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The Desteni I Process is a training program beginning with the Introduction to Desteni course and following with the extensive Structural Resonance Alignment Training. With this comes the opportunity to build yourself an income. This is possible through you sharing your journey of self-discovery and self-realization through blogging and vlogging and inspiring others to join the Desteni I Process. Each of your recruits then provides part of your income.

For registration and further information visit the Desteni I Process website.

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  • Marek  Sniager

    March Blogging U. Courses: Blogging and Photo 101

    We’re excited to offer two Blogging U. courses this March: Blogging 101 and Photography 101. Read on to learn more about each course, see how Blogging U. works, and register!

    Blogging 101: Zero to Hero — March 2 – 20

    Blogging 101 is three weeks of bite-size assignments that take you from “Blog?” to “Blog!” Every weekday, you’ll get a new assignment to help you publish a post, customize your blog, or engage with the community. Whe...

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  • Anna Brix Thomsen

    Listen to Your Body, then Hear Who’s Speaking. DAY 344

    A friend said something recently that I found to be profound and that assisted me to open a point within myself. She said that abdicating responsibility for oneself is the same as not having the will to live, because real Living, becoming life, living, is only possible when one takes responsibility for oneself. Abdicating responsibility for oneself is thus abdicating oneself as life.

    Throughout my life I wouldn’t say that I’ve been the best at taking care of myself. As a small child...

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  • Blaž Cegnar

    My Declaration of Principle: 17. Standing as a Living Example

    The 17th Principle I am committing myself to live by is this: I must in my thoughts, words Continue »
  • Marek  Sniager

    New Theme: Lyretail

    Happy Theme Thursday, all! Let’s dive right into a new free theme:


    Designed by Mel Choyce, Lyretail is a stunning visual treat for your personal site. The theme puts your social presence front and center, displaying social links prominently below the site’s title and Continue »

  • Matías Flores Farías

    Preprogramación y el potencial de crear algo nuevo - Día 274

    Hoy llegué a darme cuenta que yo estoy viviendo parte de este mundo, y estoy dentro de mí mismo definiendo lo que el mundo es, cada cosa con la que me he relacionado he definido dentro de mí mismo sus funciones, sus usos, sus razones de ser, entre otras cosas y eso no significa que esto defina lo que realmente es y porqué existe en el mundo, en la actualidad. Dentro de esto me he dado cuenta que yo estoy definiendo y creando la relación a las cosas y a mí mismo, independientement...

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  • Tanya Chou



    Desteni 的課程是什麼?


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  • Marek  Sniager

    WordPress for iOS: New Visual Editor and More!

    WordPress for iOS version 4.8 comes with exciting editor and navigation enhancements.

    Visual Editor

    We’re thrilled to announce that the 4.8 release includes a beautiful new visual editor. With the new editor, you can add rich text like bold, italics, link...

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  • Marek  Sniager

    Five Themes for Poets (and Other Text-Loving Bloggers)

    Over at The Daily Post, our first poetry-focused Blogging U. course, Writing 201: Poetry, has just entered its second week. It’s been a blast, with hundreds of poets sharing their work, experimenting with new forms, and commenting on their peers’ poems.

    After working hard on polishing their elegies, haiku, and ballads, most writers want to make sure their readers can enjoy their w...

    Continue »
  • Matías Flores Farías

    Parando Marihuana en Tiempo Real (Parte 2) - Día 273

    Segunda parte de lo que es el cómo estoy parando el punto de marihuana.

    Durante las vacaciones pude juntarme con mis amigos de la ciudad (que nací y viví casi toda mi vida y hasta antes de irme a estudiar). Hace dos años y medio aproximadamente que no me juntaba con ellos y, realmente en ese tiempo, recuerdo que a la mayoría les gustaba ir de fiesta, tomar alcohol y fumar marihuana sin medidas, solamente el ‘goce’ de sentirse dentro de tal experiencia, de estar ‘en ese estado’, yo ...

    Continue »
  • Kristina Salas

    396: Realizations from Last Week - An Outflow of Self-Support

    Last week I was placed into a position I did not expect, and in a way resisted for quite some time. Someone close to me was going through some problems and I was one of the main people in their life to 'pick up the slack' in a way - to step in and take Continue »

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