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The Message:

Desteni is the message of Oneness and Equality. You may ask yourself: What is oneness and equality? What does that actually mean?

Oneness, from a literal perspective, is the understanding that we all come from the same substance: matter - the substance of the earth. Our bodies come from the earth, and return to the earth when we die. What we do to the substance of the earth affects everyone Here, as well as the generations to come. Common sense dictates that we should treat everything we can see, touch, and feel with the consideration that it is One with us: we consume the products of the earth, we turn its fruit into our flesh, our children’s bodies are composed of its elements, and we heal ourselves with its medicine.

Equality indicates that there is no part of the whole that is greater or lesser than another. Every element is equal to the next, the earth provides equally to all. In the dynamic natural cycle, everything has it’s place, and it is only by human intervention in the form of misplaced value, judgment and belief, that we have created an inequality on earth. However, we, as human beings, are also equal. No one of us is ‘more alive’ or has ‘more life’ than another, regardless of social class, education, age, gender or race. We are equal beings that are born innocent, and all deserve a chance to live a dignified life. It is only in the mind of man, in the realm of thought, that this can be considered ‘untrue’. Equality does not mean every man should receive the same quantity, but that each should receive what he/she requires in order to reach his or her utmost potential.

The main focus of Desteni’s research at this moment is the human mind: how it functions, why it functions the way it does and how it can be changed. When we say “mind”, we are referring to that part of you that is thinking and feeling. Your mind is that part of you that tells you that you’re not good enough, that you are right and everyone else is wrong; that it’s not your fault; that uses thoughts to create emotional experiences like anger that may lead you to say or do something you end up regretting.

The Understanding:

We have created much of what exists in the world now. Our actions over generations have cumulatively influenced every part and piece of life on Earth. Our creations as our societies, economies, systems and structures are all reflections of who we are and who we have allowed ourselves to be. What does this mean? We have, to a large extent, not been living the potential of who we are, but rather the designs, programming, patterns, personality systems, etc that have been imprinted onto us via DNA, life experiences and our environments. Essentially we are simultaneously the products of our environment and the creators thereof. We have, through our tacit acceptance, become that which was imprinted onto us. Because of this, who we are is not simply made up of “us”, but also of emotions, feelings, judgements and other inner experiences that often distort our perceptions of ourselves, other people and the world as a whole.

The Tools:

Desteni offers a solution in the form of the tools capable of deconstructing the current values, judgments and beliefs created in the minds of humanity. These tools include the means to recreate ourselves within a consideration and understanding of the oneness and equality of Life as defined above. This is an individual, personal, process which epitomizes the understanding that to value SELF as equal to and one with all that is here, is to also learn to value others and all of Life as well. When this value is not only an idea, but an actual form of living practise, the product of the one living this principle is a product that, when lived by many, brings about the change required to heal the current problems of the earth.

Through exploring the content of this website, you will discover how this message is the principle that guides the Universe, and therefore each living being. With the message of Desteni we can understand how humanity is in fact responsible for what is Here as creation; Creation of the universe and of Life on Earth. Take this journey with us, using the tools provided, to rebirth Ourselves and One and Equal so that we can change this world into a place that is Best For All Life.

Historical Timeline of Desteni

2006 - The Opening of the Portal

  • Cross Referencing the Portal - A process is walked privately for approximately a year and a half. During this time the Portal’s information was cross-referenced to check the consistency of the beings coming through, and the integrity of the information they had access to.
  • Conclusions - What resulted from that period of cross referencing and investigation was the conclusion that Portal was the first communication channel in the history of human civilization to have direct, unlimited, and immediate access to anything and everything in existence.

See also: The History of Desteni - Volume 1

2007 - Going Public

  • Access to Unrestricted Information - Given that this was the first time that beings throughout all known history had the opportunity to communicate in this way and share what is and has been really going on in existence, humanity and the nature and design of the mind; they were very direct in how they shared the information. Previously, beings were in a way ‘stuck’, seeing so much but being unable to share what they saw with humanity because of how access between Heaven and Earth/humanity was controlled and restricted. During this period Sunette was in the process of developing her relationship with beings and with portalling (something that would change her life & understanding irrevocably).
  • Desteni Forums and DesteniProductions YouTube Channel - The decision was made to go public with the information that was being uncovered. We did this within the understanding that the information would support many, and that people would actually listen. The reason we knew that people would listen was because we were starting to understand, with the help of the beings coming through the portal, what was really going on in existence on a personal and collective scale, and for the first time being able to concretely explain why we have not, and are not, as humanity uniting in the principle of what is best for all.The old Desteni Forums were opened so that the beings through the Portal could learn and experience what it means to interact with people in this world. While the beings were coming through the Portal, Sunette would be exploring the heaven-earth relationship in existence and cross-referencing the information coming through from the beings.
  • Controversy - During the years we have had our fair share of haters and trolls online, for instance labelling Desteni as a cult or as being evil, especially during the first few years. Those first videos were deliberately pushing the realms of our understanding and acceptance of the nature of life, so there were many different topics and beings (including inanimate objects) that were investigated. Due to the unusual and at times controversial topics / beings, it was quite common for a person to react (be offended, or unwilling to consider the possibility of what they were seeing and hearing), and some of those people became so inflamed that they took their emotional response out over various platforms on the internet.
  • The Messenger and the Message - In conclusion of this time of the history of Desteni, given the process that was being explored at that time (a phase of exploration, pushing boundaries, asking questions), the beings through the Portal were still learning how to communicate and share information in such a way that people would be able / willing to hear. What was important then and still is now, is not the manner in which the information was shared but the content of the message and how the words spoken through the portal can support the listener/viewer in their own life-process.

2009 - The Desteni I Process

  • Desteni I Process (DIP) - Due to the ever growing body of research on the Desteni website, we started developing and making available for the public a course called Structural Resonance Alignment (SRA) in 2009. The name was eventually changed to Desteni I Process (DIP). DIP is a structured process where we brought together over 20 years of knowledge and information from many sources, including the Portal, that supports people to understand their mind and transform into the living potential they know they can be in this life.
  • Buddy System - It was soon realized that DIP’s strength lies in the one-on-one support formula enabled through the buddy-system. Buddies are individuals who have a proficient understanding of the course material and have proven their dedication and passion towards empowerment and life-creation over a period of several years. Every DIP student has continuous access to their buddy via email and has weekly Skype-chats with their buddy for more in-depth support. A buddy’s responsibility extends beyond supporting their student with the lesson material and includes life coaching on challenges students are facing in their process at any given time.
  • Dynamic Evolution of DIP - The DIP Lesson material is continuously assessed based on the feedback from our students, as well as the overall changes in process as a whole. Our sensitivity to the needs of our students is reflected in the amendments of the lessons and assignments to make them more practical, accessible and effective.

2011 - Birth of EQAFE

  • Due to the extent of reactions to the material, the DesteniProductions YouTube channel was closed down and all video material was removed. This was unfortunate, but we decided to utilize the opportunity to re-introduce the material in a new way.
  • Through EQAFE we structured the information shared by the beings through the Portal more effectively - giving them more time, space and patience to share themselves and the knowledge and information they have access to.
  • We also decided to structure EQAFE in order to share information on specific points / dimensions that we, together with the beings and the support of people, saw everyone needed the most in order to support them in the process of breaking through the mind and back into self-awareness.
  • EQAFE became more mature, presentable, practical and relatable in comparison to the earlier YouTube videos and material. This is due to the process that Sunette and the beings through the Portal have walked throughout the years of developing, evolving, expanding and creating ways to do the same thing we did from the beginning: develop awareness of the mind, the transcendence thereof and the birthing / creation of self awareness, life, equality, oneness, unity and a self, world and life that is best for all.

2012 - Launch of DIP Lite

  • We launched Desteni I Process Lite (DIP Lite), a free 6-month course in which all the basic support tools are introduced and practiced. DIP Lite students receive support from a buddy through feedback on assignments. Since the launch of DIP Lite, the paid courses have been referred to as Desteni I Process Pro (DIP Pro). A new generation of people are now introduced to a set of tools catered to developing the core skills that will strengthen a person’s ability to walk the DIP Pro courses.

Present Day

  • The principle of the process has not changed - we have simply grown throughout the years to share the message of how heaven on earth is possible. We have at this point consistently proven to ourselves and to others that not only can we free ourselves from limitations and fears and the conditioned patterns we have accepted, we can also create ourselves in alignment with our utmost potential in this life. It is this purpose that we shall continue to carry forward as we strive to present ever more practical, relatable, and groundbreaking techniques and material based on the decade of research that has been accumulated since the beginning of the first Desteni forum.

The Desteni of Living - Declaration of Principles

  • The Principle of What is Best for All – Guiding myself in thought, word and deed to always, in all ways, direct all things to the best possible outcome for all.
  • Taking into consideration the effects of my thoughts, words and deeds on the world around me (people, plants, animals, environment) and ensuring that the thoughts, words and deeds I am living honour the best potential of myself and all of life on Earth, to the best of my ability.

  • Standing unconditionally in the shoes of all people and all things, and being able to at the end of the day say that I have fully considered all within the context of creating the best possible outcome for everyone and everything – that I have honored and considered them in the way that I would like to be honored and considered.

See also: Creation's Journey to Life Day 4 - I Have to Do This

  • The Principle of Self-Honesty - Reflecting on myself and seeing every part of me (the good, bad, and ugly) without bias or judgment so that I can take responsibility to change that which I no longer accept and allow

See also: Self-Honesty Destonian Wiki

  • The Principle of Self-Perfection Through Self-Creation - Self-Perfection is the process of reflecting on and investigating myself through writing, releasing myself from the past through Self-Forgiveness, and changing myself through Self-Application and living change. These tools allow me to develop a deep intimacy with myself, enabling me to see the workings of who I am, how I came to be this way, and how to create myself into the best possible expression of myself that I can be.

  • The Principle of Investigate All Things and Keep What Is Good - I unconditionally investigate, consider, and introspect all aspects, expressions, perspectives, and avenues of life and assess what can practically be applied within the Principle of What is Best for All.

  • The Principle of Self-Responsibility - Living and applying my ability to respond within the realization that I alone am responsible for what I accept and allow inside myself, my relationships, and my outside world. Only I have the power and ability to change that which is compromising who I am, what I live, and how this affects others.

  • The Principle of Self-Awareness - An active reflection and seeing of what is happening inside myself - my thoughts, emotions, feelings, reactions, and understanding that I am at all times responsible for what I accept and allow and what I participate in and thus give my power and attention to. To realize that my words become deeds and thus the words I allow within become the actions and consequences I create without.

  • The Principle of Give as You Would Like to Recieve - Considering the context and the lives of each individual being. Considering, regarding, and supporting them in the way that I would have liked to be considered, regarded, and supported had I been in their place and lived their life, where the support that I give does not compromise myself or cause harm to anyone.

  • The Principle Self-Trust - No matter what hardships, failures, and mistakes I may face, I always come back to myself and the principles that I stand as. I will not give up or allow myself to blame others for the circumstances of my life or how I choose to live it. I take absolute self-responsibility.

  • The Principle of Making Love Real - Nurturing and honouring the utmost potential in every individual (including myself) wherein love is not a feeling or emotions, but an action sthat is lived by doing whatever is necessary to support without compromising myself or the other - without fear of "losing" the relationship or the feelings associated to love, and without accepting or allowing less than my own or my partner's utmost potential.

See also: Creation's Journey to Life Day 19 - Rotten Love

  • The Principle of Relationships as Agreements - Individuals coming together to support the manifestation of the best possible versions of ourselves and each other. Nurturing each other's potential and supporting one another to transform weaknesses into strengths. Creating a safe space for the healthy expression of intimacy and sexuality.

See also:

  • The Principle of Visibly Living the Principles - Actively living the proof of what can be accomplished when individuals live their potential by ensuring that these principles come through in all that I do, in all areas of my life, so that the example I st for others always stands for What is Best for All.

  • My physical body is my temple - I honour and support my physical body as an expression of me. I nurture it and care for it in order to ensure my best possible expression in this life. I take into consideration the impact of thoughts and emotions on the physical body and within this I commit myself to practice self-awareness and self-care through not only diet and physical wellness but also internal stability and clarity.

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Desteni's Vision and Goals

In order to effectively encapsulate the vision of Desteni, we must split it into 2 categories: The Existential Goals and the Physical Goals.

Existential Goals

The Existential Goals describe the vision that Desteni has for those individual who choose to apply the tools and practice the principles of Desteni. The Goals are broken down into 3 Phases:

First Phase: Mind Consciousness and Beingness Awareness Education

  • Understanding how your Mind Consciousness System functions on all layers of the conscious, subconscious, unconscious, quantum mind, quantum physical mind, physical mind and beingness programming.
  • Understanding your Beingness Awareness relationship with your own Mind / Consciousness.
  • Understanding how to CREATE your Beingness Awareness while simultaneously transforming your Mind Consciousness into a supportive tool.

The purpose of Phase 1 is that, through this process of gaining understanding of your mind, you are simultaneously shown the difference between your consciousness and beingness awareness. This forms part of the basics that will set the anchor for your life’s ongoing process of emerging as the living being you really are. Essentially living your utmost potential, not the conditioned limitations set by your mind / consciousness.

Second Phase: Learning what it means to LIVE

  • Once you are grounded in your ability to understand the difference between consciousness of mind and awareness of being, together with being able to change your consciousness into a supportive tool for your being and body relationship and everyday life living – you progress into learning what it means to redefine yourself, your being, and your awareness into a way of living on a physical level that is unique to any lifetime of human civilization on earth.
  • Learning what it means to express on a being physical level without consciousness energy.
  • Learning that there is a difference in physical experience when you express compared to reacting in emotions and feelings.
  • Learning to experience your being in your body.
  • Learning to experience your body.
  • Establishing a unique and supportive relationship with yourself, your being, and body in order to support your potential as best possible to live your purpose this lifetime.
  • Learning what it means to create a new (maybe first ever) supportive relationship with your body, other people, your life, and your future.

The purpose of this Phase is that once you create yourself into the best you can be through redefining yourself, you learn what living the “real you” practically means and what your life was SUPPOSED to be - supporting your utmost potential. Essentially you get to live the life you never would have known if you had continued existing as your Mind Consciousness Programming.

Third Phase: Expanding your Self to All

  • Expanding your reach of influence and support to those around you, to your community and/or country – or even globally. Within this process you realize your equality and oneness with all that is physical: this is everything and everyone – all beings and lifeforms in this physical existence.
  • Learning how this expansion of responsibility will support those around you and beyond.
  • Learning that it’s not about enforcing or demanding change – but learning how to adapt to others and environments in order to show, through your living example, the potential for change.
  • Learning that your purpose is and always has been more than just yourself, your life, and your future.
  • Learning that there is and always has been MORE to this life than you imagined.

This last phase represents the CORE of the Desteni Life Process: The Principle of Equality and Oneness and What’s Best for All. To show humanity that we have not been living the one life principle that is already here (we are all united as equals and as one in this physical universe). You will learn and start noticing and seeing everything that is not the best YET – and how we can empower ourselves and one another to, in this lifetime and in generations to come, fulfil this existence with our presence, our living, our one and equal support of ourselves, each other, all that is here and will come, this earth and everything and everyone within it.

Physical Goals

The Physical Goals describe the practical, physical points that would enable, facilitate and speed up the realization of Desteni’s Existential Goals for as many individuals as possible. We divide the Physical Goals into short term and long term goals:

Short Term Goals

  • Effective growth and expansion of the Desteni message, tools, material, support and principles on the platforms available to us.
  • Develop more educational material for the Desteni I Process and Eqafe sites.
  • Upgrade all the Desteni websites (eqafe, DIP, ELF, Soul, Self & Living).
  • Upgrade the facilities at the Desteni Farm (where the core team of Destonians live and work) in order to increase the capacity of people that can stay here short and long term.
  • Move Desteni out of debt in order for all its connected infrastructure to stand within stability in the world system.
  • Restructuring all Desteni Material to be more receptive and user friendly for Educational purposes.
  • Promotion of Desteni websites, Courses and Eqafe through mainstream media.

Long Term Goals

  • Larger property in order to build more facilities such as
    • Laboratories to test the physical effect of Self Forgiveness in the Physical.
    • Research centers to investigate the physical relationship between the mind and the physical.
  • Educational TV series, movies, games, magazines, advertising.
  • Training people to become leaders in their communities.
  • Multiple educational courses available focused on the mind, human nature, etc
  • Build a self-sustaining community that creates a safe space within which to focus on living, teaching and developing the Desteni tools, material, principles and participants.

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