The Journey To Life Blogging Process

Published Apr 2nd 2014, 07:45 by Desteni Team

In April 2012, the Desteni Group began walking a Journey To Life blogging process, wherein the tools of self-honesty, self-investigative writing, self-forgiveness and self-correction as presented by Desteni are taken and practically applied in an application of Daily Blogging by those that have decided to commit their one life here on earth to walking the Process of becoming a Responsible Human Being.

Each Individual shares their Daily application within this Journey with the World through online Blogging sites such as Blogger, Wordpress or a personal webpage. In this way, with making use of the Social Media that is available, we stand visibly in this world as living examples of what the Process of taking responsibility for Self and for All Life in the Physical practically entails and of how it is possible to break free from internal and external conditioning within and of our Mind and Physical Reality and explore the True Potential of our Being.

Via Desteni Ratings, Journey To Life Facebook Group and of course in the 7 year Journey To Life Thread on the Desteni Forum, you can get your daily update of how this process is unfolding for all the individual people sharing their Journey, and who knows maybe develop a curiosity to start writing your own Journey to Life blog.

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