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The Desteni I Process is a training program beginning with the Introduction to Desteni course and following with the extensive Structural Resonance Alignment Training. With this comes the opportunity to build yourself an income. This is possible through you sharing your journey of self-discovery and self-realization through blogging and vlogging and inspiring others to join the Desteni I Process. Each of your recruits then provides part of your income.

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  • Kristina Salas

    528: Walking with Awareness

    Today I was reading a group discussion in relation to stress. One of the points brought up was regarding the experience of rushing/fastness when one is stressed. That then brought up the point of the speed in which one walks.

    I have for a long time been a fast walker. Generally I must slow down with certain people. Within me there is this 'I'm already steps ahead of you', and I have to literally hold myself back. I have often dubbed this up to being in the service industry most of ...

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  • Tanya Chou

    Day 622—容易改變的小事

    Day 622—容易改變的小事


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  • Kristina Salas

    527: Stuck in a Schedule

    Today when my partner came home from work, he had a lot to say about his day. I was actually ready to do something else, and as he began talking, I became annoyed.

    I felt stuck, and forced to listen to him. To me - this is like not being flexible in reality - as things come up, allow yourself to embrace it. Rather I was stuck in the want to continue with my day's schedule, not wanting to stop in that moment, and be here with him, but to rather keep moving.

    So I was annoy...

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  • Kristina Salas

    526: To be Liked or to be Life - that is the Question

    One of the dimensions I could see from the previous blog - in relation to not speaking more direct with others - is a fear of someone reacting negatively to me if I were to speak direct about what I see, and the programming in which most are enslaved as the idea that we must sugar coat things. That we c... Continue »
  • Kristina Salas

    525: The Comedy in My Complaining

    Within me there is a point of frustration projected toward some people in my reality. They often complain about other's in our reality, in a way of reactions and without any real solution. They just complain to complain and validate their position of being right, and the others being wrong.

    My frustration is when I see another way - that complaining is not in fact constructive, and does nothing to Continue »
  • Randy Krafft

    36 Common Cold Catalyst for Self-Expansion?

    I’ve been “fighting” this head cold for about a week and a half which, for me, is truly out of the ordinary, as I haven’t really been what I’d call “sick”, in almost 10 years… Admittedly, I had become somewhat complacent in sticking to my regimen of ingesting and inhaling hydrogen peroxide, drinking a mixture of honey and apple cider vinegar, and taking a couple of other supplements on a regular schedule – if not daily. In these last 9 yrs and almost 11 months since...

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  • Matti Freeman

    Day 345: Which Face and Voice Expressions do you React to?

    Sharing how through a process of repeating conflicts (consequences) manifesting in my life, I finally asked myself the right questions which opened up why I kept falling into such intense reactions of defensiveness when someone would react within 'being upset' toward me. I found my reaction was more toward the specific voice tonality and facial expression of the person, which represented specific words which triggered deeply ingrained / programmed reactions originating from much earlier in li... Continue »
  • Kristina Salas

    524: Give Understanding a Chance

    The other day I had a dream about someone from my past. In the dream, I eagerly went to them to say hello, and see how they have been. I attempted to relate to them by telling them about myself... but what I got from them was nothing. No interest at all - and the way I 'picked up' on the situation it was as if she was not impressed by me.

    Recently I decided to take more seriously my dreams and my ...

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  • Kristina Salas

    523: Self-Fulfilling Relationships

    Part of letting go of relationships is not just about removing someone from your life, or stop thinking about them in your mind. For me I was 'thinking' I was holding onto a relationship, not letting it go, even though I wanted to because I kept having thoughts and imaginations about them... Continue »
  • Marek  Sniager

    New for Lightroom Makes Publishing Your Photos Easy

    We know a lot of users loving sharing their photos, and we know a lot of you use Adobe’s Lightroom.

    Now we’ve made it even easier: with our new Lightroom plugin you can export direct from Lightroom to Just select one or multiple photos from your Lightroom library, hit export, and save them to your Media Library.

    Download the plugin from the Lightroom to plu...

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