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The Desteni I Process is a training program beginning with the Introduction to Desteni course and following with the extensive Structural Resonance Alignment Training. With this comes the opportunity to build yourself an income. This is possible through you sharing your journey of self-discovery and self-realization through blogging and vlogging and inspiring others to join the Desteni I Process. Each of your recruits then provides part of your income.

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  • Matías Flores Farías

    Estrés y Recompensa: me lo merezco por mis esfuerzos - Día 318

    Hace unos días terminé de rendir algunos exámenes con resultados satisfactorios. Aprobé con notas altas, tal y como venía buscando aprobar. Sin embargo, mientras y luego de los exámenes comencé a tornarme más disperso, estando más en mis pensamientos, pensando distintas cosas, de distintas índoles e igualmente participando en cosas como masturbación y fantasías. Luego de rendir, en mi mente emergían deseos de entretenimiento, juntarme con mis amigos, fumar, tomar, sexo, etc. También fue como ... Continue »
  • William Cuff

    Day 372 - Positivity, Negativity and Entitlement

    I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to - in early stages - Create within myself vastly over-extended, exuberant states of Positivity, where I create and project wild illusions, rushing ahead of the process without understanding the full context of the physical process of creation - and what is the priority - as firstly, before self interest, in order to change our world, I/we must stand as Equals to create what is Best for All Life.
    I forgive myself that I have...

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  • William Cuff

    Day 371

    Feb 14

    I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear that I am just copying others as what I have learned within process material and videos. I see this as a fear of being fake/superficial/not real with myself, and that this is unsubstantiated, and besides the point of actually moving myself to apply whatever tools are necessary to change myself. Additionally I can modify the techniques in a way that suits my approach best.
    I forgive myself that I...

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  • William Cuff

    Day 370

    Feb 13
    I must apologize for my lack of consistency and lack of participation. I have been struggling with a variety of issues, and I have become increasingly aware of a vast number of challenges which I must face in all areas of my life. Some of the main points in question are my lack of ability to follow through on my own directives, evasiveness, distraction, fear of letting others down, and a considerable amount of negativity in my approach to problems. There are many other poi...

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  • William Cuff

    Day 369

    Feb 12
    Read CJTL day 74 today and found it to be quite a wake up call. It assisted me to see things from a fresh perspective in how I must live forgiveness in each moment of breath as directive principle. I was aware and directing most of my breathing today and it seemed somewhat effortless, yet likely driven by the fear instilled through reading the blog. I feel ready to push myself again into all things process, and I do not expect to again fall victim to reactions or insecuri...

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  • William Cuff

    Day 368

    Feb 11

    List all of my problems
    Primarily not following through. Bowling example from my youth.
    I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be selfish and lack consideration for others.

    I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to consider others within a belief rather than physical consideration

    I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to ...

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  • William Cuff

    Day 367

    Feb 6
    I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to act in lust in spite of the physical
    I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to participate in negativity, synicism, negetive thinking. I will from this point forward move myself positively in the direction that is necessary to be walked in order to correct myself to align with what is best for all life.
    I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myse...

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  • William Cuff

    Day 366

    Feb 5
    Recall being gripped by anxiety when I was younger
    I have some time, but have no Inspiration as to what to do ???. Do I really have nothing to give?
    Look through my notes to get an action plan
    Problem - fear letting others downSolution - Find a way to support others
    Problem - not moving to correctionSolution - address and create the correction in physicality
    Problem - stagnationSolution - Realize any moment can be a point of break through self change...

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  • William Cuff

    Day 365

    Feb 4
    Focus on practical to understand dynamics of environment
    I have no particular strengths besides physical strength, which is waning, and what has been programmed.
    My whole life has been programmed and trained in competitive thinking, so it is no wonder that I feel a sense of failure. I attempted to spite the system through abstaining from participation, which is how I perceived myself to have won in my mind - seeing and defining those who participated in the game ...

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  • William Cuff

    Day 364

    Feb 2
    Part 2
    Creating a story
    Perspective - Allowing principle to express through me as opposed to me trying to be me as my programmed personality.
    Voice Recording - Art gallery inspirationCreate an avenue of expression Convey a message that can assistWords - Self honesty, honorB Quotes CJTLCalligraphyOutline GoalsRefocusPlot the course of expansion, movement, inspiration, motivationBlowing the lid off of limitation in self investigation and creation

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