and tools. DIP Pro covers more in-depth material and support, as well as a range of exclusive tools that requires the one-on-one support from a buddy to master. DIP Pro offers different paths to cater for different needs and budgets, and in addition a sponsorship program is available. The focus of Desteni 'I' Process is the facilitation of a practical understanding and application of the Desteni tools and principles in a person's daily life.

self_and_living_logo.pngSelf & Living

Self & Living is a series of videos with a focus on practical lifestyle creation, sharing simple yet effective solutions to common every-day-life issues and obstacles. Self & Living videos are released as time and resources allow, and can be found on YouTube and Facebook.

School of Ultimate LivingSOUL.jpg

The purpose of the School of Ultimate Living (S.O.U.L.) is to show how each one in fact has the power to live their utmost potential through redefining and living words. The S.O.U.L. material is centered around explaining the role and power of words in our lives and providing the step-by-step support and know-how to live words as expressions of ourselves on our journey of self-creation.


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