The Desteni Newsletter - Issue 10

Published Nov 12th 2010, 18:16 by Maite Zamora Moreno

We at Desteni are saying NO to this current (money-)system. We also realize that one cannot ignore the current system and we have thus joined hands with the current system through the Power of 10 Desteni Income Plan, to assist and support us to move into the new system of Equal Money and Equal Labour. 

The goal of the Desteni Income Plan is thus to financially facilitate the Equal Money and Equal Labour System.

All proceeds made by the Desteni group are aligned to research and development of an Equal Money System, whereby the proceeds are directed towards buying resources that will allow those participating in the Equal Money System to facilitate and participate in the creation of a new World Equal Money System.


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Correction: The Newsletter states that the first ITD course starts on the 1st of January, when it starts on the 1st of December.

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