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Jun 6, 2010, 4:38 PM
Ok, so ‘what is’ a ‘Resonance Symbol’? In your ‘Life’, you will, as you grow up, you will ‘form relationships’. ‘Your relationships’ will be, for instance, as a child, you’ll ‘take something’, you’ll ‘pick it up’, you’ll ‘put it in your mouth’, you ‘touch it’, you ‘look at it’, you ‘move it’. ‘Within that’, you are actually ‘formatting’ that ‘as a part of’ the ‘Symbol’. An ‘Interactive Point’ you are going ‘interact with’ in ‘Reality’, just like ‘Programming’. ‘You are’ making that point…
May 28, 2010, 4:38 PM
Bernard: Ok so within your ‘mind-construct’ you have to ‘understand’ that the ‘mind-construct’ ‘design’ is a ‘pyramid’ and you as the ‘Conscious-Mind’, as the ‘ego’, as the ‘individual’ is the ‘eye’ in the top of the pyramid. Now that is the ‘presentation’ of ‘yourself’ that means that which you ‘present’ as ‘value’ within the ‘world-system’. Then ‘underneath’ it is your ‘Sub-Conscious Mind’ which is the part where you ‘think’ and ‘design’ and ‘construct’ your ‘placement’ in the ‘World-System’. And then at the ‘bottom’ of the ‘pyramid’ is your ‘support system’ that means the ‘world-system’, that which you must ‘align’ with so that you can ‘survive’.
May 27, 2010, 4:37 PM
Okay, So - 'Perspective' in terms of 'what it is' that everyone is 'dealing-with' in terms of 'Life Support', 'Survival' and 'Design'. The 'analogy' is...the following, to 'assist-in' the' practical' 'Correction' of the 'System' that is currently 'Accepted'. The 'Unconscious Mind' is in 'essence' the 'Life-Support System'. The 'Subconscious Mind' is the 'Life-Design System' and The 'Conscious Mind' is the 'Life' that's 'being lived'. And this is 'transferred' from Generation to Generation and is in 'essence' the 'Sins of the Fathers' - which means it's the 'Synchronicities' that has been 'accepted' as 'The Way it Is'.
May 23, 2010, 4:36 PM
Let’s look at Principle and Personality. You’ll notice an interesting thing that, people that ‘attack’ Desteni will ‘attack’ Desteni from a perspective of ‘Personality’. They ‘attack’ the Desteni-‘Point’ by being ‘personal’ in their ‘attack’. They are not considering that Desteni has got nothing to do with ‘Personality’. Desteni has got to do with Principle.
May 15, 2010, 4:35 PM
‘Reality’ as a ‘Word’ explains ‘Everything’. In ‘Basic’ ‘Matrix-Code’ the ‘R’ represents the ‘Frequency’ and the ‘Polarity’ –the ‘male’ or the ‘female’. The ‘E’ represents the ‘Energy’ – that means the ‘form’ the ‘Energy’ will take-on. The ‘A’ represents the ‘reason’, the ‘meaning’, the ‘beginning’ and the ‘end’.
May 9, 2010, 4:32 PM
Okay so we’re ‘Here’ to discuss ‘The Sun Project’. ‘The Sun Project’ has been at the ‘center’-of Human Civilization right throughout ‘Time’ where the ‘Sun’ has been the ‘Representation’ of, ‘strange’-enough, ‘Equality’, because the ‘Sun’ rises over All ‘Equally’. And then the ‘Plants’ and ‘that’-which uses the ‘heat of the Sun’ which ‘use-it’ and ‘Labor’ with-it and ‘Create’ from-it ‘something-useful’ –and then make-it ‘available’ to Everyone ‘For Free’.
May 7, 2010, 4:31 PM
So, if you ‘Look’ around-you, there’s a ‘Invisible Force’ that makes everything ‘move’, there is a ‘Invisible Force’ that is the Very-‘Nature’ and the Very-‘Power’ of Everything that ‘Exist’.
Apr 21, 2010, 4:31 PM
Okay, so – ‘Self-Trust’
Apr 20, 2010, 4:30 PM
Okay we’re discussing ‘Quantum Mind’ and the ‘System’ that was ‘Designed’ to Manage the ‘Interaction’ between the ‘Mind’ and the ‘Physical’, that manage the ‘Relationships’ between the ‘Physical’ and the ‘Mind’, you’ll ‘Notice’ an interesting-thing is that what you…
Apr 18, 2010, 4:26 PM
The ‘System’ that was ‘Removed’ tonight is a ‘Energetic-Substance’ Formed -Entity’ Manifested ‘within’ the Human Physical Body, within All Human Physical Bodies of Each ‘Individual’ Human Being. This Particular ‘Manifestation’ or ‘Entity’ ‘of’ the ‘Mind Consciousness System’ –of the ‘Mind Consciousness System’ meaning, it was ‘Designed’, ‘Formed’ and ‘Manifested’ in its ‘Origin’ or ‘Origination’ from the Mind Consciousness System in-itself, thus is a ‘Product’ of the Mind Consciousness System, this is what ‘of the Mind Consciousness System’ means.