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Oct 17, 2016, 2:34 PM
‘Perhaps you could help me with something else which has me wondering. Since thoughts come through the mind then where do the questions arise from that present themselves all the time? Are the answers to problems that arise in life suppose to come through Awareness alone and totally independent of any thought?’
Oct 17, 2016, 2:33 PM
‘I understand great changes are coming, I also understand that the best thing I can do for myself as well as the world is all that the Desteni group offers. I’m confused on where this world of insight through self honesty and such ends and the „mundane“ world of systems of limitations begins, the world I live in, where great catastrophe is supposedly imminent. Is it all just some test, in the aspect of „Sink or Swim“? Either I stop my mind and forgive myself or suffer all that which I have manifested. Or regardless of what befalls me, stop your mind to hedge your bets, no matter whether my tomorrow is here or in the dimensions? I’ve considered leaving my family to go live on a self sustaining commune, or to research self sustainable food, heat, energy sources for our own home, if we get to keep it, because I cant see what’s in store for myself or those around me, related or otherwise. I don’t want to have fear, anger, separation, etc direct my decisions, perhaps I misunderstand what this really means, but is that what I’m doing? Or is it self direction in trying to facilitate the change necessary. Survival is a construct of the mind, then what are my decisions based in? Remove all these things and what Decision am I left with? Self-Expression? I forgive myself for not understanding what that is or what I’m to do, in the only world I’m currently aware of.’
Oct 17, 2016, 2:32 PM
‘My question is, are physical reactions our true indicator of liberation for systems? Like when something occurs that excites the body in any way – for example getting „turned on“ concerning something sexual or pounding heart from fright – even if consciously we are embracing and applying forgiveness. These are glimpses into our subconscious and unconscious minds?’
Oct 17, 2016, 2:32 PM
‘This is one of the last things I've been curious about, then that's it, I'll get on with the job… What really goes on during the annual meeting at Bohemian Grove? Is it more weird and horrible than anyone could imagine? Is it too dangerous to mention here? Satanic Rituals or innocent fun? Or have people just been letting their imaginations run wild too much?’
Oct 17, 2016, 2:31 PM
‘Well for a while now I have been having a very difficult time sleeping. Usually, I lie in bed for many hours, unable to feel tired or fall asleep. This sometimes leads to panic and anxiety which causes even more sleeplessness. Eventually, if I do sleep, it is only for a few hours and very light. I usually only sleep solidly 1 night every 2 weeks. I really don't know what is at the cause of this: diet, exercise, thoughts…I have no idea. I feel and look so tired all the time. I can feel the aging process really starting to accelerate. I am in a continuous state of being grouchy, fatigued, angst, worried and sometimes depressed. It is so hard for me to relax. I have tried all the prescriptions, but they only alleviate the effects temporarily and eventually make things worse by making the mind worse. What is this a sign of? What do you suggest? I really don't know how to handle it. Thanks’
Oct 17, 2016, 2:30 PM
‘Veno, you mentioned the lost masters. They were many and have cleverly manipulated humanity for a longtime in the non-physical. Often in videos I taste some air of disdain towards human beings who would „allow“ themselves to be manipulated and consumed by the non-physical. I start feeling guilty of this game which in fact was cleverly imposed on human beings that were subjugated in separation. Is there any defense against such psychic machinery installed by Anu c.s. such as you mention in your chapters on mind consciousness resonance systems? Wasn't this game of dominance and non-physical manipulation beyond the comprehension of human beings existing on the physical platform? And didn't you or Jack say, that earth and the dimensions have been permanently separated from each other so that nobody could ever perceive what games were going on there? If there would've been any possibility to monitor the dimensions by human beings, why had this game been played out for so many thousands of years in which human beings were completely subjugated in ignorance including yourselves who once were incarnated on the earth as well? Please clarify and enjoy again!’
Oct 17, 2016, 2:29 PM
Do they emit sound continuously as a signature to be able to identify each other? Then the following. Isn't the cosmos bigger than only one dimension of „heaven on earth“? If planet earth would remain in this fallen condition of 3D, humanity will continue to fall back in their destructive behavior and will ultimately become extinct including the planet. The question is: where have the higher dimensions gone? The sun is another dimension than earth. Earth has fallen down from higher dimensions when she separated from the Great Central Sun and was lost in darkness. In the darkness of the lowest dimension the false gods and other star systems such as Pleiades and Alpha Centauri were introduced to start consuming earth and humanity until recently. Isn't all of creation a matter of expansion and contraction cycles. What about evolution? What about a source from which all is cast into existence in time, space and form? Isn't absolute „oneness and equality“ as you promote it possible only in the ultimate source outside of time, space and form? Or do the dimensional beings claim they are the ultimate source outside of time, space and form? Enjoy as well!
Oct 17, 2016, 2:22 PM
Watchers/Nephilim: Marduk and Enki experimented together (without Anu’s consent) with sex between races and the creation of Man – thus – Marduk and Enki retrieved ‘subjects’ from their own race – the Annunaki – and ‘hypnotized’ them, ordering them to go down to earth and have sexual intercourse with Anu’s human race experiment on earth. They wouldn’t have agreed to in any other way.
Oct 17, 2016, 2:21 PM
Question: Please explain more about piercings, tattoos and whether they affect chakras.
Oct 17, 2016, 2:20 PM
Question: hello i always wanted to know the design of freckles and moles on the body. . . thanks.