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The Desteni I Process is a training program beginning with the Introduction to Desteni course and following with the extensive Structural Resonance Alignment Training. With this comes the opportunity to build yourself an income. This is possible through you sharing your journey of self-discovery and self-realization through blogging and vlogging and inspiring others to join the Desteni I Process. Each of your recruits then provides part of your income.

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  • Leila Zamora Moreno

    Day 229: Guilty until Proven Innocent & The Mathematics of Self-Trust

    The other day I was in a discussion when the topic came up of how to work with points that are pointed out by someone else.

    In my own process, when someone would point something out that they saw in my words and behaviour – I’d sometimes get this ‘surge’ movement inside of myself coming up where I felt compelled to disagree and set the record straight.

    This surging experience I interpreted as being a movement of Continue »
  • Marek  Sniager

    The Best of WordPress: September 2016

    Hi everyone, it’s been a busy few weeks in the world of WordPress,, and Automattic, so I thought I’d share a roundup with all of you! Here’s a rundown:

    Welcome to WordPress
    • We are proud to host the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative’s new Biohub, with a bold vision to  invest in science, technology and human ingenuity “to help cure, prevent or manage all diseases by the end of the century.”
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  • Matti Freeman

    What Are People Like Donald Trump Showing Us About Ourselves?

    The story in the video below is a reflection of what the entire system exists as. For wealth to exist for a few, there exist many whose labor is used to produce the wealth, and who are kept trapped in that labor through survival. Trump is merely using the system as it is designed / allowed to exist. 
    Rather than blame and point fingers and talk about how nasty rich people are, the question we can ask ourselves is - where and how in our daily lives / in our minds do we consider...

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  • Leo Lin

    Day 374 - 淨化字詞:穩定 2

    接續:Day 371 - 有錢讓我感到穩定Day 372 - 穩定交往Day 373 - 淨化字詞:穩定



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  • Tanya Chou

    Day 615—How I use my hot flash to support myself 8

    Day 615—How I use my hot flash to support myself 8

    Some final notes
    Starting from 5 years ago and only stopping the most obvious reaction from hot flash, to treat it with medical treatment since last year, to really face and observe and investigate everything from and into it and deal with it accordingly since 5 months ago, till now I am almost not been affected by the almost diminished symptom, yes, I stopped the symptom before through medicine bu...

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  • Blaž Cegnar

    Day 264 - Backchat on perceiving I am being exploited

    My previous blog is in Slovene.
    For the last few days I helped at my friend's place to paint a room and get it ready for another friend who will live there. While I was painting, both Continue »
  • Matti Freeman

    Day 331: 6 - Discovering your Potential Takes Time

    Part 6 of how my Education Shaped my Career Path. Here sharing more about my first sales experiences, the pain of change, and how getting involved in something completely outside of my comfort zone had supported in discovering more natural skills and strengths that I hadn't seen before.

    What if survival and access to all the support we need was a guaranteed human right, and the education system was based on supporting each child to develop a confident character with high self estee...

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  • Tanya Chou

    Day 614—How I use my hot flash to support myself 7

    Day 614—How I use my hot flash to support myself 7

    Parallel process
    One thing that I reveal for myself within the process is that there are actually multiple processes we can move ourselves in a parallel way as possible.
    Sometimes before I watched people busy on looking for the mind source for a body condition then I had this question coming up that why bother to find the sources of body symptoms, because they can be everything from multiple dimensions of min...

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  • Marek  Sniager

    Join Automattic’s Worldwide WP 5k 2016

    The Worldwide WordPress 5k (#WWWP5k) is back and better than ever!

    Any time between Monday, September 19th to Sunday, September 25th, lace up your running/walking/hiking/hopping shoes and join us for the 5k blogged about around the world!

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  • Marek  Sniager

    Field Notes: Junior Innovation Camp

    Automatticians, the people who build, participate in events and projects around the world every day. Periodically, they report back on the exciting things they do when not in front of a computer.

    Today I’d like to share some experiences we had during the Junior Innovator Camp that was part of the Wonder Women Tech conference earlier this summer. I was joined by my colleagues Marjorie Asturias (who also spok...

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