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Sep 27, 2009, 3:01 PM
Do you Remember ‘Where you Are’? Do you Remember ‘How you Got Here’? Do you Remember ‘Who You Are’? Do you Remember ‘What You Are’? The Memory is All-Around you in this World – it’s your-‘Memories’; you’re Living Inside your-‘Memory’. The Earth = is a ‘Living-Memory’. The Earth is ‘The History of the Universe’ – it’s ‘The Library’ of the Universe = and you’re Busy ‘Reading’-it. A ‘Living-Memory’ – ‘Organized’ as an ‘Organism’, as an Organization within-‘You’, kept-‘Alive’ by your ‘Organs’ – which is making the ‘Music’ of your ‘Religions’; as the Organs-‘Play’, and the People-‘Sing’.