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Nov 29, 2009, 3:22 PM
Ok – let´s first discuss gangs specifically: Gangs are Pre-Programmed – you´re Pre-Programmed to respond to particular Key-Phrases, Key-Ideas – which will group people together, within which they will chose a gang-leader and they would experience a feeling of Power – The Point of feeling Powerful is quite important within the Human, because within the Face of Creation, the Human feels rather small.
Nov 29, 2009, 3:20 PM
So – “Love Is Equality”. ‘Have a ‘Look’: ‘Love’ Is ‘Only-‘Real’’, where – ‘Equality’ ‘Is-‘Real’’. And What is ‘Equality’? ‘Equality’, Is: “Love Thy Neighbour As Thy Self”, “Do unto Another what you want Them to Do To You”.
Nov 28, 2009, 3:19 PM
(Part 1 to 7 of this interview are in Afrikaans) Part 8 in English: Bernard: Marlen, she wants to… come and be interviewed. Marlen: Yeah? Johannes: Marlen can I ask you, what brings you here? How did you find out about Desteni? And why did you come? Marlen: Well basically it was through videos in YouTube
Nov 26, 2009, 3:18 PM
‘On’ the ‘Subject of Equal-Money’ – it is ‘‘Important to ‘Observe’’, that: The ‘‘Tendency’-Is’ – to ‘Use’ the ‘‘People’ that ‘Act in Ways’’, which is ‘Seen’ as ‘Criminal or Evil’ to ‘Obtain-‘Money’’ – is ‘‘Blamed’ as ‘Evil and Criminal’’. The ‘‘Fact’ of ‘The Matter’’ is, that – One should ‘Rather ‘Consider’’, that: The ‘People ‘With Money’’ that ‘Use’ a ‘‘System’ to ‘‘Protect’-Them’’ and ‘Secure their-‘Position’’ – ‘In the ‘Face of Others’’, so that ‘‘They’-Are’ in the ‘Safe-Place’ In ‘This ‘World’’, ‘With ‘Everything they Desire’’ = ‘They are ‘Presenting a Picture’’, to – ‘The People with ‘No-Money’’, that will ‘‘Cause’-Them’, within ‘Their ‘Secret-Mind’’ – to ‘Develop ‘Ways’’ and ‘Justify ‘Ways’’ to ‘Try’ and ‘Obtain ‘Money’’, which will ‘End-Up’ in ‘So-Called’ – ‘Criminal-Activity’. The ‘‘Real’ ‘Criminal in the Story’’, though – is ‘Those’ that are ‘Using ‘Systems to Protect-Themselves’’, from the ‘Have-Not’s’ – ‘Deliberately’, and – ‘Do ‘Nothing’’, About – ‘Changing a ‘System’’, that – where there will be ‘‘Equality’ For ‘All’ In ‘All-Ways’’, so that – ‘These’ Kind-of ‘Points’ is ‘No-Longer ‘Necessary’’ to ‘Exist’.
Nov 7, 2009, 3:18 PM
So ‘What is ‘Fear’’? ‘Fear’ – Is = ‘The ‘Action’’ ‘The ‘Result’’ ‘The ‘Expression of Yourself’’ – ‘Based’ on the ‘Fact’ that ‘You Already-‘Know’ ‘What you ‘Did’’’. So For-‘Instance’ –‘Fear of ‘God’’ Is – That ‘You Already-‘Know’’, that ‘In Spite’ of – the ‘Forgiveness Offered’ You’re ‘Continuing’ with ‘Your-‘Sinning’’ – You are ‘Continuing’ to-‘Harm’, and You’re ‘‘Continuing’ Greed’ and ‘You’re ‘Continuing’’ – ‘‘All’ the Facets’, That ‘You-‘Know’’ – Is ‘Not’ ‘What ‘Is’ – The ‘Image’ and ‘Likeness’ of ‘God’’ – of ‘Divinity’. Yet – You ‘‘Claim’ Divinity’.