Transcribed and typed Veno through the interdimensio­nal portal

Date : 18/10/2007


Is it true that there are bases deep underground in places like the Denver International Airport, Dulce, and Los Alamos etc, where they perform weird experiments and enslave thousands of people? Are there really underground cities? Was Phil Schneider right? So many have talked about these things and many have been killed, there must be something going on. I know the solution, stop the mind, self-forgiveness, be the breath etc, I'm working on it, but I get carried away with curiosity easily…this is just too interesting.


Here's a video that'll assist… Cities under Earth Exposed

Yes – there are facilities under the earth – where they are and have been experimenting with human beings, cloning, training through mind control – transforming human beings into compliant robots – ‘children' that apparently go missing used here. Experimenting with viruses, diseases – preparations for world control – humanity control by all and any means possible.

Such situations are being directed appropriately.

Thus – more the reason to stop the mind – we have accepted and allowed such manifestations to exist in this world through participation in the mind – time to STOP and ‘wake up'.