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Oct 31, 2009, 3:16 PM
Ok, so ’This’-’Point’ is about the-’Mockery’ called ’Democracy’. In establishing the-‘parameters’, we´re-going to-look at the whole ‘Mockery’ and ‘How’ it relates to ‘Demons’ that´s Crazy, which is the-‘Way’ ‘Democracy’ runs: ‘Demons’ that´s-‘Crazy’ – Now the ‘Specifics’ of ‘Demons’ and ‘How’ they ‘Acted’ in ‘Existence’ is as follows:
Oct 28, 2009, 3:15 PM
So ‘Why’ – did ‘God ‘Fear’’ ‘The Beast’? ‘God ‘Feared’’ ‘The Beast’ ‘So-Much’ – That ‘God’ had to get ‘‘All’-Men’ – to ‘Fear ‘The Beast’’. ‘What Is-‘The Beast’’? ‘The Beast’ – Is ‘‘That’ which is – From-‘The Earth’’. What is ‘God’? ‘God’ is ‘‘That’ which is From-‘Above’’ – ‘Seemingly’ ‘The ‘Heavens’, but in ‘Actual-Fact’ it is: ‘The ‘Mind’’.
Oct 22, 2009, 3:13 PM
Okay, So – Let’s ‘Look’ At – ‘What is Going On’: You Ever ‘Ask Yourself’ ‘The Question’: “How it was ‘Possible’ – to ‘Access’ – ‘Heaven’, and – to get ‘Rid of’ the ‘Fantasy-World’ of ‘Heaven’?” I mean – it was like ‘Mentioned’: “What am I Here to Do” – But Nobody put Two-and-Two ‘Together’… You See, I’m from ‘The Earth’ – like a ‘Beast’, because ‘I am ‘The Beast’’. ‘I am ‘That Thing’’ that ‘Everyone Fear’ – In Fact. You See – In-‘My Domain’ I ‘End-Up’ with ‘‘All’ the ‘Beings’ that’s been ‘Abused’’ – ‘All’-Those that Don’t ‘Make-It’ to ‘Heaven’. ‘They are ‘Kicked-Out of Heaven’’, because – ‘they’re ‘Not Willing’ to ‘Follow God’’, and ‘I’m ‘Not Willing’ to ‘Follow God’’. Because ‘God’ is an ‘Abuser’.
Oct 20, 2009, 3:11 PM
Okay – What is the ‘Fascinating-Thing’ About ‘Existence’? Is That – Have a Look at ‘Earth’: Everything that’s From-‘The Earth’, Made-Up From-‘The Earth’ = ‘Exist’ As-‘The Earth’ – ‘Plant-Kingdom’, ‘Animal-Kingdom’, ‘Viruses’, ‘Bacteria’ = ‘Follow’ – ‘The Rules of Matter’, they ‘Follows’ – ‘The Rules of The Earth’. ‘The Rules of Earth’ – Is: ‘Agreement’, ‘Relationship’. It is ‘Fusion’. It is ‘Energy-Transfer’. It is – ‘The One Consumes The Other to Exist’. It is ‘Time’, that means – it’s got ‘Cycles’.
Oct 15, 2009, 3:09 PM
So Every Five-Seconds – a-‘Child Ascends to Heaven’, because a ‘Child Dies’ for the ‘Sins of Men’ – just like ‘Jesus’. And, it’s even ‘Written’-like-that, in – the ‘Bible’: “Only Children goes to Heaven” – if one ‘Start’-to ‘Look’-at, Why-‘Jesus went to Heaven’, is because – he was ‘Innocent’, and for his-‘Innocence’ he was ‘Slaughtered’. And so were… so-Are the ‘Children Innocent’.
Oct 7, 2009, 3:10 PM
Bernard: Okay – So we´re gonna Talk-about `The Human´ = a `Product of Evolution´ – a ‘Product’ of That which has become `Industrial´, the `Information-Evolution / Revolution´ – whatever you wanna Call-it. And as These-things were ‘Understood’ – in the World, and being-‘Utilized’ – I mean, it´s very-Much ‘Done’ on a very-Fascinating ‘Principle’: Which is the Law of Attraction´, in-‘Essence’. You´ll have somebody, that - will ‘Study’ a ‘Way’ to become more-Successful in the World’ = they´ll ‘Study’ by `Watching-People´ and `Watching their Behaviour´ – and through `Watching-People and their-Behaviour´ = they´ll come to ‘Conclusions’ on What Could ‘Interest’-People – to ‘Act’ and `Focus their Attention´… what could `Attract their Attention’ – ‘Sufficiently´ – that they would `Embrace’ a ‘Point´ – and thus, the Person will become `Wealthy´ = Simply by ‘Studying’ ‘Human-Behaviour’.
Oct 4, 2009, 3:06 PM
What is an `Act of Compassion´ - given Everything you know about Reality... Would you say, if I may, `it is to love-them in Spite-of Everything´ - -“No” -Why not? Would that be `spiteful´ - to ‘love-them’? -“It would be deceptive - It would be an acceptance...”