Transcribed and typed Veno through the interdimensio­nal portal

Date : 18/10/2007


Is it true that anything (sins) that anybody does during their life time on earth does not crossover to the dimensions?


It was like that before – now – no.

When you cross-over – you are faced with all of you that you have become here on earth as a mind consciousness system – you ‘walk through' processes of self forgiveness and self application – to take responsibility for yourself. So that you may realise, understand and become aware of who you are so you may stand within and as human beings and direct, support and assist them as you as one with you to realise who they are as life within and as oneness and equality.

There's no escaping what each human being have accepted and allowed themselves to become – there's no hiding and there's no running away – you're coming face to face with you – whether here or in the dimensions – to stand up and take self responsibility to no more accept and allow the mind – but stand and live as life.