Transcribed and typed by Veno through the interdimensio­nal portal

Date : 17/10/2007


I watched the video on where Veno explains his trick on an atheist who passed over (which was hilarious) and I wondered, what happens when extremely religious people pass over? Do they get very angry with you, do they panic, do they build their own experience shaped by their beliefs? A few months ago I was reading a lot on Near Death Experiences and one guy said he went with Jesus and saw people who were so trapped in their beliefs that they stayed „asleep“ in the belief that they must wait for Jesus to come to awaken them. What do these beings do, when they've believed their whole lives that they're going to get punished, what happens when they cross over expecting judgement from God?


Depending on how extensively the being had become the mind consciousness system on earth – depends on how fast they instantaneously understand all of existence as them in one moment.

For instance the atheist was quite extensive in mind application on earth and according to this I am able to determine when the moment will ‘arrive' in the dimensions when they'll understand everything of existence instantaneously. Thus – I could ‘set up' the ‘fooling experience' accordingly – just for fun.

Thus – all beings that cross-over do in one moment understand everything of who we are of existence of life of oneness and equality – yet still go through processes to understand what it means to live this knowledge and information they have understood in one moment.

No – they're not angry – they laugh with me afterwards because they know I wasn't fucking with them – I was fucking with their idea of themselves for a moment.

No – no beings in existence create alternate realities at all – this has stopped. All of the dimensions are within and as human beings assisting and supporting effectively – after they have gone through the necessary self forgiveness and self application processes in the dimensions.