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Oct 24, 2016, 11:06 AM
‘Alphabet’ – Okay, in relation to the ‘English’-‘Language’, which is your ‘A-B-C’s’ – Human-Beings in school are Taught that ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ are ‘Letters’ of the what is known as ‘The Alphabet’; when in-Essence – the ‘A-B-C’s’ are ‘Symbols’ ‘Constructed’ – that Stand-for ‘particular’…that Stand-As ‘particular’-‘Meanings’ to keep Human-Beings…that was ‘Deliberately’-‘Designed’ to Keep Human-Beings within their ‘Pre-Programmed’ ‘Life’-‘Cycle’ in relation to the ‘Soul’-‘Construct’ – so – in-Essence you can Say (that) your ‘A-B-C’s’ was the ‘Soul’-‘Language’ – ‘Designed’ to Keep your ‘Pre-Programmed’-‘Life’ ‘Existent’ through your-‘Soul’ ‘Intact’ – so that you-Remain ‘Slave’ to your…to the ‘Gods’, your ‘Creators’ – and was ‘Formed’ into a ‘Language’ to Fit your Mind Consciousness System – so that Everytime you Speak a ‘Word’, Each ‘Individual’-‘Letter’ Within that-‘Word’ ‘Resonate’, which ‘Resonate’ your-‘Enslavement’ that was ‘Programmed’-Into your-‘Soul’, which would then ‘eventually’, As you start ‘Speaking’-it ‘more and more’ in terms of the ‘Resonance’ thereof – ‘Resonating’ ‘Unconsciously’ Into your ‘Soul’-‘Construct’ – would then ‘Emit’ Into your-‘Beingness’ –and then you would Start ‘Living’ ‘Unconsciously’ your ‘Actual’-‘Beliefs’ that was ‘Pre-Programmed’ or ‘Programmed’ Into-You through your-‘Language’, which are your ‘A-B-C’s’, which are ‘Actual’ ‘Constructed’ ‘Symbols’ – quite ‘Intricately’-‘Constructed’. So – Start with the ‘Letter’ ‘A’.
Oct 24, 2016, 11:05 AM
We had a ‘great flood’ of Information coming-through as we were lying-down to rest – that we will be speaking. Okay so the first Point that’s been ‘revealing-itself’ so to speak if you look at ‘Archetypes’ – okay I’m just gonna ‘dissect’ the word first – so – meaning: ‘dissect’ the word ‘Archetypes’ – First dissection: you have the word ‘Arch’ (sound: ‘Ark’) Second dissection: you have the word ‘E’ Third dissection: you have the word ‘T’ Fourth dissection: you have the word ‘Y’ Fifth dissection: you have ‘PES’
Oct 24, 2016, 11:04 AM
Another ‘Point’ that often ‘Comes-Up’ within Beings – just to take into ‘Consideration’ is that: While you’re ‘Walking’ your-‘Process’ there is like an… ‘Expectation’ of your-‘World’ and your-‘Reality’ ‘Changing’ to ‘Suit’ or ‘Support’-You within the ‘Walking’ of your-‘Process’. Understand that ‘initially’ This is Not So. You’ll more Become-‘Aware’ of ‘How’ You have ‘Actually’ ‘Constructed’, ‘Created’ and ‘Formed’ your-‘Reality’ to a ‘Way’ of ‘Supporting’ your-‘Mind’ – and from a ‘Greater’ ‘World-Perspective’, Everything’-‘Else’ in terms of How we have ‘Constructed’-it in relation to ‘Money’ for example – so – just Be ‘Aware’ of the ‘Expectation’ of ‘Wanting your-‘Reality’ to ‘Stop’’ so that you can ‘Do’ your-‘Process’.
Oct 24, 2016, 11:03 AM
I’ll first start-off with a ‘Point’ that also Requires to be Taken into Consideration while you´re ‘Walking this Process’ is an ‘Inherent’ ‘Human-Manifestation’, which Exists within All-Beings: is that of ‘Impatience’ – wherein we ‘want things’ ‘Fast’, ‘Now, ‘Quick’, ‘Here’, ‘Instantaneously’, ‘Immediately’ – which we Have ‘Allowed’-Ourselves to ‘Indulge’-into – If you even have a Look at ‘Technology’ that´s ‘coming-out’:
Oct 24, 2016, 11:02 AM
The Physical-manifest mother-matrix system-design has been removed – all layers of this construct, from foundation, to network, to essence – since its origin up to now. Just because it’s been removed, doesn’t mean you’ve been ‘relieved’ from having to face that which you’ve become. Each one will still face it individually, because it exist as each one as what each one has accepted and allowed to exist within and as self. The ‘removal’ merely assist and support in ‘brining’ the construct from – ‘out of physical-manifest suppression’ – to be faced clearly by each one, equally to be transcended.
Oct 24, 2016, 11:01 AM
Understand that, due to Children’s Vocabulary – (Children’s Vocabulary from the perspective of ‘Being Able to Express in Words and Voice how they Experience themselves within in relation to what they See and Observe without’) – not being Developed efficiently, we that are able to do so – are able to express in words and voice how we experience ourselves within, what we see and observe – Must be the Voice for them/of them Equal and One. This is done as Follows:
Oct 24, 2016, 11:00 AM
Structure – that which is the Physical-Manifest, is Here – in its manifested equality and oneness. The Structured-Physical as Structure-Manifest that exist by, through and as laws, rules and regulations as its very Limitation of its very existence as Structure in itself. Currently it is Structure, the Physical-Manifest that exist and function as, within and through laws, rules and regulations by, through and as which all exist.
Oct 24, 2016, 10:58 AM
The ‘Holy Spirit’ as depicted within the ‘Bible’ – is the Unseen-manifest, as it cannot be seen direct with the human physical eyes – yet does ‘exist’ according to the Stories depicted in the Bible and is ‘seen’ to exist through the Stories told in the Bible. Viruses and Bacteria as existent within this World – is the Unseen-manifest, as it cannot be seen direct with the human physical eyes – yet does exist as revealed within the identified biological-effect it manifest within and as the human physical body and is thus ‘seen’ through the physical-experiences it manifest that the Human directly feel.
Oct 24, 2016, 10:58 AM
All will make it. Those that do not participate in their self-purification: There are those that stand in your stead, walking on your behalf. And they that walk in your stead; will be the force that will bring you Here. Each will either be forced to Equality or force themselves. Both is the same directive-force and the Will of Life. This is the Process through which Life will be Born from the Physical. Read the Gospel of Thomas: Jesus or whatever you want to call him, was not just some fuckin’ asshole.
Oct 24, 2016, 10:56 AM
The Real Shock was at the End, thus Process Begins: 13 March 2009 (Note: Document is a working-progress and will expand, fine-tune, specify as we walk) Rewards: As the light captures, captivates the attention through an experience that encapsulates the experience / participant in a high frequency of energy interpreted as winning / superiority / enlightenment / chosen one / special / feeling loved / feeling watched over by God. Thus, the manifested experiences of winning / superiority / enlightenment / chosen one / special / feeling loved / feeling watched over by God – are all self-created, self-designed ‘energetic-experiences’ – manifested through the construct-design thereof, as ‘Light’.