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The Desteni I Process is a training program beginning with the Introduction to Desteni course and following with the extensive Structural Resonance Alignment Training. With this comes the opportunity to build yourself an income. This is possible through you sharing your journey of self-discovery and self-realization through blogging and vlogging and inspiring others to join the Desteni I Process. Each of your recruits then provides part of your income.

For registration and further information visit the Desteni I Process website.

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  • Fidelis Spies

    Day 281: How to do something you really don’t want to do…

    An Introduction:

    This is something we all struggle with even from early childhood. Our parents will tell us to do our chores or in school when we have to do our homework. From Waking up early in the morning to get ready for work or ticking things off from a “To do list”. We tend to really not want to do these things, but in the end it’s something we have to do and so we reluctantly do these things based on necessity.

    I often ask myself why it is that our natural reaction t...

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  • Anna Brix Thomsen

    The Fear of Being Too Small For Your Own Potential. DAY 350

    In this post, I will share a point in relation to unleashing and living one’s utmost potential and how one can sabotage oneself through interpreting one’s potential/purpose in life through the mind.

    So the context of this blog-post is that I for quite some time have slacked on certain responsibilities and I couldn’t understand why. I was doing them, but I had to drag myself through it. I kept trying all sorts of methods to change what was happening and nothing I did was ...

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  • Blaž Cegnar

    My Declaration of Principle: 18. I am the Change I Want to See in the World

    The 18th Principle I am committing myself to live by is the realization that I am the change I want to see in me an... Continue »
  • Marek  Sniager

    Social Media Icons Widget

    Now available in a widget dashboard near you, we present the Social Media Icons Widget! No longer do you have to fiddle around with complicated HTML code to add beautiful social media icons to your blog or website.

    With this new widget, you can add icons for the most popular social networks in no time. The icons are linked to your social media profiles, making it easy for your readers to follow your lat...

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  • Cathy Krafft

    Day 297: Moving beyond the two-year mark – Day 5: Test results are in, what’s next?

    In this podcast I share the results from my recent hcg test.  This test being the base-line I use to gauge the effectiveness of the alternative treatment plans that I’ve been walking for 2 years for Breast Cancer.

    I also share the role that ...

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  • Marek  Sniager

    New Theme: Cyanotype

    It’s the time of the week again, Happy Theme Thursday! We’re pleased to present a new free theme, Cyanotype:


    Cyanotype, designed by yours truly, is a monochromatic blog theme with a bold, yet simple look that sets your blog apart from the rest. Pick your favorite background color or image to lend your personal flair.

    Cyanotype a...

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  • Matías Flores Farías

    Mi agenda secreta (parte 1) - Día 281

    La entrevista hecha por Anu llamada “Hidden Agenda” ha tocado puntos bastantes interesantes y esclarecedores que me ha hecho dar cuenta de la relación que estaba teniendo con mi pareja y conmigo mismo. Mientras escuchaba a esta entrevista estuve observando a la palabra ‘voluntad’ y cómo yo estaba viviendo esta voluntad de caminar mi proceso y cómo de hecho en estos últimos tiempos ha mermado a tal punto que cualquier punto qu... Continue »
  • Matti Freeman

    Day 293: How to Stop the Walking Dead from Coming True

    Have you ever been in a position where you wondered how you were going to be able to pay your bills?

    Have you ever been in a position of struggling to find a decent job and wondering why it is so difficult?

    Have you ever been in a position of struggling to find decent work even with a college degree?

    Have you ever experienced stress, anxiety, fear, frustration, depression, anger, confusion about your money situation? About bills? About debt? About the ho...

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  • Anna Brix Thomsen

    How Suppression Makes You An Emotional Ticking Time Bomb. DAY 349

    Today I was faced with a particular emotional experience. It was interesting to see how the emotional experience developed, while being more aware of myself, because as it developed, I could see the various trigger points unfold.

    Audio recordings to support with developing awareness of one’s mind:

    Emotions Slipping Out – Quantum Systemization – Part 85

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  • Marek  Sniager

    Keep Connected! Expats and Nomads Blog Around the World

    We don’t write blogs purely for ourselves — we write them to be read. For people who live far from family and friends, blogs serve twin readerships: they give the intrepid traveler a simultaneous way to chronicle travels for a broad audience and update those back at home.

    We love following the worldly adventures of these four expats and nomads, and we’re sure their friends appreciate the virtual lifeline, too!

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