At Desteni we thoroughly research and investigate the essence of what it means to be a responsible human being. This research is done through the participation of everyone that is interested and dares to take on the journey of self-discovery. We share our findings through video, audio and text through various internet media. This website gathers all the relevant information and links you'll want to explore if you're interested in learning about Desteni. Enjoy!

23 July 2017 - Desteni Tell-A-Vision
You've heard Desteni Radio. Now watch Desteni Tell-A-Vision! Our first segment "Misunderstanding" can be viewed on Facebook and YouTube - please leave your feedback in the comments sections!
6 July 2017 - Special Offer on EQAFE
Enjoy 50% off all monthly subscription packages. Don't miss out - this offer is available for a limited time only!
21 June 2017 - New Website Launch
We celebrate 10 years of Desteni with a brand new look!
8 June 2017 - Lullaby
Humanix released its first original song: Lullaby - enjoy it here!
8 June 2017 - Desteni on Vimeo
Don't forget to check out Desteni on Vimeo. We are currently re-uploading the complete History of Mankind series.
Decade with Desteni - Featuring Michelle
In this episode we hear from Michelle, a fellow destonian of many years. Discover her journey of discovering Desteni and how the quality of her life and relationships have changed since beginning her process.

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The Simplicity of Redefining & Living Words

On the subject of redefining words, I had had some difficulties because I attempted to make it too complex. In other words, I thought that I had to have a special/unique word for every moment of my day to precisely determine and define how I cared to express myself constantly and continuously. Then, a few nights ago while walking in the park with my partner, I noticed that I was becoming irritated. At first, in beginning of that moment (of realization) I had already started to project or blame my irritation onto my partner for speaking. However, in that same moment, before the projection even reached her, I stopped it and brought it back to myself. It only took an instant for me to look into me (at the energetic point that I had defined as irritation) to see that the point was actually of fatigue - having driven 7 hours that day - that had triggered the definition of irritation within and as me. Thus, all still in the same moment, it occurred to me to simply choose a different word, one that I would prefer to embody and live. [Continue Reading]


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